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Chapter 3

Tsuzuki paced back and forth across the floor of Tatsumi's office. He finally understood what the other had been saying all this time. His office was too small. There wasn't even enough room to pace properly.

The sound of the door opening made Tsuzuki snap to attention and look to it. Deep in his purple eyes drifted his terrible pain and loneliness and the blue eyes of Tatsumi found this all too easily in the Shinigami's huge eyes.

Tatsumi frowned even as he sank down in his chair behind the desk and closed his eyes. The frown was still there as he began to talk.

"We can confirm that it was Muraki that took him." Tatsumi murmured quietly.

Tsuzuki froze - praying that he'd heard wrong from the nervous clerk's quiet speech. It wasn't like Tatsumi to speak so quietly.

"What did you say.?"

"Muraki has Hisoka."

Tsuzuki swallowed and lifted a hand to cover his eyes as he sank down finally into the chair, almost like an unmarried woman who'd just been told that she was pregnant. The pain of the truth was almost too much to bear.

Tsuzuki finally bit his lip and lowered his hand, looking back up to Tatsumi. "I'm going to save him.you know that right?"

Tatsumi nodded vaguely and looked up to the ceiling slowly to avoid that puppyish pain in the other's eyes.

"Do you know where he is..?"

"We're not really sure.but I know you'll be able to find him if I give you some time, right?"

Tsuzuki nodded slowly and pushed himself to his feet.

- x - x - x - x - x - x -

Hisoka awoke groggily on the tearing carpet, running a hand slowly down his beaten and dirty form even as he pulled his knees up to his stomach protectively. His back ached painfully from the events of the last few nights and he was distantly aware of the stench of sex and sweat in the room.

Then the terrible sound came again - the laughter that he'd had constantly since he was brought here. "Good morning, little slave."

Hisoka pretended that he hadn't heard - to acknowledge Muraki's presence would be to have to bear it for even longer. Hisoka found that he didn't have the chance to ignore it though. He was uncurled roughly and pinned down on his back. Muraki was dressed and clean - he smelt so clean in comparison to Hisoka.

"I'm going into work today, my dear, and when I get back you'll be gone."

Hisoka stirred uneasily. Was Muraki sending some other person to move him to another place? Or was he going to be rescued.and if so - why wasn't Muraki just going to move him somewhere else?

"But before you go I thought I'd give you one last jab."

Hisoka growled and began to struggle again instantly. Muraki had begun blasting his system with drugs a couple of days ago. The Shinigami wasn't very sure what they were for as they didn't seem to affect him much at all - but he did know that he hated having Muraki jab him with needles that could have been anywhere and could contain anything. Hisoka was definitely sure that he didn't appreciate being a lab rat as well as a whore.

Muraki easily overpowered the youth, pressing a fresh needle deep into Hisoka's arm and then retreating, standing up and smiling warmly. "Don't forget me, my dear." And then he was gone. The door was locked and Hisoka was left on the floor, his body retreating back into a curled up state.

It was hours later when he finally felt something tugging him towards consciousness. There was a blanket lain over his body and something was shaking him and calling his name - a voice that sounded honey sweet - and a touch that felt like a kitten brushing over flesh adoringly.

Slowly Hisoka let his eyes slide open. Above him stood Tsuzuki - his eyes wide and bright with all kind of emotions that Hisoka could barely recognise. As he gazed into those eyes Hisoka suddenly felt a need to comfort Tsuzuki. After all.what had the other Shinigami been through while he'd been away?

But as he finally registered the feel of the other's flesh on his shoulder another feeling overtook him in such a drastic and terrible wave that it made Hisoka fight desperately to get Tsuzuki away from him as he fell back into a demi-conscious state.

Terrible pain.it was the only thing that Hisoka could feel. What was happening? Why wasn't he here? He could see Tsuzuki searching the park where he had been two nights previously. He frightened people walking their dogs in the early morning - he frightened animals and perhaps he even frightened the trees. There was such an empty loneliness growing from deep within Hisoka's heart as he watched. And then there were flashes of possibilities. Where was he? Could he have left me forever? Or has he gone off with someone else? Or maybe someone else has stolen him away? Pain.such terrible, terrible pain of loneliness. It was growing unbearable - making Hisoka's heart feel like it was about to crack; to explode with the pain of having to be without the only thing he loved. And then it did - Hisoka feel unconscious with what he heard to be a scream from his own mouth.

When Hisoka next woke he was in the hospital part of Enma-Chou. Watari was leaning over him warily and gazing first at him and then at the computer. Tsuzuki sat on the other side of him looking terribly worried. As soon as his eyes were opened - Hisoka looked up desperately to Tsuzuki - knowing exactly where he would be sitting. Tsuzuki reached out his hand to take Hisoka's - but Watari unhappily batted it back. "You can't touch him.you might send him into another vision."

Hisoka closed his eyes as he saw the horrible look in Tsuzuki's eyes again. Finally he heard the other stirring beside him and when he opened his eyes he saw that it was because Tatsumi had entered the room.

"Is he okay, now, Watari?" Tatsumi asked quietly - blinking first from the longhaired man and then back to Hisoka lying on the bed.

"You want to question him about something, Tatsumi?" Watari asked quietly, still clicking though the results of the monitoring sensors he'd attached to Hisoka.

"Yes.I would. Are you up to answering a few questions, Hisoka?"

Hisoka nodded quietly and Tatsumi looked up to the other two. "Could you possibly leave us?"

Watari nodded, taking Tsuzuki's hand and leading him out of the room - because it was obvious that Tsuzuki would not be leaving the room unless it was under someone else's steam.

Tatsumi sank down in place where Tsuzuki had been. Hisoka closed his eyes and lay his head back quietly. He'd known Tatsumi would want to ask some questions, after all.

"So Muraki's alive?"

Hisoka flinched at the name and sighed before he spoke his simple reply. "Yes, he is."

"Is he still after Tsuzuki.?" Tatsumi asked quietly.

"I'm not really sure.I can never tell what he's planning." Hisoka worded, weakly. His brain had been working over this one. He was sure that Muraki wasn't after Tsuzuki any more but some things that had been said by the elder man had perplexed him somewhat on this point. And so he didn't want to feed false information.so he tried to be vague instead.

Tatsumi lifted his hand, folding it slowly about Hisoka's in a comforting motion. But it didn't comfort him. Instead Hisoka's mind exploded with pain again and he experienced another unprovoked vision.

Tatsumi's mind was just as confused as any other that Hisoka had experienced. Strings of numbers and words made up most of the background instead of the blinding white or constricting black that Hisoka was used to. It made everything so much more confusing as characters came and went, carrying lumps of the background away with them and leaving huge black spaces of nothingness behind. The confusion and anger that seemed to be the main point of Tatsumi's existence seemed to be closing in on him - growing larger and larger with every number that disappeared. As the numbers seemed to disappear finally, leaving Tatsumi alone in the emptiness, Hisoka felt himself pull at his hair with one hand and then scream again in a desperate attempt to let out the confusion and pain of nothing. It was too late.he was unconscious again.