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- - -

Shiz University's was always teeming with students, of whom piled up at the elongated, metal tables faced in rows adjacent to the buckets of food, or the hoards that stood in groups, or the lines of those whose hunger induced impatience. Galinda enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria, as it combined two of her favourite elements of Shiz life. All of these students who knew her name- and this was many a diverse amount- and admired her illustrious goodness made sure to say a few words in passing, be it gossip tidings or greeting. The scent of freshly concocted cuisine wafted in through the breeze of an open door, the flavours seeping into her nostrils and awakening her mind to the concept of lunching.

The cafeteria was positively buzzing at noon, those who were gathering a gaggle of other peers to stop by a pub in town even visited to recruit company, others remaining long enough to retrieve their lunch and latest student body news. The noise they created gave the impression of twice as many sitting down to their meal than there literally was, that is, is ones ears ached, and Elphaba somehow managed to reserve an entire half a table to herself.

"Why, Miss Elphaba, I do believe you are gobbling that soup," remarked Galinda, gripping her tray with dainty hands, peering down at her roommate with a feigned concern.

Elphaba stopped hunching over her bowl to look up at Galinda, amused at their perfect eye-level, courtesy of Galinda's suffering stature. "I believe the preferable term would be scarfing," she corrected politely, decidedly slowing down the furious pace of her spoon, "as opposed to comparing me to a turkey."

"I thought scarfing would be those hideous things you attach on your head," the blonde giggled impertinently, already accustom to Elphaba's indifference. Their rooms had been one for a semester now, and they were on speaking terms despite their dislike for one another, finding means of defence to the other's jibes.

Elphaba restrained herself from mentioning that both gobbling and scarfing were features Galinda performed on various male students at Shiz, but snickered to herself instead. "Oh, and now you've gone and ruined your lunch," Galinda sighed disdainfully; referring to what she thought was a sneeze from the green girl.

Elphaba blew gently over her tin teacup before taking a small sip. "I believe it would be you who is to blame for that," the green girl smiled sweetly. "In fact, your staying any longer that it takes me to inform you would put off my appetite for this evening's dinner, and perhaps all the way to tea on the morrow."

Glinda huffed. "If you don't want me around, then fine," she stomped her foot, whirling around to join her clique of prudes, who were eagerly awaiting the blonde, and whatever gossip she would offer.

However, Elphaba finished her soup at a pace much slower than when she began, forgetting that essay that was cause for her initially fervid rate of consumption. After all, she could potentially scald her throat, or, on the off chance, even choke to death- and then who would be around to bother Miss Galinda in that painfully precise way she did?

- - -

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