Someone To Save You

Yet another random plot bunny attack. Hope you like. I'll probably update again on Monday or Tuesday, won't be home for the weekend. Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

He hadn't meant for Glitch to overhear his conversation with the Royal family. If he had known that Glitch was hovering in the doorway he wouldn't have kept talking. But, Cain didn't know he was there, so he did.

"I don't know why you insist on trying to fix something that isn't broken to begin with. I don't see a single thing about him that needs fixing." He was so fed up with everybody's over excitement on the upcoming re-brainment. No one had even asked for Glitch's opinion in the matter, they just scheduled the surgery, while the man came to every night a nervous wreck as the date drew eve closer. "He was smart enough to save me from freezing to death, wasn't he?"

"Mr. Cain, I 'm aware that you and Ambrose have become rather close…" Ahamo started, quite used to this argument by now. "But I'm afraid the best thing for him is to have his brain back. Someone can't be there all the time to help him remember who and where he is."

The sound of footsteps retreating captured their attention and they turned quickly enough to spot the retreating form of Glitch making a hasty exit.

Cain scowled, and if looks could kill, he would have surely been hanged for murdering the King. "I would." He shot back over his shoulder as he took off after the other man.

He went the way he thought Glitch had gone, but he couldn't seem to find the headcase anywhere in the maze of hallways. He'd been about to gather the search parties when he spotted him.

"Glitch!" He approached the younger man, who seemed quite content lying in the grass near the lake. "I don't know how much of that you heard…"

"Enough. I heard enough." He managed a half hearted smile and a heavy sigh as he shifted into a sitting position, picking at the grass before him absentmindedly as Cain sat down beside him. "I want to leave here."


A small laugh. "Thought I was supposed to be the clueless one."

Cain slung an arm around his shoulders. "Must be rubbing off on me, then, sweetheart." He teased. "What do you mean, you want to leave?"

"They don't want Glitch. They all want Ambrose. And I don't want to be him again." Ever since the day they'd conquered the anti-sun seeder Glitch had been simply terrified of that room, let alone his brain. Cain guessed that he'd seen things when Raw had connected him to it, and he remembered them.

"You really wanna leave?" He asked, a plan already forming in his mind.


"Then I'll help you." He smiled softly at the look of delight that crossed the other's face.

He pulled the Tin Man into a hug. "Really, Cain? You'd do that for me?"

Cain nodded in reply. This was going to take some work.