Hello all welcome to my next installment of my Yugioh storyline, or as I like to call this one…

"Yu-gi-oh! The Dawning of the Future.

If you haven't read my previous fiction…heh, you got some reading to do my friend.

This one isn't going to be as long as my previous work, but I hope it has plenty of turns, twists, and a very, VERY Familiar villain you all know and love…

First? Some rules.

All duels shall be 8,000 Life Points, same rules apply as in the real card game, however, unlike the anime, players CANNOT Summon Monsters in face up Defense Mode.

Also, I will be taking the liberty on one anime card: Card of Sanctity. However, with this fic, I will attempt to not make every single Duelist use it when they're low on cards, simple as that.

In addition to that, I will attempt and make some decks that have not appeared in my previous fic, and rest assured my friends, I will not merely have my OC's in here…oh no, we're gonna see quite a bit of our old friends I'm sure you all know and love (Well…tolerate one).

I hope this will be a good read to all the duelists and readers out there whom enjoyed my previous story.

Now then…let the story…begin.


Chapter One: Prologue


In a dark and ominous area, a crumbled ruin laid in its wake…

Once the structure where the Leader of the once Proud Seal of Orichalcos stood, proudly commanding his troops and preparing to destroy the World with the Leviathan…

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Orichalcos has risen again, and this time it took a new set of heroes to attempt and take it down.

Michael, the Chosen of Timaeus, a LV Duelist in his own. A young man, when this happened he was 16, soon going on 17 with glasses on and long, messed up hair atop his head and in Slifer Red upon arriving at Duel Academy.

Claire, the Chosen of Hermos, a Fairy Duelist which fit her personality quite a bit in her own sense. She was a beautiful young girl at the age of 16 herself, and Michael's girlfriend with long, black hair and glasses on her own face, and as per her boyfriend, also a Slifer Red.

The last hero of course, was Falco Wheeler, a 17 year old boy who much like his own mother, worked with the Harpie monsters his mom handed down to him. He looked almost exactly like his father, except for the deep, deep purple, piercing eyes of his mother. Unlike his friends, he was admitted into Ra Yellow.

However, to say these were the only heroes would be unfair, a large majority of other students helped them in this situation, including a Ancient Gear Duelist known as Chad, the son of Rex Raptor known as Tyra, an Alien Duelist named Wes, the Amazoness Duelist known as Marie, also Falco's girlfriend and numerous others.

Including that, they had Pegasus, the very creator of games and his two protégés, Alison and Jake. They together were a force to be reckoned with.

The evil side however had their own evil team mates to work with…but I'm sure you know who I'm speaking of. To those who don't, go read my previous fan fiction.

The remains of the Orichalcos tower were a mess, and not even the massive Orichalcos stone that stood near the front remained anymore. All traces of the Orichalcos had been destroyed completely.

Except for the single one in the middle of the remains of the tower, a single hand in the air holding it, Blake's hand clutched the Orichalcos in his hand. What he had worked for. What he gave up everything for…and now he was dead.

However, something far worse than the Orichalcos would arise that day…

A darkened portal appeared off to the side, and a tall figure stepped out, looking about in shock, awe and confusion.

He looked down at his tan hand, and then clenched it a bit. He inhaled deeply, breathing in the fresh air he had been neglected in such a long time, and a sickeningly evil grin crossed his demented features.

The monster took several strides forward, easily avoiding the large pieces of stone that crumbled to his touch, and stood in front of the erect hand that stood from the ruins, and looked stonily at the card it gripped in its hand.

Leaning down, it pried the card from it's grasp, and stared at it.

"Ah…The Seal of Orichalcos." He chuckled darkly to himself; his voice was a mix between that of a demons, and a growl. "I've heard much of this card…much indeed…"

His eyes flared with a dangerous light, and the last remaining card vanished from his view. The Orichalcos now truly was destroyed…

"It's such a shame it's so useless." He cackled loudly, looking up at the sky above him, and cracked a wide grin, his eyes wide and frightening. "Now that I'm free…"

"The world shall feel my wrath…"

He looked down at his right hand, an annoyed look on his hand. "I may not have my weapon as I did before…

"But with the power of the Shadows, I'm stronger than ever before!"

He grinned evilly, and slowly became transparent. Soon, the man was nothing more than a black, floating shadow with blood red eyes. A loud cackling laugh came from the shadow, and it sped off without a hitch…


A pair of Lavender eyes opened up in shock, and he gripped his head, moaning softly.

"What…what was that?" He asked himself softly. "That's bad…that's very bad…"

He clenched his eyes together, a hand sliding into his spiky hair.

"He can't be back…He can't be…"

And the man found himself repeating himself for the next several minutes…


"And here we are students!" Shouted the Chancellors voice over the intercom system. "The biggest graduation duel of the year!"

The arena erupted in cheers and applause, especially from the students who WERE Graduating. Including our heroes!

"Well…" Claire said softly to Falco, who looked better for the occasion. "I guess this is really it huh?" She grinned.

"Oh yeah." Falco grinned. "We're finally graduating…"

"Never thought we'd get out this soon." She said softly. "Feels like we just got here…"

"There are a lot of reasons Graduation gets a bit closer." Falco said as he leaned over the railing to the dueling arena the duel was going to happen. "Something about not wanting to put the students at risk…"

"Students at risk?" She asked, looking over at him.

"Something about evil, demonic entities possessing students…happened to Jaden ya know."

"I heard stories about that…" Mumbled Claire.

"Yeah, that's why they tend to pack it hard into the rest of the year. The school years are always shorting, but massively tougher."

"It's showed." She giggled. "So, is he almost ready?"

"Yep." Falco said softly. "Bound to be a good fight."

"I'll say." Claire giggled.

"And the duelists are ready!" Shouted the Chancellor. "First of all, the Graduation duel winner, the boy with the highest scores…Blake Whitworth!"

The crowd cheered as the Blake Whitworth, the spiky, blonde haired muscular teenager who defeated the champion of Germany several months ago walked out, sporting his Duel Disk and waved to the crowd.

"And his opponent, one of Slifer's many successful Slifer Students, introducing Michael!"

A lot more cheers, none louder than Claire's and Falcos, and the hero of the story walked out. His brown hair hung in front of his eyes as he waved to his friends, and turned to Blake.

"Okay you two." Said the Chancellor, looking from one duelist to the other. "I want a good, clean fight, no cheating, no nothing from either of you!

However, this is Duel Academy's big graduation duel, so make it one to remember!"

As if to answer him, both of them lifted their Duel Disk, and they snapped into place.

"Excellent!" He shouted. "Let the games….BEGIN!" He shouted and jumped off the stage.

"LET'S DUEL!" Michael and Blake shouted to the other, drawing their opening five card hand.

(Michael: 8,000) ------- (Blake: 8,000)

"Heh, I'll go first." Blake said, looking down at his deck.

"By all means my friend." Michael grinned, crossing his arms. While he waited, he looked over his shoulder to the chocolate brown eyes of his girlfriend. Flashing her a quick wink, she blushed a bit and went back to the duel at hand.

"Then I'll draw!" Blake shouted as he snatched the top card off of his deck and looked at it. "Here we go…I summon Blade Knight in Attack Mode!"

In front of him, with a valiant cry, a warrior in light blue armor appeared, hefting up a sword that seemed to be made of pure crystal (1,600/1,000)

"Then." Blake said as he slid a single facedown card behind his monster. "I set one card facedown, and turn my turn over to you."

"Good!" Michael shouted as he drew his card quickly and glanced at it. He added it to his hand and put two cards facedown in front of him. "Now, to follow those up, I summon a monster in defense mode!"

In front of him a horizontal card appeared in front of the two vertical cards.

"Then I'll take my turn! Draw!"

He did so, and looked at his cards.

"Oh yeah…this is gonna sting for you! I summon Queen's Knight in Attack mode!"

Slipping the card into his disk, a beautiful young woman appeared, with waist length blonde hair and wearing purple and red armor around her figure. She had a shield in front of her which held the poker card symbols, clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades, and held a long sword in her hand. She cast a dark look to Michael (1,500/1,600).

"Now." Blake said as he took a second card from his hand. "I play Double Summon! With this, I can now Normal Summon again this turn, and I think King's Knight would do nicely, don't you think?"

"Yeah, IF I was gonna let you!" Michael shouted. "Go facedown, Ojama Trio!"

His facedown flipped up, and in three flashes of light on Blake's side of the field, a short, yellow monster with long eyestalks, one short, black and had sharp teeth, and finally a short green imp with one large eye and a gangly tongue appeared, all crouching in defense mode (0/1,000 X 3).

"Oh, look at the new boss guys!" The Ojama Yellow token said, looking up at Blake.

"Hm, I've seen better…" The green one dismissed, waving his hand a bit.

"Yeah, new boss, better…" The black one said, his eyes stuck on the Queen's Knight, despite the fact she was giving him a look that said she was all ready disgusted by it. "Hey baby…what's your name?"

As an answer, her foot slammed down on his large cranium, knocking him into the ground and making his eyes become swirls.

"Oh…never mind…" He groaned.

"…Yeah." Blake said, blinking. "You got some weird cards dude…you know that?"

"Yeah I know, but I'm sure you know this combo. I play Triggered Summon in response to that!"

His final facedown card flipped up.

"And I'm sure you know what that means, now I'm allowed to Special Summon a Level Four or Lower Monster from my hand, so how about I summon my own ringer, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 4!"

In a burst of fire in front of him, Michael's signature monster appeared with a bright flash of light. Standing human sized with metal plating over its hide, and with the appearance of a great Eagle, it cawed out a little and spread it's wings (1,600/1,000).

"Okay…" Blake said. "I…Didn't expect that to happen." He looked down at his remaining hand and grimaced. "I guess I end my turn…"

Michael placed the top card of his deck into his hand.

"Horus!" he shouted, pointing to his favorite monster. "Attack his Queen's Knight with Black Flare Burst!"

"Hold it right there!" Blake shouted. "I don't think you're gonna get a free shot at my monster, I activate Ready for Intercepting, which switches my Monster into defense mode and meaning she survives this battle!"

The Queen's Knight was quickly replaced with a facedown defense Monster, and just as the attack would have roasted her the Queen's Knight held her shield up, blocking the attack.

"And since their Attack is equal, nothing happens…" Michael muttered. "I guess I end my turn…"

Blake drew his card and he grinned at it.

"Here we go!" He said happily. "I sacrifice my Queen's Knight for Freed, The Matchless General!"

The Queen's Knight vanished and in her place was a new warrior, one with heavily battle scarred armor and a face that showed much wisdom in his old age. He held up a sword that was as scarred as his armor (2,300/1,600).

"Attack Horus with Blade of the Battle Scarred!"

Freed roared a bit and leapt forward, swinging his sword. Horus let out a squawk of horror as he was cleaved in half, and exploded into pixels.

(Michael: 7,300) ------- (Blake: 8,000)

"Oh man…" Claire said. "Michael just lost Horus…that could cost him…"

"I think I know what that facedown of his is." Falco said. "We'll see…"

"Blade Knight, Attack his defense monster!"

The Blade Knight dashed forward and slammed his sword into the defense card the LV Duelist had. A rust-red dragon with a clay mask appeared on his side of the field, and it screamed as it exploded.

"Thanks!" Michael said with a grin. "Now with that, I'm allowed to Special Summon a Dragon Type Monster from my deck and summon it right to the field, like…my Armed Dragon LV 3!"

In front of him a small creature appeared, at first glance it seemed to be a Baby Dragon, but with a closer look it was covered in spiky armor, and seemed rather cute (1,200/900).

"Heh, and to think I was scared." Blake chuckled. "I guess I just end my turn."

"Then I go!" Michael shouted. "And now the real fun starts, I first sacrifice my LV 3 Dragon for his LV 5 Form!"

The petite dragon was enveloped in a white light, and slowly his form began to shift, shape and form into a new dragon, now twice the size of Michael, with gunmetal grey armor and rust red skin (2,400/1,700).

"Oh boy…" Blake gulped. He took a quick step backward.

"Okay Armed Dragon!" Michael commanded. "Attack his Freed and prove he's got a match out there!"

The Dragon's arms began to spin around rapidly like a pinwheel. Roaring, he leapt forward, watching Freed gasp in pain and exploded.

(Michael: 7,300) ------- (Blake: 7,900)

"Then with that, I end my turn. And that means I get this big guy!"

The Dragon was once again enshrouded in light, and in numerous small bursts of light, the Dragon had grown to massive sizes, blades sticking out all over it's armor, and it's neck had grown out too (2,800/1,000).

"Okay…that's a problem." Blake said outloud, and drew his card. "Gah…nothing of any use…I have to switch Blade Knight into defense Mode, and end my turn."

Blade Knight kneeled down, holding his shield in front of him.

"Then watch out!" Michael shouted, and drew his card.

"Oh yeah! I enact my Dragon's Special Ability! By discarding a monster in my hand, like Dark Lucius LV 6 here…"

He held the card up.

"And now every monster on your side of the field with equal or less Attack than the discarded monster is now destroyed! Go my Dragon, Serrated Sonic Disks!"

The Armed Dragon roared very loudly and adjusted so it was now standing atop it's hind legs. The bladed disks on it's torso began to spin rapidly…

And just as that did it, four blades shot out, striking Blake's monsters. They all screamed and exploded, along with the respective disk that hit them.

"And don't forget." Michael said. "Since your three Tokens were destroyed, you lose 900 Life Points now!"

Three large bursts appeared on Blake's chest, and he grunted a little.

"Now Armed Dragon! Attack him directly with Dragon Talon Terror!"

The Dragon roared as he reared up, and clutching one claw into a tight fist, he thrusted it forward…

Blake screamed as the attack swept through him, and he fell to his knees.

(Michael: 7,300) ------- (Blake: 4,200)

"Hey…" Michael asked as he saw how Blake seemed injured. "Man…you okay?"

Much to his surprise, Blake was laughing as he rose.

"You kidding? Heh, I once took a direct attack for over 8,000 Points of damage, and was STILL Standing!"

"Dude, what is WRONG With this guy?" Falco whispered, making Claire giggle a bit.

"Well…if you're sure…" Michael said. "Then I just end my turn…"

"Then here I go!" Blake shouted. "Okay, for my turn, I now use Reinforcements of the Army! I take my deck, search for any Level Four or Lower Warrior Monster I have, and add it to my hand."

He pulled his deck out, and searched around for a little bit. Eventually, he pulled the cards and added it to his hand.

"Now I summon it! Freed, the Brave Wanderer!"

In front of him, what appeared to be a teenage version of Freed the Matchless General appeared, and swung his sword threateningly (1,700/1,200).

"Now, I'm sure you know HIS effect?" Blake asked with a smug grin.

"Yeah…" Michael commented. "You have to remove two Light Monsters from your graveyard from play, and one monster with a stronger score than him is destroyed."

"Correct!" Blake laughed as two cards slid out of his graveyard. "So I'll remove my Queen's Knight and Blade Knight from my graveyard and destroy that giant eyesore!"

Freed's sword began to glow, and it swung it. A burning white cut shot from it, and struck the Armed Dragon in the neck. With one final roar, it exploded.

"Now Freed, attack him directly, with Blade of the Wanderer!"

"THIS IS gonna sting…" Michael said, holding his arm up.

It did little to no good. The sword slammed into Michael's forearm and he grunted a bit in pain. As Freed jumped back to his side, Michael hissed and rubbed his arm.

(Michael: 5,600) ------- (Blake: 4,200)

Michael groaned a bit. "My move yet?" He asked Blake.

After taking a quick look at his hand, he nodded.

"Good." Michael said as he drew his card. "Here we go. I play the spell card Lighten the Load."

The card appeared on the field.

"This is a fun card, and a new one at that. See, I can now take a Level seven or higher monster from my hand…" he held up his hand, to show an Allure Queen LV 7. "Shuffle it back to my deck, and then draw another card."

He shuffled the card into his deck and did so.

"That's what I'm talking about." He smiled a bit. "Now I play Pot of Avarice! I think I know who I want back in my deck."

He took his Three Armed Dragon Evolutionary stages of his Armed Dragons, his Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 4 and his Dark Lucius LV 6. He took the five designated cards, added them to his deck, shuffled and drew his cards.

He looked at them as he considered. "Hm, it's good enough." He said to himself. "I set one card facedown and set one monster facedown!"

The cards appeared in front of him.

"That ends my turn!"

"Then I go!" Blake shouted and looked at his hand. "Here we go, I'm gonna summon a card I was gonna use a long time ago, go! King's Knight, in Attack mode!"

Another eruption of light and sparkles rose from the ground and another warrior, this one that looked like the Queen's Knights brother, with a thick beard around his face and orange armor, carrying a large shield and a sword (1,600/1,400).

"King's Knight, Attack his defense card!"

The Knight charged forward, roaring and slammed his sword into the card Michael had set. It was a bit unexpected, a large Green mantis appeared on the card and exploded.

"A Flying Kamakire?" Blake asked in surprise.

"Yep! A rather useful card in my deck, a bit more useful than the Masked Dragon. This card can grab two Monsters from my deck, rather than one, but for now I'll follow up with another Flying Kamakire!"

With a loud buzz, another four armed, four winged bug eyes creature appeared in front of him, buzzing dangerously (1,400/900).

"If you want to lose Life Points that badly, be my guest! Freed, carve up his bug!"

Freed jumped into the air and as he landed, slammed his sword into the bug. It screeched before it exploded into bug guts and pixels.

(Michael: 5,300) ------- (Blake: 4,200)

"Thanks!" Michael groaned a little. "300 Life Points is a small price to pay to summon another guy from my deck! Come on out, Ultimate Insect LV 3!"

A large creature burst from the ground, it was a seven foot tall multicolored, multi-legged, centipede appeared in front of him, clicking his mandibles angrily at Blake (1,400/900).

"Please, that bug is no stronger than those bugs you used first…" Blake sneered. "I end my turn…"

"You should get the theme of my deck by now…" Michael said, drawing his card. "Little things get big! I sacrifice my Insect for his LV 5 form!"

The Centipede was wrapped around in a thick cocoon, which began to shake. Suddenly, the said cocoon erupted, and in its place stood a two story large insect creature, more spider than anything. Six razor sharp blades were used as its legs, and its entire body seemed coated in blades (2,300/900).

"Okay…that could be a lot worse…" Blake blinked.

"Trust me, it just did." Michael said. "Because since I summoned him through the Ultimate Insect LV 3's effect, all of your Monsters lose 500 Attack Points!"

The giant carapace of the Spider began to shake and rattle, releasing spores into the air that latched onto Blake's Warriors. They didn't move, but did cringe as the spores were sucked into their sister. They each fell 500 Attack points, to 1,100 and 1,200.

"Now, attack Freed!" Michael commanded.

The Insect screeched and rushed forward, lifting up it's front most leg and swiped the air with it. It sliced into Freed, making the Warrior scream and explode into pixels.

(Michael: 5,300) ------- (Blake: 3,100)

"Blake's barely hanging on folks!" The Headmaster said. "Can he keep this up?"

"I think I can." Blake said, drawing his card. "My turn will now consist of switching my King's Knight to defense Mode, and setting one monster in defense mode. That's gonna end my turn!" He shouted.

His Knight kneeled down, and another card appeared beside him.

"Then I draw!" Michael shouted, drawing his card. Before he looked at it, he shouted, "I now sacrifice my Ultimate Insect LV 5 for the Ultimate Insect LV 7!"

The Carapace of the giant spider began to crack down the middle, and eventually crack all the way in half, revealing the newest beast.

It looked like a giant wasp or a moth perhaps, with a large wingspan of over ten feet, and spines around its wings edges, and a three-pronged mandible (2,600/1,200).

"What's better with this guy is he not only deducts your monsters Attack by 700, but also your monsters Defense!"

The King's Knight went into a violent coughing fit as spores from the wings of the gargantuan insect attached to his skin, and he had to lean on his arm to keep from falling over (1,600/1,400) --- (900/700).

"Now my insect, attack his King's Knight with Pollen Windstorm!"

The Insect screeched loudly. Its wings began to beat with enough strength to match that of a Heavy Storm spell, and finally the King's Knight exploded into pixels.

"Now, I set one more monster in Defense mode…"

He slid a card into his Duel Disk, and a defense monster appeared beside the insect.

"That, my good friend, shall end my turn." Michael grinned a little.

"Bout time." Blake said, drawing his card quickly. He stared at it, then showed it to be Pot of Greed.

He discarded the card, and drew two more cards. His eyes opened wide as he saw what they were.

"I flip up my facedown first…Obnoxious Celtic Guardian!"

The facedown flipped up, and on it the Elfin Warrior wearing green armor appears in front of him, then slumped a little as the spores caught up with him (1,400/1,200) --- (700/500).

"Like that's going to do anything? You should have kept him in Defense Mode; he would have been safe from my Insect!" Michael shouted.

"I know," Said Blake, "but I plan to squash this bug this turn, I summon Gearfried, the Iron Knight in Attack Mode!"

With a battle cry, the warrior wearing a thick coating of armor appeared in front of him, his blade arms shining as he glared angrily at Michael (1,800/1,600) --- (1,100/900).

"That's still not gonna do anything…" Michael said, then blinked and took a quick step backwards. "Unless…"

"Unless I do this, Release Restraint!" Blake shouted, holding up the other card that he had drawn.

Gearfried's armor began to crack…

"Now with this card, I sacrifice one Gearfried the Iron Knights on my side of the field, and am then allowed to summon the man behind the armor, Gearfried the Swordmaster!"

The Armor exploded into fragments around him, and in the Armored Monster was now a very muscular barbarian with long black hair, and seemed to be pulsing with energy (2,600/2,100) --- (1,900/1,400).

"Okay, now we've reached a problem." Michael gulped.

"It all comes down to this everyone!" The Chancellor shouted. "Should Blake have an Equip Spell card in his hand, Michael'll be in deep trouble!"

"And I do!" Blake grinned evilly. "I equip my Warrior with Fusion Sword Murasame Blade!"

The Sword Gearfried had been carrying began to thin and glow with a dark light until it became a glowing purple sword, pulsing with energy (1,900/1,400) --- (2,700/1,400).

"And when I give my guy an equip card, he automatically destroys one monster you control!"

Gearfried roared and swung his sword, causing a slice of energy to release from the sword and strike the Bug. It burst into flames, screeched and exploded into pixels.

Gearfried and The Obnoxious Celtic Guardian stood up straighter, now no longer burdened by the Insects spores.

"Gearfried…" Commanded Blake, "Attack his defense card!"

Gearfried roared and leapt into the air, holding the sword above his sword and sliced the facedown into several pieces. A Sangan appeared on the card, screamed in pain and exploded.

A card jutted out of Michael's deck and he took it without another word.

Before he had a chance to ask if he was going to do anything else, the Celtic Guardian leapt into the air and drove his sword deep into Michael's chest. He screamed and fell on his backside.

"MICHAEL!" Claire shouted, looking over the side of the railing.

(Michael: 3,900) ------- (Blake: 3,100)

"Ow…" Michael groaned, holding his chest. "Man…that could have hurt a lot worse…"

"You best hope that something you got something good with that Sangan." Blake chuckled. "If not, Gearfried will slice it apart like butter."

Doesn't matter. Blake thought to himself. Even if he sets it in defense, I have Divine Sword-Phoenix Blade in my hand. 300 Attack points isn't a whole lot, but it's enough to wipe out his defense, and clear me away for his Life Points…

Michael drew his card, and he grinned a little. "Oh yeah! This is JUST what I needed! I summon the gal I got from Sangan Silent Magician LV 4!"

In a small flurry of lights, the small child wizard appeared in front of him, glaring at Blake (1,000/1,000).

Blake had a good idea what was about to happen…

"Now, I play my good old, Level Up! I level her up for her big sister!"

In an explosion of light, the Spellcaster had shot up six feet, and was now a full grown woman with long, silvery hair and a staff in her hand (3,500/1,000).

"Now, Attack Gearfried!" He shouted, pointing a hand to the barbarian.

The Magician aimed her staff forward and a beam of pure light shot out, striking Gearfried in the chest. He howled in pain and exploded into pixels.

(Michael: 3,900) ------- (Blake: 3,000)

"Now then." He grinned a little. "I will end my turn."

Blake drew his card. "Here we go." He said, sliding a card into the disk. "I play Card of Demise, letting me draw until I have a hand of five."

He drew his five cards, and looked them over. An evil grin crossed his face.

"Now, I play Burial From a Different Dimension. This lets me take any three cards I want that have been removed from play, and put them back into my Graveyard. I'll only do so with two cards though."

His graveyard glowed, and Queen's Knight and Blade Knight slide back into his Graveyard. He took another of his newly drawn cards.

"Now I play Silent Doom. This let's me Special Summon a Normal Monster from my grave into Defense Mode, and I think Queen's Knight would do well, wouldn't you say?"

Queen's Knight appeared in a small flurry of lights, shielding herself in Defense Mode.

"Then, I play Premature Burial, and bring back my King's Knight, and since I summoned him with Queen's Knight on the field, I can Special Summon Jack's Knight from my deck.

His Life Points dipped 800 Life Points, and the Burly Knight appeared beside his sister, and in another flash their younger brother appeared again beside the two of them (1,900/1,400).

"None of them can beat my Silent Magician LV 8." Michael stated, crossing his arms.

"No, but that's why I'm playing this, Polymerization! Bring it together guys!"

Queen's Knight stood up and with her two brothers leapt into the air, flying into the Polymerization portal above the field, and a figure slammed out.

It was as tall as Silent Magician, and had purple armor but that didn't throw away the fact it was indeed powerful looking creature, with a long sword and large shield, and a look of defiance on his face (3,800/2,500).

"Um…" Michael began. "What…is THAT?"

"Meet the Knight's father! The Arcana Knight Joker!"

"That's bad." Falco mumbled. "That thing is stronger than anything else Michael has, and unless he manages to destroy it, he's lost."

"Not likely." Claire whispered. "Arcana Knight Joker has an effect that if Blake wants to negate a card effect that targets him, he has to discard a card of the same type, and it's negated and destroyed…no wonder it's one of the strongest warrior types in the game."

"Arcana Knight Joker, attack the Silent Magician LV 8 with Royal Slasher!"

The Warrior leapt forward and with one quick slash of his sword, and in that same instant he leapt back. The Magician paused for a second, as if to contemplate what had just happened…and finally, she screamed loudly and exploded in a violent burst of energy.

"To end my turn." Blake said. "I play this Spell card, Fairy of the Spring. With this, I'm allowed to take any Equip Spell from my Graveyard and add it to my hand."

He took the card from his Graveyard, and added it with his other two cards in his hand.

"Then, I set two cards facedown, and that ends my turn."

(Michael: 3,600) ------- (Blake: 3,000)

Gotta do something. Michael thought, drawing his card. If he equips that Fusion Sword Murasame Blade to him, I'm screwed; royally! This draw better be a freaking miracle…

He drew his card, and blinked.

Hello Miracle…

"I play…Double Spell! By discarding this Spell card…"

He discarded his Transcendent Wings.

"I can copy any Spell card I want from your Grave, and that Card of Demise is looking mighty good right now…"

Several Candles appeared around him as he drew his five cards, and he grinned evilly.

"I play Level Down! This let's me pick a LV monster in my hand, and Lower it's Level by two. So my Level Six Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 6 becomes a Level four card!"

In an explosion of black fire, the large, eagle like dragon appeared with a loud roar, snarling angrily at Blake (2,300/1,600).

"And I'll activate another card, this one to bring out my main guy, my Favorite Monster…Go! Level Up!"

"Hold it right there!" Blake shouted. "I play my facedown, De-Fusion! This splits up my Arcana Knight Joker back into his three children!"

Arcana Knight Joker exploded into a flurry of stars and sparks, and in his place was King's Knight, Queen's Knight and Jack's Knight all curled up in defense. (1,600/1,400) (1,500/1,600) (1,900/1,200)

I'm not stupid. He thought to himself. He wouldn't summon Horus unless he had a plan to power him up somehow, this was a safer choice…and it all comes down to who I draw next time.

"Fine! That still doesn't stop me from summoning Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 8!"

The new monster was well over twelve feet tall and had a silvery looking armor around it. It had a pair of claws, and a powerful feel to it (3,000/1,800).

"Now Horus…Attack his Queen's Knight!" he shouted. "Black Blaze Blast!"

Horus shot forth the blast from it's beak, but it came within contact with an invisible barrier.

"Negate Attack is quite a useful card, wouldn't you say?" He asked, grinning again.

"I would know too." Michael growled. "Fine, to end my turn, I equip Horus with Axe of Despair and end my turn."

A massive, purple, glowing axe appeared in Horus' claws, and he glowed brightly. He rose to 4,000 Attack Points.

"I draw." Blake said, drawing his card and grinned as he looked at it. "It's over man."

"How so?" Michael asked.

"This! I offer Queen's Knight…King's Knight…and Jack's Knight…"

The three knights disappeared as their names were called.

"And summon forth….Gilford the Lightning!"

A massive bolt of light erupted onto the field and in it appeared the gigantic warrior. Bulging muscles, and a mask over his face added to the giant sword he hefted up, as it crackled with lightning (2,800/1,400).

"You know what that means?" Blake asked. "All of your monsters are all destroyed now!"

This was true, as Gilford lifted his hand into the air, and clenched a fist. A massive bolt of lightning shot down from the sky, and hit Horus with a blast of energy. Horus roared before dropping the axe and exploded into black, fiery pixels.

"I don't care!" Michael shouted. "Even if you attack I'll have more than enough Life Points! I can still turn this around!"

Blake didn't say anything as he slid a card into his disk, and the Sword Gilford was holding began to morph and bulge until it became that of the equip Blake had played a while ago.

"Unless you…play…Fusion Sword…Murasame Blade…" Michael said lamely.

"Gilford, Attack him directly!"

Gilford roared and leapt into the air, and when he was within distance he slammed his sword into Michael. He screamed loudly and flew backward and skidded against the ground. He groaned softly.

(Michael: 0) ------- (Blake: 3,000)

"And the winner!" Shouted the Chancellor, "Blake Whitworth!"

He smiled a little and waved.

"Michael!" Claire shouted as she ran beside her boyfriend. "Are you okay baby?" She asked, kneeling down.

"As I'll ever be." He moaned, holding his chest. "Christ…ow…"

"Hey." Said a voice.

Michael looked up, seeing Blake standing there.

"Good duel man." He said, holding out his hand.

"You too mate." He said, grabbing his hand and pulled himself up. "Good luck with your lives man." He grinned. "I'll be sure to duel and whup you badly."

"Not likely." He grinned, and shook their hands one final time before the place erupted in cheers.

"Let's give it up for the graduating class!" The Chancellor shouted one final time, and the place erupted into louder cheers.

A dark shape floated near the window…

"Interesting…interesting…" He mumbled, stroking his chin and grinned very darkly. "I believe I found some new play things to destroy…"

He turned into a black shadow…

"Let the games begin…"

And with that, it cackled and flew off into the distance.


Card of Demise
Type: Spell
Image: A deck of cards about to be sliced in half by a guillotine.
Effect: Draw five cards from your deck. On the fifth End phase in which you played this card, discard all cards in your hand to the graveyard.

Note: Card of Demise was first used by Kaiba in the Anime Episode "Clash in the Coliseum" And was used numerous times by him later (The Original effect allows a player to draw UNTIL he has five cards, but for the sake of the duel I used this effect) All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.

Level Down!
: Spell
Image: A pair of stars on a game card getting blasted by two bolts of lightning
Effect: Select one LV Monster in your hand. The selected card has its Level Reduced by two until the end of this turn.

Note: Level Down! was first used by Chazz in the anime episode "Obelisk White?" All creative credit goes to the writers of that episode.


And with that the journey is just beginning. Next time, the quartet gets an invitation to a specific tournament! There, the new journey just begins…find out next time in "Invitation: Time to Duel Again!" Coming soon!