The wind whipped at Alexa face, tossing her lenghtly, dingy blonde hair out behind her like a banner. They had been at sea for months. Once they had cleared the foggy waters, the ocean had become a vast length of clear blue-green. It was beautiful and filled Alexa with wonderment at its depth and color,
but so far it was, to be quiet frank, dead boring. Then a farmilar sent of earth and pine hit Alexa straight on.

She scanned the horizon and to her pure amazement, and absolute exietment, was a large land mass. They were aproatching it fast, and the others must have seen it already, but that didn't put a stopper on her joy at the possibility of a great adventure.

She had a great love of adventure. Finding new places, meeting new people and seeing new things, solving ancient riddles and mysteries, finding hidden passages and chambers. The thought of all this made her bounce up and down anxiously.

"LAND!!!!!!!" She Shouted, as she ran across the deck. "Yipes, Roland! Land!"

"Calm down, Alexa!" Roland smiled. "We should be docking in about an hour or two. We'll stay about a week to get supplies and some rest, then we head out again!"

"That's it, can't we explore or at least look around a bit?" Alexa asked.

"You can if you like, I guess. Just don't go too far off by yourself." He returned still smiling. His niece was funny, he thought, he father would have said the same thing. Alexa was just like him.

"ALRIGHT! I can't wait till we dock! This is going to be great!" Alexa bubbled over the top with exitment. She was going to twich almost as badly as Murphy till they reached land.

She wondered what this new land would be like. Would there be a lot of people, and towns?
She hoped there would be some kind of people there. She had learned that some places worked very differently than her home.

Would there be kingdoms, and villages, and castles, and fields and cities, and shops? How did the people of this place live? Alexa shook her head to clear it of the complete chaos the thoughts of adventure had brought in. What would happen next? She let the exietment take over. This kind of chaos (the thoughts of adventure) she liked. She sucombed to the exietment and let the world of daydreams that had ruled her childhood take over. She stared into the distance and then up at the sky.

The sky was painted with hues of golden orange, pale pink, and bloodly scarlett.
It was beautiful. So beyond words, beyond all thought, Alexa just stood there, staring up at it. What a wonder it must be to fly!

Wished she could just jump into the sky and glide away. In her mind's eye she could see herself floating away into that world of colors, floating on the wind, like one floats on water.

"Alexa, Alexa! ALEXA! Stop daydreaming and help us with the sails and ancohor"
Yipes's voice broke into Alexa's far-away sky world. It took Alexa a few seconds to figure out what yipes was talking about.

"Coming!" She called back, heading over to help out.

We're here! New land! Her mind shouted at her. Five-thousand bolts of pure adrenaline pulsed through her. She broke into an energetic run.

"We're HERE!!!!"