By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Mmmm...sugar cookies. Aren't they the most delicious treats ever? (sighs heavenly) Well, here's always the irresistible vanilla cake, and of course, the gingerbread cookies, the vanilla cupcakes, the... I'm going too far. Anyway, here's a story about everyone's favorite three cute Smashers (no, not THOSE Smashers... stupid fangirls), and their epic yet cute battle...for the tray of delicious sugar cookies. Read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Nintendo.


Yoshi, Pikachu, and Kirby were all great friends. They treated each other fairly, and they all lived together in harmony at the Super Smash brothers Mansion. They loved desserts, especially Dr. Mario's homemade sugar cookies.

The three friendly Smashers, however, became competitive with each other as soon as they saw the delicious, sugar-coated cookies. The warm, soft and crunchy taste of the delicate cookies.

Yoshi licked his lips with his tongue. Kirby's mouth watered faster than Princess Peach could out-fart Wario. Pikachu's cheeks turned brightly red as he rubbed his stomach. All of the three hungry Smashers' stomachs growled in unison, all of them determined to get their hands on the plate of sugar cookies.

But they all knew that they would have to fight to get to the tray of sugar cookies. And they all knew that only one of them would be superior.

Pikachu attempted to crawl towards the tray, but he was attacked by Kirby from a slide kick. Yoshi grinned, and he grabbed the tray with his long red tongue, but Pikachu electrocuted him. As Kirby inhaled the tray of sugar cookies, he was whacked by both yoshi and Pikachu, with yoshi kicking Pikachu several times and then grabbing the tray of sugar cookies. The green Yoshisaurus then started to run off to the western direction, with Kirby and Pikachu giving chase. Kirby inhaled both Yoshi and the tray of sugar cookies in, while Pikachu paralyzed Kirby and whacked the pink puffball across the hallway, forcing the tray of cookies to fall out. The yellow electrical mouse Pokemon giggled with glee, and it snatched the tray, running off to the eastern direction.

Pikachu turned to the right, and he then bumped into Mario. Mario rubbed his head, and he was tackled by Yoshi and Kirby, who wrestled each other for the cookies. Kirby kicked the tray upward, and the sugar cookies went flying. Yoshi, Pikachu, and Kirby all screamed, and they tried to catch as many sugar cookies as possible. It was then that Kirby inhaled the sugar cookies Yoshi and Pikachu caught, smiling as he swallowed them all in in one gulp. Yoshi and Pikachu's jaws dropped in disbelief, and the two animal Smashers screamed with rage, and they both resulted in beating up Kirby together. Nearby, Waluigi and Toad poked their heads, to see the fighting scene.

It was then that Bowser walked by and stopped the three Smashers from bating each other up. Yoshi and Pikachu explained why they were fighting, and Bowser glared angrily at Kirby, who frowned. Bowser snatched the remaining sugar cookies from Kirby, and he divided them, handing one pack to yoshi and the other pack to Pikachu. Yoshi and Pikachu both looked at each other, smiled, and they thanked Bowser, who only said they were welcome and walked off. Yoshi and Pikachu then headed off together in the hallway down the southern direction, eating their share of the delicious sugar cookies, while Kirby shrugged, and he headed off for the kitchen, to grab some more delicious, sugary treats.


The End