I don't think people realized that this was broken up into two parts. Just to let you know, it was broken up into two parts, that's why the last one ended the way it did, it wasn't just a strange ending.

The Real Epilogue

Part Two

Haruhi sat there, thinking, while Tamaki kissed up her arm and Kaoru rubbed her other hand with his cheek. "It's going to be alright!"

"What I can do…is I can go talk to him…and just tell him this is all a misunderstanding." She narrowed her eyes. "Yes. And he'll have to believe me. Mori and Hunny just looked at her.

Mori turned to Hunny. "I think. We should go to Kyouya."

Hunny smiled. "I think so too!"

They left the room.

Haruhi looked away. "No! What if I waited 'till tomorrow so it wasn't so awkward? Then! Then I could talk to him. And then I could tell him that everything would be okay."

Mori and Hunny walked out of The Third Music Room. Hunny jumped on Mori's back. Then he stopped and got down. "Wait. This is serious business." Then he laughed, looking at his bunny. "Look, Takashi, it's like he's smiling at me!" He laughed.


Mori and Hunny walked into the Ootoro Mansion, Mori looking stoically up at the chandeliers and stairs. Hunny started running towards the inside of the building. "Kyouya! Kyouya!"

The butler that had let them in let out a breath. Mori turned around and bowed, slightly, to thank him. Then, he followed Hunny.

When they found Kyouya, Mori sat down next to him at the table. "Hello."

Kyouya looked over, surprised. "What are you two doing here?"

"We came to talk to you!" Hunny set his bunny on a chair next to him. About Haru-chan." He got a little serious.

Mori nodded. "Yes."

"Kyouya. What happened? Did you two split up? Haru-chan seemed sad, and you left, and it was kind of awkward."

Kyouya thought about this. Hunny was being very serious. He must have been really worried about Haruhi. Mori seemed worried, too. He sighed. "Yes, I suppose we did split up."

"Oh, no!" Hunny sat forward, moving his chair back. "Why?"

"Don't ask such questions." Mori looked down to him. "Not polite, you know."

Hunny glanced to the floor. "Oh." He looked annoyed.

"No, it's…it's okay." Kyouya thought, 'might as well.' He didn't know why. He was just so annoyed. He'd just say a little. "Haruhi was flirting with Tamaki and Kaoru after Tamaki and Kaoru were the ones I felt like I was fighting to get her from in the first place!" Okay…he looked away. That wasn't a little.

Hunny turned to face the windows. "Hmm. That is interesting." He picked up his bunny and thought. "But." Kyouya looked to him. "She doesn't love them. Right?" He smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"She's just being nice, Kyouya. She doesn't know what else to do when they flirt with her. You know Haruhi. She gets awkward. She doesn't love them like she must love you."

Kyouya glanced to his plate. "She loves me?" He smiled. "That's right…" He closed his eyes for just a moment, remembering when they were in the changing room. How his heart felt. Then he remembered that Mori and Hunny were in the room. He cleared his throat. "I think you're right, Hunny."

"Of course! Haru-chan doesn't like them. She wouldn't do that to you, Kyouya." He nodded.

He smiled. "Alright. I have to go back there and talk to her. Today." He stood. "I'm sorry, gentlemen. But I'm going to have to leave you. Do you mind?"

"No! Hunny said. Mori shook his head once.

Kyouya ran out of the room.

They both marveled at his emotion over her.

"I think he loves her." Mori turned to Hunny.


Kyouya walked up to the school, his helicopter flying away. He wanted to get there as fast as possible, as silly a away as it was. He ran up the stairs and to the Third Music Room. Haruhi wasn't there.

Haruhi wasn't there.

He sank to the floor. "Dammit. Where is she?"

"Her house." Kaoru stood at the wall. "She went to her house."

Kyouya didn't look at him. But he nodded. "Thank you."

As he left, Kaoru whispered, "Your welcome."


Kyouya walked up to Haruhi's apartment building. His car waited a block down (He knew his helicopter wouldn't be very appropriate). Knocking on the door, he waited, afraid.

Haruhi opened the door. She looked down to the ground. After a few moments she spoke, "You can come in."

He entered. Sitting at the table, they still didn't speak.

Until, "I'm sorry." She looked up. "I should have realized you didn't love them. You were just being polite. You didn't know what else to do. You didn't really mean it. Right?"

She smiled and jumped out of her chair and onto him. "I thought you were so mad at me!" She kissed him. "I love you!"

His eyes widened. I guess she still wanted to be together. "You really didn't love them, still?"

"Of course not! They were all over me and I just didn't know what to say or do and…I love you. Not them!" She kissed him again. "Thank you for understanding!"

He smiled and looked back at her. "Thank you for taking me back. I love you, too."


Haruhi and Kyouya walked into the Third Music Room. He put his arm around her waist and kissed her. Mori and Hunny looked to them. Mori said, "Kyouya. Just kissed Haruhi."

Kaoru and Tamaki looked to each other. Kaoru glanced to the floor. "They really are together, you know. We should just leave her alone."

"I know." Tamaki looked sad. Kaoru turned to him. "I'm happy for her." Then he smiled.

The two came up and sat down with the group, smiling as well.