This is my all new Code Lyoko story en-titled I'm in love with a Cat; featuring Yumi, Ulrich, Aelita, Odd, Jeremy, and Kimberly Starr.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Lyoko which is why if by the end of the last episode Ulrich and Yumi don't get together. I will personally hunt the creators down, and threaten them until they do get them together.

Chapter one

Ulrich's only favorite relative

Ulrich Stern walked into the cafeteria with a huge grin on his face. He came over to his friends Jeremy, Odd, and Aelita.

"Why are you so happy?" asked Odd. "Did you and Yumi finally confess your feelings for one another?"

"What feelings?" asked, Ulrich

"Never-mind!" said Odd rolling his eyes

"Anyway! My favorite cousin Kimberly is coming to visit." Said Ulrich gleaming.

"You have a favorite cousin?" asked Jeremy

"Yeah she's my moms family and she and her parents are the only once that make me feel that I can be myself around them."

"What does she look like?" asked Aelita, and Ulrich pulled out a picture from his pocket.

"That's her and me on a beach we're about 10." He said pointing to a girl bieng given a piggy-back ride by a 10 year old Ulrich

"Oh aren't you two cute." Said Yumi, who had just arrived. Her comment made Ulrich blush.

"So this is the Kimberly you told me about?" asked Yumi,

"Yeah. The only thing that stinks is that she lives in America."

"So she's like 2-3 years younger than us?" asked Aelita.

"Actually she's about two months older than I am. She was always very small, but her giant brain compensates for it."

"Another Einstein. Maybe we should putt her in the group as well." Said Odd.

"Will see. So when is she arriving?" asked Jeremy.

"Some time today." Replied Ulrich. "I can't wait to see her. She's coming here as a student you know, and her parents already enlisted her as a border."

"Wait what did you say her last name was?" asked Jeremy.

"I didn't, but her last name is Starr S-T-A-R-R."

Jeremy nodded and began to type on his laptop.

"Ah ha! You forgot to mention that your cousin had won 2 Nobel prizes and she's only 15."

"What can I say I don't like to brag." Said Ulrich as Jim walked in.

"Stern!" said Jim and Ulrich walked over. Next to Jim stood a girl about 5'2" She had brown hair and sparkling green eyes. She was wearing a blue tank-top and jeans. She also had a Yin-Yang necklace and a back-pack. "This girl here says she knows you. So you will be responsible for her. She has her room and schedule with her." Said Jim and left.

"Ulrich." Said the girl and gave him a huge hug.

"Kim I missed you too, but… I…cant…breath." Said Ulrich and the girl let go.

"Sorry. Hey who was that Jim guy?" asked Kim.

"Oh he is the gym teacher." Said Ulrich. "Come on I want you to meet my friends."

They came over to the other as Kim adjusted her back-pack..

"Ok Kim. This is my friend and room-mate Odd, That's Jeremy, Aelita, and Yumi." Said Ulrich.

" I finally get to meet the famous Yumi Ulrich talks non-stop about." Said Kimberly making Ulrich's face turn a deep red. "It's nice to meet all of you. Do you guys want to come and see my room?"

"yeah, sure, why not." They all said and followed her out.

"That girl better not get to close to my Ulrich." Said Sissy as the gang exited the caf.

"Kim my parents never did tell me why you all of a sudden decided to come to Kadiac." Said Ulrich

"Technically I'm not supposed to tell you, but…Your Dad thought that if I came to Kadiac I could whip you into shape and keep you away from your friends or as he calls him adolescent delinquents, however I see no point in doing that if their anything like what you told me."

"Well never the less I'm glad you're here."

They entered Kimberly's room to find it bizarrely big.

"this is a nice room. I can't wait to see it when it's all finished." Said Yumi looking at the bare walls and bed.

And after a little while they went back to the cafeteria.

They decided t spend the last 15 minutes talking about random non X.a.n.a related stuff when Sissy came over.

"Oh Ulrich dear. Can we talk for a minute?"

"So this is the in-famous Sissy. Your right Ulrich she does resemble a blood sulking leech." Said Kimberly and everyone let out a huge laugh.

"Listen New girl. Ulrich is mine. So stay away or I'll make you pay." Said Sissy.

Kim gave her a strange look before she burst into laughter again.

"Boy when you said she was as dumb as a door nail you weren't kidding."

Sissy gave an angry puff, and left.

"I wonder how long it will take her to realize that you two are related?" said Aelita.

"Probably a year or two." Said Jeremy.

The bell rang. They said good-bye to Yumi and headed to science.

Mrs. Hertz made notice of Kimberly as soon as she walked through the door.

"Everyone please welcome our new student Kimberly Starr." Said Mrs. Hertz, as Kim sat down next to Ulrich. "Um, by any chance are you the genius child?"

"Um...Yeah." said Kimberly,

"Then why are you in school honey if you finished school seven years ago at the age of 8?"

"Well I had nothing better to do, I mean after I hacked into area 51 and the C.I.A I for the billionth time I figured why not try school." Mrs. Hertz and Jeremy gave a small laugh and she started teaching.

At the end of class they went to math. Where Kimberly managed to explain to the teach that her formula was in-corrects.

After that class they headed to history, and again Kimberly was introduced to the class.

This time Kimberly sat with Jeremy.

"So Kim I was hoping if during lunch you could come to my dorm. There is something, I'm hoping you will be able to help me with." Said Jeremy.

"Sure Jeremy no problem." Said Kimberly.

"Miss. Starr since you feel like you don't have to pay attention, you can tell us who discovered King Tut."

"Ok." said Kim with out a worry. " King Tut was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, and the expedition which lead to the discovery of kind Tut was funded by Lord Canaravan." said Kimberly making the others stare in amazement.

"Yes...well…um…carry on." said the teacher and continued.

"Wow." said Jeremy.

"Please, I spent my free time learning about ancient Egypt." Said Kimberly as the bell rang.

They went to the cafeteria where they met up with Yumi.

"Hey! How was history?" asked Yumi as they took a seat.

"It was boring except when Kim totally outsmarted the teacher." Said Odd.

"He asked me a very easy question, that's all." Said Kim

"Anyway. I invited Kim to my dorm for lunch to tell her about our little computer problem." Said Jeremy.

"Jeremy would you like me to come?" asked Aelita. Jeremy was about to say no, but Kim cut him off.

"Of course you should come." Said Kimberly and the three left.

Jeremy's Dorm

"Nice room, but where did you get the poster?" asked Kim

"Internet!" replied the blonde boy.

Aelita and Kim sat down on Jeremy's bed while Jeremy sat on his chair.

"So what is this all about?" asked Kimberly.

"Well about a year or two ago I discovered an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city, and in it I found a super computer. X.a.n.a, and Lyoko."

"There he also found me, and after a while brought me back to earth, and I realized that my dad made all of it, and Ulrich Yumi, and Odd help me de-activate towers when X.a.n.a. lunches an attack." Said Aelita

"Looks to me like you have it all worked out. What do you need me for?" asked Kim.

"See a child at this school joined us and was possessed by X.a.n.a and I haven't been able to free him or find Aelita's dad Franz Hopper, or…"

"Wait Franz Hopper, who mysteriously disappeared like 10 years ago."

"Yeah, and we would prove it to you as soon as…" but Aelita did not get to finish because Jeremy's Computer started beeping. He picked it up and looked at the screen.

"well here is our chance. Lets head over to the factory, and I'll call the others." Said Jeremy and putt the laptop away. He then picked up his phone and dialed some number. "Hey Yumi, are Odd, and Ulrich with you……Good tell them to meet us at the factory. He's lunched an attack." Finished Jeremy and hung up.

They then left the building and went down into the sewers.

Well that's it for now…Don't you just love cliff hangers. I know I do. 