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Chapter 15- Evidence of a Relationship

"WHOA! IT'S A CASTLE!!!" Judai stared in awe at his future school. As he said it was a large castle, walls surrounding it, with a large wooden gate in the front. The stone was white and seemed to shine as the sun's light hit it. The roofs were a dark green, several towers extending from the buildings. At the entrance of the castle, there was a large stained glass window of a dragon. He would've thought he was in medieval times, if it weren't for the electric lights and cars coming in and out of the parking lot.

Johan sighed as he shook his head. "Judai, aren't you used to huge buildings yet? You are a noble now… Everything you'll be walking in is a huge building."

Judai pouted. "Well I only recently discovered I was a noble! And I've never seen such huge building before! You should be able to understand that better than anyone els—

Judai froze again. He closed his eyes in frustration as a vein was noticeable on his forehead. The brunette quickly turned his head around and gave Johan a heated gaze.

"Ehehe… Gomen Ju-chan, I couldn't resist" Johan said sweat dropping as he continued fondling his ass.

Judai quickly grabbed Johan's wrist then threw it away from him. He raised his head in the air as he "Hmphed!" and continued walking away.

"Aw come on Ju-chan! I said I was sorry!" Johan pleaded as he followed Judai.

Suddenly a loud scream was heard as they got on campus. "MR. ANDERSEN!!! MR. ANDERSEN!!!" in a matter of seconds, a flood of fan girls quickly surrounded Johan, shoving Judai into Johan during the process. "WELCOME BACK MR. ANDERSEN!"

Johan sweat dropped as he attempted to push away girls crowding around him. "Ehehe… Okay girls… I get it… can you gimme some space now?"

Judai was being crushed to death, he couldn't breathe. He used the last of his breath to relay one final message. "DAMN IT! GIVE US SOME SPACE ALREADY!"

The girls froze and slowly backed up, forming about a 10ft circle around them. Johan sighed in relief when suddenly he noticed Judai lying on the ground. "Ah! Judai! Are you alright?!" Johan quickly went over to the figure lying on the ground. Slowly, he put his arm under his back, his hand supporting his neck and head. He lifted him just slightly above the ground to make eye contact. "Judai, are you alright?"

The brunette's eyes opened slowly as a small smile came on his face. "I'm okay Johan-kun…"

"Johan-kun?!" The girls said loudly. They started talking amongst themselves as Judai sat up. He and Johan stared at the girls curiously, when one started walking up. "Ummm, excuse me… But who are you?"

Judai cocked his head in confusion innocently as he pointed a finger at himself. "Me?"

The girls all screamed suddenly. "OH MY GOD! SOOOOOO CUTE!!! AS CUTE AS MR. ANDERSEN!!!"

Judai sweat dropped as he watched the girls all stare lovingly and jumping around and making "heart" signs. The brunette quickly leaned back and placed his hand between his mouth and Johan's ear. "Hey… Are they always this crazy?" Judai whispered.

"Unfortunately… Yea…" Johan replied in denial.

Judai sighed when suddenly another girl walked up. "Well, may we ask your name and your relation with our Mr. Andersen?"

Judai started replying, "Our?" Judai was about to continue speaking when suddenly Johan covered Judai's mouth with his hand.

The bluenette started speaking. "This is Judai Yuki, he was the number one duelist at Duel Academy as well as my best friend."

All the girls' eyes widened. "Oooooooooooo" they all said in unison. "So that's Judai Yuki?" asked a girl.

"Yup" said Johan with a smile.

"AAAAAAAAAH!!! HE'S CUTER THAN WHAT WE WERE TOLD!" they all screamed in unison.

"Nani?!" Judai blurted out when the oncoming flood approached rapidly. "Kuso!" Judai cursed under his breath as he braced for the impact.

"Judai! let's get out of here!" Johan yelled. The European boy quickly picked up Judai bridal style as he jumped passed the crowd and broke through.

The girls froze and turned around slowly. Once they saw Johan holding Judai bridal style, they quickly started talking amongst themselves again. "What?! Why is Mr. Andersen holding Mr. Yuki like that?!"

"I don't know why! But it's cute!"

"Anyone know?!"

"Well, I wasn't sure, but I heard a rumor that Mr. Andersen is gay."

"What?! That can't be!"

"Yea! He can't be gay!"

"Who told you that anyway?!"


"The president of the club?! Well… that would explain why she's acting crazy right now…"

"Well, he doesn't have to be gay, he could just have a crush on Mr. Yuki, I mean come on. Who wouldn't?! He's so damn cute that I think it's illegal!"

"Aaaaah… so true…"

"Actually I heard he's going out with him too!"

"What?! Really?!"

"Well there's only one way to find out!"

The girls suddenly all turned around at once. Johan was just putting Judai down. "Are you alright Ju-chan?"

"Yea, Arigato Jo-kun!" Judai smiled warmly.

"Hey! Mr. Andersen! Mr. Yuki!"

Johan and Judai turned to face them, a curious look on their faces. "What?"

"Uh… you guys are just best friends right? You're not in any kind of romantic relationship?" They asked curiously. Their eyes were fixed upon the two best duelists at their school, awaiting their answer.

Judai and Johan glanced at each other. They smiled. "Judai-chan, wanna show them?"

"Okay!" Judai said cheerfully.

In sync, and as if reading each other's minds, they each showed their matching silver diamond rings on their right hands.

The girls' eyes widened in shock. "R-r-rings?!"

"Oh my god! They're married!"

Judai and Johan sweat dropped.

Someone appeared behind the girl and smacked her. "No you idiot! They're going steady! It's on the right hand!"

They started to chat amongst themselves. "Omg! Mr. Andersen really is gay!"

"No it can't be! My dreams are over!"

"Your dream? Excuse me? Your dreams don't count! My dreams have fallen, grieve for me!"

"Wait guys hold on, it could be a phase or something…"

"What are you nuts?! They're wearing REAL silver rings!"

"Well we don't have proof that he's gay! He might just be trying to get us to stop ogling him and his cute friend!"

"Wait… you actually have a point…"

"Yea remember what happened last year?"

"Yea… he jumped into traffic and got hit by a car just to escape us…"

"He even put out individual restraining orders…"

"Well they gave in since his lawyer can't handle all 56 of ours"

They nodded in confirmation. "We don't believe you guys are going out! We think you guys are just trying to stop us from being what we are! Hyperactive, caffeine-injected, energetic, devoted fan-girls!" Suddenly, the girls broke into applause.

"Well said!"

"Good show!"

"That should teach them!"

"Fan girl Pride!"


Judai and Johan sighed. "Well we gotta show them Judai-chan!" Johan said mischievously.

"Oh no. You're not gonna use this as an excuse to do something perverted. Just hug and cuddle, that should satisfy them."

Johan grumbled. "Fine…" The bluenette turned towards the girls again. "Watch!" Johan quickly pulled Judai into an embrace. The brunette snuggled into his chest and closed his eyes in content. Johan rested his chin upon Judai's crown, then buried his face into his soft brown hair.

"So cute!" they heard some girls say.

"Oh my god! They could be going out!"

"Shush! That proves nothing! It's only an embrace, friends hug all the time!" The leader of the group directed at them.

Judai sighed as he pulled away. "Well I guess we have to kiss…"

Johan stared at Judai quizzically. "You make it sound like it's a bad thing…"

"Well it is when we're force to prove something!"

"I guess you're right…"

Judai leaned in slowly as did Johan until their lips met in a quick chaste kiss. Then they pulled away. They heard screaming shortly after.


"They actually kissed!"

"That proves it!"

The leader's eyebrow twitched as she turned towards them. "SHUTUP!" She quickly turned back to Judai and Johan. "THAT WAS NOTHING! IT WAS ONLY A 3 SECOND PECK!"

"Damn, you're hard to satisfy…" Johan muttered. "Oh well… Judai you ready?"

"Wuh? What are y—Mmph!"

Judai was interrupted as Johan pulled him into a lip lock. Johan's tongue dove right in. The brunette was shocked, but slowly it all sank in as his body relaxed. He wrapped hia arms around the bluenette's hair as Johan did the same. Pulling them both together, they deepened the kiss as they closed their eyes. Their tongues started fighting over dominance. As usual, Johan won and Judai settled as the European's tongue reached around, mapping out his lover's mouth. They finally pulled away slowly, panting heavily, as saliva was hanging between their mouths.

Johan wondered why it was so quiet. He quickly raised his sleeve to his mouth as he wiped it clean and quickly faced back at the girls. He jumped a bit when he noticed their condition. Most of them were staring wide eyed. Some of the ones staring had blood streaming from their noses. Some actually lost so much blood that they lost consciousness. Some already fainted straight away, seeing their lips come within contact. Without warning, the girls suddenly broke into a panic.






"SILENCE!" screamed the leader fan girl. "THAT PROVES NOTHING! NOTHING I SAY!" She quickly spun around, her face filled with frustration and grief. "I WANT MORE PROOF!"

Judai sighed before he yelled out. "What the hell do you want from us?! To have sex right here on campus?!"

"I don't mind…" Johan said while grinning. "Come on Ju-chan! We need to show them proof of our love!" The bluenette quickly went behind Judai as he stuck is hand up his shirt.

Judai sighed again as he quickly elbowed Johan's head.

"Ow! Judai! What was that for?!"

"You know very well what that was for! Show them we're going out, WITHOUT fucking me!" Judai screamed.

Johan sighed as he concluded, "Fine…" He suddenly grabbed Judai's wrist as he pulled him closer to the leader fan girl.

"Johan, what are you—

"Shhh… just be quiet, I won't be raping you…"

Judai agreed reluctantly as Johan placed Judai right in front of the fan girl. Suddenly, Johan grabbed the collar of Judai's shirt and pulled it a bit to reveal a section of Judai's shoulder. Right along the collar bone, was a small dark spot…

There was silence for about 5 min, until a girl decided to break it. "OH MY GOD! A HICKEY!"

The rest of the girls fainted with the exception of the leader. Who seemed to have froze on that exact spot.

"J-Johan! When the hell did you give me that hickey?!" Judai stammered loudly as a blush planted itself on his face.

"Well, you were a bit preoccupied, with me penetrating you and you moaning loudly." Johan said while grinning widely.

Judai blushed again. "Sh-Shutup Johan!"

Johan just laughed as he snuck up behind Judai. "But you seemed to be enjoying it… And that face you made…" Johan slid his hand into Judai's pants. Judai gasped and started moaning. "Ah, yes… that face, I love it…"

Johan let go, and just as he did, Judai slid back into reality. "J-Johan! You'll pay for that!"

The bluenette just laughed as he ran, away from his brunette boyfriend, who had his fist raised in the, a frustrated expression on his face, as well as a deep red blush. They ran faster, past a tree.

"Catch me if you can Judai-chan!" Johan teased.

"Y-you jackass!" Judai yelled.

When they were far enough, a familiar stuck-up blonde girl stepped out from behind the tree. Her blue eyes filled with anger. 'How dare he…'


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