Disclaimer: if I owned Twilight I wouldn't be writing fan fiction I'd be writing the real thing.

Aro's Pov

Finally that Edward left. I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever get a change to talk to Bella. The whole coven had a lot of nerve going against the Volturri. I am truly curious about what her power is. It's quite exciting for me because I haven't kidnapped a human since 1921.

"Bella, how are you. Still human I see. Tisk, Tisk." I came out of her closet to see her frozen in fear. I just watched her, waiting to see if she would say something but there she stayed, frozen. The only hint that she was still alive was the very fast beating of her heart. "Bella, you may want to slow that heart of your don't forget that we do eat humans and your making it exceedingly difficult" After I said that she seemed to break out of her trance.

"Well, aren't y-you going to k-k-kill me for not becoming a v-vampire?"

"Of course not that would be a waste of talent. Now back to business we don't want the Cullen's to come and fight us and I'm sure you don't either. So you have two days to convince Edward that you don't love him and you want to leave him."

"But I can't, he won't believe me I'm a terrible liar."

"Bella" I said in my fake surprised voice, "are you trying to tell me that if Edwards life were on the line you couldn't convince him otherwise. Because if you don't, he will die and it will be all your fault, Bella. Well, that's all, we'll be going"

"Wait" she said in a low whisper that only a vampire could hear. I turned back to look at her.


"What about Alice"

"Oh, she'll be fine to if you lie" what a silly question to ask. Ah, well she is human it is to be expected.

"No, what I mean is how is Alice not seeing this." Oh, I take that back. This human is smart for her kind.

"Well, Anna over here can create illusions in peoples mind so she is putting the illusion that you are to be changed after graduation by your Edward. She is only seeing you, Edward, and Charlie. Now, we really do have to go he's going to be hear soon"