A Different Life

Summary: What if Voldemort was Harry's real father, and that on Harry's birthday Voldemort came to claim what is his? How will the child of a Dark Lord ever blend in normally? Well, maybe he doesn't even try to…

Spoilers: Not any really, since it's mostly new things than from the books. You need to know what Horcruxes is, and the Chamber of Secrets. If I come up with something else, you will know.

Pairings: None beyond the relationships in the books at the moment.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. They belong rightfully to Mrs Rowling; I just borrow them for the time being.

Other notes: I have changed Hermione completely. She will be a pureblood witch with a love for Dark Arts and the urge to hurt Muggles since she was treated badly at the Muggle orphanage she was raised in. Harry will also not be known as Harry, but as Erus Sicarius Salazar Riddle. Oh by the way, Lily Evans is a pureblood as well.


Updated 2013-04-03



Tom Marvolo Riddle, known to the rest of the magical world as the Dark Lord Voldemort, kneeled down by the crib and looked at the child lying there. The child was looking up at him with impossible green eyes, not scared, not crying. Voldemort smiled and scooped up the young boy. He tickled the child's stomach, watching a smile stretch out, small arms waving around.

"Erus," Voldemort said aloud and to his surprise the child turned its' eyes to him. "Yes… Erus will be your new name. Do you like it?"

Harry, or rather Erus from now on, kicked out with his legs, smile still there. He gripped the dark wizard's robes and burrowed in within the folds of the fabric. Voldemort ran a long finger along Erus' cheek and murmured softly:

"My child… to think she tried to hide you, yet this happened. Foolish, she was sometimes so utterly foolish, Erus, your mother that I can scarcely believe it."

He turned around and stepped over the dead body of Lily Potter. He did not look at her. He walked down the stairs and gazed over the living room that he had destroyed in his anger. James Potter was still alive, even though he was losing blood rapidly from his many wounds. He was unconscious. The Dark Lord narrowed his eyes, thinking for a little while. Then he shrugged and left the man to find his wife dead and his 'child' gone. Or rather dead since Voldemort had left a big pool of blood in the crib for show. He didn't want anyone to know that Harry James Potter and Erus were linked in any way.

Erus, held against Voldemort's chest, looked down at James before squealing, smiling. Voldemort stopped and looked down at his child, feeling a smile of his own stretch out. This was good, almost too good to be true. He needed to check, just to see if he hadn't imagined it. He crouched down next to the bleeding man and said:

"Do you like that, a dying man?" Erus looked at him with shining eyes, and Voldemort's smile turned into a madman's grin. "Oh, you will be the perfect, little one."

Voldemort stood up again and disappeared through the door, leaving behind a destroyed house and a dead mother, her dying husband. It didn't hurt as much as he would expect, killing his Lily, but still it stung. He knew the reasons for it, he knew it all and Lily hadn't stopped him. She could have, but she didn't because she knew it was over. If he hadn't killed her, she probably would have done it herself.

His two closest servants, or rather friends, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, waited for him outside. Maybe only a crazy man would have a spring in his step after having killed the mother of his child, but Voldemort wasn't particularly sane. Reasonable, yes, but sanity sometimes escaped him. He looked at Severus and Lucius, smiling and holding his Erus close.

Aurors came to the house not long after the dark's departure. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were amongst them, James's best friends. They found him, still clinging to life. They found Lily too, eyes open and unseeing, next to the crib that once held her son, now destroyed and blood everywhere. The child was dead.

They also found Peter Pettigrew, the traitor who had led Voldemort there, but none of them had a chance to kill him for he was already gone. They didn't know, but Severus and Lucius had finished him off whilst Voldemort collected Erus.

The great wizard Albus Dumbledore handled the situation. There would be mourning, for Lily, a great woman, and for her son, Harry James Potter. Both died tragically, for no reason.

Oh but what a great reason it was…


Prologue changed. I've been putting this off long enough, maybe with small steps I'll get around to change the things I want. Maybe now I can match my earlier chapters to my later ones, as I've changed a lot in my writing style over the years.