A girl is lying on the ground, gasping in pain. She winces again when a foot repeatedly steps on her face. Her glasses lay broken beside her, along with damaged textbooks and loose papers. She slowly looks up when the hits stop momentarily, her eyes hidden behind her bangs.

"You're such a wimp you know. Look at you, all glasses and braces. You'll never be beautiful. No wonder you always hide behind your books. You're so ugly." A boy cruelly laughs.

"You only see what you want to, if you weren't so shallow, you'd see so much more." The girl murmured.

"Are you saying you're pretty?" He scoffs.

"Maybe." said the girl.

"In your dreams." he said, as he gives her a kick on her side.

"As you wish." the girl replied, quietly groaning as she feels a new bruise forming. She flinches as two drops falling from her eyes.

"See. You're such a wuss. You're already crying." The boy scoffs as the girl doesn't look at him, she blindly gropes the ground for something. "What are you looking for, your tears? Ha, you're more of a nerd than I thought!" He frowns as she still avoids looking at him, almost as if afraid to look. "Hey, I said to look at me!" He turns her face forcedly. He gasps at what he sees, and so did she, with dismay. Instead of the dull brown eyes he was accustomed to seeing, he finds himself staring at bright emeralds, trembling with fear and filling with tears. She quickly looked down.

"I've got to go. I can't be here." She whispered softly. She got up and ran, leaving her books and glasses behind.

"Who is she, and what is she hiding?" The boy mutters, a new found anguish settling on his heart. He remembered his first love. "She can't be her, could she?"

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