Chapter Ten

Before Mai and Valon left with their babies to go return home, they came to the Manor and as they entered the door they discovered that Seto, Joey and their friends were having a party for them and their babies. As Mai opened each gift she had to wipe the tears from her face as she thanked everyone for everything and then when Joey handed her his first gift she really broke down and started sobbing because there was a picture of her standing there surrounded by all her friends on the same day that she left without saying a word to anyone and as she looked up at Joey she whispered "Thanks for remembering."

Joey went and knelt in front of her and he took her into his arms and she said "You're very welcome" and then he looked at Valon and he said "If you ever cause this lady here to cry for any reason at all and I find out well all I can say is that I will probably just plain kill you."

Valon held out his hand to Joey who shook his and then Valon said "You can believe that I'll never make my lady cry except when I surprise her with something or one of our babies does something cute because she is my heart, soul and my life."

Then he gave her his second gift and that was a Baby Book and like he said "I want pictures of this little ones as they grow up." Mai threw her arms around his neck as she said "I'll send you lots of pictures."

When it was time for them to leave Mai and Valon gave each and everyone of their friends a big hug and then as they pick up their babies and they leave, Seto offered the use of a limo to take them to the Airport and then he told Valon "My private Jet is ready to take you and your family home." Valon then thanked him and as they get into the limo and as it drove away Joey turned to Seto and he said "I'm really going to miss seeing the babies" and then he laughed and as they went back inside Seto put his arm around Joey's shoulder and he said "Joseph William Wheeler will you marry me?"

Joey turned to Seto and with tears in his eyes he said "Yes Seto Eugene Kaiba I'll marry you."

Then they heard Mokie yell out loud when he yelled "Alright, now I'll have two brothers."

Seto and Joey laughed and as they walked into the kitchen they found Mokuba sitting at the table and Helga the cook who was like a surrogate mom to both of them was crying her eyes out and she said "My boy is getting married to the most beautiful person in the world."

As each day passed and as Joey walked on campus he still heard whispers but no one really said anything directly to him it still was hard for him to just go day to day going back to school but with Seto and his friends beside him he knew that soon things would get back to normal and then the day also would come after school was out for the summer when he would be marrying Seto and they would be so very happy.

It is the last day of school and as they are going home Seto and Joey are sitting side by side and kissing and hugging and whispering to each other and they'd laugh and then they'd look into each others eyes and Seto would say "I love you with all my heart and can't wait to marry you and then we will be life mates, soul mates and together for the rest of our lives.

That evening after dinner as they sat watching a movie with Mokuba, Seto took out a little black box and gave it to Joey and as he opened it inside he found the most beautiful ring that he had ever seen and then Seto took it out and placed it on Joey's finger and he said "I love you so much my pup." Joey touched the side of Seto's face and he kissed him and he said "I love you too my Dragon" and as they kissed each other passionately they heard "Get a room please; I want to watch the movie not see porn."

They started laughing and then as Seto looked at his brother and as Mokuba got up and started to leave when Seto said "Come here you little stinker" then he was chasing after his brother as Joey sat there laughing and then he looked down at the ring on his finger and as the two dragons one black with red eyes and the other white with blue eyes intertwined together and it looked like they were holding each other and the look of love in their eyes made Joey smile and tears ran down his face as he knew that now he wasn't going to be "On The Outside Looking In" anymore he was finally home.

The Wedding was just beautiful and as they exchanged rings and as they said their vows and when the Minister said "I now pronounce you life mates and you may now kiss your mate and when they kissed and their friends went crazy and started shouting because they were so happy for both Seto and Joey it was like a dream come true for both Seto and Joey.

That night as they lay together in bed, Seto gently took Joey into his arms and they started touching each other and as Seto started to enter Joey they looked into each others eyes and tears ran down their faces because they both were so happy to finally together like they had always wanted to. They made sweet gentle love together all night long and as the first rays of the sun entered the room they fell asleep in each others arms and as the bedroom door quietly opened and a black haired imp looked at them he smiled and softly said "I love both of you with all my heart and Joey welcome home."

THE END…………..

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