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You're Still You


It hurt to think of her. Susannah was gone. Earlier that week, mi amor, mi querida had been hit by a car.

With tears streaming down my cheeks, I picked up the CD Susannah had left at my apartment telling me, "Listen to track 3."

I told her I would wait so that we could listen to it together. She smiled and said she was looking forward to it. Then she left my apartment, walked across the street towards her car…and died.

Taking a deep breath, I put the CD in the stereo and put on track 3.

Through the darkness

I can see your light

And you will always shine

It was your light, querida, that pulled me out of my solitude. Your light that gave me hope. You were the first person I could talk to in 150 years…

And I can feel your heart in mine

Your face I've memorized

I idolize just you

Oh, if only you knew Susannah just how beautiful your face was to me. You were the only one for me. The only one I could ever idolize.

I look up to

Everything you are

In my eyes you do no wrong

I've loved you for so long

And after all is said and done

You're still you

After all

You're still you

Even when I scolded you for putting yourself in danger, you did no wrong. I loved you from the moment I first saw you step out of the car and walk into your new house for the first time. Even though you are gone, I love you more than ever. Nothing has changed my opinion about you.

You walk past me

I can feel your pain

Every time you cried, I wanted to wrap you in my arms and tell you that everything was going to be okay. If only you knew what this song was doing to me…

Time changes everything

One truth always stays the same

You're still you

After all

You're still you

You are still you. I will never stop loving you. Ever. Mi querida….

I look up to

Everything you are

In my eyes you do no wrong

And I believe in you

Although you never asked me to

I will remember you

And what life put you through

I always believed in you, Susannah. I would have been there for you no matter what. You never had to ask, I would have been there. Your life wasn't easy. You had to endure so much and then you found me and I did everything in my power to make things right for you.

And in this cruel and lonely world

I found one love

You were my only love. The world tried to keep us apart but our love prevailed until…

I heard a voice singing along softly. Turning, I saw a glowing figure.

You're still you

After all

You're still you

"Susannah…" I rushed over to her glowing figure and gave her a fierce hug. The tears were coming out of my eyes faster than I ever thought possible.

"I love you, Jesse."

I give her a quick kiss, smile, and say, "After all, you're still you."