Me: ok new story, but this one is Flame's past

Flame: 'depressed sigh' Great 'looks down'

Lion: Angie doesn't own Dragonqueenc or her OCs, but herself, Flame, and me

Me: and yes I use permission

With the Hyperforce, Dragonqueenc, and Ocs

Setting: Main Room (Me:you know with the T.V. and stuff)

Dragon was tapping her foot on the floor for a couple of minutes and walk around the Main Room.

"Dragon will you stop that walking around you're getting me sick," said Matt

"Yeah, you even walked in front of our game and I was about to wen!" said Sprx which got a bump on the head by Nova.

"Its been four weeks, FOUR weeks of no fighting, crimes, or any fun," said Dragon. Then after she said that the doorbell ranged.

"Finally!" yelled Dragon and she ran down Chiro's tube to get the door.When she open the door she found Angie, Flame in Angie's arms looking down, and Lion.

"Hey guys!" greeted Dragon. After she said that Flame jumped down from Angie's arms and ran to Sprx's tube with a depressed face.

"Flame wait!" yelled both Angie and Lion and both ran to the tube with a confused Dragon behind them.

With Flame

When Flame came to the room with his head down.Shattphire ran to him with everyone, but Angie, Lion, and Dragon watching.

"Hey Flame!" greeted Shattphire, but Flame just walked past her and the others including Grain, which they always gets to a fight when he gets there and goes to a corner to sit down.

"Whats wrong with him?" asked Chiro. Then they hear someone panting behind them. It was Angie who was panting with Lion and Dragon behind her.

"It was 'pant' Lion's 'pant' fault because he said the word," panted Angie.

"What is the word?" asked everyone. Angie nodded to Lion and he nodded back.

"Demon," answered Lion. Everyone had confused faces on. Angie sighed.

"I'll tell you about his past and why he gets depress by this word," said Angie. Then everyone sat around Angie to listen.

Me:O.k there goes chapter 1 now to do chapter 2

Lion: R n R!