Living again

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"Demon/non-human-spirit talk/thought"

Harry Potter, the boy who lived, was always denied almost everything that he wanted; it was a sad thing really. To make it worse his cousin, who could be described as a pig in a blond wig, got everything he wanted and even some things he didn't. The manga that he got for his eleventh birthday was included in the latter, so he threw it out.

Earlier that day Harry had set a snake free accidentally and his aunt and uncle had punished him by making him clean up after Dudley, after much pleading and begging on Harry's part. To clean up after anyone else it would have easy, but Dudley was as messy as a two-year-old on a sugar high. Whilst the Dursley's went out for dinner Harry was left to clean up the mess Dudley had made throwing wrapping paper all over the place, along with quite a lot of cake that Dudley and his friends had thrown during a food fight.

Harry was going to take out the last bag of trash, which was in the kitchen, when he saw a couple manga on the top of the pile he thought, "Huh, I suppose Dudley didn't want these, I'll just hide them under my cot for now." Picking up the two volumes of manga and tucking them under the cot in his cupboard Harry then brought the last trash bag out of the kitchen and tossed it into the trashcan outside.

Just as Harry walked into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich for dinner the front door opened up. An irate Vernon Dursley saw that Harry was getting out the bread, so he shouted, "What do you think you're doing boy! After what happened at the Zoo you aren't getting any dinner for a month! Now, get to your cupboard"

Harry sighed and thought, "Another night hungry" while he said, "Yes, uncle Vernon." And walked to his cupboard and closed the door. Unknown to everyone in the house, Harry was not miserable that night in fact it was going to be the best in his life.

As Harry got the manga he looked at the titles for the first time. He thought, "Ranma 1/2, and Naruto. These should be good reads."

As Harry read the stories seemed familiar, as though he should have known them but didn't. It was driving him crazy about not knowing why they seemed so familiar, so he did something he saw people do on TV when they needed to think, he meditated.

After an hour of meditating Harry slumped of in what looked like a faint, but to Harry he had just entered into his subconscious. Looking around Harry noticed it looked remarkably like a sewer, not knowing what to do Harry followed a faint red glow.

Entering a massive room Harry saw two giant cages, one with what looked like a massive cat and the other a massive nine tailed fox.

Looking down the fox said, "It's good to see you again, vessel."

Noticing what the fox had been looking at the cat said in a feminine voice, "Well look at that, I thought I'd never get to meet my master again."

Harry just blinked and asked, "What!?!"

The fox took it upon himself to explain, "You came here after reading those books about past lives, and before you ask, those past lives took place in other dimensions. The reason I'm here is because in your first life I was sealed in you and because of the seal our souls are bound and therefore when you get reborn I get reborn. It's the same is for Neko-ken over there. Now that you are aware of us would you like to learn more of your past lives and gain some of the traits, like speed, strength, stamina Ki and chakra reserves, as well as control. Without think it totally through Harry said an emphatic, "Yes!!!"

Kyuubi replied with an I'm-not-telling-you-something grin and ejected Harry from his mindscape.

Harry woke up with a start and was wondering when it was going to happen. Then a world of pain hit him, it hurt worse than anything else he had ever felt. After what felt like hours of pain Harry passed out from physical as well as mental exhaustion.

The nest day Harry woke up to his aunt screeching at him to get up and make breakfast. Mumbling a "Yes, Aunt Petunia." Harry got ready and noticed that his clothes, though still baggy by anyone's standards, weren't bad enough for him to be swimming in them anymore. Harry also noticed that his hair was longer than before, so he quickly braided his hair into a pigtail and used a rubber band. When he opened his cupboard and stepped out. He ran to the bathroom and brushed his teeth when he looked into the mirror and noticed that his scar was gone. Absentmindedly Harry thought , "I wonder where my scar went."

He was completely off guard when a rough male voice replied, "I got rid of it, and you shouldn't ever get a scar ever again ether."

Harry shook his head and thought back, "I guess now that I found you we can communicate telepathically."

Neko-ken replied, "It's more like thinking to yourself, our souls are intertwined at the most basic level, which reminds me, when you went to sleep last night Kyuubi and I were able to find an evil fragment of soul which we destroyed. Kyuubi said it was similar to a 'cursed seal' that existed in your first incarnation. I believe you won't be able to speak to snakes anymore, but on the bright side you can now talk to cats."

Harry said, "I have no idea how that got there though, I don't think I have ever been near any snake freaks before in this incarnation though."

After the conversation with the voices in his head Harry walked down to the kitchen to make breakfast, stopping by the front door to grab the mail. Looking down at it he saw that there was a letter to him he kept it and handed the other mail to his uncle.

Dudley, ever one to pester Harry, shouted, "Look, Harry's got a letter!"

Harry's uncle finally looking up from his paper to reprimand Harry for not giving him all the mail noticed Harry's changed look and immediately changed puce yelling at Harry for being unnatural and a freak. Vernon lunged for the letter pulling it from Harry but in the process knocking over a glass of water on Harry. Looking down Harry noticed he was no longer male and said, "Shit, I thought I got over this curse."


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