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Chapter One

Joey was walking down the streets of Domino because he had no place to go. His father had left leaving him a note saying: "Take care of yourself and good-bye." No one not even his best friends knew about this because Joey was to damn embarrassed to let anyone know. He found food in the dumpsters behind the different restaurants and the grocery stores and he'd go to the nearest service station to get some water from the hose to drink. He'd go home to sleep and pray that no one noticed that he was living inside the empty house.

One day while he was walking to school he met up with Yugi, Tristan and Duke and they walked together to the school and when they got there they all went to the cafeteria to get something to eat but Joey lied and said "I already ate so I'm going to go to the library and get some of my homework done."

As he was walking to the library he didn't know that someone had been following him since he left home and as they watched him leave his friends and go sit in the library so that he wouldn't have to sit there watching them eat and not have any money to buy himself something to eat too. This person then went to find his hikari to tell him what he knows and maybe Ryou would know what to do.

As Bakura walked around the school looking for Ryou he soon found him talking to Malik and as Bakura went over to them he said "Ryou, I have to talk to you alone please."

Both Malik and Ryou was in shock that Bakura actually said please and so Ryou excused himself and he went over to where Bakura was and he asked "What do you want Kura?"

"What are we going to do about Wheeler?" Bakura asked him.

Ryou looked at Bakura as if he'd lost his mind and he said "Come again, what about Joey?"

"He's been living in that house alone and now when there isn't any food to eat and he has to go through dumpsters to eat out of and today he lied to his friends so that he wouldn't have to go to the cafeteria with them." Bakura told him.

Ryou then closed his eyes and he then said "We have to talk to him when he's alone and find out what's going on."

Bakura then smiled at Ryou and he said "I'll have him here after school and then you can talk to him." Ryou smiled and then he looked around so that no one could see he kissed Bakura on the cheek and went to his next class. Bakura smiled and left to go find Marik.

As the day passed Joey was getting so hungry that he was getting sick to his stomach and he asked the Teacher "Can I go to the bathroom?" She gave him a pass and as he walked into the bathroom he made sure that he was alone and then he sat on the floor and started crying and he said to himself "How much longer can I go on like this without telling the others?" Just then the door opened up and Joey got off the floor and hurried into one of the stalls and sat down waiting for whoever came in to leave.

Bakura had walked around the school looking for Marik and when he didn't find him he found Seto standing alone by himself and he went over and he looked at Seto and he said "Are you a friend of Wheeler?"

Seto looked at Bakura and he said "Why do you want to know for, what's he done now?"

Bakura then told him what he had told Ryou and Seto got really angry that Joey's father could do this to him and then he was a little mad at Joey for not coming to him or one of his other friends with this and then he asked Bakura "Where is he now?'

Bakura told Seto and he went to the restroom and as he walked in he saw Joey in the mirror getting off the floor and as he went into the stall he was wiping his face and then the door closed and locked. Seto then walked over and washed his hands and then he turned to leave but he didn't really leave he stood there by the door waiting for Joey to come out and he didn't have to wait very long and when he did Joey stood there looking at himself in the mirror and then he slammed his fist into the mirror and it shattered and his fist started to bleed and that's when Seto said "What the hell did that mirror do to you?"

Joey jumped as he heard Seto's voice and he then looked at his hand and turned on the water and let the water wash off the blood and then Seto took hold of his hand and he said "You need to have stitches to close up those cuts." Then he took out his cell phone and called Roland to come to the school and take him and Joey to the hospital, then he took some of the hand towels and wrapped Joey's hand with them as they waited for Roland to come, Seto then said "After we get done at the hospital we have to have a talk."

After the doctor sewed up Joey's hand and Seto paid the bill they walked outside and got into the limo and Seto asked Roland "Please take us to the Manor." As they sat in the back Joey said "What could you and I have to talk about?"

Seto then said "We'll talk when we get to the Manor, so lets just wait alright?"

When they got to the Manor and Roland opened the door and they got out, Seto said "Let's go inside and get something to eat and then we'll talk." As they walked into the kitchen, Joey sat down at the table as Seto opened the refrigerator door and took out things to fix a couple of sandwiches with and as he placed two plates on the table and sat down across from Joey he said "Let's eat."

That's when tears filled Joey's eyes and he started crying and Seto went around the table and sat next to Joey and he put his arm around him and he said "How long have you been alone?"

Between sobs Joey was able to tell Seto about how his father just left a note saying he was leaving and for him to take care of himself and that was two weeks ago and well soon it got so bad that I had to find food somewhere" he couldn't go on and Seto held him and he said "It's alright now, you're with friends now and we'll make damn sure that things will get better."

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