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I woke up with a burning feeling starting in my neck and spreading throughout my whole body. It felt different from when James bit me. Not less painful, just different.

3 days later

I woke up stunned. What just happened? Where was I? Who was I? I fought for remembrance. What was going on? Why couldn't I remember anything? My breathing started to increase to the point were I was hyperventilating. It was strange though, it was like I didn't need the air. What was wrong with me? I was so focused on me that I didn't notice another person in the room. He had black shoulder length hair. He was unnaturally white and had a papery like quality to his skin. But the thing that stuck out most to me was his vivid crimson eyes. The color was menacing but overall his eyes looked kind especially now because his whole face held a certain softness. I wanted to be afraid but he looked so kind and worried at the same time.

"Do you remember me" Some part of me thought I should. He had a beautiful voice. It was soothing and gentle.

"Y-yeah of course." He seemed to find this funny but he didn't laugh or even smile really but his eyes lit up. It made me wonder why he didn't smile but right now that was the least of my worries.

"Really, if you know me then what is my name?"


"That's what I thought" I took a deep breath and looked straight into his eyes.

"Fine you're right I don't know who you are but I don't know who I am either and I would really appreciate some information." My voice was on the verge of begging.

"I don't know where to start."

"Start with you're name." it would be nice to put a name with this very different face.


"Okay what's my name?"

"Isabella" came his blunt reply. I sighed this was going to take awhile with all his one word answers. After a couple hours I'd learned this:

My name is Isabella Marie Swan

I was 19 years old

I was in a place called Volturi with people called the Volturi

I was a vampire.

Yeah that's right, apparently I was a vampire. It didn't take long to convince me, because something told me he wasn't your average human. He also explained all about being a vampire. It was a lot to take in and he seemed to realize this because after telling me about hunting and the rules he gave me a week smile and walked away. I curled my knees up to my chest and just sat there pondering what I had just learned.

It felt like days but I was probably only there for a couple hours. Slowly I got to my feet. It felt good standing so I treated myself to a long luxurious stretch. It seemed like a good idea to walk around to see where ever I was. I tentatively opened the door to see a seemingly endless hallway that looked like it belonged in castle. I really didn't know where I was going but it just felt nice wandering aimlessly. Soon I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She reminded me of someone but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. She looked at me and smiled. It was nice to see such pure happiness coming from one person in this somewhat dreary situation.

"Hi, I'm Heidi." Unlike shaking my hand like I would expect she came and gave me a hug. I didn't mind though it felt nice.

"Hello, I'm Isabella." I could hear the shy uneasiness in my voice. She studied me for a few minutes then asked me if I would like to take a walk with her. I didn't have to think twice about saying yes. She smiled her beautiful smile again and hooked her arm in mine. As she walked (Well it was really more liked skipped) she told me what each of the rooms were used for. Soon though her cell phone went off. She answered and walked away. I stood and stared up at the intricately drawn ceiling. I was so lost in the perfection of it that I didn't even notice someone approaching me and I jumped at the feel of a hand on my shoulder. It was Marcus. I almost didn't recognize him because he had a smile on his face.

"Hello, Ms. Isabella" His tone was teasing.

"Hello, Mr. Marcus." I said making my voice match his. This made him smile even wider.

"May I accompany you to you're room."

"Why of course." His happiness was contagious. It was a bit awkward at first because neither of knew what to say. But soon the conversation was flowing easily. We talked about what Volturi was and what there purpose was. He told me of his brothers their powers and there wives. So of course my next question was "What about you're wife."

"I don't have one." His eyes seemed to sadden and I decided not to ask anymore about his love life. It was obvious he was hurt. An uncomfortable silence settled again and in order to revive our easy conversation I asked about the happiest thing I could currently think of, Heidi. He smiled again and said he didn't understand why she cost the Volturi so much money on clothes when the covered so very little. I laughed and before I knew it we ended up at my bedroom door. But before going inside though I noticed a door across from my bedroom.

"Marcus what is the room across from mine?" He looked uncomfortable and I couldn't understand why. He looked away and answered,

"It's my room." He looked into my eyes again as if waiting for anger or fear. I smiled and asked,

"Can I see it?"

"Only for a bit because we have to get to a meeting." For some unknown reason I was excited. Maybe it's because I hoped to find out more about these people with now who I reside. He opened the door gallantly and said "Lady's first."

The moment I stepped into the room I was speechless. The room reminded me of castle. The first thing I noticed was a huge window on the right side of the room. Also seemingly hundreds of paintings adorned the walls. The room had a soft golden color. I walked around slowly studding the objects around me. Soon I came to a picture of what looked like a younger Marcus and with him was a beautiful woman. She had long flowing black hair. She had a smile that looked like it could brighten a room. And she was adorned in what looked like robes a queen would wear in the 16 hundreds. I was in awe but when Marcus saw what I was looking at he quickly pulled away and told me we had to get to the meeting.

I was nervous, I didn't know what was going to happen. Sure I felt comfortable with Marcus and Heidi, but what about the others? What if they hated me? The walk didn't seem to take hardly anytime at all. Soon we arrived at a giant door. I gulped. My only thought was that I couldn't do this. I wasn't ready. Just as I thought it though the door swung open.

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