New Life of the Sound Demon - By Haraio

Well, I thought it was about time I wrote a Naruto fanfic. I've been reading around on this site for a little while, and some of the stories here (Jetslinger's in particular) rekindled my love for Tayuya. So here is my first attempt at a story. Might continue this at some point. If people want more, I'll give them more :-p

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Chapter One: Alone, not Broken

Flickering shadows wavered over the rough stone walls as gentle rays of light penetrated the leaves of the trees outside. The branches flickered slightly in the soft morning breeze, making the light swim in patches over the uneven brickwork of the jail wall. Something red glinted softly in the sunlight, swaying back and forth with the few gusts of wind that made it through the small, barred window above the kunoichi's head. The young girl was sitting on a old, worn-out mattress in the small cell, her arms around her tucked-up knees and her chin resting gently on her kneecaps. Fuck, she was bored like shit. The red-haired girl had been locked in there for the last three weeks, after that one disastrous mission. They had been supposed to bring back that Uchiha faggot to Orochimaru-sama, but they had been picked off one at a time by those fucking Leaf brats! Her neutral expression turned into an angry scowl at the thought of those Konoha fuckheads that had dared stopping them. They had left Jirobou behind first, assuming that stupid fatso could at least slow them down for a little while. Of course he couldn't. All the fucking idiot thought about was taking their chakra. She had felt it when Jirobou died. He had died quickly. One second his presence was there, strong and clear. Then suddenly it was gone. Not like Kidoumaru. Tayuya had felt him slowly fading away, imagening in her mind how he was most likely bleeding to death somewhere in the forest. Sakon had also died quickly. In fact both Sakon and Ukon had died together, at the same time. Tayuya wondered uncaringly which one of the Konoha shitheads had managed to kill both the twins in one go. Sighing, she closed her eyes, rugging softly back and forth to comfort herself. It didn't matter anymore. They were dead, and she was alive. Even if they were alive, they wouldn't have come all the way into Konoha just to save her. They had never been friends. They had been team mates, which meant that she could trust them to fight against the enemy rather than against her, but that was it. They had shared a room in Otogakure. They had even grouped up against her a few times, making the most of the fact that she was the only girl on the team. She had hated them for it. She felt no real loss to the fact that they were gone, except that now she was all alone. Only her. And she hated to be alone.

And her cap. Lifting her hand, she slowly pulled off her cap, releasing her half-length red hair to the cold prison air. Lowering her still healing legs down to the floor, she placed her cap in her lap and looked at it, the simple sight soothing her. It was a very simple cap, made simply to cover her hair and prevent it from getting in her eyes or mouth while she played her flute. But it was not just a cap. It was her closest friend. A good friend who had always been there, to shield her from the outside world when despair and hopelessness would take its hold in her. She didn't even remember where she had got it, or who had given it to her. All she knew, was that it had always been there. It was a natural part of her, as natural as her arms and legs. It was the only precious thing she had left. Her comrades were dead, and her beloved flute lay in pieces under a fuckload of trees. The cap was her only friend now.

Her lips jerked slightly, as she thought of memories long past and gone, memories of a time before Orochimaru, before the Sound Four. Or even just before this mission. She hadn't wanted to end up like this. She had wanted to die in battle, in a blaze of glory, while dragging a dozen other fuckers with her to fucking burning Hell. A faint smile floated like a ghost over her mouth, as the sun rose to reveal her face. Her pink lips showed the reflection of a smile, but it was a smile without hope, like the sun hidden behind a black cloud. Her brown eyes were dull and lifeless, like she had lost all will to even think about fighting back. Satou Tayuya of the Sound Four was a broken wreck of her former self. Three weeks, almost without food to eat and only her own urine to drink, had nearly broken the normally loud and foulmouthed shinobi completely. Of course, these conditions could not have broken the strong-willed girl alone. When the Konoha shinobi had found her in the woods, they had rushed the unconscious girl to the hospital, where they had healed her shattered legs. Then, when she was out of critical danger, they had unceremoniously thrown her into the tiny cell she was sitting in. Then the torture had begun for real, the interrogation and prying for information on her master's plans.

That pineapple-headed cocksucker should just have killed me, Tayuya thought sullenly to herself as she closed her eyes and put on her cap again, tucking her hair under the rough material. Opening her eyes again, she looked around in the cell. It was tiny, very tiny. Even her bedroom back in Otogakure had been bigger, even with the three other fuckers taking up most of the space. The prison cell was roughly two by three meters wide, and just short of two meters under the concrete ceiling. A thick steel door on the long wall and a tiny window up on the opposite wall were the only things that broke the monotomy of quickly lain concrete bricks. The only furniture in the room were the old, stinking bed and a toilet, which was essentially a bucket. The miasma from Tayuya's leavings filled the cell with the stench of feces and urine. Every time the bucket was full, she had to pour it into the small drain hole in the corner. From there it went straight into the basement, where the leavings from all the prisoners ended up. The stench was horrible, but Tayuya almost didn't mind it anymore. She had just stopped caring. It was all so pointless. She didn't want to live anymore. The shit-like porridge they fed her was barely enough to keep her alive, which was the whole point. She had no energy to fight back, when they once in a while came to interrogate her. They asked her questions about Orochimaru-sama, about Otogakure, about the Uchiha faggot. When she didn't answer, they would hit her. Abuse her. Physically and mentally. She just wanted to get away from it all. No more interrogation.

No sooner had the thought graced her mind, before there was a sharp sound of scraping metal. Tayuya recognised that sound, her mind dully registering it. It meant that her door was opening.

Time for another couple of hours of abuse, Tayuya thought to herself. There was no remorse in her mind, no sadness, no fear. After three weeks in these horrid conditions, the fourteen year old girl's mind had lost whatever feelings were left. She was a wreck. A forgotten shell of a human, trapped in a tiny cell. With her legs closed together and her hands in her lap, Tayuya looked at the door. Her eyes betrayed no emotion, as she waited for her torturers to enter. The small window in the door opened, and Tayuya could see a bird-faced ANBU mask through the bars. In the next moment, the heavy steel door swung open, and Tayuya looked at three members of the Konoha special force, ANBU. They were all clad in identical clothing. Grey, armless shirts and pants, with straps filled with weapons and scrolls over their muscular chests. Each one of them wore a ceramic mask, modeled as an animal. In addition to Bird-face, there were two others, who looked like foxes to her tired mind. One part of her mind suddenly reacted to a strange detail; they were all wearing masks. Normally, there would two ANBU and one member of the Interrogation squad, who would never wear masks. But not now. There were no interrogators today. Tayuya looked at them, her eyebrow cocked. What were they here for? Realising it didn't do any good to just think the question to herself, Tayuya spoke out, her voice croaked and harsh:

"What are you here for, goatfuckers? Don't you have any other kids to abuse?" she added, with a slight scowl. She would never give in to these bastards. Never.

The ANBU to the right stepped forward, a silent step forward until he stood only two feet from Tayuya. She looked up, gazing into the expressionless mask. She could now see that it was not a fox, but looked more like some sort of badger or wolverine. She smiled softly. If Tayuya had wanted, she could just lift her hand and punch the fucker right in the jinglebells. Actually, she wanted to do that. Really badly. But before she had the time, the ANBU punched her instead. Tayuya had no time to react before the punch landed right under her left eye, sending her off the bed and to the hard stone floor. She had not even seen it coming. Her hat fell off her head from the force of the punch, landing in the corner of the cell, in a small puddle of water. Her hair waved softly as her hand immediately sought her sore cheek, and she could feel something warm running from the corner of her eye and down her cheek. Not tears. She knew she wasn't crying. Blood? The fucking ballfondler had punched her bleeding!

"What do you want, dipshit?!" Tayuya yelled in anger, glaring defiantly up at her attacker, daring him to hit her again. She would rip his nutsack from his pants and force it down his throat if he did.

"Are you gonna interrogate me again? Huh? HUH?!" she spat, saliva flying at the last word. The ANBU simply watched the snarling kunoichi. She was sitting flat on her butt in the corner of the small cell, and she was trying to intimidate them? The ANBU almost found it amusing. Almost. Pleased with the reaction he had gotten from the girl, Badger-face stepped forward and kicked, sending his shoe into the girl's unprotected chin. Because of his using of the left foot, she was thrown not against the stone wall but against the bed, her head landing on the relatively soft mattress instead of the hard concrete. The ANBU had not put his full force behind the kick, but Tayuya was still sure she heard something cracking in her jaw when the leather shoe connected with her right-side jaw. Her mouth felt half numb, and if looks could kill, Badger-face's fate would definately not have been a pleasant one. Tayuya glared daggers at the three masked men, while her clenched hand rubbed on the fresh bruise on her cheek, if only as a distraction so she wouldn't punch the man in front of her.

"Oh yeah, that's real tough of you! Hitting a poor, defenceless girl, huh?" Tayuya sneered despite the throbbing pain of her jaw. Something definately felt loose, and as she leaned forward and spat, she saw a bloodied tooth falling out along with spatters of blood. She glared from the crimson tooth laying on the concrete floor, to the ANBU fucker standing in front of her, daring him to hit her again. Badger-face lifted his fist high again, ready to strike her straight in the face. Tayuya smiled. Hopefully, he would kill her now and end her miserable life. She just wanted to die. But the strike never fell. Looking up, Tayuya realised with some surprise that Bird-face had grabbed the arm of the other Leaf shinobi, preventing him from punching her. As the offending man turned to look at the Bird-face, the man shook his head.

"Don't let her mocking get to you. We'll break her like we agreed." the man whispered, using his chakra to distort the sound waves, preventing the girl from hearing his voice. "Just like Ibiki-sama told us to." Badger-face nodded, remembering the orders the scarred leader of the Interrogation Squad had given them. Behind his ceramic mask, the man smiled gleefully. It would be alot of fun breaking down this foulmouthed girl.

"Satou Tayuya of Otogakure." Bird-face said as he let go of the other man's fist, his voice stern and neutral as he spoke, unaffected in a way that pissed the young Sound girl off. Nevertheless, Tayuya snapped her mouth shut and looked up at him. Folding her legs in the Lotus position, she placed her hands in her lap. She was almost like another person, the ANBU thought. The shouting and swearing demon was suddenly replaced by a calm and controlled saint. An amused smile played over the ANBU's hidden face before he continued. They would soon wipe that calm and controlled appearance off her face.

"To answer your question; no, we're not here to interrogate you." he said, in a polite and calm voice that was starting to get on Tayuya's already short nerves. "At least not directly." he added after a few seconds, with a vocal smirk.

"And what the bloody fuck is that supposed to mean, shithead?" Tayuya snapped, cocking her head slightly to the side, meeting the masked eyes with a sneer. Even if she was trapped in corner of a small prison cell, and outnumbered three-to-one, she would not be intimidated. She was one of Orochimaru-sama's elite shinobi. You're the only elite shinobi alive stupid, her mind chirped in, and she shut the voice down. She didn't want to be reminded of that fact. She needed to be strong. Looking up at the three men in front of her, her muscles tensed unvoluntarily. She had a bad feeling about the ANBU's tone of voice.

The lead ANBU, with the bird mask, looked at the snapping and yelling girl in front of them. The sight was actually a little amusing, and he was still surprised such a young girl had such a...colourful vocabulary. The furious redhead almost reminded him of a pissed-off rodent, sitting on the floor in front of the badger-masked shinobi. But, they had a job to do. And it would not be a pleasant one, at least not for the girl.


The three ANBU stood in a dark room, the darkness complete and utterly without light. In the twilight that their highly trained senses granted them, they could feel eachother's presence, as well as the man who was standing in front of them. Even if none of the three could see, they knew the man that was standing before them. He had been described as the Devil Himself. A master torturer and interrogator like none other, Morino Ibiki was not the type of person you would want to meet alone in a dark alley.

"You haven't broken that brat yet?" The voice was cold and even, and even the normally fearless ANBU members took an unvoluntary step backwards. The leader of the Interrogator Force had a voice and tone which could set everyone on edge when he spoke. It was like having a razor running back and forth over their throat, the ANBU thought. They had been in Ibiki's presence before, and it always felt good to get away. There was something very unsettling about the man.

"I'm sorry, Ibiki-san. She is a tough nut to crack..." the bird-masked ANBU said, before the same low, cold voice cut him off.

"She's a girl. You've had female prisoners before. You know how to break them." The ANBU knew what the man was talking about, but he still felt uneasy. It went against all morals and ethics, even if the girl was a high-ranking criminal.

"But, Ibiki-san, she's just a girl..."

"I DON'T CARE IF SHE'S A FUCKING CHILD!" the man suddenly boomed in anger, making the three masked men take another quick step backwards. The black-clad man must have realised the movement of the three, cause his voice took on a edge of vindictive smugness. "You have your orders, now go." The three ANBU bowed, despite the darkness, before hurrying out.


"Oi, donkeyfucker! I'm fuckin' talking to you here!" Tayuya yelled, looking up at the man who seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. He hadn't answered her question, and it was really starting to piss the young Sound-nin off. Finally deciding that her patience was reached, Tayuya jumped up and lunged forward towards the Bird-face, throwing a quick punch straight towards the mask. The rest went in a blurry motion, and Tayuya didn't even know what was happening. Suddenly, she stood with her back towards the door and her front bending over the old bed, her arms pulled painfully backwards, forcing her torso down and forward. Two of the ANBU held her arms, she realised suddenly. With an angry cry, she lifted her right foot and tried to kick after Fox-face, who was holding her right arm. Effortlessly, the ANBU simply grabbed her foot with his free arm, and Badger-face did the same to her left leg. Suddenly, Tayuya of Otogakure found herself in a very vulnerable position. Her mind went numb, as she heard a light chuckle behind her. Tilting her head to the side, she glanced backwards. Bird-face was standing behind her, and even in her weakened state Tayuya could clearly see the chakra covering his hand.

"What are you doing, you fuckers?! Let me go!!" Tayuya yelled at the ANBU with the badger-mask, even though she knew it was futile. She tried struggling against their grip, but they didn't give her a chance. Both her hands and her legs were locked tight, and she only ended up moving her torso a little against the restrains. In responce to her question, the Bird-face lifted his index and middle finger, and placed them on the young girl, right where her backside met her behind.

"Shinmon no Jutsu: Neikiddo Shinsou (Interrogation Technique: Naked Truth)." the man said quietly, and released his built-up chakra through his two fingers. Tayuya gasped at the touch, and her eyes widened in shock as she realised what was happening. The chakra surged rapidly through her clothing, removing it from her body. Where the chakra flowed through the fabric, her clothes simply vaporized off of her lithe frame. Her Sound uniform, which had once marked her as an Elite Shinobi of Orochimaru, vanished in small whisks of smoke in the cold air. Soon, all that remained in the cell was three Konoha ANBU, restraining a completely nude girl. Tayuya gasped softly as the cold air touched her naked skin, and she could feel goosebumps popping up on her arms. Looking down slowly, as if forcing herself to see, she confirmed her fears. All her clothing was gone. Even the bracers on her arms were gone, as if wiped off her body. Her eyes still wide in surprise, she turned her head to the side, looking at the fox-masked man holding her right arm.

"You won't..."

Despite his reservations against doing this to someone as young as this girl, Bird-face still had to admit it was quite a sight as the clothes vanished, leaving the girl's slender body open in front of him. Her skin was pale, from the lack of sunlight and proper food, and she was more skinny than when they had brought her here. Still, her body was well-shaped and slender, her features clearly having a hint of a grown woman in them. Curious, he placed his palm on the point where he had placed his fingers a few seconds before, as if just to confirm that there was actually skin there and not demon's scales. He smiled as he felt the girl shudder at his touch and trying to pull away, which she was still unable to due to the other two men restraining her. Deciding there was no reason to delay it any longer, Bird-face slowly unbuckled his pants..

The cell was quiet, except for the laboured breathing of the fuming redhead, as a soft thump filled the air. Fearing what the sound meant, Tayuya leant her head forward and glanced under her own naked thighs, the sight confirming the terror-filled suspicion. The ANBU's grey pants lay in a heap around his muscular legs, and when Tayuya tilted her head a little more forward, she could see the man's thick organ hanging half-erect between his thighs, pointing at her like a sword being drawn. Instantly, she started trashing violently, struggling and trying to get out of the iron grip of the two other men.

"Oh no, don't you fucking dare, you bastard!! I'm gonna rip your fucking balls off and shove them up your...ass..." she trailed weakly off, as the horryfying realisation that she was in no position to prove her threats sank into her. Her struggling faltered for a few moments, and the two ANBU holding her took their chance to get a better grip on her, moving from her ankles to her thighs, wrapping their lower arms around her thighs. Tayuya was now in a more vulnerable position than before, their strong arms spreading her thighs forcefully apart, while their other hands pushed her face roughly down on the mattress. Tayuya lay on her cheek on the old bed, her nostrils drawing in frantic breaths of old urine and body odours. But despite this horrible humiliation, despite the certain fact that she would get raped, it almost felt good. Tayuya was terrified, out of her mind with shock, because a small part of her mind actually wanted this. No, what am I thinking?! Tayuya yelled in her mind, mentally kicking herself. But she couldn't help it. She could feel the warmth in her lower regions, building like in a hot spring sauna. No no no no no no no no! Tayuya repeated to herself, trying to deny what her body was telling her.

Suddenly she felt a cold touch to her behind, and she startled, trying to pull away from the hard, chill surface. She realised that the ANBU behind her had placed his armoured palm on her asscheek, and she recoiled in dread as she suspected what was going to happen. And she was right, as in the next second she felt a touch to her most private area. She felt something hard poke against her red and damp lips, and she let out a slight cry. Her struggles renewed, and she managed to pull away a little before being effectively restricted by the two ANBU.

"Fuck, hold her still damn it.." the third ANBU snapped, and Tayuya could once again feel the object pushing against her pussy. But this time she couldn't pull away, and she had to stand still and feel the organ push her swollen lips open. She winced in anticipation as she expected it to slide deep into her, but it just kept spreading her open. How big is it?! Tayuya thought with slight panic. She had been forced to 'service' the other members of the Sound Four from time to time, and even though they were probably a lot stronger than these damn Leaf bastards, they were still just kids like her. They had all been only fourteen at the time of their deaths, just like Tayuya. And though they had often been forceful, they just couldn't compare with adults in sheer size and girth. Tayuya whimpered slightly, trying to suppress the show of weakness, but eventually failed. Just as she thought her stretched pussy was going to break in half, the throbbing organ slid inside her with a wet sound. Tayuya gasped and closed her eyes, trying to ignore the feeling of the bastard's thick member inside her. She hated them all. Hate burned white-hot in her mind, as she heard her rapist's mocking laugh.

"Hey, check this out! The foulmouthed slut is all wet! The cunt fuckin' loves this!" The three men laughed loudly, and Bird-face even had the guts to smack her asscheek, letting the sound of her skin fill the cell. Tayuya snarled under her ragged breath, her eyes tightly closed. She would make these bastards pay if she ever got out of this prison. Oh, how she would make them pay. All this pain, humiliation and abuse would be paid back hundredfolds, no, thousandfolds. The guy behind her began thrusting into her at a quick pace, slamming his thick member mercilessly into her young cunt, and Tayuya tried as best as she could to hold back the whimpers of pain that threatened to leave her lungs. I will not show them weakness! Tayuya mentally yelled to herself, focusing on not making a sound as the ANBU fucked her violently. I will not let them break me! she repeated to herself, focusing on those words, as if they could wipe away the burning pain in her most sacred place. Salty tears welled up in her eyes, but she squeezed her eyelids shut ever tighter. I will not cry! I will not cry! I WILL NOT CRY!!!

Suddenly she felt a weight on the mattress next to her squinting face, and in the next second something warm and heavy landed on her cheek, startling the young girl. Opening her eyes in surprise, the tears that were saved up there began rolling out, her cheek turning moist with salty tears. Badger-face had at some point during the forceful rape left her thigh to the guy currently fucking her. He, in turn, had pulled down his pants, and Tayuya suddenly realised what exactly was resting on her cheek. Glancing up with tear-filled eyes, she could only see the ceramic mask staring hollowly back at her. But she could imagine that behind that bloody mask, the guy was grinning widely, expecting her to service him too. Hate boiled hotly in Tayuya's mind, as she gave him a death glare, promising him pain. Lots of pain. Reluctantly, the young redhead opened her mouth. Tayuya stuck her tounge out slighly, laying it like a welcoming pillow for the man's heavy organ. It still wasn't fully erect, but Tayuya could already tell he was distinctly bigger than the ANBU already eagerly ravaging her swollen and sore cunt. Suddenly she was very glad it was not him who was fucking her. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head slightly backwards, welcoming the man into her mouth. The ANBU shifted himself slightly for a better angle, before he placed the thick head on the girl's soft and warm tounge. A pleasure-filled moan rose in his throat, but the sound caught on his lips as he saw the grin on Tayuya's lips. It was like staring at a succubus from the deepest pits of Hell. Too late he realised his error, as the red-haired demon pulled her tounge back, revealing rows of sharp fangs. The man tried in horror to pull out, but he was too slow. Like in slow motion, the girl's hungry fangs sank deeply into his precious member, right where the thick tip met the rest of his length, and the man's gutwrenching scream filled the whole sector of the Konoha prison.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! FUCK, FUCK!!" Badger-face screamed, his hands clawing wildly on the girl's face. A twisted, sadistic grin was on her young face, as her teeth bit deeply into the soft flesh in her mouth. The man tried to punch her in the face, but even then she didn't let go. She would show him real pain, like she had promised in her glare. He would remember this day. She would make him fucking remember. She would bite his fucking cock off! Tayuya grinned evilly, but sadly the other two ANBU came to the man's rescue. The fox-masked ANBU who had been holding her right arm and leg suddenly grabbed her long, red hair, yanking it forcefully back until the angle forced her to let go of the other man's mangled cock. Badger-face stumbled backwards, landing with his ass on the cold stone floor, both his hands grabbing his cock, bloody screams of vengeance erupting from his throat. Tayuya grinned and spat on the man sitting on the floor, blood mixed with her saliva. Licking her lips mockingly, she was sure she could taste his fucking inbred blood! Suddenly, the man who had been fucking her so roughly jerked her up into a standing position. Her surprised face twisted to meet his expressionless mask, before the ANBU landed an angry punch to her left cheekbone. The force of the blow caught Tayuya off guard, and if the man hadn't been holding her shoulder with an iron grip, she would have fallen straight to the floor. As it was, she didn't fall, being held upright by the man's strong hand. Her cheek bruised and numb, she was about to turn her head back to show him the width of her vocabulary, but another punch stopped any words coming from her mouth. Again and again he punched her, until warm blood was streaming from both edges of her mouth and the left of her face was all bruised up. Tayuya's head hung limp, taking one punch after another, blood and tears running down her face, and her labored breath being the only discernable sound coming from her. Eventually the man stopped violating her face with his fists, just in time for another hand to clamp around the young girl's throat, making her gasp soundlessly. Opening her blood-filled eyes slowly, Tayuya stared weakly into Badger-face's mask.

"You fucking demon-bitch..." the ANBU said between painfully gritted teeth, each word filled with vengeful fury. "I'm gonna make you regret that move, you bloody Sound whore. I'm gonna make your pitiful existence a living hell." the man continued speaking in his low, menacing voice. Tayuya was in no position to struggle. The stinking gloop she had been fed in the prison for the last weeks gave her no energy, and the powerful punches to her face had sapped the last of it. Weakly, she lifted her hands, but her weak punches had no effect against the man's armoured chest. Letting her arms drop, she settled with staring hatefully at the man, a slight sneer on her lips.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered sarcastically with a demonic smile, showing off her fangs, before she coughed up some blood. Her own blood. "Did I hurt you?"

A clenching of the grip around her slim throat was the only answer, and Tayuya's smile waned slightly as her supply of oxygen was restrained. The man squeezed her neck tighter, and pulled her closer to his mask, until she could hear his breathing, forced slow and calm by force of will.

"You're gonna wish you never said those words before I'm done with you..." the man snarled, as he grabbed her and pinned her unceremoniously against the cold stone wall. Tayuya startled as her face was pressed against the cold concrete, and goosebumps popped up on her lower arms as her naked skin came in contact with the wall. The ANBU wasted no time, gripping her right thigh and lifting it up, spreading her legs. Tayuya winced, readying herself for another rough and painful treatment of her already sore pussy, but nothing touched her sacred opening. Instead, the man grabbed her left asscheek with his hand, and an expression of pure horror appeared on the young girl's face as the realisation struck her like a kick to the face.

"NO! No no no no no! Please, not there!!" she screamed out, panic clear in her voice, but the ANBU ignored her horrified pleads, positioning his abused cock on the opening of her rear entrance. Tayuya could feel his breath on her neck, and then his whispered words sent shivvers of terror down her naked spine: "Scream, you bitch."

"Please, not there!! I'll do anything, please stop! Please! PleaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Tayuya's desperate pleads of mercy turned into a terrible screech as her ass erupted in shards of agony, white-hot stars of pain flickering before her eyes. She had felt her abuser's thick length tear her rectum apart, lances of pain ravaging her body as every vein on his organ slid past her torn muscles. Tayuya's eyes were wide open in shock and pain, tears running in floods from her brown eyes as she tried to handle the mind-wrecking agony that surged through her nerves. Her shriek slowly died out, replaced by heavy breaths as both the ANBU and the girl tried to handle the immense feelings that filled their bodies. But where Tayuya felt pain, the man only felt immense satisfaction and the pleasant, drugging feeling of revenge fullfilled.

"Please...No...No more..." Tayuya gasped between painful breaths and tears, trying to form a coherent sentence despite the flaring fire in her behind. But in spite of her pleads, she felt two strong hands grab her hips, and a sickenly sweet whisper in her ear, warm breath caressing her earlobe.

"Oh, but I'm only getting started. Get ready for the real thing, whore." the man said, and Tayuya could feel his right hand making one-handed seals next to her thigh. One-handed seals were much harder to perform than when using both hands, but many shinobi practiced it, in case they lost an arm. Tayuya had practiced it a little herself, but not at the same speed as the ANBU did now. After a few seals he stopped, and Tayuya could feel the glee in his voice as her whispered in her ear, drawling the words with his ragged breath.

"Shinmon no Jutsu: Pisuton Kudouki (Interrogation Technique: Piston Drive)." As the last syllable passed the man's lips, Tayuya's world exploded. The cock that had been forced into her virgin asshole was ripped out, only to be thrust back inside with a force that slammed Tayuya's stomach and chest into the wall. The thrusts and jabs into her anus came faster and harder than humanly possible. Tayuya wanted to scream, to cry her lungs out. But her voice failed her. Her breath wouldn't even reach her vocal cords before another deep thrust ripped her asshole open. The pain was unreal, unlike anything the experienced kunoichi had ever felt before. Her mouth was wide open, a silent, wordless scream on her lips. The man continued driving his thick member inside the young girl's ass with blinding speed. Tayuya's whole body spasmed with every thrust, and her eyes blurred as her head was jerked back and forth with every forceful thrust that rammed into her intestines. Her mind was numb with agony. Her whole body was an avalanche of pain. Tears fell from her trembling chin, falling silently to the floor where they shattered like glass.

After what felt like hours and days, but was really only seven minutes, the torture ended. Tayuya felt the man's thrusts slowing down and finally stopping, but it was a hollow relief. Her rear was numb with pain, and she could just barely feel something warm running from her anus and down her thighs. Finally, she could feel the man's shrinking organ slip from her rear with a wet pop. His hands left her trembling thighs, and Tayuya focused all her remaining willpower on not falling together in a boneless heap. I will not show them weakness, even after this!

"Fuck, the bitch bled all over me.." Badger-face cursed as he pulled up his pants. He was a little surprised to see that the whore was still standing. Her rectum gaped at the three ANBU, a light red mix of blood and semen pouring out and down her slim thighs. Badger-face smiled behind his mask and turned to the door, the other two doing the same. Tayuya was left standing by the wall, under the small window, her tired legs shaking with the effort of keeping her body upright. Please go!, she thought wearily. I will not break before the likes of you!

As the clang of the closing door filled the small cell, the young Sound girl's legs collapsed, and she fell to her knees in a tired heap in the corner. A relieved sob rose in her throat, and her breath came in short gasps. They had not broken her. She had showed them the strength of Otogakure. A gentle smile appeared on her lips, as she looked at the black piece of clothing that lay in a puddle of water. With a shaking hand, she took her cap and pressed it close to her chest, her numb and agonising body relaxing from the torture. It would all be okay. They hadn't broken her. Looking down at the cap, heavy tears ran down her cheeks. She still had her most important treasure.

With her back to the door, Tayuya couldn't see the eyes that studied her through the small window in the heavy steel door. The lips behind the badger-shaped mask turned into a wry smile, as the man silently closed the small window hatch. Ignoring his bloodied pants, the man began walking slowly towards the exit of the prison. Ibiki-san would be much pleased.

To be continued...

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