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This takes place post ep. 50, sometime shortly after Saya regains her memories, and a few months after she wakes up. MAJOR SPOILERS for episodes 47- 50.

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Where Black Met Gold

It was nearly sunrise, the sky was beginning to pale in the east. He was about fifteen feet away, standing near the edge of the rooftop, with his back to her, his head covered by the hood of what looked like a black raincoat.

"Why did you save me?" she called out to the stranger.

"Because I could never allow you to get hurt," his voice was soft and melodic.

"Who are you?"

"Someone who once loved you, and loves you still." He turned his head and lowered his hood, exposing his profile, the light from the impending dawn illuminating a golden halo of hair.

"Solomon," she murmured, in astonishment.

"Yes," he said smiling, but not facing her.

"I was told that I killed you," she burst into tears, thinking of how she had been tortured by the guilt of causing his death, after he had given up everything for her. "And I could have never forgiven myself" she cried as she ran to embrace him, any lingering mistrust having somehow become irrelevant at the moment.

"Stop," he said, still not facing her. "It would be best if you stayed there for now."

She did as he requested, standing a few feet away from him. He continued to speak before she could ask why he had stopped her.

"I was very near to death that night, yes. But my life was saved, though much of my body wasn't."

With that, he finally turned to face her, gazing at her with his forest-green eyes, and exposing his whole face. Saya gasped.

There was a large, crescent shaped scar on the left side of his face, extending from his upper-mid-forehead, to near his left ear, to his chin, and then straight down the center of his neck. The stripe of skin left of the scar was just slightly paler than his own, but it was his hair that was the most striking, split down the center of his scalp. On the right side it was its original glistening wavy blonde, but on the left, his hair was a glossy, straight, jet-black, exactly as Moses once had.

"My big brother used pieces of the corpse corps to replace the areas that had crystallized."

Saya stared at him in awe and sadness for a moment. "Even though you left Diva?"

"Brother Amshel resented my treachery," he said, looking away. "But both he and I hoped that - I would one day father your children, though for very different reasons. I wanted to have a family with you." He gazed into Saya's eyes in an amorous daze for several seconds, before snapping out of it and looking out at the city. "My brother just wanted additional test subjects. In me he saw the opportunity to acquire yet another set of Queens, so when he found me, just after we killed James, he took me to his lab and began the process of repairing my body. After he was killed, my brother Nathan saw to it that my recovery continued. It was several months before I was well enough to go out into the world, and by then you had already entered your long sleep."

His eyes once again met Saya's as he approached her and gently took her hand, staring into her eyes.

"I want you to know that my feelings for you have not changed, nor has my desire to serve you." He looked toward the nearing sunrise, which had turned the sky to brilliant shades of pink and gold.

"I must go," he said, beginning to pull his hand from hers.

"Why do you have to leave now?" she asked, wiping a tear from her cheek.

"Staying out of the sun appears to significantly delay the onset of the thorn that once afflicted those from which my body is now made." He looked to her and smiled. "But such limitations are a small price to pay for the joy of seeing you again, and I would gladly venture out in daylight, or face any other danger, to protect you, Saya."

He turned to leave.

"Solomon wait!" she cried just before finally, and fully embracing him. He immediately wrapped his arms around her, closing his eyes to enjoy the pure sensation of being so close to her. He had been waiting, and wishing for this moment for over thirty years.

"I am glad you're alive," she murmured into his shoulder. She gave into compulsion, and softly placed her petite hand on his left cheek, moving her palm slowly up the scared side of his face, and ran her fingers back through his hair, where black met gold. He smiled and disappeared in a blue streak of light.

She stood there for some time, silent and still, overwhelmed by her thoughts. Haji appeared a few feet behind her on the rooftop, his hand cradling the wound that had incapacitated him during the battle.

Haji watched Saya, and Saya watched the sunrise.


I know, some of you might be mad at me for messing up his pretty face, but if you watch the episode where he "dies" part of his face is crystallized. It seems pretty clear to me that he survived, at the end of the death scene, you can clearly hear him breathing, especially in the English dub, not to mention that during the series, every time a Chevalier appears to die, they always end up showing up later unless you explicitly see them as a pile of rubble. Why would Solomon be the only exception?

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