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Itachi was wandering aroud the hideout and, since he was blind, walked into a dark and weird room. He felt around to find something to grab onto. He eventually found a chair and sat down.

Know your Akatuski...

Know your Akatuski...

Know your Akatsuki...

"Who's there? Kisame? Is that you?" 'Tachi said as he felt the air in front of him.

Itachi Uchiha...


...has a little brother named Sasuke!!

"So what?"

Itachi Uchiha...

...wishes that Deidara would give him a blow job with one of his hand-mouths!!

"...no I don't..." Itachi said, secretly having perverted thought about the subject.

Itachi Uchiha...

...thinks that the show 'Dragon Ball Z' is a show about male genitalia!!

"What the hell is 'Dragon Ball Z'?!" Itachi yelled

Who's a perverted little man? You are! Yes you are!!

"I hate you...alot..."

Itachi Uchiha...

...is not smarter than my pet hazelnut!!


Itachi Uchiha...

...is a toad licker!!

"No I'm not..."

Its okay Itachi, everybody knows about it...admitting it is the first step to recovery.

"I don't lick toads."

Itachi Uchiha...

...has man-boobs!!!


What size bra do you take? DD? DDDDDDD? DDDDXLXLXLDDDDDDDDDDDDD???


Itachi Uchiha...

...is in love with the McDonalds girl!!

"Are you talking about the little pink bitch in the hidden leaf?"

...You are in love with the McDonalds girl!! She has a smile of innocence...oh so tender and warm...

"What the fuck are you talking about?!"

...Ohhh you are in love with the McDonalds girl...She is an angel in a poyester uniform...

"I wanna kill that pink whore..." Itachi then fell asleep on the chair.

...Hey, hey you!! Man-lady!! WAKE UP!!


...Itachi Uchiha...

...Is a dick sucking, ass licking, carpet munching, tit eating, bobby brown impersanating, Sasuke worshiping, Kisame loving, snickers stealing son of a whore who had too many drinks one night and had sex with the ugliest, fattest jack ass who ever lived and went home with him and woke up the next morning and went 'OH FUCK!! RAPHIEL!! I'M FUCKIN' PREGNANT WITH THE UGLIEST MAN WHORE WHO WILL EVER LIVE!!"

Itachi then snapped up and turned off the voice recorder he had in his hand.




...what will mother think?! I CAN'T GET MAN-PRAGNANT!!

"And I'll show this to the whole Aka-"

And Itachi was never seen again...