Summary: The second generation finally finds their niche. Marie and Deanie plan the ever eventful Eden Hall Prom. Theresa and Dom make a relationship work from a thousand miles. Deena and Ryan find their marriage harder than they expected. Kitty and Julian want a family of their own. Lexi and Danny get a surprise arrival.

Author's Note: Here it is. This first chapter is a little long, and as I said before, it is going to focus mostly on Marie, Deanie and the twins, but I can't let go of the others, especially not Re and Dom and Danny and Lexi, I just can't do it!

Duckling Tales

Chapter 1: Checking In

"Hey baby," Julie smiled as Marie walked in and plopped in a chair. "How was school?"

"Good," Marie shrugged, "I have to make a cheese soufflé before Monday." Julie nodded, "Which means,"

"Kitchen ban lifted," Julie laughed, "You haven't blown anything up in a while." Marie smiled. "So, its spring."

"Yes it its," Marie nodded.

"Prom time," Julie nodded. Marie looked at her.

"Culinary school doesn't have a prom," She said, "And I'm only a sophomore."

"Eden Hall has a prom," Julie said, "And Deanie's a junior."

"He's not taking me," Marie shook her head and stood up, going to the fridge. She pulled out a carrot and started cutting it up. The cutting relaxed her, she was never sure why.

"You're sure about that?" Julie said, "I thought things were good between you two."

"They are but, it's not like a he'd take me to the prom kind of thing," She shrugged. "Its more a,"

"He randomly shows up here and has sex with you thing?" Julie looked at her. Marie looked down, "Sweetie, don't think I didn't know."

"We've only done it once," Marie said quietly. "Then I said I didn't want to." Julie kissed her.

"Good girl," She smiled. "You're too young anyway."

"Kitty was my age," Marie looked at her. Julie nodded. "I love him."

"I know," Julie said. "Why don't you ask him about the prom?"

"Mom, that would be so pathetic!" Marie said, "I'm not going to ask him to his own prom!"

"Fine," Julie said, "I know proms drudge up weird feelings in this family."

"Yeah, Mom," Marie sighed, "I don't need to hear about your junior prom again. I'm going upstairs."

"Sweetie the vegetables?" Julie sighed, as her daughter walked away.

"Um, just make a salad or something," She sighed and wandered upstairs. She flopped on the bed and pulled out her cell phone, she clicked number two on her speed dial and listened for the ring.

Deanie Reed walked down the hallway of The Eden Hall Academy.

"Hi Dean," A girl with blonde hair waved, he smiled.

"Don't even think about it," One of his best friends, Reid Portman said standing next to him.

"Dude, have I ever," He sighed. "Hard as it is, I've always been faithful to her, you know that."

"Just keeping you in check," Reid laughed, "And there was Callie Armstrong."

"We went to a dance!" Deanie objected, "And only because Marie couldn't make it up."

"Just saying," Reid shrugged with a smirk.

"You're messing with me," Deanie sighed, "Due you have to quit doing that!"

"Hey as your best friend, and her big brother," Reid laughed, "I am one hundred percent entitled.'

A song started booming from Deanie's pants pocket. "Every Thug Needs a Lady." He laughed. "Hey Marie." He picked it up.

"So Julie knows we had sex," Marie sighed.

"How?" He said panicked.

"Um, she raised six children and isn't oblivious," Marie sighed, she could picture his panicked face, she laughed, "Deanie, it's fine, I told her we only did it once, and that we're not doing it any more, crisis averted, I'm sure she still loves you."

"Yeah," He said, "So does that shoot this weekend down?"

"Of course not," She laughed, "We just have to be discreet. Maybe we can go to Danny's. It's still technically his and he doesn't sublet it or anything."

"Great," He smiled, "So, is that why you called?"

"Not exactly," She sighed, "Um, Deanie, are you going to your prom?" He smiled.

"Marie," He said softly, "I was planning on asking you this weekend."

"Really?" She squealed.

"Of course," He laughed. "Start shopping OK?"

"OK," She said. "I love you."

"I love you too," He smiled, "Bye." He flipped the phone close. He saw Reid smirking at him. "What?"

"It's nothing," Reid laughed, "Come on we have to meet Fulton. Also, I would appreciate it, if you didn't make sex dates with my baby sister when I'm right here."

Taylor Donavan stuck the key into the lock of his New York Studio apartment. He opened to door and sighed, seeing his roommate's girlfriend, Theresa Portman, standing on her tip toes trying to reach the top shelf. Normally this would be fine except for the fact that Theresa was wearing nothing but a sweatshirt and apparently a very small pair of panties. Again, normally he wouldn't mind seeing any girl as beautiful as Theresa in her underwear, but Theresa was all kinds of off limits, aside from not having eyes for anyone but Dominic, and Dominic being completely madly in love with her, his not exactly girlfriend, Lilly was Theresa's mortal enemy.

"Oh hey Taylor," She turned, "I didn't think that you'd be home, didn't you have that wedding in the Hamptons?"

"Do you own pants Re?" He sighed.

"Why does Lilly not like it when you check me out?" She laughed as he rolled his eyes and went and got the coffee mug she was reaching for, "You're the best." She kissed him on the cheek.

"She's coming out tomorrow," Taylor said.

"Hm, so I remove to Kitty's, thanks for the info," She nodded. "Where's Dominic?"

"Whoa, no," He said, "You two are going to have to see each other eventually."

"No we're not," She shook her head, "Taylor, listen, um, you ever think about moving?"

"Moving?" He asked. She nodded, "Moving where?"

"Chicago," She sighed. He looked at her.

"Why would I move to Chicago?" He laughed.

"Because, you're the best bartender I know," She smiled, "And I'm management now, and we're sinking and need a new hook."

"You want me to move across the country to save your Daddy's bar?" He laughed. "Fat chance Re."

"Chicago's a hell of a lot closer to Minneapolis than New York," Theresa said. Taylor laughed, "Think about it?"

"I will think about it," He nodded. Dom walked in.

"Hey Princess," Dominic said and kissed Theresa. She smiled. "Taylor, aren't you supposed to be in the Hamptons?"

"The bride walked out." He shrugged.

"You know where brides never walk out?" Theresa smiled, "Trendy college bars in Chicago."

"You trying to recruit my boy for your little save the city bar campaign," Dom laughed, "You'd be closer to Lilly man."

"Distance is a key factor in the way that Lilly and my relationship works," Taylor said. "We see each other every couple of months, have outrageously wild sex for a weekend, then go back to our separate lives."

"Where you don't have sex with anyone else," Dom laughed. "You my friend are in a long distance relationship, and you need to deal. Baby, you gonna stick around for your old friend?"

"I'll still be in New York, just at Kitty's," She said, "I do have go home eventually, I have a bar to run."

"You get promoted and all of a sudden you don't have time for me?" Dom laughed.

"You got published and all of a sudden you didn't have time for me," She laughed. "And don't forget we have to drive to Boston tomorrow. I can't have been on the east coast for a month and not seen Deena and Ryan, they'll kill me."

"Ah yes, the newlyweds," Taylor laughed, "Have fun as couples, I'll be fucking my no strings attached girl in a fancy hotel."

"It's not no strings attached if you're exclusive," Theresa shook her head. Taylor flipped her off. She picked up her clothes. "I'll see you tonight?"

"Definitely," Dom nodded when she kissed him, "Say hi to Kitty and Julian for me."

"I will," She laughed, "Bye Taylor!"

"Bye Theresa," He said as she walked out, "Dude, either we need a bigger apartment, or she needs to start staying with her sister when she comes."

"I thought you liked Theresa?" Dom said.

"I do," Taylor nodded, "She's great. But I don't like walking in here and seeing her ass, or listening to you two grunting over on your mattress all night. Kitty Portman lives in a five million dollar penthouse apartment, you're telling me there's no bedroom for you two?"

"First of all, we never have sex when you're here, I often wish that you and Lilly would show me the same courtesy," He said, "Second of all, don't look at Theresa's ass, ever, finally, the reason we don't stay at Kitty's when she's here is Theresa is uncomfortable sleeping together with her family there."

"Really?" Taylor said. Dom nodded. "Hey, what about your Mom?"

"What about my Mom?" Dom sighed.

"Doesn't she have a place around here?" Taylor sighed. Dom nodded. "So?"

"Fine," Dom said, "Next time Theresa comes and Connie's away the two of us will stay there."

"Kitty, you're obsessing," Julian said, and kissed his wife's forehead, "We've only been trying for a month, the doctor said it can take up to a year before conception."

"But what if I can't get pregnant?" She whispered, "Or what if I do and then I lose the baby? I mean, my genetic history does not serve me well on that end."

"If you lose a baby," Julian said, "We will wait however long we have to and keep trying." He kissed her softly, "You wanna make our baby right now?"

"Oh, I wish I could baby," She sighed, "I have like three scripts to read or else Elle is going to have a freak out."

"Big sister?" Theresa called out.

"Bedroom Re!" Julian shouted, she walked back and in.

"Hey, I'm gonna crash here this week," Theresa smiled.

"Lilly's coming in huh?" Kitty laughed, Theresa nodded. "Cool, you know which room."

"Thank you," She said. "Hey, I'm not lying to Dad this week!"

"That's true." Kitty laughed. "I should get to work." She kissed Julian.

Lilly Powell hadn't intended to fall in love with Taylor Donavan. She had never been in love before him. And no one expected the first person she did fall for to be a bartender from New York. Lilly had prided herself on becoming cold calculating and heartless. And at first she had just used Taylor, largely because the sex was amazing, but the last time she had seen him, about a month before, she had woken up in his arms and she had realized that the feeling that she got when he held her wasn't just afterglow.

"Hey baby," Taylor smiled as she opened her hotel room door. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He shut the door behind him. "Don't want to waste any time huh?"

"No way," She said. He kissed her and she undid his pants and pushed them down. She knew she was in love with him but she was fairly sure he was still using her for sex. They kissed. "I've been thinking about how good this would be."

"Lilly," He whispered, she kissed him again.

"Don't say anything," She said pulling her shirt over her head.

"Ryan!" Deena Wells walked into their Boston apartment and put a bag of groceries on the counter. "Ryan, your beautiful wife is home." She walked through the kitchen/living room into the bedroom. He wasn't there either. She walked back to the kitchen and saw a post it on the fridge.

Hey Babe,
Picked up an extra shift. Figured we could eat something besides Ramen Noodles this weekend
and pay the electric bill! Love you!

She laughed and shook her head. Money was tight, not that that was much surprise, they were married college students who had refused a rather large loan from her brother and sister in law, in a hope to actually live on their own. Ryan was waiting tables and she was working in a law office as a receptionist. All this in addition to full class schedules at two of the most demanding colleges in the country and attempting to play NCAA hockey. It was stressful. She flopped on the couch and flipped the TV on. Kitty, Kitty, Kitty on every channel, it did get a little freaky when Kitty was in promotion mode. She walked over to the answering machine and pressed the button to listen to the messages.

"Hi Deena, it's Mom. Just wondering when you and Ryan are coming home. We miss you two. Call me soon. Love you."

"Hey Dee, its Re, Dom and I are coming up this week so I hope you clean the futon off! Love you, talk to you soon!"

She sighed. There were days when she really wished she had Theresa's life, she and Dom could afford to be flighty, she could afford to take a semester off from Northwestern to do whatever it was she was doing.

"Deena?" Ryan said slipping in. "Guess who has a perfectly good steak that someone decided was over cooked?"

"Steak?" Deena perked, "What does that taste like again?" He laughed and sat down. "Was this whole marriage idea mine?"

"Yeah," He nodded, "But the not taking $150,000 from Kitty and Julian that was my idea, so our poverty is all me."

"We took the money Ryan its just it was your idea to save it for when we graduated and want to buy a house," She sighed. "How was work?"

"Long and horrible," He shook his head. "Good tips though."

"Mm," She nodded he kissed her. "My mom wants us to come visit."

"When?" He sighed, "We work every weekend, have school and work all week."

"I know," She sighed, "I just miss home."

"I miss home too," He said quietly, "We will go back Dee, we're not going to stay away from Minneapolis for the rest of our lives."

"I know," She sighed, "I just didn't expect it to be so hard." He put his arm around her shoulder and she lowered her head onto his. She just wanted to go home.

"If I see one more ad," Danny Portman groaned as he shut off the TV, sitting on the couch with Lexi. "'Academy Award Nominee Kitty Portman-Banks in her next great role,'" Lexi laughed.

"And these are all the same people who two years ago dismissed her as just another party girl," Lexi smiled.

"Well two years ago," Danny shrugged, "That's all she was. Short amount of time, a lot can change."

"So true," Lexi smiled. They kissed softly. Two years ago, she would never had imagined living with Danny Portman, or being in a relationship with Danny Portman.

"I'm going to get a drink," Danny stood up, "You want something?" She looked down, lightly placing her hand on her stomach.

"Just water," She said. He nodded.

"You haven't had a drink in like a week," He stopped, she shrugged. "Lexi, I have four younger brothers and sisters. Are you pregnant?"

"I don't know," She sighed, "I'm late, but I've been afraid to face it. And with Kitty and Julian trying so hard, and we're not married, and,"

"Alex," He sat down, she closed her eyes, and felt his hand on her cheek, "Another thing I've learned with a big family, a baby is a gift, no matter the timing." She smiled, "Do you really think Julie wanted to squeeze out twins?" She laughed and kissed him.

"I'll buy a test tomorrow," She whispered. "This is much better than the last time this happened."

"Well you have a better potential father," He laughed.

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