Title: Harry Potter and the Rise of the Dark Legacy

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Timeline: The summer before and during Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts

Summary: Voldemort and a few of his Death Eaters arrive at Harry's house a bit after his birthday. As they are about to attack, the Saviour of the Wizarding World has a surprise for them, and mostly for a certain blond.

Pairs: Harry/Lucius (eventually), Ron/Hermione, Neville/Ginny, Remus/Tonks

Disclaimer: The characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

Chapter 1

Harry petted Hedwig absently. His thoughts were all tangled and messy for the past week. That was how long had passed since his birthday. That was how long had passed since he realized he had been played yet again by the Fates.

After living in the wizarding world for five years he had heard that certain pure-blooded families had experimented over the centuries and weren't as pure as the public thought. There was an ongoing rumour that the Malfoys were Veela descendants or that the Weasley's had leprechaun blood in them. Ron had assured him that the last one was not true. Hermione had proven that one of the Malfoys had indeed been married to a Veela about fourteen generations ago and had assured him and Ron that Draco Malfoy had not much of Veela heritance inside him save for the silvery blond hair. Harry himself had never worried. He knew from Sirius that the Potters were one of the oldest families, descendants of Godric Gryffindor and all that, but Harry never cared for that. Ron had not hinted that there was something wrong about his family and Hermione had dug up his family line but they had not discovered anything. So Harry was oblivious to such worries. That is since his sixteenth birthday.

The night had started out alright. He had received presents, sweets and cards from his friends, but as the clock struck midnight he received his last gift. He had felt an ache in his stomach, which then progressed throughout his body in waves of pain until he couldn't stand straight and collapsed into unconsciousness.

The following morning he had woken up feeling well rested though numb, any memory of the previous pain gone. He had shrugged it off and went to fix himself some breakfast, rubbing his eyes and wondering about the fogginess in his glasses. Upon entering the kitchen he received incredulous looks from his relatives. His Aunt Petunia had dropped the kettle, Vernon had gaped at him, newspaper forgotten, and Dudley had abandoned his food to stare at his cousin open mouthed. Harry had been freaked by all the attention and ducked back out and ran to his room, locking the door for good measure. Then he took the time to actually look himself in the mirror and went speechless.

Overnight he had changed a lot. Not like the time he had grown his hair overnight. Not like the way Tonks changed looks to avoid being spotted. In front of him no longer was the scrawny young boy that had dark hair and green eyes covered with hideous glasses. The image was improved to crystal clarity once he took off the damned spectacles.

In front of him stood his new image, a young man, much more handsome than him with a touch of dark allure and about a head taller than his older self, with slender shoulders and a firm, muscular body. His hair was ink-black and silky and long, almost reaching his waist. His skin was pale while with a soft healthy glow, a contrast to his hair. His eyes were even more vibrant and luminous, the colour of the killing curse, with a silver ring around the corona. His lips seemed redder now that his skin was so pale.

As he moved his hair shifted, revealing slightly pointy ears.

Harry had taken several steps, unable to believe what he saw before him. He had spent the rest of the day looking at the mirror and then backing away from it in silent horror. Once the first shock had passed, he had realized that he had just come to his inheritance, his unexpected inheritance. He had not needed long to figure out what he was since he had been paying attention to his DADA during his stay at Hogwarts after all. Harry was certain he was an Elf. One of the Royal Elves that had nothing to do with the House elves and the rest of the creatures that served wizards.

Harry had started cursing when he realized his change of species but it did not help him any then nor was it helping him now.

The owl hooted lovingly at him and Harry gave her a small smile. "You like that girl?"

She hooted again and he felt her emotions, another 'gift' for his birthday, the ability to understand animals. So far he had calmed a rabid dog, ordered Fig's cats to stay away from him and managed to strike a conversation with his familiar, which was in overall less lonely than other years.

His relatives were asleep now. He had been avoiding them, especially ever since Dudley had developed a crush on him, much to Vernon's horror. His uncle hated him with a passion even with his new looks, though he was mellower, rarely yelling at him, no longer raising a hand to hit him and no more making him do chores around the house. Even his aunt Petunia treated him better, although it was obvious hey both still feared him.

Actually, many people would drool at him lately when he took a stroll at nights to get some air. It came with his new nature. Also with it came greater speed, stamina, strength, balance and power. Harry hummed at the thought. He was magically stronger now and he could feel it in his blood every day. He could use his new power to do simple every day things, like water the plants or float quills and feathers and to his delight, it was undetectable. He still carried his wand with him, but he practiced to use his own powers like he did the wand. He had still a long way to go, but it did not bother him much.

So the days had passed and he was annoyed with his new inheritance but he was also enjoying it. He had kept it a secret from his friends and the Order, especially from Dumbledore, with whom he had a bone to pick.

With a last pet he walked away from his feathery companion, shut the lights off and decided to turn in for the night.

Five unusual figures arrived at the end of Privet Drive. What was highly unusual about them was that they all wore dark robes and four of them strange masks over their faces, masks that soon melted away to reveal the disgusted faces of the dark wizards and one witch.

"How utterly…boring," Bellatrix Lestrange commented as she eyed the identical houses in the boring suburban street.

Voldemort remained silent, his eyes flashing with hate at the obviously Muggle surroundings. The other two Death Eaters were, Avery and Nott, eyed the quiet street with contempt. The last of them, Lucius Malfoy, had a sneer on his face, but other than that commented on nothing.

"Which house is it?" Bellatrix asked the group.

"Number four," Avery offered and pointed the way.

They arrived just in time to see the lights turned off in a window with bars on it. It made then all feel somewhat taken aback, but none of them commented on that.

"Here is where Harry Potter lives?" Bellatrix spat.

"There are wards around the house," Lucius spoke for the first time.

"Yesss, the blood protection," Voldemort hissed in an almost sibilant manner. "Luciusss."

"Yes my Lord," the blond answered immediately.

"You know what to do," the Dark Lord replied.

Malfoy nodded and turned towards the house. He trod carefully around the wards. They had been researching them a while now and they had discovered a weak spot in them. It was not in the wards themselves but rather in their foundations, the very incantations used to protect the house and its most important occupant from harm. The house would not let anyone bent on harming the boy step foot even on the front lawn and the wards would activate and send the occupants away if someone tried to blow up or attack the house in any manner. It had taken a while, but they had managed to overcome the obstacles. That was the reason they came in this area in the first place. Being around Muggle's even in such a way was enough to repulse the dark wizards.

The plan was made and it was decided that he, Lucius, would be the one to go through the wards. Bellatrix was too dark and hell bent on harming the boy, which guaranteed she would not be allowed to cross the barrier. Nott and Avery could not act calm enough to complete the task. As for Voldemort, the wards were specifically designed to keep him away.

So Lucius Malfoy prepared himself and with a deep breath crossed the invisible barrier. He felt the warmth of the wards welcome him warily but nothing mattered anymore, because he was inside. He tapped the lock on the front door with his wand and it opened with a soft 'click'. He stepped inside and shuddered at the Muggle surroundings. It was all so neat, too neat actually, and so blatantly Muggle and mundane. He really wanted to be anywhere else that moment, but he had no choice so he continued up the stairs.

He stepped in front of a room that had a small doggy door and several locks placed on it. He raised one of his perfectly crafted eyebrows in a show of disbelief. If he did not know better one would say that those Muggle's mistreated the boy and kept it locked away, but his son had informed him the boy was treated like a prince. Then he grimaced. His son was also spoilt to the core and terribly jealous of the Potter boy so he was bound to make a few things up, but this was a bit out of line. How could Dumbledore allow this?

He then cursed himself for feeling even slightly sorry for his enemy. The boy's hours were numbered and there was no way around it, just as it should be.

He pushed the door open and stepped inside a room that was far smaller than his bathroom, or bathtub for that matter. It was messy but not overly so and magical things were strewn all over the place. This room held the only evidence that a wizard resided in this house, hell the whole street even. Careful as not to trip on tomes of books, some of which Lucius recognized as very old books on Dark Magic and Dark Creatures, he walked further inside the room.

'Hm, I don't have that one,' Lucius realized with a start.

Then he shook his head and walked closer. He spotted a snow-white owl sleeping on top of her cage. He remembered this one. He had seen it in Diagon Alley and he had been impressed by it. He usually used a falcon for his mail, but the owl had been deemed worthy for him to buy. He had arrived just in time to see the half giant that was a Keeper in Hogwarts had paid for her a fair amount of money. He had been silently surprised that the brute would spent more money on an owl than on the new clothes he obviously needed to buy. And then the impossibly tall man had walked to another shop and handed it over to a frail looking boy who had beamed and hugged him, the boy he had later learned to be Harry Potter. His son had written to his mother about the owl and on the occasion Lucius could not escape greeting his son's guests, he had heard even Parkinson's daughter moan about how cute the bird was.

'Focus,' he reprimanded himself. 'Now's not the time to drift off. Kill the boy and grumble as long as you wish afterwards.'

He passed an album with moving pictures of the boy's family. He noticed another one with much more people on it and he realized with a start that it was the old Order of the Phoenix, more than half of which did not exist this day. He could easily remember which of them had been killed by his friends and which had his friends killed.

"Focus Malfoy," he whispered aloud but not enough to wake the slumbering youth.

He shook his head yet again and turned around to face the bed, his wand ready for everything.

Or so he thought, because the boy on the bed was definitely not Potter.

After the first shock wore off, he realized that the young man sleeping on the small uncomfortable bed was indeed the Boy-Who-Lived but he had changed so much.

'Too much,' Lucius realized. And all for the better, a little voice treacherously whispered in the blonde's mind.

The teen had longer hair, paler complexion and from what the blond Death Eater could see a fine body. In all, he looked gorgeous, a word Lucius Malfoy hardly ever used for anything. After many years he felt his stomach clench at the sight of something so beautiful that was not dark.

And then those eyes opened.

It took minutes for the boy to realize that the other wizard was staring him and Malfoy was too busy looking in the teen's eyes.

"Malfoy?" the voice, uncertain as it was, had changed as well. It was melodious and it made the dark wizard inch closer, unable to control himself as usual.

The realization sank in the teen and he scrambled onto his feet, away from the Death Eater.

"You forgot your wand," Malfoy commented as he picked the wand from the nightstand.

Harry made no move forward except extend his hand and his wand flew to him. The elder Malfoy gave him a surprised look he quickly smothered.

"Well, well, well. Someone changed over the summer." The voice was taunting and Malfoy wanted to congratulate him-self. He had already made many slips around this boy, even if Potter himself was unaware of them, and it would do him no good to continue them.

Harry cringed. "How did you get here?"

"Ah, that will be my secret," Lucius taunted.

"Not for long," Harry replied.

"Won't matter. My Lord is waiting for you."

Harry frowned. "Voldemort's here?"

"Do not speak his name," Lucius warned.

"Why not?" Harry challenged.

"Insolent brat!"

"At least I refuse to bow to a guy that's a complete nutcase," Harry shot back.

The other wizard fought to remain calm, fearing it could activate the wards otherwise.

"You have no right to judge me-" he hissed.

They both stopped as a noise came from inside the house. "BOY!"

Both Harry and Malfoy cringed at the voice and the Death Eater was intrigued to see the boy shudder for a moment.

Harry's instincts kicked in and he backed away from the door. Then he remembered he was not alone in the room. Without really thinking he grabbed his invisibility cloak from his trunk and barely managed to throw it over the tall blond hoping Malfoy would remain still and silent before the door was opened and the large figure of his uncle loomed there.

"What is all this noise?" Vernon demanded.

"Hedwig brought home a rat," Harry blurted. "I was trying to kill it."

His uncle took a step back from the room, his eyes shifting in fear. "R-rat? In my house?"

Harry shrugged.

"Well, do it! And no more rats! Keep that bird of yours in the cage or I won't tolerate it anymore."

Harry openly rolled his eyes at him not bothering to answer and the fat man stared at his pointy ears for a bit more.

"Finished?" Harry said coolly.

"Freak," Vernon muttered sullenly as he closed the door.

Harry waited to hear the door to his uncle's room close. Then turned around and gasped as he realized he could see the outline of the man he had forced under the cloak.

'Yet another thing to remember about the new me,' the teen mentally noted to himself.

Harry hastily pulled the cloak off of him to be met with an angry Death Eater.

"What did you do?" Malfoy demanded. At Harry's wondering look he growled. "I can't move."

Harry frowned. "I didn't realize I placed a body-bind on you."

Malfoy scowled as Harry began laughing.

"You won't laugh for long Potter."

Harry sobered and looked at the older man while folding the cloak, contemplating the situation. It was no good for him, that much was certain. If Malfoy could get past Dumbledore's wards then so could Voldemort. He could not kill the blond either he realized, though he spent no time as to why that was the case, and then shrugged at that. He was lost in several different scenarios until a scent tickled his nose.

He pulled the folded cloak closer to him when a smell attacked his senses. It was slightly sweet, with a darker hint and it smelled so good that Harry brought the cloak to his nose and inhaled.

"That smell," he breathed as his stomach clenched in a peculiar way. He looked up at Malfoy and debated his next action for about a second before he approached the magic-bound man and sniffed him.

Malfoy lost composure and openly stared the boy in a mix of horror and wonder. The boy was sniffing him of all things!

Harry felt his heart flutter as the scent was stronger on the blond wizard and much more tantalizing. He had the sudden urge to cuddle the man that quickly progressed to tackling him and kissing him senseless.

That was enough for Harry to pull back as if he had been hit with a stinging curse. He stared at the other wizard wide eyed.

"What's wrong with you?" Malfoy demanded.

The teen shook his head trying to clear it when what he really wanted was to slap himself or repeatedly bang his head on the lamp.

'I've been spending too much time with Dobby,' Harry thought absently.

Lucius looked at the teen that was lost in thought and for a moment looked like he wanted to hurt himself. His eyes focused on the teen's face and then on the ears. As realization dawned on him a loud noise came from outside.

Harry rushed to the window and gasped.

Voldemort was indeed present, along with Bellatrix and two more Death Eaters. He saw that Aurors had arrived some of which he knew to be Order members. There were ten of them and they were engaged with the dark wizards. Spells flew all around, illuminating the dark street. Harry saw Moody and Shacklebolt go against Voldemort with two others to back them up. He backed away from his window when some curses came his way and bumped into Malfoy. The scent returned, only this time warmth followed it and Harry felt the insane need to jump the man.

To his shock, Lucius could move again, but he made no move to hurt Harry. He had seen part of the fight but made no move to leave for the moment Harry came into contact with him he felt warmth coarse through his blood and he leaned into the smaller body.

Harry saw he but made no move to stop him. All thoughts left him and he stood on his tips hesitantly before throwing all caution to the wind and locking lips with his enemy, timidly at first. But then another wave rushed through their veins like fire and the kiss deepened. Harry thrust his tongue against Lucius' lips, licking them slowly. The man opened his mouth and Harry plunged in, enjoying the taste of him. Then Lucius' tongue joined the game and the blond was caressing Harry's tongue before pushing it back and taking the game to the teen's mouth.

Harry moaned as the older wizard explored his mouth much more carefully than he had. Then he made a sound of protest as the blond released his lips. He shouldn't have worried as Lucius pulled back slightly to breathe and then he was on the boy again, gently biting and nipping Harry's lips before kissing the teen more passionately than before. Harry moaned again, and this time he was not the only one. Lucius hugged Harry closer to him and brought one hand behind his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

None of them heard noise coming from downstairs or the running feet on the stairs or even when the door was thrown open and Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks came at the threshold and stopped abruptly at the sight they met.

"Harry?" Remus gasped.

The kissing pair drew away as if stung and stared at each other in shock as whatever had gotten into them seemed to ebb away. Then they registered the voice and turned to see the pale and incredulous faces of a werewolf and an Auror, to which widened eyes were added once they saw Harry's new appearance.

Lucius backed away from them, still in a daze. He gave one last look at Harry and then apparated away from them.

Harry was oblivious to the battle seizing outside as the dark wizards left. He stared mortified at the two adults.

With a 'pop' Moody arrived beside Harry and with a move of his wand all the things were placed in the trunk, which then was shut with a thud. Only then the older Auror noticed Harry.

"Bloody hell!"

Harry swallowed.

"Who are you?" Moody demanded.

"Harry," the teen swallowed. He readily added, "Last year you gave me a photo of the old Order of the Phoenix around Christmas."

Moody nodded pleased of that since he was the only one who actually knew about it.

"What's with the brand new looks?" Moody demanded, eyeing the ears and the hair with interest.

"I'll explain later." Harry shifted awkwardly under the stares he received.

Moody nodded. He too would prefer the answers to come after they arrived in a safer place. "Well then. Ready to go, boy? And you two, what are you staring at? Move!"

Remus and Tonks started, never taking their eyes off Harry. None of them opened their mouths to say anything. Moody shook his head and apparated along with Harry to the street outside Grimmauld Place, which still served as Order headquarters.

Harry was led straight to the kitchen were all the Weasley's were gathered, along with Hermione, Dumbledore and Snape. The room fell silent as Harry entered and there were quite a few gasps. The silence lasted for several long minutes, during which, everyone was staring at him, even Snape.

Dumbledore was the first to approach Harry and he pulled the boy close to him, inspecting him for any wounds from behind his half moon glasses.

"Harry? Are you fine my boy? Voldemort did not get you, did he?"

Harry swallowed and shook his head.

"What's with the ears?" Fred asked what everyone wanted to know.

"And the hair," George added.

"I came into my inheritance about three weeks ago," Harry replied in a slow voice, the sound barely above that of a whisper.


"Ah, well…As you can see I-um, I'm an Elf," Harry said lamely.

"Elf?" Ron squeaked.

Hermione blinked but remind quiet, so did Ginny, once she recovered the use of her jaw. The twins had gleaming eyes and looked excited at the prospect, surprised, but nevertheless excited.

Harry nodded at Ron as a way of answer and waited for the boy to continue, but his friend was stopped by a glare from the twins.

"Oh, dear," Dumbledore said. His eyes told of his surprise on the unexpected news.

"Did you know about this?" Moody asked the head of the Order.

Dumbledore shook his head. "No. James was certainly not an Elf nor was Lily." He studied Harry again. The boy was most definitely an Elf but it made no sense at all. For the first time he was speechless and very worried, more so than normal, about the green eyed boy.

Harry saw the worried looks Hermione and Ron were giving him.

"You aren't hurt, mate, right?" Ron asked.

"Um, no. Voldemort did not get past the wards," Harry said and then he flushed remembering who did get past them.

"So, Elf?" Molly said quite shocked.

"Why didn't you write and tell us?" Hermione asked, sounding hurt.

"I'm still getting used to it," Harry replied a bit defensively.

"Children out!" Remus barked from the doorway.

Everyone jumped while Harry cringed at the voice. Remus sounded angry and that was never a good thing.

Complaints came from the teens present but Remus was having none of that.

"Harry stays the rest of you out now. I won't repeat this again," the werewolf's voice dropped an octave and the room shivered.

Molly pushed the teens out, who had in time quietened down from sheer shock over Remus' behaviour, since the werewolf was calmness personified. Once they were out, Tonks soundproofed the walls and door heavily and Harry shrunk away from the pair.

It was Remus who finally asked the dreaded question.

"Harry, do you mind telling us what the fuck were you thinking of kissing Lucius Malfoy?"

Riddle Manor:

Voldemort screamed in rage as he apparated in Lestrange Mansion that served as his headquarters. Bellatrix and the rest of the Death Eaters cowered away at his rage.


The blond aristocrat stood tall and unwavering during the outburst.

"Yes, my Lord?" he said in a soft voice that told nothing of his guilty conscience.

"Where isss the boy? You promisssed me Potter." The name was spat in disgust and a wand was pointed at Lucius Malfoy, sending him writhing on the floor with the Cruciatus curse.

"My Lord," the blond gasped once the curse was lifted.

"You have no excusesss thisss time," Voldemort hissed maliciously.

Malfoy lowered his head. "The boy my Lord-"

"-is uselessss!" the Dark Lord hissed in rage.

"His also an Elf," Lucius revealed, immediately feeling a pang in his gut that was strangely similar to remorse. It only served to confuse the blond aristocrat. Why should he feel remorse when serving his Lord and reporting what his enemy had been up to? But then he remembered those brilliant green eyes and realized he was indeed feeling rather guilty. Unable to comprehend the new emotion, Lucius decided to tune back into the 'conversation' with the Dark Lord only to realize that no one was speaking. Utter and complete silence reigned in the chamber.

"Get up Luciusss." Voldemort broke the unnatural stillness.

Malfoy stood up, his face pale.


"I reached the bedroom, but the boy…He surprised me. I was Petrified before I could act and then the werewolf and an Auror arrived," said Malfoy, leaving quite a lot out about Potter's abilities on magic and other…things. He really could not afford strange feelings just yet; maybe after a drink or two and a bit of rest. As he eyed his master, he knew what was coming and decided to get pissed afterwards. He braced himself, trying to relax his muscles as to put less strain in them. He'd had years of service to learn this trick and the little good it did.

Voldemort nodded once and then raised his wand. "Crucio!" he said and the Death Eater was put through a punishing bout of pain. He was released as soon as the message was passed- failures were punished.

"Do not disappoint me again, Luciussss," he warned.

"No, my Lord," Lucius replied, still on his knees as he kissed those hated robes.

Number 12 Grimmauld Place:

The silence that followed Remus' revelation was deadly. It took several minutes for the adults that were present to process it.

Severus Snape was the first to recover. "Perhaps I misheard," he whispered. At Remus' furious expression he changed his mind. "Or not," he added as he turned painfully pale, even for him.

Molly and Arthur were simply staring at Harry as if he had grown another head and multiple other limbs.

"No, not Harry," Molly whispered. She shook her head rapidly and glared at Remus and Tonks. "You must be lying…"

Harry looked down at his feet, not wanting to see anyone's expression.

"Malfoy would never let him," Moody growled the words at Remus.

Snape's face had an odd expression as he bit out, "He would," and promptly shut his mouth and looked a bit green at the mere thought of it.

"He did actually," Tonks supplied with a whisper. She kept staring at Harry, a look of disbelief on her face. She had yet to recover from seeing the unlikely pair so intimately involved. She had nothing on gay men, honestly. But at the mere thought of Lucius Malfoy being involved with Harry she felt sick. The guy was a Death Eater. Moreover, he had caused her family a large share of grief over the years. So she felt hurt and a bit betrayed, but mostly she had yet to get over the shock. She even considered Obliviating herself.

"But he's Malfoy!" Arthur exclaimed as that alone explained everything. At another time it might have, but not that day.

The noise resumed and the adults denied the statement. After all, Harry Potter, hero of the wizarding world would never, could never kiss a murderer the likes of Lucius Malfoy. Plus, the pure-blooded wizard would never get involved with his Lord's enemy. Right?

However, one person managed to stay focused on the topic.

"Harry? Is it true?" Dumbledore's calm voice made the teen look up. He looked and sounded supportive and collected, his eyes compassionate and inquiring. The noise stopped around them as they all waited for a reply to come from Harry's lips.

Harry bit his lip hard enough to draw blood and nodded.

"Have you gone mad boy?" Moody bellowed.

Harry shied away from the angry wizards that started yelling at him. Couldn't they see he was confused, even more so than them?

"Let him speak, Alastor," Dumbledore said.

"I liked his scent," Harry blurted. He brought a hand over his mouth, shocked that he even admitted it.

Snape choked in the back but he was ignored, just like Molly's gasp.

"I was afraid of that," Dumbledore replied, sounding calm as always.

"Professor?" the Elf looked pleadingly at him. "How in Merlin's name did I notice his scent?"

"Maybe it was the Imperius Curse,' Molly offered.

"I'm immune to it, even if it is cast by Voldemort," Harry replied softly.

Dumbledore cleared his throat. "It has to do with your new…nature," he started explaining. "Royal Elves are nothing like House-elves. They are strong beings with a long history, older than that of wizards. Do you know much about Elves, Harry?" That last question sounded like a question asked in class and it inexplicably calmed the boy.

"Not much," the teen muttered. "The books are vague."

Dumbledore nodded and he looked deep in thought for a moment. "I myself don't know much about Elves as they are rarely seen. What little I do know is that they are called Royal Elves to avoid being confused with common House elves and also because they are one of the most ancient creatures that appeared on this earth. They are divided in three groups: Wood Elves, that inhabit ancient forests, Water Elves, that have colonies in deep sea and relate to mere-people, and Dark Elves, like yourself. Now, the division is made according to their habitat and nothing else and because of that they have certain looks. While Wood Elves and Water Elves have fair hair and look like Veela's, Dark Elves have dark characteristics. Your hair is a fine example of it my boy."

Harry nodded.

"Also, Elves, like many creatures, have a tendency to mate with one person that is their destined soul mate, aside from having multiple lovers, a harem of sorts," Dumbledore said and Harry made an interesting sound between choking and whimpering.

"Are you saying-?" Remus was unable to finish his question. He was too shaken to do so. He was now looking at the Elf with compassion, ashamed of his previous outburst.

"It would seem that Harry's mate is none other than Lucius Malfoy," Dumbledore said to the shocked room.

"Bugger," Snape muttered.

At any other time Harry would have laughed at the Potion's professor acting like that, but all he could do know was whimper. He did not want Lucius Malfoy. He hated him. The man had given Ginny the diary that opened the Chamber of Secrets, tried to fire Dumbledore and sent Hagrid to Azkaban, nearly had him and his friends killed at the Ministry earlier this year and the man who had tried to give him over to Voldemort not an hour ago.

"I…don't…" Harry paled even more and trembled violently. The table began shaking and several of the plates and glasses shattered. Noises of things breaking could be heard from other rooms of the house. Most of the adults were alarmed at the sudden burst of energy. Dumbledore had to reach out and steady him.

"Calm down my boy," the headmaster told him.

When they saw that the teen was in shock it was Snape who cast the spell to knock Harry out cold and it was Dumbledore that delivered the unconscious Elf to a separate bedroom to rest, away from worried and prying friends. Answers and explanations could wait for another day.

As Dumbledore returned to the kitchen, the debris not yet cleared away, he saw the teens gather around the adults worrying about the sleeping boy.

"Where's Harry?" Ginny demanded.

"What did you tell him, Lupin?" Ron was yelling.

"You can't keep us in the dark! Harry is our friend!" Hermione yelled in a way that reminded the Headmaster and most of the other adults of Molly Weasley.

The twins were the first to spot him and Dumbledore sighed when they told the rest. With a flick of his wand he cleared the broken glasses and plates that littered the kitchen. He had seen the mess in other rooms, but it could be done another day.

"Severus, how long is the potion going to last?" Dumbledore asked.

"Twelve to fourteen hours," the man replied.

"What potion?" the teens asked in unison.

"Perhaps we should all have a drink as I tell you what happened," Dumbledore suggested. "Hot chocolate Molly?"

"Yes, yes of course," she muttered as she entered the kitchen.

The teens followed the adults back inside the room and stared at Dumbledore who was simply waiting for the chocolate.

"Anyone else want a cup?" Molly asked.

Snape conjured a bottle of fire-whiskey and poured an ample amount for himself, then Remus and the rest of the adults. The teens watched in horrid fascination the most composed teacher at Hogwarts take two rapid shots of the strong spirit.

"Well, now that everyone is ready…" Dumbledore said.

"What is going on?" Hermione demanded.

"Miss Granger, it seems that Harry is a Dark Elf," Dumbledore said quickly. "It looks like Voldemort also knows that now."

"But he did not breach the wards!" Fred argued.

"He didn't," muttered Moody and they saw Snape pale and reach for the bottle.

"Who did?" Hermione demanded.

"Not Bellatrix…" Ron said.

"No," Remus muttered. There were sights of relief among the teens.

"Who then?" Ron asked.

"Lucius Malfoy," Dumbledore replied.

"He's out?" Ron exclaimed.

"Yes, cleared of all charges as well," Dumbledore said sadly. "He was not among the Death Eaters down at the Department of Mysteries. He also works at the Ministry and said he had only gone there to pick up his files. "

"Bull," George muttered.

"George!" Molly reprimanded.

"Lucius Malfoy has a lot of influence," Dumbledore said carefully and drunk some of the hot beverage. "Mmm, delicious Molly," he complimented.

"You mean he bribed his way out, again. Sir," Hermione muttered. She was still upset about what had happened at the Ministry.

"Exactly," Moody growled.

Dumbledore coughed. "Quite right."

"Then why was Remus so angry?" Hermione demanded.

"None of your business Miss Granger," Snape told her.

She glared him in a way that would have made a lesser wizard cower.

"I was too worried about Harry and my wolf reacted," Remus offered softly. "My apologies for yelling."

Hermione frowned, clearly not believing his statement but said nothing else.

"And why did you have to stun Harry?" Ginny demanded.

"He was…hyperventilating," Dumbledore offered. The teens nodded as they realized how all these breakables had exploded in different rooms of the house. "You can see him once he awakes. Try not to pressure him though. He's still in shock. Now, as lovely as your chocolate is Molly, I must return to Hogwarts."

"Of course," the motherly witch replied.

"I'm coming as well," Snape was on his feet fast and out of the room even faster.

"I have to return to the Ministry," Tonks said to Lupin mostly.

"And you kids should go back to your beds. You've had enough excitement for one night," Arthur said.

The teens stared at the eldest Weasley as if he were possessed. Normally it was Molly who was raging at them to go to bed.

"You're right," Hermione said quickly and with a smile.

She bid them goodnight, the Weasley kids following.

"She's plotting," Moody said out loud.

"Well, we better be subtle," Dumbledore said.

"What about Harry?" Molly asked.

Dumbledore sighted. "I'll talk to him once he wakes up."

Molly nodded. The ones who were not staying the night said their goodbyes and left.

"Poor Harry," Molly whimpered as she leaned into her husband's waiting arms.

Malfoy Manor:

Lucius stumbled out of the fire place that led to his study. The room was alight with candles and already warm. Another figure sat there and looked up at the sudden entrance. Draco was up, waiting for him. The teen closed the book he had opened to lose himself in and offered his shoulder to support his father.

"Dad! Oh, dad…Did he use the Cruciatus?" Draco asked softly.

"Only twice, I'll be fine," Lucius told him dismissively.

Draco bit his lip but said nothing to dispute that blatant lie. "It is done, right, dad? Potter is gone."

The boy sounded urgent. He did not like to hear about the deaths of people he knew, even Potter. But if this meant his father suffering less he could ignore it. In this house he had learned to ignore many things.

Lucius collapsed in a chair and pulled his upper cloak off. Then he loosened his robes until he was dressed in his dark coloured under-robes. He called for an elf and demanded a strong drink. Draco did not protest even though he glared him. After the second glass, Lucius spoke up.

"He did not get Potter. I got through the wards, but failed. The Aurors arrived then and the Order and we had to leave."

"Potter can't be that good!" Draco exclaimed.

'Yes he is!' a voice in Lucius' mind argued. Lucius groaned remembering how good it felt to have the boy rubbing against his body, buried in his arms, kissing him with such passion.

"Dad? Are you okay? You look kinda flushed," Draco worried.

Lucius took a slow sip of his drink to hide his discomfort. He could not believe he was lusting after that damned Potter boy of all people. He did not mind it was a male, he never did. After all, he had always favoured males and had only married to appease his own father. As an Heir he had to marry, continue the pride line of his family. He wanted to snort, but that would be weird to his son so he lifted his glass again.

"You should be taking a potion to relax your muscles and not drink yourself to oblivion," Draco scolded.

"Who is the father here?" Lucius asked him.

"You could have fooled me," Draco muttered.

Lucius sighed. "I'll be fine son. Go to bed."

Draco nodded and headed for the heavy wooden double doors.

"Where is she?" Lucius asked as an after thought.

"Mother?" Draco hesitated.

Lucius nodded. "Who is it this time?"

"Zabini senior," Draco muttered.

Lucius snorted. He had not seen that coming. "At least this one is pure-blooded."

"Why don't you just get a divorce?" Draco asked in exasperation. He knew from an early age that there was no love lost between his parents. While they both loved him with a passion, so much that they had in fact shielded him from Voldemort and kept him from receiving the Dark Mark, they could hardly stand each other. They did not fight, just avoided one another, which was not a hard task in the Manor. Draco had known his father had his share of lovers as did his mother. They even exchanged them on occasion, as Lucius Malfoy had a liking for males more so than females. It was odd really and Draco was rather torn at the situation. As far as he knew, none of his friends' parents had it that bad.

"We can't," Lucius said darkly. "Pre-marital contract and all. We have to be wed for sixty years or one of us has to find our true soul mate."

Draco's face fell like it did every time his father sounded so resigned. "Oh."

"Good night, Draco."

The young wizard knew a dismissal when he heard one.

"'Night, dad."

Number12Grimmauld Place:

It was mid morning when Harry slowly came to his senses. His head felt heavy and his mouth dry. Also he could hear and feel his stomach rumbling. With a groan he rolled over the sheets and turned his back on the wall only to meet Dumbledore's smiling face.

"Rise and shine my boy."

"P-professor?" Harry stared.

"Did you rest well my boy?" Dumbledore asked like a caring grandfather.

Harry nodded numbly. Then he suddenly paled as memories of the passing night came to his mind. He brought an arm up to cover his eyes.

"Tell me I didn't," Harry pleaded.

"I'm sorry, Harry."

The teen shut up abruptly and stared at Dumbledore levelly. "They all know now."

"Not the teens," Dumbledore told him. "They have just been informed that you are now an Elf. I believe Miss Granger has been up for hours trying to trace your family line for any Dark Elf blood. She's quite persistent that one."

Harry grunted.

"Do you wish them to know about your mate?" Dumbledore asked tentatively, bordering on reluctantly.

Harry glared.

"I did not think so," the older wizard replied. "But I had to ask."

Harry swallowed and nodded. "Thank you, sir. I'm just not ready yet. Not sure I'll ever be." He hung his head. Dumbledore gave him a few minutes of silence he needed.

"I also believe your OWLs arrived this morning," the Headmaster went on and offered a sealed letter to Harry.

The teen grabbed it with a smile and eagerly opened it to see for himself.


PASS GRADES: Outstanding (O) FAIL GRADES: Poor (P)

Exceeds Expectations (E) Dreadful (D)

Acceptable (A) Troll (T)


Astronomy: A

Care of Magical Creatures:O

Charms: E

Defense Against the Dark Arts: O++(Congratulations on performing a Corporeal Patronus)

Divination: A

Herbology: E

History of Magic: D

Potions: O

Transfiguration: E

Total Score:8/9

Mister Potter, congratulations on your upcoming OWL levels.

We are pleased to inform you that you are able to continue on with your studies and to your NEWT levels.

Your options will be discussed with your Head of House.


Maffalda Berkins

Harry blinked repeatedly.

Dumbledore chuckled. "Something wrong my boy?"

"Um," Harry opened his mouth in wonder. "I got an Outstanding in Potions! Potions of all things!"

Dumbledore smiled at him. "You were one of the three students that managed to expertly tell how to produce a Polyjuice Potion, the effects during turning and the possible side effects." His eyes were twinkling as he said this. "Also, you knew some not so common uses for Unicorn blood and snake poison..."

Harry made an 'oh' and nodded.

"The writing was more than outstanding so it raised your potion's marks quite a lot," Dumbledore continued.

Harry blinked once more before his face broke into a smile.

"Harry!" Hermione's voice sounded as she stepped through the threshold. "You got your OWLs!"

"He's also awake and fine, 'Mione," Ron said as he appeared behind her.

"That too," the girl said, earning a snicker from the teens and a wide smile from Dumbledore, who stood and said his goodbyes.

"Oh, and Harry…" the Headmaster said. "We should talk about having you to wear glamour for the new school year."

"Yes, professor," Harry nodded, agreeing whole-heartedly.

Dumbledore closed the door and Hermione and Ron sat at the edge of Harry's bed.

Hermione had already snatched Harry's letter and had a surprised air around her. She tipped her head to look at Harry and gaped.

"You got an Outstanding in Potions!" she whispered.

"What?" Ron snatched the paper in disbelief.

Hermione then moved to Harry and hugged him tightly. "Congratulations, Harry!" she told him, genuinely happy for him.

"Way to go mate!" Ron said after a moment of disbelief. "You do realize you have managed to earn another year in the dungeons with that bat as a professional git?"

Harry made a face. "Thanks for ruining the mood," Harry mumbled and hit him with a pillow. Ron grabbed a spare one to retaliate, but Harry dodged it unnaturally fast.

"Wow," Ron said while Hermione just blinked.

Harry looked rather sheepish. "I did good, didn't I?" he said shyly.

He was immediately enveloped in tight hugs from both his friends.

Afterwards, when they had all calmed they sat on the bed, unwrapping chocolates from Hermione's parents as gift for her OWLs.

"I still think you look gorgeous," the girl told Harry after twirling one of his long, silky strands in her fingers.

"You look a bit like Bill now," Ron told him. He was not as forward as Hermione, but he had touched the hair and the tips of those ears. He was still trying to get used to the new looks. With the attack and everything they had little time to actually focus on these new developments.

"I can't wait to go back to Hogwarts," Hermione said as she retrieved her hand from Harry's hair.

"Me too," Harry mumbled. This place was weird without Sirius and it made him uncomfortable. Not to mention he did not know how to behave around the adults. He still had not seen them, but he would have to face them soon. He felt like hitting his head on the wall.

"So, what was that thing Dumbledore said about glamour?" Ron asked.

"Well, obviously he can't walk around looking like a sex god!" Hermione muttered.

"Hermione!" both boys yelled. Ron's ears were red and Harry was rather embarrassed; he had never heard of anyone thinking of him as a 'sex god' before Hermione. It was odd.

"What? It's true! Sorry, Harry, but I really find it difficult not to jump you or caress your hair or stop looking at you," the girl said honestly. Her cheeks were tinged pink and she shifted awkwardly.

"She's right," Ron reluctantly agreed.

Harry was feeling weird though. He knew he had changed but to hear Hermione, and even a reluctant Ron, speak like that in reference to him was a big shock.

'Then again so is snogging Lucius Malfoy,' a voice said in his head and he visibly grimaced. His fears about facing the adults returned and the Elf wanted to stay locked in the room until it was time to return to Hogwarts.

"Guys?" Ginny poked her head in. Her gaze lingered on Harry too long before snapping her eyes shut and turning to address the other two in the room. "Mom, has made lunch and sent me to call for you."

"Who else is down there?" Ron asked.

"Same as last night, I think." Ginny shrugged. "Oh! Before I forget, Tonks said that she and Lupin would teach us a few protection spells before summer was over."

Harry would have been excited if it wasn't for the fact that it was that pair that caught him in the act of kissing Lucius Malfoy. The man had been in his Death Eater garb and Harry in his pyjamas and the whole scene was still etched in his mind, both surreal and sensual, to Harry at least.

"Um, that's good," Harry replied even though he was not certain he needed to comment on that. He caught Ginny staring at him again, before deciding it was high-time he met the world. He asked them to leave so that he could get dressed and he was glad that for once he had taken time during his summer holidays to buy some clothes. He got dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and a green t-shirt and after a feeble attempt to tame his fringe, he gave up and left his room. Ron, Hermione and Ginny had gone to the kitchen without him. Harry took a deep, calming breath and stepped inside.

The kitchen was extended with magic but it was still bursting. He noticed that the twins were here, as well as Bill and Fleur. Arthur Weasley had taken Bill aside and they were talking rather animatedly about something, while Fleur helped Molly. From the Order, Mad-Eye was there and talking with Kingsley. Tonks was chatting with Hermione and Ginny, Remus with Ron and the twins, while a few others were already eating. Harry had seen them last year when they had come to take him from the Dursley's.

"Harry!" Ron called out.

Just like that Molly dropped the plate she was holding, many choked on their food or drinks, Tonks and Remus stared at the floor and Arthur's ears turned red. Hermione, Fleur and the Weasley children took in the instant reaction. Fleur forgot about them almost in an instant and turned her attention back to the Elf, just beaming at Harry.

"'arry! You are a Dark Elf!" she exclaimed and bounced over to him, hugging him tightly.

To Harry, the Veela felt weird in his arms, like ants crawling along his spine; not a comfortable feeling. She seemed to notice this though and beamed even more at him.

"'Sorry. Forgot how Elvin people are," she said with another smile. She then made a weird gesture with her thumb and forefinger and her brow that made Harry strangely pleased. "Come in cousin," she said as she led him to a seat.

"I forgot!" Hermione muttered. "Veela and Elves are similar breeds, like cousins of short." She sounded excited and momentarily forgot the chill in the atmosphere when Harry had entered the room. It came back to her almost immediately, but Ginny beat her to it.

"Harry? What happened?"

Her question made noise cease in the kitchen and Fleur to look to Harry full of questions.

"We had a bit of a row last night," Harry said carefully.

"About what?" Ron demanded. His parents avoided looking at him as well as most members who had been present on the night before.

"Nothing," Harry answered.


"Drop it Hermione," Harry warned.

Hermione went to speak, but Fleur beat her to it. "I met a Dark Elf once in the forests at home. They were all so andsome and strong! They wanted to see me as a potential bride."

"What?" Bill demanded.

"Tradition," Fleur responded in French, her voice set in a matter of fact tone. "All Veela's in my family have to appear to the Elves and see if their children have mates in them."

"Mates?" Hermione questioned. "Like soul mates?"

"Oui," Fleur replied sagely as if it was the most common thing in the world and Hermione should already know that. "I am ¼ Veela so I had no chance with them at all, only ¾ Veela's are worthy of Elves. And Bill is my mate I did not 'ave to go through that visit anyway…" she finished with an elegant shrug of her shoulder that tossed her hair back, making them shimmer in the light. Then she smiled at her mate proudly and Bill smiled back.

"It is rather romantic," Ginny said with a light blush.

"How will he know about his mate?" Ron asked.

"Scent," Fleur replied. Then she eyed Harry slyly. "And they won't keep their hands off each other when in the same room."

Harry blushed to the roots of his hair while Remus and Tonks choked.

"I wonder who it is," Hermione mused, missing another plate falling from Molly's hands.

"Well, as interesting as this is, let's eat," Arthur said quickly.

Hermione pouted but turned to her plate. Harry stayed where he was and Fleur began telling him about the Elves she had met when she was still a child.

A week later

Malfoy Manor:

Draco frowned at how his father seemed so lost during lunch. He doubted he was still suffering from the effects of the Cruciatus. He had already seen to that. His father had voiced his displeasure at the coddling, but Draco had ignored him. He had been taking care of him ever since the end of his fourth year and had seen his father in a much worse state. That had been a shock to him. It had also made up his mind about the Dark Lord and how he would not suffer the same fate as his father.

Of course, his mother was oblivious to him, as usual, but the teen was worried. Ever since that night and his father's visit to Potter's house, the elder Malfoy seemed lost in thought. Though Draco had not caught him drinking since the first night, he knew his father was troubled. Now that his summer vacation was coming to an end, he was even more worried than before.

Draco had noticed the unusually lengthy amount of time his father spent at the library. Once he had even managed to sneak in and take a peek at the books. Needless to say he was surprised to see books on Elves. He could not see how those would interest his father, or the Dark Lord for that matter, but he kept quiet like a good Malfoy and stored the information away for the feature.

"I just hope Potter's ban is in place," Draco said as dessert was coming to an end. "Weaselette is not half as good as him and we may finally have our chance. Although, Quidditch is not good enough without him. He's half the competition and fun in the game."

He did not miss his father pale at the mere mention of the boy. It was a disturbingly often occurrence; Draco would say 'Potter' and his father would pale or flush or bolt- tactically retreating with fashion since Malfoys' do not bolt, Draco reminded himself- which was quite often since Draco was very bitter that the boy was besting him in most subjects.

"He can't fly?" Narcissa wondered.

"Umbridge banned him from the team and confiscated the broom," Draco told her.

"Awful that woman," Narcissa said. "Penelope Parkinson told me that she used one of those quills that use blood and carve messages onto the skin. Wasn't Blaise punished like that?"

Draco nodded, remembering the agony of his friend. Slytherin's had been rather favoured, but not spared. And Draco remembered Potter clutching his hand more times than most. He said so aloud.

"But he kept defying her," Draco finished in awe.

"Potter tends to rush into things," Lucius muttered, but the other two heard him.

"Just like Potter senior," Narcissa added. "Be glad Draco that he took after that mud-blood, Lilly Evans, such a beautiful girl, for a Mudblood. I tell Severus so but he won't listen. Had he been like his father then he would have probably blown up Hogwarts by now. Lucius, remember that time during our fifth year?"

Draco was intrigued. It was not often that his mother actually spoke about the Potters or about her and his father's school years in general. He was startled to see his father cringe.

"Yes. He had charmed the doors to the Great Hall to turn the hair of whoever passed a vivid pink," Lucius muttered in distaste.

Draco snorted but soon he chuckled and then started laughing. "You…mean…oh, Merlin…"

"Yes, Draco, Severus had pink hair for a day," Narcissa said with a bemused expression on her face. "As did most of the school."

"Do you have pictures?" Draco said shamelessly. Severus might be his godfather, but this was too much fun to pass.

"No and you won't repeat that to a single soul," Snape called from the doorway. "Especially not to the Potter brat."

"Severus," Lucius said calmly. "We just finished dessert. Care for a drink?"

Draco looked away as not to laugh. He was trying to picture Snape with pink hair and it was working remarkably well.

Snape glared the teen but nodded at Lucius. He exchanged a few polite words with Narcissa and followed Lucius to his study for the drink.

"You might want to apologize to him," Narcissa told her son.

Draco nodded, knowing she was right. Severus could certainly hold grudges. He paused at the door, looking back at his mother.

"Will you go out tonight?" he asked carefully.

"No, I have to look through my mail."

Draco nodded and left. As he neared the study he saw the half open door and saw his father standing by the fireplace, his face a mask of embarrassment. Intrigued he got closer.

The two Death Eaters took seats on the leather couches. Snape looked particularly nervous. It was subtle and non-existent to the untrained eye. But Lucius was not fooled.

"Fire-whiskey?" Lucius asked Snape.

The potion's master nodded. It was what kept him standing for the last few nights.

Once the glasses were dealt, Snape stared into the fireplace.

"What is the reason of your visit?" Lucius demanded. "Usually you at least owl first."

"This could not wait."

"Is it about the last…mission? I did not feel our Lord's summons."

"It has to do with the little Elf," Snape said with a smirk at how Lucius tensed. "Yes, I know Potter is a Dark Elf. I was there when he was brought back by Moody…and the werewolf."

The glass slipped from Lucius' fingers and shattered on the floor, but the wizard ignored it.

"You know…"

"That you snogged Potter senseless while on a mission for the Dark Lord?"

Draco nearly keeled over when the first sentence he heard was of his godfather saying the word 'snogged', but all the Malfoy genes and patience in the world would not have prepared him for the shock of the rest of the sentence.

'Did he just…'

The blond shook his head, unable to even think about it. Determined to get some answers he barged in the study. Both his father and Snape started. Snape still looked smug but Lucius looked like he was about to faint.

"Draco?" both men exclaimed though their voices did not rise above normal.

"Did I just hear Uncle Sev say that you snogged Harry fucking Potter?" The teen practically begged his father to deny it, but Lucius cringed and looked away.

"WHY?" Draco yelled.

"Because Potter is an Elf," Snape said.

"What?" Draco exclaimed.

"Yes, he just came to his inheritance and it happens that your father is his mate," Snape continued, clearly enjoying dropping his last bomb.

This time both blonds were taken by surprise.


Snape chuckled.

"You have to be joking," Lucius said as he collapsed on a chair.

"No. Potter nearly had a break down when he found out. We had to drug him to keep him from demolishing the house," Snape calmly replied.

"You are enjoying this," Lucius hissed.

Snape just smirked.

"This can't be happening. Tell me this is a nightmare," Draco whimpered. The adults saw he was sickly pale and Lucius got up in worry. Then he sighed and took out his wand. He would have to do this regardless of his son's health anyway. He could not have the boy talking, it was too much risk.

"Draco, look at me," he ordered mildly.

The teen raised his head and met his father's silvery blue eyes.

"Obliviate!" Lucius said.

Draco blinked. "Dad?" Severus?"

"Good night Draco, thank you for suggesting teaching you the Draught of the Living Dead," Severus said. "See you at school."

The boy, still in a daze, nodded and left. Lucius shut the door tightly and placed a locking charm and a silencing spell on it.

"Quick thinking," Snape told him.

Lucius just glared him. "Will you tell him?"

Snape knew who 'him' was and shook his head.

"What do you want then?" Lucius asked, feeling nervous and worried and actually showing it for a few seconds.

"Sit back down my friend. I have a message and a proposal from your beloved enemy," Snape replied. He said the word 'beloved' sarcastically and Lucius was intrigued. He contemplated what the proposal would be and prepared himself for an evening of surprises as the Potions Master spoke up.

King's Cross, Platform 9&¾:

Hermione bounced on her feet as she said goodbye to her parents who had come just to see her one last time. The Weasley's were next to them. Harry was hugged as much as their actual children. People were staring at them as three Aurors surrounded Harry. Moody and Tonks had insisted. Kingsley was the third, along with Lupin and Fleur who was at Harry's side constantly. Ever since she had learned about his heritage she had taken him under her wing and Harry was particularly fond of her, to Ginny and Hermione's annoyance.

"Now, kids, promise that at least this year you will stay out of trouble," Molly pleaded.

Everyone turned to stare at Harry and then Ron and Hermione only to return back to Harry.

"Hey! Have some faith in me!" the teen exclaimed.

Ron and Hermione laughed, as did some of the other kids around them.

"I mean it Harry," Molly said. "Especially this year."

Harry nodded. "I'll try."

With that Molly crushed him to a hug.

As they were about to board, they met with Lucius and Draco Malfoy. The son was saying goodbye to his father and then the two sides were facing each other. Lucius and Harry locked gazes and everyone else was forgotten. Harry could smell his mate's scent and it was overwhelming. Remus had to hold him back as he inched closer to Lucius.

The older wizard was not faring any better. The moment he saw Harry, he saw through the strong glamour that hid his Elvin characteristics and wanted nothing more than to take him in his arms and ravage him right there.

"Harry," Remus hissed in the teen's ear.

Harry blinked and the spell was broken. Lucius seemed to come to his senses as well. They both ignored the stares from Draco and the rest of the oblivious people and headed towards separate ways to not attract any attention as well as to avoid a repeat of what had happened in Privet Drive weeks ago.

The incident was soon forgotten, though Hermione kept giving him curious looks.

"Who was that man?" Mrs. Granger asked.

"At the bookstore, second year," Mr. Granger remembered. "Hermione?"


The Grangers eyed their daughter with suspicion. She was hiding something, again. They had learned a version of what had happened after those exams she sat for and had been positively worried sick all summer. They had toyed with the thought of not letting her go back to that school or stopping her from talking with Harry, but as worried as they were, they were also proud of her; she was developing into a courageous person. She had stopped living life through the books and had begun to make friends, be more active.

They had asked, though, that she told them who had hurt her. However, Hermione had yet to tell them about exactly who was involved in the Ministry incident or why she had to take several potions when she came home for the holidays. Not that they did not have any suspicions to begin with, but nothing solid. And that blond man seemed to gather everyone's attention and many people, including their daughter, were glaring at him too much for comfort. But Hermione did not say anything and the rest had clamped up and refused to answer.

The students said their goodbyes hastily and hurried to climb on the train.

Hogwarts Express:

Harry was left alone to find an empty compartment in the train as Ron and Hermione went to their prefect duties. He was soon joined by Ginny, Neville and Luna, with whom he had corresponded after the end of the year. Both Neville and Luna had sent him presents and Harry had returned the sentiment since both of them had birthdays in the middle of summer.

"Did you like the book?" Neville asked shyly.

"Actually yes," Harry replied. "First time I see why you like Herbology so much."

Neville beamed.

"And the book about mystical creatures was a godsend," Harry told Luna.

"Daddy suggested it after I told him you see Thestrals," Luna replied.

"Your father is a genius," Harry told her and she smiled appreciatively.

"What did you get them?" Ginny asked.

"A book about gardening of magical plants," Neville said. "Even Grandma said it was brilliant. We got to redo the gardens." He sounded really excited at the memory and the rest gave him an indulgent smile.

"A book full of riddles and runes," Luna told Ginny. "It was challenging."

"How was your summer?" Neville asked Harry.

He shared a look with Ginny and then he did a spell on the carriage to keep people from overhearing. Then he turned to them with a grin.

"Well you see…"

Several minutes later his two friends were openly staring at him.

"You are an Elf then?" Neville stuttered.

"Dark Elf," Luna said dreamily.

"Was your father an Elf?" Neville asked.

"No. And mom was Muggle-born," Harry replied.

"You could do a potion that would tell you how long ago the bloodline was disturbed," Luna told him.

Harry thought about it and decided it was worth a try. It certainly paid off to have a Ravenclaw as a friend, despite already having Hermione.

"…bloody git," Ron muttered.

They turned as one when the door to their compartment opened and Ron came in cursing with Hermione just a step behind him.

"What happened?" Ginny asked.

"Malfoy," the prefects said as one.

It was all they needed to say. The others grimaced.

"Did you tell them?" Hermione asked indicating Neville and Luna.

Harry nodded.

"I wish I could still see your hair," Hermione mused.

The rest of them nodded wistfully.

"Why can't you?" Neville asked.

"It's too dangerous. I can only take the glamour off at nights," Harry replied. "Dumbledore's orders."

There was a short lived silence and then Ron spoke up.

"I'm hungry."

Everyone looked at their watches. With a curse Ginny gave some money to Neville and Harry collected money from Neville and Luna.

"You were betting on me?" Ron was indignant.

"Ginny and Luna said it would be an hour before the feast, Neville bet on a half hour, I bet fifteen minutes after the train stopped," Harry explained with a shrug. When Harry handed the money over to Hermione Ron spluttered.

"I bet ten minutes and won!" Hermione beamed at him, colleting the coins.

"Some friends you are!"

The rest of them laughed openly, soon joined by the red haired teen.

Welcoming Ceremony, Hogwarts

Harry sat at the Gryffindor table only half listening to the new song of the Sorting Hat. He saw Hermione bite her lower lip when there was yet again a reference to house unity. He was not paying much attention, as usual. Ron was sitting beside him, eager to start eating dinner and pouting at how his friends bet on him. Neville sat across from Harry, flanked by Seamus and Dean.

"Finally!" muttered Ron only to groan as a long line of first years waited to be sorted.

"I wonder who the new DADA professor is," Hermione whispered to Harry, who nodded, equally interested.

"Can't be worse than that toad," Ron muttered.

His friends made sounds of protest.

"What?" Ron asked.

"You jinxed us," Seamus accused him while Neville and Dean nodded emphatically.

Ron scoffed and ignored them

Half an hour later the Sorting had ended and Ron was tapping his foot impatiently. Dumbledore rose and began his customary speech.

"Another year has started and it might be quite difficult for some of you." His blue eyes lingered on Harry and several other students briefly. "But we are here to learn and enjoy. As you all know the Dark Lord has returned, so I have to announce that Quidditch games…"

The Hall held their breath. Some had a resigned look on their faces, but Dumbledore's smile turned teasing and his eyes twinkled merrily.

"…must continue as usual."

There was loud cheering even from Slytherin. The Professors were not looking particularly happy about that decision, but then again they did not question Dumbledore. The happy faces of the student body had been enough for them.

"Also, there will be several parties this year to promote House Unity. I would also like to suggest the regrouping of the…'Defence Association'," Dumbledore said reluctantly, though with a hint of amusement, and many students shifted in their seats guiltily. "Our school achieved the highest marks on Defence in Europe this year and the idea would be welcome to continue more widely."

Harry, Ron and Hermione shared an eager look.

"Once again it is my duty to remind you that the Forbidden Forest is forbidden for a reason…"

"I swear he says that like he expects you three to break the rules," Seamus told the trio.

The three friends shrugged just as Dumbledore seemed to come to the end of his speech.

"And finally, I would like to introduce the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Lucius Malfoy."

It was like a silencing spell was cast all over the room. Even the Slytherin's had frozen in place. Draco seemed to be as surprised as the rest, his grey eyes wide. He ignored the looks his classmates gave him, the not so gentle shoves from Gregory Goyle or the tugging from Pansy Parkinson, and just stared at his father as he stepped up to the Staff Table looking calm and collected as ever.

Dumbledore clapped as the blonde man took his seat on the table, next to Snape, his eyes scanning the room. Harry decided to join the Headmaster, looking straight in his future mate's eyes as he did so, and clapped next, much to everyone's shock, and then the Slytherin's, but it died quickly.

"Tuck in!" Dumbledore said and noise exploded in the room as everyone began discussing the new addition to the Staff table.

Ron banged his head on the table. When he finally rose his head five glares were pinned on him.

"You jinxed us," Seamus, Neville, Dean, Harry and Hermione told him.

Next Morning

Harry arrived in the Great Hall for breakfast earlier than the other years. Hermione and Ron were attached to either side of him. As soon as he sat down, Neville joined him along with Luna Lovegood. Soon the rest of the student body started to fill the room. Harry steadily refused to look at the Head Table where he knew a certain blond sat, staring at him.

"Harry!" Justin and Terry came from the Hufflepuff table, followed by several old members of the DA. The rest of the students just stared on in surprise as a flock of people was created around Harry Potter.

"Is what Dumbledore said true?"

"Are we really going to start the DA sessions again?"

"Can a friend of mine come?"

"When are you putting up an announcement?"

"Can I join?"

"Me too!"

"Will you teach Patronuse's again?"

"Oi! Let him breathe!" Seamus exclaimed as the rest of the Gryffindor's entered the Hall.

"It is only the first day guys and you want me breathing down our necks?" Harry wondered.

"As long as it doesn't mess our Quidditch practice," a Ravenclaw said.

"Yes, we got that last year," Hermione said and the original members snickered at how they had already had this argument.

"Are we going to use the same way of notification?" Cho asked.

Many people gave her weird looks, especially teachers.

"No, no need for so much secrecy this year," Harry replied.

"But it was awesome!" Collin Creevey protested.

Many chuckled. Others just stared.

"Fine!" Harry muttered. "But only for those who already have them."

"I'm not making new ones," Hermione declared.

"What was the first way?" one of the first year Gryffindor's asked.

"It's a secret," the original DA members said at once.

There were disappointed murmurs from everyone and Harry shook his head.

"Hey! Are we still meeting You-Know-Where?" Neville asked.

"Nah, we are probably going to need a bigger room," Harry replied.

"You could have the Great Hall, Mr. Potter," Dumbledore said from the Head Table. He was looking rather amused at the attention the DA was getting. "But perhaps it would be too much on you?"

Harry contemplated Dumbledore's suggestion and then shrugged. "The Hall is fine, Professor. Thank you. Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville aced. They could take over at any given moment, as can the rest of the members."

Many looked Neville in awe and the shy boy ducked his head to hide his blush.

"Well, perhaps breakfast should resume. You wouldn't want to be late for classes…" Dumbledore suggested and the crowd scattered.

In the next ten minutes Professor McGonagall started handing out the new schedules. She stopped at Harry's side with a proud look.

"You did it," she told him with a wide smile.

He smiled back and nodded.

Once Harry got his schedule he sighed, all his good mood gone, like a spell was used.

"What's wrong mate?" Ron asked.

"Double Advanced Potions with the Slytherin's and Double DADA again with them," Harry groaned.

"Same here," said Hermione.

"I hate Mondays," Harry said pitifully.

Ron snorted. "You dug your own graves. I'll see you in DADA I suppose."

Harry glared at him but nodded. He and Hermione stood and headed for the first class of the day. They were soon joined by a few Ravenclaw's and many Slytherin's. Advanced Potions was a joined class of many Houses as the total number did not quite reach the number of students at the OWLs level. Harry felt the glares of many Slytherin's on his back and winced.

"Be glad the daggers are not real," Hermione whispered and he nodded.

Once Snape let them inside, Harry paired up with Hermione.

"How come you're in this class Potter?" Draco Malfoy sat at the station near him and was now sneering at Harry.

"An excellent question Mr. Malfoy," Snape joined the bashing.

Harry barely kept from rolling his eyes.

"I knew some not so regular uses of snake venom and unicorn blood," he said looking pointedly at Snape, who averted his gaze. He knew the Potions Master would realize that the source of Harry's knowledge had been his run-ins with Lord Voldemort the previous years.

Malfoy snorted but Harry ignored him and set to work. His luck did not last as Snape rearranged the pairs and he ended up with the blond Slytherin.

'Oh joy! Snape is predictable as ever,' Harry mused.

"Potter, what did you mean earlier?" Draco asked.

Harry raised an eyebrow. He seemed genuinely curious. The Gryffindor did not bother acting stupid.

"I meant uses of those two in Dark Arts," Harry informed him.

"How would you know?"

"Aren't you supposed to hate me?" Harry wondered.

Draco huffed and glared him but finally answered. "I can't believe it you're here. I thought I got rid of you this year for at least one class."

Harry rolled his eyes but was kept from answering at Snape's bark to start brewing their potions.

Draco's POV:

Draco Malfoy had been rather restless ever since his father was announced to be the new DADA professor. He wanted to curse those idiots, but even more, he wanted to curse his father for not telling him anything in advance. He had not even been aware of Dumbledore approaching his father. And now he had to spend a year with his father teaching him and living in the castle. Any warning would have been welcome.

Then there was the fact that whenever he looked at his father or Snape they avoided his gaze. It was subtle and it did not occur very often. Also, it was rather fleeting and as it was, he had trouble catching them do it. Add to that the fact that he felt like he was forgetting something whenever he looked at Potter and Draco Malfoy was very confused.

DADA Classroom

Harry positively dreaded going to this class. Had not Hermione and Ron flanked his sides he was sure he would have bolted by now. All around him he heard whispering and it was easy for him to catch snippets of what was said. Most of them worried that an ex-Death Eater was going to lead the class. Others worried that Dumbledore had finally lost it. Others bet that he would be worse than Snape if his son was any indication. Ron was among the muttering crowd. Neville kept twitching, remembering no doubt the night at the Ministry.

"We are going to be fine," Harry told Neville.

The teen was startled but smiled gratefully at Harry. Hermione smiled approvingly at what Harry said and it seemed to calm their little group.

Lucius Malfoy was already in class, waiting for them. He wore dark blue robes, not as formal as usual though, without gloves and his customary cane. Harry also noticed that the Slytherin's were already present, but Draco Malfoy was glaring at his father when he thought no one was watching.

"Come in and close the door," Lucius order and waited for everyone to settle down. He seemed oblivious to the stares he received or the fact that some students were ready to bolt.

"Would someone tell me what you covered in DA last year as it would be foolish to ask about the actual classes Mrs. Umbridge…taught?" Lucius drawled. His eyes landed on the Dark Elf and he struggled to keep a straight face.

There could not be more sarcasm in his voice if he tried, Harry realized. It also made him sound like his son, Draco, or rather Draco sounded like his father. He rose, hand in the air and Lucius nodded.

"Mr. Potter."

"Shielding charms, stinging jinxes, various hexes, stunning spells, hex repellants, duelling, disarming and the Patronus spell," Harry recited easily. The non-DA members had envious looks, even the Slytherin's.

"How many of the ones present were in DA?"

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Seamus and Dean had hands up in the air. Lucius nodded.

But before Malfoy voiced his next question, a plan formulated in Harry's mind. He just needed an opportunity which would be provided to him in the next seconds.

"No Slytherin's?" Lucius asked.

Harry smiled a bit before answering. "Hard for them to join when they were out to get us. They could try their luck this year though."

His last statement gathered many odd glances.

"Maybe you could be present professor," Harry said again. "It would ease the learning process."

"Thank you for the offer Mr. Potter. I shall consider the matter."

Harry inclined his head, ignoring Ron's foot kicking him repeatedly, Hermione's impatient stare that stated she was itching to question him or the looks Draco Malfoy was giving him and his father. He only had eyes for Lucius and vice versa, which made him smirk.

The rest of the lesson was rather weird. Everyone was on edge. It was fortunate that the only thing Lucius made them do was take notes and revise, but nothing practical. Many were still trembling. When the lesson was finally over the Slytherin's bolted out of the classroom first, to be followed closely by the Gryffindor's. As for Harry, he took his time, much to Ron and Hermione's displeasure.

"Hurry up," Ron hissed. He knew Malfoy senior was looking at them.

The green eyed teen dismissed the demand. His reason flew out of the window as instincts took over. And those had other plans that were based on his two best friends being absent. "Wait outside," Harry said in a tone that brooked no argument. "Now."

Hermione grimaced but complied. Ron glared him but followed her, not sparing another look at Lucius.

"Nice glamour," Lucius told Harry as soon as the door to the classroom was shut tightly.

The teen smiled as he approached the desk.

"Quite a surprise seeing you here," Harry told him. He inhaled and caught that sweet scent yet again.

"What do you want…Potter?"

"A kiss."

Lucius drew a sharp breath at that. He wanted to curse because he nearly said 'me too'. He wanted to curse because he was not supposed to want to kiss Harry and because he was crazy to have craved the green eyed Elf since the first night and it was taking all of his self restraint not to do so. And the boy was continuing to smile.

"That would be inappropriate," Lucius finally decided to tell him.

Harry shrugged. "Too bad." And then he pounced.

Lucius felt those soft, plumb lips on his and soon a tongue was skirting around his mouth. He complied and soon he was being kissed senseless by the teen, back pressed on his desk and Harry's body rubbing against him.


The Elf abandoned his mouth and began kissing his check, and then trailed lower to his neck. But Lucius yanked him back up for another heated kiss.

Harry was the first to pull back and realizing exactly where he was, he backed away, leaving Lucius alone in the classroom.

"I'm doomed," Lucius moaned once he came to his senses and climbed down from his desk.

Hermione frowned when Harry came back out from the DADA classroom.

"I'm fine, honestly!" he told her.

"I had reason to worry," she replied and he hugged her loosely.

"I know. But in these walls, he can't hurt me," Harry told her.

"Well, your hobby is to attract danger and hers is to worry about you" Ron told him. He was eyeing his hand around Hermione a tad reproachfully and Harry laughed. Hermione noticed as well but said nothing on that.

"Yeah, well, I'll try to remember," Harry told him. "Can we go to lunch now? I'm starving."

That seemed to cheer Ron up.

The first week passed miraculously fast, not that Harry thought to complain. Classes were hard as every professor had in mind to prepare them for their NEWTs. Snape was awful as ever and Harry was strangely glad that at least one thing had not changed.

After the first day, he had been taken aside by McGonagall and led to another room in the Gryffindor Tower. It was so that he could turn down the glamour and rest for a bit. It would not hold up for much longer any way and Harry wanted to go as far as it got him without having to worry just yet about odd looks and gossiping students. Not to mention the noise it would cause once it reached the papers.

So he was led further up in a room guarded by a female Veela. The room was rather nice. The king size bed was dressed in dark green colours, like the rest of the room. It would fit a Slytherin better, Ron had commented the first time he visited, but Harry liked it. It reminded him of forests. The tapestry on the walls was of a forest and trees and leaves and it was moving, creating the illusion that it was real. The fireplace was bigger than that in the common room. He also had a desk and room for his books, a built in wardrobe and a separate bathroom like the one the prefects had. All in all it was wonderful and Harry loved it.

It gave him privacy and it was in the security of the room that he could take down the glamour for his friends to see. Hermione had latched onto his hair and spent a good portion of the time caressing or brushing it. Neville had been awed, only then truly comprehending that Harry was truly a Dark Elf. Luna had simply smiled and asked to touch his pointy ears.

"Not even daddy would believe this," she had told the group.

Indeed, Harry had thought. Who would believe it?

It was on Tuesday morning when the announcement was made just outside the Great Hall:

The Defence Association (DA) welcomes you!

All students of 4th year and above are to contact the students assigned to their House.

Gryffindor: Hermione Granger

Hufflepuff: Neville Longbottom

Ravenclaw: Luna Lovegood

All 1st to 3rd year students are to contact:

Gryffindor: Ron Weasley

Hufflepuff: Ginny Weasley

Ravenclaw Parvati Patil

All students of the Slytherin House are welcome to join and are to contact Harry Potter.

You can sign in from 5 this afternoon till the end of the week.

All the students entering were chatting avidly, the topic being the announcement of the DA.

"Are you sure I should teach?" Neville asked Harry, for the millionth time.

"You had to undergo the 'Cruciatus', from Bellatrix Lestrange no less, fight Death Eaters and help me. I say that proves you are more than worthy," Harry told him with conviction and Neville looked oddly proud after that.

"Still mate, you're stuck with the Slytherin's," Ron told him with a grimace.

Harry rolled his eyes at how stuck in his prejudices Ron was. He was the only student still going on about the serpent House while the rest at least tried to get along. "Would you want to be in my seat?" Harry asked.

Ron shook his head.

"Works for everyone then," Harry told him and he began eating his breakfast, hoping he could get a bite without being interrupted.

Hedwig was among the owls that entered the Hall with the morning mail. Hermione paid for her Daily Prophet, Neville got the customary package from his grandmother while Harry stared at the envelope he received.

"Here, girl," Harry gave Hedwig a piece of bacon while he turned the letter over. It was a fine, thin, paper with a slightly silvery shimmer. He took a good look at the shield and realized it bore the Malfoy initials. He broke it carefully and read the letter.


All Slytherin's were surprised by your invitation to enter D.A.

However, not many trust you, not that I blame them.

I was rather intrigued by it, though.

Father mentioned that even Longbottom fought, and that says something.

I want to sign up, along with Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Crabbe and Goyle


Harry blinked at the letter and read it again.

Yes, Draco Malfoy wanted to join the DA. With a sigh, he took out the book he was given and wrote the names.

"Who joined?" Hermione asked.

"Later," Harry told her, indicating Ron.

Her eyes widened and she mouthed 'Malfoy'. Harry nodded and she blinked.

"Good. Maybe we can work on House unity like the Hat and Professor Dumbledore expect from us," Hermione finally said.

Harry doubted it, but kept it to himself.

Room of Requirement:

Come Friday afternoon, Harry was surprised by the results. The majority of students in Hogwarts wanted to join DA. So here he was now, with the rest of his friends, planning about the lessons. All those who had been in charge of taking the names were present.

"Well, the first three years should do only shields and try Patronuse's," Harry said. "Like self defence and the lessons should be once a week. All in all they should not do anything difficult or out of their league."

Many nods on that front.

Then Hermione mentioned asking help from professors or suggestions on spells to be taught.

"I already asked Lucius Malfoy," Harry told them.

"You were serious?" Ron exclaimed.

"Yes, why?"

Ron spluttered.

"He is a Death Eater," Hermione offered when it was obvious that Ron was in too much shock to say anything to Harry.

"Draco Malfoy has signed in, along with a few Slytherin's from our year," Harry finally told them.

"WHAT?" Ron shouted.

Neville cringed and covered his ears while Hermione slapped Ron on the arm, hard.

"Stop being so dramatic!" she scolded.

"Dumbledore is backing us up," Harry started. "Adults will be there, looking over our progress."

"But…Death Eaters…"

"Grow up Ron! Malfoy stays. I'll teach Slytherin's myself if it bothers you so damn much," Harry hissed.

"I'm not leaving you alone to face those snakes!" Ron yelled.

"Good. Then that settles it. Now, how about joining houses for duelling?" Harry asked.

That perked most people up and the discussion lasted well into the night.

Care of Magical Creatures:

A/N:/ \\ this symbol is used to indicate that Harry and the Sphinx are talking another language.

On Wednesday, Hagrid announced to the class that he had brought a Sphinx for them to meet. Harry had blinked when he realized it was the same Sphinx from the Triwizard Tournament.

"Harry Potter," the Sphinx greeted.

"You know her 'arry?" Hagrid asked.

Harry nodded numbly.

/He passed my riddle in the labyrinth.\\ the Sphinx replied.

"Fourth year," Harry said. "She was in the third task."

The rest of the class stared at him with wonder.

"Aren't Sphinxes…um, illegal?" Hermione hesitated.

"Professor Dumbledore got me permission," Hagrid said. "Went to the Ministry and everything."

That seemed to appease Hermione a bit, not to mention the rest of the class.

"Now…Who knows about Sphinxes?" Hagrid asked. "Yes, Hermione…"

Harry ignored Hermione's explanation and looked at the creature. The Sphinx was looking at him with wonder. She left Hagrid's side and approached Harry.

/You changed.\\ the sphinx told him.

Harry blinked.

/Well, I came into my Inheritance this summer. I'm a Dark Elf.\\ he explained.

/I know. My mother was in the Elfin court for millennia. Advisor for the Royal family.\\

/Oh…Um, congratulations. It sounds like a great honour.\\

/You are but a young Elf. But you are right. It is a great honour to live amongst the most beautiful of species that walk this earth.\\ the Sphinx smiled kindly at him. It was weird to see.

/Er, thanks.\\ Harry was at a loss of what to say. He opened his mouth to ask her something, when Hermione tugged his arm. Only then Harry noticed that the entire class was staring at him, even Hagrid.

"Yes Hermione?" Harry asked.

"You were talking to the Sphinx."

"I know. You heard me," Harry told her.

"No. You spoke another language Harry. Again," Hermione told him patiently.

Harry blinked. The Sphinx was smirking at him and he groaned.

/You could have warned me.\\ Harry pouted.

/More fun this way.\\ the Sphinx replied.

Harry groaned and spent the rest of the class trying to ignore everyone and everything.

When Harry got back to the castle, everyone was staring at him. Luna came down the stairs like a hurricane and stopped panting in front of him.

"I heard you talked to a Sphinx," she told him.

Harry noticed the people around him staring and listening intently. "Yeah," he said reluctantly.

"Excellent!" Luna said. "Can you introduce me?"

Harry blinked. Then he shook his head and nodded. Only Luna Lovegood would jump at an opportunity like this. "Come on."

Luna beamed and followed him back out.

Great Hall:

Lucius Malfoy dreaded going to the Great Hall to eat. It was always too loud and those damn teenagers talked as much as they ate, and that said a lot. More often than not, his eyes would wander to the Gryffindor table in search of the young Elf and he was mortified every time Snape caught him in the act. Those sly smiles were getting on his nerves and that old coot Dumbledore added to his shame when he gave him a look with those twinkling eyes of his. It seemed like the old man was enjoying Lucius' predicament.

Then there was Harry himself, who after that kiss in DADA during the first day had avoided him like the plague. Wasn't the Elf attracted to him anymore? Or maybe the teen realized he made a mistake and he was not his mate? Lucius cursed in his mind many times when his thoughts took that direction.

Then this morning he had lunch with his son in the privacy of his quarters, when Draco started talking about Harry Potter. He then mentioned he had signed up for DA with the Gryffindor.

"And did you know he talked to a Sphinx today and in her language no less? How could he do that? Parseltongue is one thing, but this?"

Lucius had not been surprised. He knew Elves had amazing abilities, one of which was speaking the language of many creatures. He could not answer his son so he had directed that discussion to other topics.

However, he could not escape dinner in the Great Hall, so here he was sitting and having to listen to the inane chatter of hundreds of teenagers. He now realized why Snape was so moody.

Then Harry entered with his two friends flanking him and joined the Longbottom kid and the blond girl he recognized from the Ministry. Immediately all eyes were on the green eyed boy who seemed ready to flee from the attention he was getting. Then Lucius realized another thing. His son and Snape were wrong about the boy. He did not seek attention. It just had a knack to find him. He suddenly felt bad for the boy and felt the urge to console him. And probably kiss him in the process.

'I'm losing it,' Lucius thought.

"Something troubling you Lucius?" Dumbledore asked.

Malfoy senior resisted the urge to jump. He had not expected the old man would speak to him.

"No, nothing wrong, Dumbledore."

The other beamed. "Good! I hear my boy, Harry, has asked you to attend the DA meetings. Excellent opportunity don't you think?"

Lucius glared Dumbledore, but the Headmaster only smiled serenely.

"He has grown up nicely," Dumbledore went on. "Pity he wears that glamour though."

'True,' Lucius' mind thought. He missed seeing Harry's natural look but he was not going to admit that to Dumbledore of all people. The old wizard was causing him enough embarrassment just knowing that Potter was his mate.

"Oh, well, enjoy your meal," Dumbledore said, leaving Lucius alone to his thoughts once again.

Lucius managed to escape early that night and decided to go straight to his room to avoid the many stares. But he realized luck was not on his side.


The Elf was actually surprised to see him.

'Well, that is a first. He is usually stalking me,' Lucius thought.

"You left early," Harry told him as he approached him.

"Maintain your distance," Lucius ordered.

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Do you realize I am your professor now?" Lucius asked. "That I am old enough to be your father!"

"Well, I did not know fathers kissed their sons like you kissed me last week," Harry replied as he smiled at his future mate.

Lucius maintained his cool façade but inwardly he felt the danger of having Harry closing in, and it did not necessarily come from the teen.

"Damn it Potter. I could hand you over to Voldemort at any moment!"

"You wouldn't," Harry said with conviction.

"I am a Death Eater," Lucius hissed and pointed his wand at Harry's heart. It was not true, at least any more, but Harry did not need to know that. Not even his son knew just yet. He was betting that even the Dark Lord himself had yet to realize it.

The teen smirked and took another step closer to Lucius.

"Tell me then, Mr. Malfoy. Has anyone ever kissed you like I have?" Harry asked.



Harry was closer now and he was leaning inches away from the blond man.

"Get a hold on yourself Mr. Potter!" Lucius ordered. "I am a professor in this school and you a student, even though you act nothing like it."

Harry's eyes drifted close. "Mmm, smells so nice," the teen murmured, ignoring Lucius' reprimand.

Lucius knew he could have turned heel and walked away and he knew that Harry knew it but he did not care. He leaned over the Elf and initiated the kiss. He was frustrated, days of admiring the boy and hating that he admired the boy had caught up to him. Add to that the looks Snape was giving him, Dumbledore's hints, his wife's letters questioning whether to introduce him to a young Italian she had met unless he had something better, his son's stares, the constant whispering of so many teens…

Harry moaned and rubbed against Lucius' hard body, making the man forget about everything but this kiss. Lucius pulled Harry closer with one hand around the lithe waist and the other behind his neck, urging Harry on.

They pulled back shortly to breathe and Lucius pressed Harry against the stone wall roughly. Harry gasped but said nothing as Lucius was kissing him again. This time they only pulled back when they heard noise coming from the Great Hall as more students finished dinner and returned to their dorms.

Harry gasped as he tried to regulate his breathing. He stole a glance at Lucius and saw that his professor was flushed, an odd shade that looked good on the man's usually pale face.

"Fourth Greenhouse, midnight," Harry told Lucius and then he turned on his heel and ran away from the dumfounded Death Eater.

Lucius watched the teen retreat and felt like banging his head against the nearest wall. The next moment he realized he was getting house elf 'tendencies', much to his disgust.

Gryffindor Common Room:

"Where do you always disappear to, mate?" Ron asked Harry when the latter got back to his common room to say goodnight to his friends for the night.

Harry shrugged. "Around."

Ron frowned. "Stop lying, Harry. You are not getting into trouble, are you?"

Seamus perked up. "Maybe our boy has finally found himself a shag partner!"

Neville blushed and lowered his gaze. Dean scolded his best friend for being so dirty minded.

"I have not!" Harry lied.

Ron was eyeing him strangely. 'Oh-oh,' Harry though, realizing the trouble he was in.

"I have not found a shag partner nor will I ever be interested in one," Harry told Seamus with a hard glare. "Something so shallow doesn't suit me. If you must know I had to see the Headmaster for something he wanted to talk to me since summer."

Ron seemed less dubious of his friend as he realized that Harry meant the fact that the boy had come to his inheritance.

"We believe you Harry," Neville said shyly.

"Yeah, Seamus is being his usual obnoxious self," Dean added.

"Hey!" the indignant Irish boy said.

"Whatever. I'll go to my room and get some rest while I can," Harry told them.

Once he was well out of range of the Gryffindor Tower he changed direction and moved to the main entrance, set on visiting the Greenhouses. He had a date tonight and he could not miss it.

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End of Chapter 1