Hi this is my first ever Storm Hawks fanfiction, and I'm still getting used to the site, so please be nice and can you leave reviews and constructive critasm. I would like to know how I've done the characters. LostLyra

The battle was furiously raging. Sword clashed with sword as the two age-old enemies fought it out. Blue and white lighting crashed on the horizon, forming dark clouds, as the two battles raged on the Terra. The first one was against two well known foes. Aerrow, captain of the Storm Hawks, slashed his way through the next block that the Dark Ace had created.

"Where is SHE?" Aerrow gasped, the fighting beginning to take its toll on his body.

Dark Ace laughed and slashed down on his arm, Aerrow only managed to dodge just in time before the fiery blade would crush through his bone. He let out an enraged yell and slammed into the man.

"You. Are. DEAD !" the redhead roared the last word and slammed him to the ground.

Suddenly both men felt the ground shake, looking up in surprise – the death battle momentarily stopped – they saw Piper and Master Cyclonis in a furious battle of their own. Another thing that had stopped both men was that the dark power that was rippling around them was not from Cyclonis, but from Piper.

"Piper!" Aerrow bellowed, knowing the energy from the crystal would kill her, but she seemed to know that as well.

Taking his advantage of the distraction the Dark Ace leapt up did a 360-degree spin and struck straight at Aerrow's head.

Piper saw what was happening, almost in slow motion. Spinning around she pointed her staff, now flowing with the Light and aimed it at him. At the same time that her energy blast shot at the Dark Ace Cyclonis's deadly beam hit her square in the chest.

"PIPER!!!!!" he screamed in horror as dark purple electricity swallowed his friend. It wove around her in deadly shaped patterns and constricted. The strangest thing was forced out of her lungs, as she started to fall slowly to the ground.

"AERROW!!!" It sounded like the cry of a dieing animal, a lover's last word and his best friend all in one.

Not caring about the Dark Ace or anything happening around him Aerrow Sprinted towards her as he scrambled over the rocky ground, his hole body aching, pounding, and throbbing. Stork's words echoed in his head Terror, Doom and destruction… Without realising he had tears streaming down his cheeks, pouring down his dirt and blood streaked face like the crystal waterfalls that they visited last week. On reaching her he fell to his knees, sobs rocking his body.

"Piper, Piper…" he was whispering her name over and over again, as if it was some secret code that would wake her up.

There was a cackling laugh, which tore through Aerrow's heart. Cyclonis was standing there cackling. "And the Oblivion Crystal doesn't work on friends…" her staff pointed at Aerrow the deadly crystal still glowing. "Well we aren't friends any more!" the teenage queen let out a small chuckle. "Thought she was so strong, that she could survive a Oblivion Crystal, well she was a cocky little bitch."

The last words rang through Aerrow's head. Anger swirled in his chest, guilt whirlpooled around in his stomach, hadred flashed through his eyes, and with that he broke. Blue light and terrifying energy flashed from him, all that he saw was Cyclonis. All he wanted to kill was Cyclonis. Watching him glow, watching him turn Cyclonis saw that there was something terribly wrong with the heartbroken boy. Bending down he took Pipers staff and held it in his hands, testing the weight.

Cyclonis stepped back, knowing she'd just made a mistake. Love was a powerful emotion at the best of times, but when a lover was in turmoil. Lifting her eyes from the ground Cyclonis saw that they were orange, exactly the same colour of the crystal that Piper wore, his knuckles were turning white as he squeezed the staff. Remembering that every Sky Night had a special move the young queen stepped back even further.

"You coward," he hissed, voice floating on the air. "You bloody coward." And without warning he struck.

Cyclonis cried out in pain as the Light struck her sole. Stumbling back she slammed into the ground, winded. Panting heavily she saw that he was glowing a bluey red and was drifting off the ground.

"I could kill you now," he hissed, snake like, "Revenge you for Piper. I'll give you pain. Agony beyond belief –"

"But Piper wouldn't want it,"

"Don't speak about her!" he bellowed and Cyclonis screamed in pain, writhing on the floor beneath him, pain splitting her from her mind.

" Aerrow, Aerrow," a voice whispered on the wind. He turned, knowing that Cyclonis would be to weak to fight back. There stood a transparent figure of Piper, it had to be her ghost, he realised, fighting back tears he stared her straight in the eyes. "Don't do it, you can't fill my destiny –"

"You're already gone," he choked out, forcing the tears down.

"Don't cry Aerrow," her soft vowels could hardly be heard over the raging wind. "My love, find the Healer, he's the only one who can help me. You can to," her eyes were filled with tears, "I'm not dead Aerrow, the Oblivion Crystal doesn't work on friends. Take this," she lifted her necklace of and placed it around his neck, her translucent fingers brushing against his skin. "My Aerrow," she whispered, lips pressing against his for only a second before vanishing.

"You haven't won yet!" Cyclonis's voice hissed out of the dark mist. "We will prevail!"

Aerrow spun around but was to late, as she had disappeared into the swirling dark cloud. With one last resort he shot a beam of light in the air, before falling with a sickening crunch on the ground next to Piper.