Haruhi dipped her pen into her wine glass and stirred it. Across the table Kyoya watched her. He smiled and looked down to his ledger. "Bored, are we?"

She laughed, quietly. "No, not at all."

Hunny came running up to her. "Haruhi, Haruhi!" He was squeezing his rabbit, tightly. "I'm bored, do you want to play a game?"

She was caught off guard and looked slightly scared. After a pause she said. "Sure… What game?"


Tamaki sat on the ground, looking quite sad. Haruhi was laughing.

"I don't see why it's so funny." He looked over. She continued laughing.

"I'm sorry." She stopped long enough to talk. "It's just…" She giggled. "The look…on your face!" She started laughing again.

He crossed his arms. "Yeah, yeah." His hair was tousled and his suit was covered in grass stains. Her suit was fairly clean, though her hair was messed a little as well. She half walked, half crawled over to him, trying to stay low.

"Here." She tried to fix his hair with her fingers. He looked up. "I know you don't like to be 'un-perfected'." Soon his hair was almost restored to its former glory. He ran his hand through it.

"Thank you." Looking around he said, "So, what do we do, now?"

She looked up a bit higher. "Well…I don't see anyone…" She looked back at him. "I say we make a run for it!" She grabbed his hand and looked like she was about to run.

"Wait!" He pulled on her arm so she wouldn't be able to move. "Wait." Apparently she wasn't going to run as he thought she was, so instead of her just staying where she was, she toppled over on top of him.

Unfortunately it wasn't a cute romantic movie scene kind of topple; she actually fell on him in a manner that hurt his stomach. He let out a stifled noise of pain.

"Oh! Tamaki!" She was still on top of him when she felt his stomach, making sure it was okay. "Are you hurt? I think I heard something crack!"

"I'm fine!" He coughed. "I'm okay. It's alright." She felt his forehead. "I'm sorry! I didn't realize you were holding onto my hand!"

"I thought you were going to run away." He was looking calmly at her.

"Are you sure you're alright? She brushed his hair back. "Your voice sounds strained…"

"Well…not to sound rude. At all. But you are still sitting on top of me."

"Oh!" Haruhi looked down and then pushed herself off of his stomach, making him breathe out and cough. She got up and brushed her coat off. Then she looked around and got lower again. "I didn't see anyone. I think we're still safe." She looked at him, concerned. Are you going to be alright?"

He nodded. "Yes." He sat up. "Haruhi…I still don't understand the rules of this game." He looked around. "At all."

She blinked. "Neither do I." She laughed. "That's the point!" She put her hand out to him. "Now, let's go get that flag!"

He let out a breath and took her hand. They started running low so that the bushes covered them.

The game they were playing was invented by Hunny. So…naturally, it didn't make any sense. One of the only things they really understood was that there was a flag to be found, and it was somewhere in the garden labyrinth. You had teams, they knew that. And you didn't want to be found by each other. Why? They didn't know. I mean, logically, if you were scared to be found by another team, wouldn't the other team be scared to be found by you as well? Well, then all teams would just stay away from each other. Problem solved!

So, just find the flag!

"This way!" Haruhi pulled Tamaki to the side to hide and they fell behind a bush.

Tamaki rolled on his side. "Ack!" Haruhi didn't notice his rough landing. He brushed his jacket. They all hadn't thought to change for the event. "Haruhi, do we even know what the flag looks like?"

"Of course!" She looked back to him. "Didn't you see it at the beginning?" He shook his head. Thinking back, he wondered why he didn't see it. Then he tried to remember what he was looking at.


'Tamaki! Tamaki, look – we're on a team together! And that's going to be the flag!' Haruhi put down the slip of paper she picked up with Tamaki's name on it and looked over to the flag, pointing at it, but Tamaki just watched the way her hair moved as she turned to look at the flag.


"Damn!" He hit the ground with his hand. "Stupid cute Haruhi."

"What?" Haruhi was still looking around when she heard him saying something. "Did you ask me something?"

"Uh. Just that I didn't see it, what did it look like?" He got up and started looking around with her.

"Big and green. And it was attached to a pole." She stood. "It's going to be guarded by Hunny."

"A-ha!" Haruhi gasped and looked over. "We've found you!" Kaoru was standing on the other side of a bush. "Now, what!?" He smiled.

A few seconds later, Hikaru walked up beside him, saw Haruhi and Tamaki and then looked horrified. "Dammit! Kaoru, they found us! Run!" He started to run away. Kaoru looked quite confused for a few moments and then ran after his brother. "But…we found them first!"

Tamaki laughed. "That's why you have to always be together in this game, I suppose."

Haruhi laughed as well and took Tamaki's hand, "You're right." He looked down, surprised, and then smiled. Then, they continued trying to find the flag.

"Haruhi! Haruhi, is that it?" Tamaki pointed to the right.

"I think it might be!" They started walking toward it. "Yes! It is!" Both of them started running, still holding each others' hand.

"Almost there!"


Tamaki and Haruhi stood, triumphant, at the front of the music room. The green flag was held, proudly by both of them.

Nearly every member was covered in grass or dirt stains. The only member that was still pristine was Kyoya. He seemed as though he hadn't moved at all.

Hunny smiled and clapped. "Tamaki and Haruhi WIN!"

Everyone clapped along with him.

About two seconds later everyone realized that the event was finished. Then they realized that they were all covered in dirt and grass stains, that Haruhi and Tamaki were holding a green flag on a pole and that, at any moment, customers could walk in and see this.

Haruhi looked down to her uniform. "Three…thousand…."

Tamaki patted her on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it. We'll cover the cost of cleaning it. For now, just change into something different."

She smiled and nodded. "Thank you."


As she was changing, Kyoya walked in to hand her a new uniform. She let out a small breath of shock, then tried to act normal. There she stood, with just a silk cami and her blue pants, waiting for someone to set the uniform on the outside of the changing room. Or at least give her warning.

Kyoya walked up to her. "You did a good job today. You made Hunny very happy, playing along and giving it your best." She could almost feel the heat of his body against hers.

"Thank you, Kyoya. It was a lot of fun." She put her hands out to take the uniform. "I hope you had a good time, too? I wasn't able to see you during the game."

He smiled. "Yes." He set the clothing on the chair next to her. "But I just wanted to," He put his hand on hers, "congratulate you." He smiled, again, and then left.

And the strangest thing…was that Haruhi couldn't help but feel sad in a way that he was gone. She closed her eyes.

"Haruhi!!!" She jolted back into reality. "Haruhi!" She heard a loud noise emanating from the outside of the dressing room. "It's me, Tamaki! Are you decent? I have a uniform for you!"

She smiled and sighed.