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Bothering Snivellous

mouseboy27 has logged into Marauders' Chat

mouseboy27: cool it works

m00nyr0x has logged onto Marauders' Chat

m00nyr0x: Of course it works, Peter.

mouseboy27: how do u know my name?!

m00nyr0x: It's Remus, Peter.

mouseboy27: oooohhhh…

evanslover has logged onto the Marauders' Chat

evanslover: yo!

m00nyr0x: Hey, Prongs.

mouseboy27: hi.

evanslover: Moony, what's with your username?

m00nyr0x: What?

evanslover: m00nyr0x. Don't tell me you came up with that on your own.

m00nyr0x: Sirius made it for me. He chose the name. Speaking of which, where is Sirius?

mouseboy27: dunno.

evanslover: yeah, me neither.

m00nyr0x: suspicious…

siriusisdabomb has logged onto Marauders' Chat

siriusisdabomb: what up, homies?

m00nyr0x: …

evanslover: …

mouseboy27: hi padft.

siriusisdabomb: HEY! You guys were talking about me!!!

m00nyr0x: What have you been up too?

siriusisdabomb: nothing 0:-)

evanslover: nice use of smileys.

siriusisdabomb: thanks, Prongs.

evanslover: where were you anyway?

siriusisdabomb: oh. nowhere and everywhere. 0:-)

mouseboy27: ur a bad liar.

siriusisdabomb: and you're bad at spelling, so?

mouseboy27: no! I use IM spelling.

m00nyr0x: If it isn't in a book, I don't care.


evanslover: ha ha ha. more smileys.

m00nyr0x: Sirius, where were you?

siriusisdabomb: Okay, fine. I'll tell you. I was hacking Snivellous' computer.

evanslover: Whoa. What did you do?

siriusisdabomb: Let's just say…

sectumsempra has logged onto Marauders' Chat

sectumsempra: wait… WHAT??

siriusisdabomb: Welcome, Snivellous, to the worst IM experience of your life! Mua ha ha!!!

sectumsempra: BLACK! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????

siriusisdabomb: he he he. nothing. 0:-)

evanslover: nice!! – virtual highfive –

m00nyr0x: Ha. I have to say, well done.

mouseboy27: LOL

sectumsempra: I hate you people.

siriusisdabomb: Aww… we hate you too Snivellous! – group hug–

sectumsempra: What the bloody hell???

evanslover: O-O

m00nyr0x: uh…

siriusisdabomb: I was joking!

evanslover: Okay?

sectumsempra: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

siriusisdabomb: never.

sectumsempra: Oh, you're lucky I can't jinx you right now, Black.

siriusisdabomb: Oh! You think you can take me, Snivellous? Hmm? Let's go!

m00nyr0x: are they going to start a virtual battle?

evanslover: most definitely.

mouseboy27: cool.

sectumsempra: YOU'RE ON, BLACK!!!

siriusisabomb: Let's take this outside. I challenge you to…. VIRTUAL WIZARDS' CHESS!!!!

sectumsempra had logged off

siriusisdabomb has logged off

m00nyr0x: wow.

evanslover: give it a minute.

mouseboy27: hey, what did you put for question number 23 on the Potions homework?

m00nyr0x: Easy. What is the easiest way to cure a poison? A bezoar.

mouseboy27: oh… right.

evanslover: really? be right back.

mouseboy27: that's BRB!!!

evanslover: whatever.

m00nyr0x: Prongs, you really ought to pay more attention in Potions. it's your worst subject.

evanslover: erm…

m00nyr0x: Yeah, I know Lily sits in front of you, but that is no excuse.

evanslover: ...

siriusisdabomb has logged onto Marauders' Chat

sectumsempra has logged onto Marauders' Chat

mouseboy27: so?

sectumsempra: uh.

siriusisdabomb: I beat the pants off of Snivellous.

evanslover: okay… bad mental image.

sectumsempra: you'll pay for that, Black.

siriusisdabomb: you say that for everything.

m00nyr0x: you have a point.

evanslover: I'm bored!

siriusisdabomb: – lightbulb –

m00nyr0x: uh oh.

sectumsempra: Should I be scared?

m00nyr0x: very.

siriusisdabomb: – virtual bother –

sectumsempra: uh…

evanslover: – virtual bother –

m00nyr0x: may I suggest you run, far… fast…

siriusisdabomb: – virtual bother –

evanslover: – virtual bother –

siriusisdabomb: – virtual bother –

sectumsempra: AH! STOP!

evanslover: – virtual bother –

siriusisdabomb: – virtual bother –

mousboy27: ROFTMAO

siriusisdabomb: – virtual bother –

evanslover: – virtual bother –

sectumsempra: GOODBYE!

sectumsempra has logged off

siriusisdabomb: aw man! I was having fun!

evanslover: same here.

m00nyr0x: well, I'm off to bed

mouseboy27: same here.

evanslover: yeah, might as well.

siriusisdabomb: sure, fine.

m00nyr0x has logged off

mouseboy27 has logged off

evanslover has logged off

siriusisdabomb: you know, I think the readers feel a little left out.

siriusisdabomb: – virtual bother –

siriusisdabomb: hee hee hee.

siriusisdabomb has logged off