Chapter One

"I saw it"

"Wha…what are you talking about?" sputtered Allen.

Kanda stared at him grimly. "Your mistake. You were being careful, but it was still there. Small and quick. Don't even try and hide it" Allen frowned back at the long haired teen sitting across from him. They were both in Allen's room, sitting on the bed. They had just returned from a mission together when Kanda told him that they needed to talk. Of all people, why did Kanda have to be the one to figure out? Well, maybe Kanda would have only been second worst. A shiver ran down Allen's spine at the thought of the red haired exorcist.

Allen eyed Kanda. He looked carefully at his face, the dark eyes, the furrowed brow and the everlasting frown. Allen carefully searched his face. For what, he didn't know, but he searched all the same.

"When did you figure out? How did you figure out?" Allen asked cautiously, afraid that if the wrong words were said, this whole thing would go down, and Allen couldn't let that happen.

Kanda gave his usual 'che' before he replied.

"During the mission, moyashi. While you were changing" Kanda stated as if it was a simple fact. Allen grimaced.

"Your…not going to tell anyone…are you?" Kanda stared back at him with a look of complete disbelief.

"What the hell makes you think that? Moyashi, I'm not an idiot" Allen blinked at him.

"You haven't figured it out yet" Kanda stated as if it was another simple fact. "Seriously moyashi, going through the same thing, I thought you would figure out" Allen was confused. That last sentence completely lost him.

"Hu?" Kanda let out a sigh, and to Allen's surprise, Kanda undid his exorcist jacket and lifted up his shirt. His chest was wrapped up in bandages and he slowly undid them. Allen gasped.

It was that very moment that Lavi decided to barge in to Allen's room. A large grin was plastered on his face as he began to speak.

"Yo Allen! I just got back and I was wondering wha…." Lavi's voice faded at the end as he looked at the scene before him. A shirtless Kanda and the fact the he was….a girl.

At this moment, one would expect Lavi to point his figure at Kanda and scream at the top of his lungs, exclaiming that the so called 'he' was actually a 'she'. But what really happened was that Lavi, still smiling, grabbed the door and gently closed it without a sound.

Allen stood there, wondering if Lavi had gone away, when there came a soft knock on the door. Kanda put his shirt and jacket back on as Allen went to answer the door.

Lavi was standing out side with the same grin he had on earlier, but his one green eye was definitely questioning.

"Um…hi there Lavi.." Allen wasn't sure what to say to the red head. Lavi just grinned harder. The false smile stretching across his face.

"Well hello Allen. I just returned from a mission and I was simply curious to what you were doing since I heard you had just gotten back as well" Allen hesitated, uncertain on what to say.

"Well, um…I was…just resting for a while….until I decided to go eat at the cafeteria…" Allen hoped that it was a good enough lie.

Kanda wanted to smack herself on the forehead at Allen's seemingly obvious lie. The moyashi was simply a hopeless cause. She couldn't see why the organization had decided to keep him.

"Hu…well okay…" came Lavi's response.

And then silence. Both exorcists stood there facing each other, neither one really knowing what to say.

The silence was starting to irritate Kanda, as it just kept dragging on and on and on…

"Goddammit! Someone say something already! I know you saw it Lavi!"

Lavi poked his head into the room. He blinked a few times as if Kanda had just popped out of nowhere.

"What usagi?" The frown on Kanda's face deepend, if that was actually possible. Lavi smiled.

"Oh! Hey there Kanda! I didn't see you there!" Kanda's eye twitched. What an obvious lie.

"Soooo…"continued Lavi, "do you come here often?"

"That's it!" Kanda screamed her voice full of menace "Don't give me your shit! Tell me how much you saw, because I know you did!" Kanda brandished her mugen at Lavi "Tell me! Tell me!"

Lavi shook at the impact of Kanda's words.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" Lavi spun around to face Allen. He dropped to his knees and grabbed Allen around the waist, hugging him.

"Tell her Allen! Tell her!" Allen looked down at the pleading Lavi, once again confused on what to say to the exorcist. Kanda grimaced, clearly noticing that Lavi had said 'she'. Allen looked up at Kanda.

"Kanda, I'm sure he's telling the truth. You really don't need to get mad at him. It was a complete accident" Kanda 'che'd and turned away from the two.

"Thank you! Oh thank you! I knew I could trust you!" Lavi hugged Allen tighter, this time his head rising slightly higher to rest against Allen's chest. He stopped.

"Um…Allen….you wouldn't also happen to be a….well……..a girl……would you?" Lavi looked up at the white haired teen. Allen let out a small uncertain laugh.

"Well…you could say that….."

Now is the moment that Lavi began to panic.

"Aaaaahhhhhh! Has my whole life been a lie?"

"La…Lavi…please calm down!"

"Dammit Usagi! I'm gonna chop your head off if you don't shut up!"

"Kanda! Please! Don't hurt him! It was all an accident!"

"A lie! It's all a lie! And next you're probably going to tell me Komui is actually Linanli's mother!"

In Komui's office….


"Ah! Nii-san! Are you okay? Do you have a cold?" Linali asked as she placed her hand against her brother's forehead.

"No…no I don't think so…."

"Well you should go rest. Just in case" Komui grinned at the opportunity to escape his work yet again.

"Alright if my dear sister say's so"

Back in Allen's room…

Lavi continued to panic. Most people would if they just found out two of the supposed 'boys' were actually girls.

Kanda, obviously getting irritated by Lavi's reaction, stepped up behind the red head and brought her fist down hard onto his head. Lavi collapsed instantly, unconscious before he even hit the floor.

Allen looked down at the exorcist sprawled across his bedroom floor. She looked up at Kanda, who was standing across from her. She gave Kanda a nasty look.

"That was completely unnecessary." Kanda gave a soft snort.

"No, that was completely necessary and you know it!" Allen looked down at Lavi again. She frowned. She had a feeling that the day was about to get a whole lot worse. Allen sighed.

"Come on, help me get him onto the bed. We have some explaining to do for when he wakes up"

Ta da! That's chapter one. I'll do a few more chapters, but I don't know how soon I'll be able to post them. Oh well. Hope you guys enjoyed it anyways.