The Cutie and the Freak

A/N:I have reread and corrected the whole story. I didn't really change it though so if you were following the story you don't need to reread anything. I just felt I needed to polish some of the rough edges is all. Enjoy.

Summary: Hyuuga Natsume, 16 years old, and Alice Gakuen's biggest FREAK, is madly in love with someone he shouldn't be, Imai Hotaru, his classmate and Sakura Mikan's (a.k.a Miss. Popularity) best friend. When our dear brunette finds out about this, she makes a deal with him. She'll turn him into the most popular guy at school, and make him Hotaru's boyfriend… "What's the catch?" he asks her. She can clearly see the fear in his eyes through his thick glasses as she smirks at him. "You have to help me pass math!!" she says with a pleading look in her eyes.

Disclaimer: I sure as hell hope I owned Gakuen Alice, maybe I will when I take over the world… Muahahaha (evil laughter) just kidding.

Chapter 1 Introduction

(Natsume's PoV)

My name is Hyuuga Natsume; I'm 16 years old and I'm a sophomore student at the most snob, expensive school in the world, Alice Gakuen. Yeah so I'm one of those rich kids, but I'm nothing like those bastards from school, I realize I'm not the best just because I have money. My life is pretty much like any other kid's life, only a little bit more boring. Let's just say I'm that type of person you look at and think "Poor guy, thank god I'm not him."

Hey, I'm not complaining or anything, I mean being the school's freak is a tough job, and somebody has to do it. So here I am, every single day of my existence is limited to going to school, not talking to anyone unless I'm spoken to before, being bullied by… well, almost every person at school, never to talk back, and always look weird.

You'd think that I could try to change the way I look, move somewhere far away, change schools and start anew. Yeah well it's useless, what's the point anyway? I've already gotten used to being bullied, it doesn't matter anymore. Some people are just born to be hated by all, while others like my classmate, Sakura Mikan (a.k.a Miss. Popularity) exist for the sole purpose of being loved and adored by the masses.

I can't believe people actually like her, don't get me wrong, she is pretty, in a mass-produced-Barbie way, but she can be quite the bitch. I guess that it's a requirement for being popular though. Just like walking around with your brainless minions following you around like you're Jesus Christ or something, laughing at your idiotic (not funny) jokes just so that you like them more, and mocking anyone who isn't, well… you.

There are basically four groups of people in this school. There's the most important of them all, the one everyone would like to be in, Sakura's group. Then the second from the top, Shouda Sumire's group, the not so popular girls who try to desperately to be liked by Sakura but actually despise her with all their hearts. The third one is the group of normal people who don't really stand out in anything. And the fourth is the nerds, bookworms, smart people, or whatever you want to call them.

Where do I fit in here? Nowhere really, I'm in a fifth group reserved only for myself, the group nobody would like to be in but somebody (me) has to be in. All in all you'd think it sucks being me, and you're probably right, but if it weren't me being the school's freak somebody else would. I'd rather be the target of all their jokes instead of leaving it up to someone else who might not be able to bear it.

But in all honesty, the real reason why I take all of their insults every morning is to see the only girl who has a brain in this hell hole, Imai Hotaru, who unfortunately happens to be Sakura's best friend. I know what you're thinking, I'm an idiot, falling in love with the devil's best friend, but I can't help it, she's the smartest, sweetest girl I've ever seen. I haven't ever really talked to her (or heard her talk for that matter) per se, but I bet she has the most beautiful voice in the world.

She's the only one who never laughs at Miss. Popularity's stupid jokes, and never compliments her or kisses the ground she steps on. I really don't know why they are best friends. I always think that if she wasn't Sakura's friend maybe I would be able to approach her and talk to her, but then again someone like her would never talk to me, after all I'm Hyuuga Natsume, no one is allowed to talk to me unless it is to insult me.

So my high school life has been like this ever since the first day of freshman year, the only hope I have is that once school is over I won't have to see any of these people again ever. It's a shame about Imai though, I wish I could go to the same university she is, but I guess not.

(Mikan's PoV)

My name is Sakura Mikan; I'm 16 years old and I'm a student at the most prestigious school in Japan, Alice Gakuen. I'm that kind of person every girl looks at and thinks "I wish I could be her!" and every guy thinks "I wish I could have her!" My life is pretty much made; my dad is the chairman of a major international company, so I have everything I want, and what I don't I can get by just snapping my fingers.

Everyone thinks I'm the spoiled selfish brat type of girl, and I don't blame them. That's the image I try to give, for in Alice Gakuen if you are not a filthy rich bitch you are no one. So I decided when I entered this school to discard the old "I'm nice although I have money" Mikan, and became the "I can buy YOU if I want to so get out of my way" Mikan for a change.

Now everyone around me seems to either love me, despise me but try to make me like them, or just plain hate me like that kid Hyuuga. But who cares about him, he's the school's freak, nobody really cares about what he thinks. I kind of feel sorry for him though, to be honest with you, during middle school I was like him, that's why I decided to change to be accepted in high school. Now they call me Miss. Popularity can you believe it? The only person who really remembers the real me is my best friend Hotaru, she's the only one that is there to remind me who I really am and makes sure I don't forget it.

Hotaru has been my friend ever since I can remember, we've always been together. She's the only one I can really trust, the rest of my so called friends are too afraid to tell me things straight forwardly, maybe they are scared I won't like them. Well I'd rather they fear me and seek my acceptance than they hate me. It's not me who has to impress them anyway, at least not anymore.

In a way I sort of admire that Hyuuga kid, he comes to this school full of rich kids and lets everyone bully him. I heard he has a scholarship so he can't get into trouble or they will take it from him and he won't be able to afford coming to this school. I would like to stop everyone from mocking him, but I can't, and I know this is gonna sound bitchy, but I don't want to ruin the reputation I've created this past two years just for him.

So maybe I've become quite the bitch in the past couple of years, but hey! It's survival of the fittest, right? If I have to be a bitch to survive through high school, so be it, I'll be the worst bitch the world has ever known.

That Hyuuga kid, he's so easy to read! He's completely head over heels for Hotaru! He's been staring at her with that lame face ever since class started. I don't think Hotaru will ever notice him though… AH! What am I thinking? I have to concentrate in math right now! If I fail again Jinno-sensei threatened to make me repeat the whole year! Umm… Ugh! I don't get any of this!

What am I gonna do?! I don't want to fail math!! And Hotaru said she wouldn't teach me because she's afraid my stupidity is contagious!! Some best friend she is!! Hmm let's see… Who else is on this class that could help me? AH! I got it! That Hyuuga he's good at math right? He always gets at least 90 in the exams. I'll have him tutor me.

No… why would HE want to help ME? Plus it would be weird if people saw me with him. AH! I know, I'll have him teach me math and I'll give him Hotaru. It's genius! Err is it really okay to sell off my friend like that? Well, if I make him good looking maybe… -Sweat drops- Wait, is that even possible?

Yeah that'll have to do… Okay! All for the sake of passing math!

Okay I'll send him a message through air mail…

(Natsume's PoV)

Oh god, why did she have to sit right in front of me? I can't concentrate now! All I can do is staring at the back of her head like an idiot. If she could see my face right now, she would probably be freaked out. Concentrate now Natsume! Math, math!

If Train 1 leaves from point A at a hundred miles per hour and Train 2 leaves from point B three hours later at eighty miles per hour, how long will it take for the two trains to meet if the distance between point A and B is seven-hundred miles?

Okay, if we consider X as the speed of train 1 and…

This is useless I can't focus; I know all this stuff anyways, no need to worry about it. Her hair looks so shiny when… -thud- ouch! What the-? A paper airplane? It has a message "You like her don't you?" HUH!? WHAT?! Who the-?! I slowly turn around my head to see who threw that… Oh no… Not her god no!

I turn around only to see Miss. Popularity herself waving at me with a stupid grin plastered on her face. Oh my god, she knows. I'm screwed. What is she gonna do? Huh? She's signaling me to turn the paper around. Let's see… "Wait for me after school behind the gym, we'll talk then" Talk? About what? What I have to do for her so that she doesn't tell Imai I like her?

She gives me a thumbs-up with that stupid grin still plastered on her face. This is certainly gonna be a long day… I try my best to smile but I can only manage to twitch. Damn it, I was fine with being bullied and all, but this is a completely different thing! I guess I'll have to talk my way out of this and convince her that I don't like Imai. For now concentrate on math…


To be continued…