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Chapter 1:Protect Celebi

Ash,Dawn and Brock were running after it.

The legendary time travel pokemon Celebi.

It was extremely rare.

So rare that there was only one in the world.They were running after it because Team Rocket was after it and were trying to take it.

Team Rocket were a group of thief's that take pokemon even if they belong to other people and give it to their boss,Giovanni who also happens to be Viridians gym leader in the Kanto region.

There were three people in Team Rocket Jesse,James and Meowth.Team Rockets Meowth wasn't just any ordinary pokemon it was a talking pokemon and it could understand all pokemon speak.

Ash and his friends were running after Celebi so they could protect it but Team Rocket scared it so much that it was afraid of everyone. "Your not getting Celebi Team Rocket!"Ash yelled"We won't let you! "Go Ambipom,Torterra,Pikachu and Staraptor."said Ash.

"Go Empoleon,Pachirisu,Floatzel and Lopunny."

said Dawn. "Go Infernape,Toxicroack and Sudowoodo"said Brock.

"Go Carnivine and Cacturne"said James.

"Go Seviper,Dustox and Wobbuffet"Said Jesse.

All the pokemon came out of their pokeballs.

"Infernape use flamethrower!"yelled Brock.

"Seviper use flamethrower as well!"The two attacks hit each other and both Infernape and Seviper were hit

"Toxicroack use poison jab!"Brock yelled."Use poison jab as well Cacturne!"yelled James.The two attacks hit each other.Toxicroack was all right being a poison type pokemon it didn't do much damage but cacturne being part grass took a lot of damage.

"Torterra use Seed Bomb!"yelled Ash."Dustox use Poison Sting!"Jesse yelled.each attack hitting the other pokemon.

"Now Pikachu use Thunder,Ambipom,Staraptor use Hyper Beam and Torterra use Leaf Storm!"Ash yelled.

"Empoleon use Hydro Cannon,Pachirisu use Thunder,Lopunny use Hyper Beam and Floatzel use Blizzard!"Dawn yelled.

"Toxicroak use Poison Sting,Sudowoodo use Rockslide and Infernape use Blast Burn!" Brock yelled.

"Carnivine use Razor Leaf and Cacturne use Bullet Seed!"James yelled.

Seviper use Flamethrower and Dustox use Psybeam.

The attacks were about to collide together right into Celebi when Celebi used Time Travel."beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"and Celebi Time Traveled with Ash,Dawn,Brock and all their Pokemon into an unknown place and time.

Well there's Chapter One done.I know that there was a lot of things that i just made up in there like celebi going to a different place and all that but its my fanfiction not yours.Anyway please review.