What's in a Name?

Summary: Cosmic payback for calling your brother names.

Disclaimer: I make no claims to these characters or their background, only to this particular scene.

Sam awoke to the slamming of the motel room door. He glanced at his watch. Barely midnight.

"What are you doing back so early?" he asked Dean.

The only answer he got was a wordless growl.

"Date not go so well?"

Dean had picked up a hot little brunette at the bar they were hustling, said Don't wait up, and left.

That had been a couple of hours ago. Sam had finished his beer, walked back to the motel, and gone to sleep. He hadn't expected to see Dean until morning.

"Did the great Dean Winchester strike out?" Sam needled.

"Shut it, freak boy," Dean growled as he pulled off his boots and tossed them aside angrily.

"C'mon. What happened? Was there something wrong with her?"

"Wrong? No, nothing was wrong," he tossed his jacket on a chair and started undressing. "She was cute, fun, willing. Perfect."


"But her name is Samantha."

Sam laughed. "And you let that stop you?"

"No," he admitted, flopping onto the bed in his boxers, "It was kinda awkward, but no big deal, right? I mean, she was definitely a girl. A real one, not the whiny imitation you sometimes do. So we drove around a bit, then went back to her place. Everything is cool, we're getting along, we start fooling around…"

"And…" Sam prompted.

"And things are getting hot, full steam ahead, all systems go—"


"—and I'm almost there, and I say her name. Chicks love that, if you say their name when you're all hot and heavy."

"As long as it's the right one," Sam put in.

"Yeah, yeah. So I say 'Samantha', and she says…"


"She says 'It's Sam,'" he concluded with an anguished groan. Sam cracked up, laughing so hard he was almost crying.

"Totally killed the mood. She was none too please with me. I got out as fast as I could."

Sam was still laughing.

"Serves you right. No one ever asked you to call me Samantha. This is cosmic payback."

"Shut up."

"Does this mean you'll stop calling me Samantha?"

"I'll have to. It would just remind me of my humiliation."


"Don't think you're off the hook, though. There are plenty of other things I can still call you, Cupcake."