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New Memories: Chapter 1- A Short Break from the Drama

Judai opened his eyes and looked up. His vision was blurry, but after it focused, he saw himself in the arms of his newfound lover and boyfriend. It had been 4 days on the cruise ship since they confessed their love for each other. The boat trip to Europe was long and still had another 10 days to go. He watched the sleeping face of the bluenette, calm and content. He giggles slightly, finding the sleeping face of Johan to be cute.

Johan shifted a bit, being woken up from Judai's giggling. He opened one eye slightly to see Judai staring at him and giggling.

Johan smiles slightly. "Wow Judai, up already? You would normally still be asleep." he said quietly. "Also, what's so funny?"

"Nothing just thought you looked cute when you're sleeping peacefully" replied Judai in a whisper.

Johan yawned as he sat up and stretched his arms. "Anyway, come on Judai, we'll be late for breakfast."

"Hai…" Judai replied in a boring tone as he got out of bed.

Johan smiles, and gives Judai a chaste kiss on the cheek before heading towards the restroom.

Judai opened up one of Johan's suitcases and pulled out some clothes. He started to get dressed. When he was done, he looked at the restroom to make sure Johan wasn't out yet. Judai dug his hand underneath the clothes, and undid a zipper. It was a compartment in the suitcase that even Johan knew nothing about. What was inside caused Judai to laugh a little too loudly.

"Hehehehehehehehe", Judai laughed as an evil smirk plastered itself on his face.

Johan, hearing Judai laugh walked out the restroom curiously. "What's wrong Judai-chan?" he said, toothbrush still in his mouth, a cup of water in his other hand.

Judai jumped a bit before quickly zipping the compartment back up before facing Johan and smiling innocently. "Nothing Johan, was just remembering your cute face again."

Johan blushed slightly before he replied, "Well, okay Judai" and he returned to the restroom.

Judai turned back to the suitcase, an evil glint in his eye shined.

About 5min later, Johan walked out of the restroom fully dressed and ready. He glanced over at Judai, who was watching the TV. "Come on Judai, let's go."

"Hai" replied Judai eagerly.

They walked all the way to the deck. Johan was walking normally, while Judai was by his side, hugging his arm, smiling happily.

Johan blushed a little. Although he loved Judai with all his heart, he was still not used to public affection. Also, he's kept his relationship a secret from O'Brien and Jim. He knew it was only a matter of time before they found out, but he thought he should be the one to explain it to them.

'Judai is embarrassing me… I hope Jim or O'Brien doesn't see.. Speak of the Devil.'

About 5 yards in front of Johan, was Jim.

"Judai, go hide in the restroom, Jim's here. I'll meet you at the restaurant." Johan whispered quickly.

Judai's smile quickly disappeared as he pouted. "But I wanna be with you." he pleaded.

"I know Judai, I want to be with you too, but we can't let them know, not yet."

"Fine" Judai reluctantly agreed. He quickly ran off towards the restroom just as Jim walked up to Johan.

"Hey Johan, who was that just now?"

Johan quickly turned towards Jim, putting on a fake smile. "Oh that? That was uhh.. Just a friend I met on the ship."

"Really? That bloke looked a lot like Judai if you ask me."

Johan quickly shook his head in denial. "No it's not Judai, Judai was left back at Duel Academy!"

Jim stared at Johan questioningly. "Okay, whatever you say Johan. Anyway have you seen O'Brien anywhere?"

Johan stopped shaking his head and replied, "Nope, why are you looking for him?"

"Was gonna go off for breakfast and I hate eating alone. You wanna come eat with me mate?"

Johan started sweating nervously, "Uh, I would like to but… I have a prior engagement."

Jim just smiled, "Well can I join you guys then? Come on! The more the merrier as they say!"

Johan backed away nervously, "Umm.. well, no, sorry but, he doesn't like meeting new people. Bye Jim!" Johan ran off before Jim could reply.

"Hmmm… wonder what that was about. Must be going through puberty or something, was wondering when that was gonna happen." Jim joked to himself.

Johan ran all the way to the restaurant. When he reached it he looked around the tables. 'Where are you Judai?'

"Table for 1 sir?" a waiter on the side asked politely.

Johan turned the waiter, somewhat surprised since he was caught off guard. "Uh.. no, did someone named Yuki Judai order a table?"

"Ah yes, Mr. Yuki, he's over there sir." The waiter replied while pointing at a table near a window.

Johan looked over at the table to find Judai having 2 forks in his hand. In quick motions Judai would stab some food with one and throw it in his mouth while the other hand got more food, alternating between each hand eating. Johan sweat drops as he trudges to the table.

"Oh, hey Johan" Judai said while food was spurting from his mouth. "They have great bacon here!"

Johan smiles at Judai before taking a seat. Just then a waiter comes up and asks, "Is everything to your liking gentlemen?"

Judai then replies with a mouthful, "Yea everything is great! I love the bacon!"

The waiter bows before replying, "I will send you compliments to the chef." He then turns and faces Johan, "And you sir?"

"Ah, yea, I would like some pancakes and also…" Johan leans over to the waiter, as the waiter leans in to hear better. Judai sees Johan whispering in his ear, and sees the waiter smile.

"Yes sir that can be arranged. Your pancakes will also arrive shortly. And now I take my leave, gentlemen." And with a bow to Judai and Johan, the waiter leaves towards the kitchen.

Judai then speaks up curiously, "Johan, what did you say to the waiter?"

"You'll see" was Johan's only reply as he smiled.

Judai cocked his head in confusion, but quickly forgot the whole thing as he continued to stuff his face.

The waiter then came back with a plateful of pancakes. "Your pancakes sir." He says before placing a plate of steaming pancakes with blue berries sprinkled on them. "Also syrup and butter. If there is anything else you require sir, please do not hesitate to ask." And with another bow, the waiter leaves again for the kitchen.

Johan starts pouring syrup on his pancakes with some bites. Judai stared in awe at the steamy pancakes. They looked sooooooo good.

Johan sees Judai staring and he says, "Don't worry Judai, I ordered something good for you too."

Judai stares at Johan questioningly. "Well when is it coming?"

Johan turns around and sees the waiter come out of the kitchen. "Here it comes now."

The waiter once again came to their table and placed a dish with the metal covering over it. He pulled the covering off and stated at the same time, a bit proudly I might add, "Your Gourmet Triple Chocolate Devil's Food Cake sir. With a side of strawberries and vanilla frosting."

(Devil's Food Cake is REALLY chocolaty cake, said to be so good that it's a sin to eat it. Hence the name Devil.)

Judai stared in awe once again, as drool hanged out on one side of his mouth. Half of the people in the restaurant also stared in awe at the god like cake set before Judai.

Johan grinned widely as he started speaking. "I felt bad for making you hide in the morning. And I know how much you love chocolate. So I ordered the cake for you."

"Arigato Johan!" Judai screamed happily as he wrapped his arms around his neck. "You're the best boyfriend ever!"

Johan smiled at Judai's comment before talking again. "Yea, yea, hurry up and eat your cake Judai."

Judai nodded eagerly before jumping back into his seat and grabbing his fork, savoring the site of his delicate dessert.

Just then Johan hears a familiar voice yelling. "Crikey! What do you mean Shirl can't come in!"

"I'm sorry sir, but we can't allow an alligator in the restaurant."

"She's not an alligator! She's a crocodile! She has a distinct bite pattern!"

Johan sees Jim. 'Shit! I hope he doesn't come over here!' Unfortunately Johan jinxes it, cuz Jim spots Johan and starts walking over.

"Judai quick hide under the table!" Johan whispers harshly and quickly while grabbing Judai and forcing him under the table just when Judai was about to take a bite of cake.

"But my cake…." Judai whined.

"Shhhhhhh…" Johan quieted Judai.

"Hmph" Judai pouted as he agreed.

"Oi! Johan!" Jim called.

"What Jim?" Johan asked nervously as he comes back to the top of the table.

"Nothing mate, can't believe these blokes." All of a sudden, Jim notices Shirley twitching, she's trying to get at something under the table. Jim made a mental note of this before he continues. "Where's your guest that you told me about earlier?"

"Oh, uh, he left already." Johan lied plainly.

"Really? Well, I'm gonna leave now. We aren't welcome it seems." Just as he turned around, Shirley bites down and swallows Judai's cake.

"Wah!" Johan screams while reaching towards Shirley.

"Oh sorry about that mate, she hasn't had anything good to eat for awhile." Jim walks off when he suddenly stops and turns towards Johan. "And Johan."

"Yeah?" Johan looked up curiously from where he was staring at the empty platter that had vanilla frosting on it.

"You can tell Judai to come out from under the table." Jim walks out after he finishes.

Johan sweat drops. 'Damn… he figured it out.'

Just then Judai comes back up from under the table and stares at the empty platter. He faces Johan with an innocent face when he asks, "Johan? Where's my cake?"

"Eh.. well" Johan began saying nervously while rubbing the back of his head. "It's actually a funny story."


Back in Johan's room.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" sobbed Judai. "Johan no baka!!!" (Johan's an idiot)

"Judai, it's not my fault I said I was sorry" Said Johan trying to calm Judai down.

"Waaah!!! Baka baka, Johan no baka!!!!" whined Judai.

"Judai please, calm down."

Judai stops sniffling for a moment when he turns to Johan and says grimly, "Because I didn't get to eat the cake, I won't let you cuddle with me when we sleep tonight." Judai then continued crying.

"What?!" Johan screamed in absolute shock. He was just denied his safe haven, cuddling with his little angel, he couldn't sleep without him.

"Judai no! anything but that! Please I'll do anything."

Judai stopped sniffing for a moment and turn towards Johan while he speaks in a soft voice. "Anything?"

Johan didn't like where this was going, but he would do anything to be able to cuddle with Judai when they sleep. "Yes, anything…" Johan says a bit depressed.

Just then Judai grins mischievously as the evil glint comes back in his eye. Johan watches curiously as Judai digs into the suitcase and unzips the compartment. Judai grabs from it and pulls it out.

Johan sees it. "No…" he speaks quietly. He backs away in shock. "No…" he said again in denial. He took 5 staggering steps backwards as he hits the wall and breaks a lamp by knocking it to the floor. "No! Not that! How can it be! I thought I left it at Duel Academy! I thought it was out of my life!"

Judai creeps closer with it, an evil smile still etched itself on his face. He let's out a maniacal laughter, "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Johan let out one last scream, one that was heard all over the ship, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


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