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Chapter 14

Kanda woke to the sound of birds singing in the morning and bright sunlight shining in through the two windows in the room, one of them directly above Kanda.

She was ready to kill someone.

The birds' singing was several pitches too high and several notches too loud. The sound was drilling holes through her head, and it wasn't helping in the least bit with her headache. The sun was shining way too brightly for Kanda's like, even more so than usual, and the bright light was burning in her eyes. Even when she had her eyes closed, it would still shine past her eye lids.

Kanda glared at the window as if threatening it to keep letting the sunlight come through. If was then that she heard a soft murmur and something move against her.

Kanda, who was currently lying in the bed, facing the window and wall ('How the hell did I get here?' wondered Kanda), tried rolling over to face the other direction, but found out that she couldn't. Whoever was sleeping against her had an arm wrapped securely around her waist. Their hold was quite strong and it didn't seem like they were about to let go any time soon.

With a bit of struggling, Kanda was finally able to turn herself around, although she was unsuccessful at getting the other person's arm off of her, only to see Allen with her face pressed into Kanda.

Allen had a small smile on her lips and she mumbled something else, although it was much too soft for Kanda to be able to hear exactly what she had said.

Kanda's headache was getting worse and she really wanted the damn Moyashi to get off of her.

"Oi, Moyashi. Get off of me"

No response.

"Moyashi, you're drooling on me" growled Kanda, a vein in her forehead already throbbing.

Allen half opened her eyes to look up at Kanda, a smile on her face.

"Kan…." mumbled Allen when she suddenly reached for Kanda's arm. Allen held Kanda's arm up to her face.

"…..dy" finished Allen just before she sank her teeth into dark haired Samurai's arm.

The scream Kanda let out was not in the least bit girly, nor did it actually sound like she was in pain, but it was indeed a rather loud and angry, well actually more like furious, scream that had escape from between her lips.

Lavi rushed into the room to find Kanda pinning Allen down with her legs while one hand was around Allen's throat, and the other was holding an empty glass bottle over the white haired girls head.

"Wait! Don't kill her Yuu-chan!" screamed Lavi stopping Kanda right before she had brought the glass bottle down onto Allen's head.

"Why the fucking hell should I not kill her?!" snarled Kanda, shooting a look at Lavi with the expression of an enraged demon "I fucking wake up to a massive headache and not to mention finding her hugging me, and when I tried getting her off, she fucking bit me because she thought I was a God damn piece of Candy!"

"I…I didn't know…what I was doing…" cried Allen, actual tears trailing down her cheeks. "I…I just woke up…and….and Kanda's trying to kill me…save me Lavi!"

Lavi would have laughed if it wasn't for the expression on Kanda's face and the terrified look on Allen's.

"Alright, alright, just put the bottle down and back away from the Moyashi"

Allen didn't even bother to protest against what Lavi had said, instead opting to let out a small whimper.

"Although I have to admit that you have more than enough right to get mad at someone for biting you because they thought you were…um, candy, I still think you got a good enough of a revenge for scaring Allen this bad"

"I'm going to fucking kill her, and there is nothing you can do to stop me" snapped Kanda, complete determination in her eyes to follow up on her word.

"Actually you have to" stated Lavi, a grin on his face. "If I remember correctly, we had played a game last night, and the deal was whoever stayed sober the longest would win and have everyone do whatever they wanted for a day. Now if my memory serves right, which being a bookman I can guarantee it is, Linali had fallen asleep first, then you passed out in my arms, and Allen fell asleep against my leg. I do believe I am the winner of our little game, now would you agree?"

A growl escaped from the back of Kanda's throat.

"You hardly drank anything last night. You should be disqualified, not win"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk" scolded Lavi as he waved a finger at the dark haired girl. "I said that to win you had to stay sober the longest, not drink the most out of all of us"

Kanda jumped up from her spot above Allen and instantly made a lunge for Lavi, still brandishing the glass bottle. Lavi let out a loud "Eek!" as he dodged Kanda's attack and began backing away.

"Put the bottle down, Yuu-chan. We had a deal, and you have to follow through with it"

"I know" snapped Kanda "I always keep to my word. I'm just trying to kill you before you can say anything else"

"Then put the bottle down!" screamed Lavi.

Kanda happily obliged by chucking the bottle as hard as she could at the red head, but it was by pure on Lavi's behalf that at that very moment he tripped.

The bottle smashed against the wall, hitting the spot where his head had been seconds go.

Lavi let out a very unmanly scream (although he would thoroughly deny it), and instantly hid behind Allen for cover. Unfortunately Allen didn't seem to be much of a protection at the moment, as both exorcists screamed when Kanda began closing in on them.

"Stop, girl! Sit! Don't come any closer!" screamed Lavi.

"Don't treat me like a fucking dog" snapped Kanda, but she stopped as she was told.

Lavi and Allen couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

"So, what now" Kanda not so much as asked but demanded.

"Eh?" asked Lavi.

"Since you won the bet, what the hell are you going to make us do now?"

"Oh" said Lavi. He couldn't help but grin up at Kanda. "I was thinking we could go have some fun today"

Allen suddenly shivered, and it didn't go unnoticed by Lavi, who was still hiding behind her. Lavi couldn't help but grin even harder.

"I'll tell you guys later, so I'm just going to leave and let you two ready. If you don't mind, please help Linali dear as well" Lavi pointed to the dark haired girl who was still fast asleep on the bed. Apparently the crashing bottle wasn't enough to wake her.

Just as Lavi was walking out, he suddenly turned around again, remembering the original reason he had come.

"Oh, I picked up your outfits for today. They're in my room, so you can go there to change while I try and wake Linali up"

Kanda grunted as she walked out, closely followed by a still frightened Allen.

"Please don't kill the Moyashi, Yuu-chan!" Lavi called after their retreating figures.

It was several minutes before two rather loud screams came from down the hall, from the direction of Lavi's room, accompanied by a loud thump that Lavi was guessing something had hit the floor, namely Allen.

"What the fucking hell is this?!" screamed Kanda.

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