"Alexa, wake up." Roland shook her violently by the shoulder. She was sleeping luxuriously upon a feather bed in her comfortable hotel room. This comfort was something she was not in the mood to leave at this hour of the night. Or, at least, she supposed it was night as no light was sliding out of the flimsy lacy curtains hanging over the faintly grimy window glass.

"What is it?" She groaned drowsily.

"We have to leave." Her uncle whispered urgently by her ear. "We can't stay any longer."

"Why?" Thoughts of Dimitri's party flashed to her mind. She didn't want to let him down. Also, Alexa would have liked to have spent more time in this unusual city called London.

"I'll explain on the way." His voice begged for her to ask no questions. So, she didn't ask any.

She sullenly gathered her things and walked to the ship. The sky was royal blue, though there was a glimmer of gray light on the horizon. The gas lamps, which burned away slowly at their fuel, glowed softly, lending light to the cobbled streets. Light poked out of buildings and the night life dragged on, oblivious to her passing.

There was obviously no time to give Dimitri a proper goodbye. She dare not even ask permission to try. It wouldn't work. They hadn't known each other long, anyway, so, it would not have mattered to him anyway.

Alexa climbed up upon the rope and heaved herself unto the Warwick Becon. A childish feeling of grandeur spread through her. Her first commitment was to adventuring. There was nothing else for her. Nothing quite so rewarding as this glorious euphoria. She was a wandering type of person. There is no other life for those who long to search the earth and sail the seven seas than to do it.

My little Author's corner: I had to finish this. I know the ending isn't very pleasing, but that's it. I think it has a faint air of closure, if anything.