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Chapter 1

Hisoka Kurosaki sat, his icy glare penetrating the empty, blackened street from the bench. Tsuzuki was not with him, away getting personal with the subject of their job once again. He sighed lightly and circled the street once more with his cold gaze, letting it slide once over a night bird - who - spooked by the eyes fixing on him decided that it would be much safer to hunt somewhere else.

Movement sparked his attention finally, though it came only momentarily, silver on black, then a flash of white.

Thoughts and memories dragged across his mind violently, and as he rose, as though in a dream, steadily and silently walking down towards the source of his visions, they intensified.

More sparks of silver and white drew his vision, slowly forming into one figure, and at the instant they personified themselves, a final flash of silver blue lifted and met at his eyes. The moment the colour drifted over him, full panic overtook Hisoka, stopping him in his tracks as he swallowed hard, his fear obvious.

Below the silver haired figure lay the body of a young woman, her body bloodied from a deep cut in her chest, it caused a flashback within Hisoka, the blonde haired boy lifting his hands to drag through his hair as he took an unsteady step back.

Muraki stood, moving forwards towards Hisoka, the frozen boy remaining still as ice even as cold, bloodied hands fell onto his shoulders, soaking him with the liquid.

Hisoka cried out as the strong hands fell on him, instantly trying to move away from the other. He twisted and writhed; though Muraki added pressure to hold the smaller boy still.

Despite himself, the smaller boy whimpered, forcing himself to look into the eyes of the man who had killed him, to listen as the same man spoke to him.

"What's a boy of your age doing out unsupervised in a district like this?" Muraki drew out his words purposefully to scare the boy more, and it worked, Hisoka flinched against him.

"Well..." asked the man impatiently. "Are you going to answer me?" He squeezed harder on the smaller boy's shoulders, causing him to whimper louder.

"I was just investigating...it's my job..." Hisoka complained, struggling against the other's grasp.

"Curiosity killed the cat, Hisoka, or at least it got very badly hurt..." Muraki threatened, still holding strongly to the other.

Hisoka lowered his head, ceasing his struggling. "What are you going to do to me...?"

"Oh I don't know..." replied the villainous man, moving forwards and shifting so that his arms were wrapped neatly around him. "I could do the same as last time - perhaps a little more...I'm feeling adventurous..."

"You mean more adventurous than tying me up and then getting dispelled by Tsuzuki and I?" Hisoka asked playfully. He knew this memory would annoy Muraki and it was the only way he could make himself feel better and ignore the other's touch. Tsuzuki would save him.he just had to.

Muraki lifted one arm dragging it in a slap across Hisoka's face and making him yelp in pain and fall back silent again. Hisoka truly hadn't expected such a move. It was true that Muraki didn't like him and would rather the youth had died properly and not come back.but it was also true that Muraki was evil and yet very gentle.

Moving slowly away and dragging the shorter with him he purred loudly. "You should learn not to talk back to those who have control over you..." He sneered, slinking further away and ignoring the spiteful look the captured youth was giving him.

Ten minutes of being dragged and struggling found Hisoka on the floor of a warm apartment, a rough, natural rug brushing over his face viciously and grazing the flesh.

Scared green eyes settled on Muraki as he moved away from the now locked and bolted door, the electric lock providing an inescapable prison.

"Mu...raki..." growled the blonde on the floor, shifting a little to scramble back across the now painful carpet.

"That's my name...Hisoka..." said the silver-haired man In an almost sing song voice. In seconds he had crossed the room and sank down to his knees, straddling the boy and pressing his hands against the other's shoulders. "Don't wear it out."

Hisoka whimpered loudly as he was pushed back to the floor, squirming away at the touch in a desperate attempt at trying to get away, not liking it at all. "You don't understand. Don't touch me..."

Muraki hissed lightly through his teeth, pressing the full length of his body against the other, for the pure intention of annoying him further.

"I said 'Don't touch me.'" He said again, pushing more into his speech this time. "Get...off...me..." He separated the words to add more effect but the blue-eyed one didn't take heed, only pressed down further and lay his lips lightly against the other's flesh.

Hisoka pulled his legs up sharply under him, eyes blazing with a hidden fire, somehow detached from himself as he kicked the other away sharply, kicking back with his own feet to roll over his shoulders and back, gaining distance, and time.

Turning a little on his feet, arching one toe up softly to rest on the floor, like a dancer would, he drew up his arms, slowly at first, gliding them past his face elegantly and then switching them and gliding them back down.

After a few more perfect movements he stopped his hands just apart from each other, hands curved at perfect 90 degree angels, as though he had practised for this task all his life.

Muraki glared, anger in his eyes as he knew what was coming, moving quickly, in a more repeated manner to summon for his own protection against the green eyed boy.

Supernatural wind grew up around the pair, echoing loudly about them as the magic from their summoning of the creatures brought their hair up, lifting the short strands, tearing at them and releasing them.

Transparent darkness enshrouded them, not hiding but creating a blackness that darkened the already dark room severely, as rifts formed behind each of the pair, releasing their protective partners upon each other.

Muraki's white snake was met by a strong, green demon, shining with an intense glow that broke the darkness and lit up the room. The Shikigami that Hisoka had summoned was the first of his successful attempts - called by Hisoka's desperate need to be protected. It was a lion in shape, with wings sprouting from it's back and the tongue of a snake that was barely visible just before the blasts of green fire that came from it's mouth leapt across the room to try and strike the wriggling snake. The snake easily avoided the other creature's untrained motions, winding its body around the other creatures and biting and tearing at the Shikigami flesh.

A few minutes of this incredible battle ensued, the green Shikigami finally retreating, torn with black wounds across it's holy length, causing the white snake to howl in victory and return to its home at Muraki's bidding.

Muraki smiled happily, white teeth grinning from pale flesh under white hair and ice cool eyes.

"Nice try, kid, but...you'll have to try harder next time."

He grinned, slowly slipping back towards the exhausted and defenceless boy, hands tangling ruthlessly in his hair and pulling him up to meet him, then kissing down softly on already bruised lips.

"But now," he whispered, almost silent. "I get my trophy."