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Since When Do House Elves Make Pizza?

SIRIUSsatelliteradio has come running onto Marauders' Chat

m00nyr0x officially thinks Padfoot has gone off the deep end on Marauders' Chat

evanslover would like to inquire Padfoot's strange behavior on Marauders' Chat

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: Okay. Please tell me that they're gone.

m00nyr0x: Who?

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: Those freaky fifth years, Maddy Nox and Cara Groglio, and Snivellous and Zac Effron!!

evanslover: …uh… Padfoot, what are you talking about?

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: You don't remember? You know, the two fifth years who wanted your Invisibility Cloak to pull pranks on some guy named Benny Jets?!

m00nyr0x: Um, Padfoot, are you referring to the muggle song "Benny and the Jets" by any chance?

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: What? NO! There was this girl who stole Prongs' cloak! Wait! She was a fifth year Gryffindor prefect!! You MUST know her!!

m00nyr0x: Padfoot, they are no fifth year Gryffindor prefects that go by the name of Maddy Nox.

evanslover: Yeah, and what fifth year would be able to steal MY Invisibility Cloak??

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: NOOOO! They were on here! On The Marauders' Chatroom of Complete Randomness!! And they kept saying that they were the authors or something!! And, and, she killed Peter!! But Peter was EVIIILLL!! And the other one, the Ravenclaw one, she killed me and Prongs but it ended up that we weren't dead but really just got our arses fried. And there were fangirls!! And then this guy named Zac Effron stole the fangirls and the cloak and Voldemort showed up and then Snivellous wanted Zac's signature and we found him by the Bo Tree!! WAIT! Why didn't it do the thing with Voldemort's name?! VOLDEMORT! VOOOLLDDDEEEMMOOOORRRTT!!

m00nyr0x: …

evanslover: Okay, Padfoot, deep breaths.

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: You all think I'm crazy! Don't you? DON'T YOU?! -twitch-

m00nyr0x: No, I think that you've either eaten my entire chocolate stash in one sitting again or you've had too much coffee this early in the morning.

evanslover: What about a tree?

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: I AM TOTALLY SANE!! The tree? Oh yes! The tree! Well, Dumbledore won the Bo Tree from the Buddha in poker and then swapped the Bo Tree with the Whomping Willow and then Voldy, Dumbly and the Buddha were all playing poker together and Voldy won and WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIIIEEE!!

m00nyr0x: … Not even an entire year's worth of chocolate can make you hallucinate THAT much.

evanslover: Padfoot, what the hell have you been eating?

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: NOTHING! But before the poker, Lily was there and Prongs and her were having a snog fest and Snape got all annoyed and there were these people, Fred and George I think, from the future and they had second Marauders' Map and-

m00nyr0x: PADFOOT! There is only one Marauders' Map.

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID WHEN THEY TOOK IT OUT!! …well, minus the PADFOOT! thing, but YEAH!

evanslover: Padfoot, I need you to calm down a bit here. What happened BEFORE these supposed fifth years showed up?

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: Hmm? Oh! Well, I was on here and it said Moony was on and I was talking to him and he didn't respond and- HEY! Why weren't you listening to me, Moony?!

m00nyr0x: Sorry, Padfoot, I fell asleep studying yesterday and I must have left my computer on. Sorry; I've been a bit spacey since, well, you know.

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: Okay... WAIT! The people, whatsherface Maddy and Cara! They knew about you and your werewolf-iness!! Maddy even talked about the full moon and-

evanslover: ANYWAY! What did you do after that, Padfoot?

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: I went down to the kitchens for a late night snack and got some pizza!

m00nyr0x: Since when do the house elves make pizza??

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: I dunno, but it was delicious! Fudge anchovy!

evanslover: … Did he just say…

m00nyr0x: I believe he did.

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: What? What's wrong with fudge anchovy pizza??

evanslover: Padfoot, even for you that's disgusting.

m00nyr0x: I guess that explains the hallucinations.


m00nyr0x: -sarcastic- Uh huh. Suuuure.

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: I'll prove it to you!! Zac Effron signed Snivellous' forehead!! The signature should still be there!!

evanslover: Who the bloody hell is Zac Effron??

m00nyr0x: I believe he's a muggle actor/singer.

SIRIUSsatelliteradio: EXACTLY!! And he signed Snivellous' forehead!!

m00nyr0x: Somehow, I find that hard to believe.

SIRIUSsatelliteradio has run off to find Snivellous

evanslover: Well there's something: Padfoot going to find Snivellous without a prank in mind.

m00nyr0x: Frankly, this whole thing is creepy. Let's hurry and follow him before he hurts someone or himself.

evanslover: Good idea.

m00nyr0x and evanslover have run off after SIRIUSsatelliteradio

lilyflower has arrived on Marauders' Chat

m00nyr0x will kill Padfoot next time he sees him on Marauders' Chat

evanslover rolls his eyes at Moony on Marauders' Chat

lilyflower: Um, am I asking for too much when I ask for an explanation as to why I saw Sirius chasing after Severus after Charms today screaming, "LET ME SEE YOUR FOREHEAD, DAMMIT!"

m00nyr0x: Argh.

evanslover: Well, let's just say that Sirius decided to eat fudge anchovy pizza at midnight yesterday and had strange dreams about fifth years, "Benny and the Jets", evil Peter, Sni-Snape wanting Zac Effron's signature and something or another related to Buddhism.

lilyflower: … Wow. I could only expect so much from Sirius. But I know that song! -sings- BuhBuhBuhBuh Bennie and the Jets. Oh but they're weird and they're wonderful. Oh Bennie she's really keen. She's got electric boots, a mohair suit. You know I read it in a magazine. Ah ha, BuhBuh Bennie and the Jets.

m00nyr0x: Yes, well…

lilyflower: -whispers to James- Why's Remus all annoyed?

evanslover: Oh. Moony's annoyed because Sirius threw a cake at him.

lilyflower: a…cake?

m00nyr0x: Yes. Carrot as a matter of fact.

lilyflower: Should I even ASK why he threw a CAKE at you?

m00nyr0x: I was trying to get him to stop chasing Snape who had run into the kitchens. He called me a traitor and tore through me into the kitchens. As I went in, I received a faceful of cake and Sirius laughed like a maniac and run away after Snape.

lilyflower: So… Sirius is still running after Snape?

evanslover: I'm afraid so. I guess we should-

m00nyr0x: No, Prongs, don't say it.

evanslover: -split up and look for clues.

m00nyr0x: Drat.

evanslover: Um. So… uh… who should… uh… go where?

m00nyr0x: I get it, Prongs. You and Lily go search together; I'll go by myself. I don't mind.

lilyflower: -blush-

evanslover: -blush- Uh, sure, Moony, if you want.

m00nyr0x: But if I find you two were in a broom closet doing God knows I don't want to know while I receive facefuls of cake and such, I will not be please.

lilyflower: -blushes and punches Remus on the arm-

evanslover: Aye aye, Messr. Moony!

m00nyr0x: -sigh- Sometimes…

evanslover: A hunting we shall go, a hunting we shall go. High-ho the dairy-o. A hunting we shall go…

lilyflower, evanslover and m00nyr0x have gone "a hunting".

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