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I stand on the stage, and I can't hear anything. I feel as if I'm about to faint. Why did I think I could do this?
Oh God. They will all be so disappointed in me. I can see their faces, see how they will look at me. But now that I look closer, they aren't very disappointed. No one expects much of me, anyway. But why shouldn't they? I got myself here; Ann Bradshaw, scholarship student, butt of all of the jokes got herself here, with only her voice.

My fellow Merry Maidens are beginning to stare at me, their eyes piercing. I should've come in just a second ago. For a moment, I panic. My head turns slightly to the side, my eyes gliding over the crowd, and a bright smile catches my attention. Charlie Smalls is grinning at me from the side of the stage, and his mouth forms the words, "Go on, Ann."

Part of me feels like I could cry. But I have worked for this. I can do it. My mouth opens, and the song, the song that lives inside me, the song that lives inside all the others, the Song that is truly Ann, emerges, and I have never felt anything like this. I can fly, if I try hard enough, here and now. I can fly on the wings of Charlie's smile, and on the wings of my Song.

A/N- So. This is one of my new favorite pairings, and I decided I would write a drabble on them. This came out, and it wasn't exactly what I pictured, so I said to myself- I will do a series of CharliexAnn drabbles! And here is the first installment. I hope you enjoy.

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