Hey there! This is my first fanfiction. Hope you like it. Please let me know if I can improve in any way.

Summary: Female Naru. This is my first fanfiction. Naruto is tired of pretending. Tsunades lets her be herself .. enter Naruko! But now she has to explain to her team mates ... SasuxNaru pairing.

(3rd POV)

The story goes that the Fourth Hokage sealed away the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside his newborn son. Well that's the story told to the village of Konoha, who had no part in the final battle with the demon fox. Only the ninjas who survived that fight knew of the truth. That the Yondaime's son is in fact a daughter. But in the attempt of the Third Hokage to protect the vessel child, the Fourth Hokage's daughter was disguised as a boy. It was his dying wish that his daughter would be protected from the scandal and scrutiny of the future generation; and when the time is right, that she is revealed as the heroine of the Hidden Leaf Village. This was the only way the Sandaime thought he could protect the girl from the hatred of the villagers; that a boy would seem stronger, able to defend himself against their attacks. But, that didn't matter to the villagers. They still attacked the 'boy'; thinking that because he was still a child, that he was weak and inferior. The hatred in their hearts would not let them see that this child is not a monster; that this poor innocent child is in fact the reason that the villagers are now safe from the Kyuubi no Kitsune. That this child is a hero.