Men Are Idiots

Summary: Set right after ChibiUsa comes to the past and Mamoru breaks up with Usagi. Usagi is devastated and is fast losing hope that she can ever regain Mamoru's love. Then strange things start coming out of the blonde's mouth. Is Usagi going crazy? And will Usagi and Mamoru's love be able to overcome this?

Author's Note: Some of this is taken directly from the anime. But most of it I just did from memory. It won't be completely accurate but you guys should be able to follow. I completely changed after the part where Usagi found out about the dream and confronted him in his apartment. Well, maybe not completely.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi does.

"I just don't love you anymore Usagi. Why can't you just leave me alone? I don't want to see you anymore." Mamoru said coldly. It was tearing him apart to hurt her like this but it was the only way that he could think of to get her to stay away from him so that she wouldn't die. His dreams were coming with even greater frequency, as if the voice in his dreams knew that he needed a constant reminder of why he was doing this.

"Why don't you love me anymore Mamoru?! What did I do? Tell me what to do to fix it and I will. I love you!" Usagi cried, heart breaking. Soon she wasn't going to have any heart left to break, she was almost completely broken already. One day he was the best boyfriend in the world. The next he was as cold as ice. She couldn't think of any reason for this change. He had known what he was getting into when he became her boyfriend. She had thought that he loved her enough to overlook all her faults. Evidently she was wrong. Maybe she wasn't meant to be loved by anyone. Everyone thought that something was wrong with her. She wasn't as good a Senshi as the other girls and they were all better at everything than she was. She was the only one that couldn't seem to remember how to be as she was on the Moon. Why couldn't she be the Serenity that she used to be? Maybe then Mamoru would still love her.

Mamoru turned away, eyes closed tightly to try to hold back tears. "You can't force someone to love you. You either feel it or you don't. And I don't feel that way about you anymore." He walked away. She would never know what each step away from her cost him.

Usagi fell to her knees, sobbing. She had been so distraught that she hadn't felt a presence enter her mind earlier. The presence had watched the scene with Mamoru with a mixture of heartache and anger. It couldn't believe that this was happening. It was sure that this wasn't meant to happen. Something or someone was disturbing the time stream. It wasn't sure who at the moment but it had a good idea. And he wasn't going to like it when the presence got a hold of him. But right now it couldn't do anything about it.

Usagi suddenly stopped crying. A feeling of anger mixed with her misery. What was Mamoru's problem?! He was so stupid to give up what they had just like that. Sure she knew that she was no Einstein but even she knew a good thing when she saw it. And they were good together. Did she really want to be with someone who was so fickle?

Usagi's anger only lasted a few minutes and, in the days that followed, didn't reappear. Only the depression and sadness remained. The presence drifted in and out of consciousness, hearing bits and pieces of conversation.

One day, about a week after coming into Usagi's mind, it heard ChibiUsa. "You're not going to marry Mamo-chan, I am!"

Usagi opened her mouth to yell at the little girl but whatever response she was about to make never made it out of her mouth. "That's so cute! She always has been a Daddy's girl. But I think that you might want to rethink that, sweetie."

ChibiUsa gaped in astonishment. "Did you just call me 'sweetie'?"

The others looked at Usagi weirdly, not sure where that comment came from, then went back to what they were talking about before.

Usagi herself came out of her trance with a shake of her head. "What were we just talking about?"

The presence was startled, not having known that it could actually speak through Usagi. It tried to do so again, but could feel itself going deep into Usagi's mind, no longer able to hear what was going on in the outside world.

"Usagi, since you seem to think that you don't need to pay attention in class, please come up to the board and demonstrate how to work this problem." Miss Haruna ordered after banging her ruler on the desk beside Usagi's head.

Usagi jerked her head up from her desk where she had been sleeping. She stared up at the board with dread. It was one of the hardest problems she had ever seen and she hadn't the slightest clue how to even begin to work it. She had been so distracted by Mamoru and ChibiUsa that she had been paying even less attention in class than usual. She turned to Miss Haruna, eyes pleading.

"You brought this on yourself, Usagi. If you had paid attention in class instead of sleeping you would know how to do this."

She drug her feet as she walked to the board, dreading the humiliation that was sure to come. She glanced back at Naru and Makoto. Ami was in a different class. Naru gave her an encouraging smile and Makoto gave her a wink letting her know that they were in the same boat and that she understood. She felt a little better but knew that there was no way that she would be able to do this problem.

She picked up the chalk and put it to the board. Her eyes squeezed shut as she tried to remember everything that they had been taught this last week that she had been to busy brooding to pay attention to. She sighed. It was no use. At least it wouldn't be the first time that she got caught not knowing anything that had been going on in class. Her test scores were proof of that.

She opened her eyes at a gasp that came from Miss Haruna and was astonished at the completed problem that was on the board. Had she done this? Was her subconscious paying attention even if she wasn't and the information just leaked out of her brain? Her shoulders slumped. Who was she kidding? Most likely it was just her hand getting away from her. No way was it going to be right.

Miss Haruna crept up to the board, as if afraid that it was going to bite her. Then she had tears in her eyes and grabbed Usagi, hugging her. "I knew that one day you would learn to listen to me! All my hard work to teach you something has finally paid off. I'm so proud of you!"

When Miss Haruna finally let go of her, she made her way back to her desk, still stunned. The rest of the class was in a similar state. How had she gotten that problem right when she hadn't the slightest clue what she was doing?

Inside her head, the presence snickered. I have always wanted to do that.

The girls crashed Rei's secluded training on the beach, along with ChibiUsa. They were all eating fish but ChibiUsa was protesting that she didn't like fish. She threw it on the ground.

"I told you that I don't like fish! I won't eat it! I hate you, Rei." She turned with her nose up in air to go play in the ocean.

Usagi didn't even think. She grabbed her by the arms and pulled ChibiUsa to her, gentle even in her anger. "What is wrong with you, Small Lady?! I know that I taught you better than this. You should respect your elders and stop being a little brat. I raised you to be a lady, so act like one! Just because I'm not there to discipline you, doesn't mean that it's alright to run amuck of the values that your father and I taught you." Usagi suddenly let go of ChibiUsa's shoulders and fell back, exhausted. A second later she woke up and found the girls and cats looking at her like she was crazy and ChibiUsa looking like she had seen a ghost. "What happened? Did I pass out or something? And why do I feel so tired?"

ChibiUsa seemed to come out of her trance. "Why did you call me Small Lady?" she asked in a small voice.

Usagi looked confused. "When did I do that? There's no way I called you anything with 'lady' in it, not when I know what a little brat you can be."

Ami came forward. "Usagi, you just gave ChibiUsa a lecture. You almost sounded like a mother lecturing her child on manners."

"And you mentioned ChibiUsa's father and actually talked like you were her mother. Could ChibiUsa's mother be possessing her?" Minako theorized.

ChibiUsa looked both doubtful and hopeful all at once. "There's no such thing as possession. And my mommy would choose someone much better than stupid Usagi to possess if she was going to possess anyone."

Ami glanced at Makoto, catching her eye and then looked at ChibiUsa pointedly and took out her computer and started punching keys rapidly.

Makoto got her meaning. "ChibiUsa would you like to go take a nap? It could make things seem clearer and Usagi tells me that you take a nap at about this time everyday."

ChibiUsa yawned and rubbed her eyes sleepily. "I don't need a nap but I would like to be alone to think." She grabbed Makoto's hand and went into the hut.

Makoto came back outside and jerked a thumb back at the hut. "Out like a light." She sat down. "So, Usagi, what's up with you girl?"

"I think we would all like an answer to that question. Ami, what have you found out on your computer?" Luna asked.

Ami sighed and put it away. "Nothing much, Luna. I thought the computer caught something, but it was gone before it could identify it."

"Could the enemy is trying something new?" Artemis wondered.

"Rei, why don't you give it a try? It couldn't hurt and if it's spiritual you have a better chance of finding out what's wrong that my computer."

"Okay." Rei rolled up her invisible sleeves and sat in front of the fire. She made some symbols and opened her eyes to stare into the flames. She nodded to herself.

"So did you what's wrong with me Rei?" Usagi asked nervously.

"I know some of what's wrong with you Usagi…Just not what's causing you to act so strangely. I mean, the only things I can see are things we already know. You're clumsy, irresponsible, a crybaby-"

"Reeeeeeiiiiiiiii!" Usagi wailed.

Rei smirked, pleased to get her dig of the hour in.

"But that still doesn't tell us what's happening to her." Artemis pointed out.

"Have you had anything similar happen lately, Usagi?" Luna inquired. "Any time that is blacked out or said something you didn't mean to especially around ChibiUsa?"

"This is the Odango Atama we're talking about, Luna. The girl whose mouth seems to not be connected to her brain."

"Now isn't the time Rei!" Ami snapped, startling everyone. Ami took a deep breath. "Look, I'm sorry for snapping at you Rei, but you don't seem to be taking this seriously. Something or someone could be inside Usagi's head. Just because it seems to be ChibiUsa's mother doesn't mean that it isn't some trick of the Dark Moon Kingdom."

"But I don't sense anything evil coming from her. I don't really feel anything. And I can usually feel when they're involved."

"Let Usagi answer Luna's question and then we'll decide what to do." Minako suggested.

Usagi thought for a moment. "Well, a few days ago I answered a problem in math class on the board. I was dreading it because I had no idea how to do it and I closed my eyes and, when I opened them, it was all done! Miss Haruna was so surprise! You guys should have scene the look on her face. Remember Makoto? Wasn't it just classic?!" Usagi giggled just remembering.

Makoto giggled too. "She wasn't the only one startled. Good thing there weren't any flies flying about or we all would have choked!"

"Hmmm. That is unusual. The Odango actually knowing the answer to a math problem!"

"Shut up, Rei! You're so mean!"

Minako snapped her fingers. "Makoto, remember when ChibiUsa said that she was going to marry Mamoru? Usagi looked like she was going to yell at her but then she said something about it being cute and about ChibiUsa being a 'Daddy's girl.' She even called her 'sweetie.' Then she couldn't remember what she had been talking about when we asked her. It was really weird."

Makoto nodded. "Yeah, I remember that. Do you remember anything else, Usagi?"

Usagi shook her head. "Not that I can remember."

Ami smiled at her reassuringly. "We'll just have to keep a closer eye on you. And tell us if anything else happens."

Usagi nodded but inside she was very afraid. What if the enemy had somehow infiltrated her brain? There was no telling what was going on.

This is just what I need on top of Mamoru dumping me for no apparent reason. The anger was back, this time with no help from the presence.

Mamoru's got himself a new girlfriend. What other reason do I have to live? That's right, saving the world from the Dark Moon Kingdom and protecting ChibiUsa. Why can't I just be a normal girl and able to eat myself to death? Usagi was in front of the refrigerator, eating all that she could. This was how Luna found her.

"Usagi, what are you doing? If you eat all that, you'll get fat!"

Usagi sniffed. "I don't care. Now that Mamoru's got himself a new girlfriend, I'm just going to eat away my sorrow."

ChibiUsa heard this and ran toward Mamoru's apartment to get him to assure her that Usagi was lying. She was almost hit by a truck and wailed, releasing her energy. The mean Dark Moon sisters came and tried to catch her but Sailor Moon showed up. Then some monster put Sailor Moon to sleep and the other Senshi came and Mars defeated it. But they didn't get rid of it completely. It went inside Sailor Moon and began to take away all her energy. No one could wake her up. Then Tuxedo Kamen came and kissed Sailor Moon and, just like in the fairy tale, Sailor Moon woke up.

Sailor Moon stared into Tuxedo Kamen's eyes with happiness and hope. Maybe he had realized that he really did love her still. Then the monster attacked again. Sailor Moon tried to throw Tuxedo Kamen out of the way but he still got hurt. Now she was mad. How dare that monster hurt her boyfriend!

"Moon Princess Halation!" Moon dusted!

After the monster was defeated, Tuxedo Kamen congratulated Sailor Moon on another well-fought battle.

She blushed in happiness. "Tuxedo Kamen, you really do lo…"

A pained look crossed Tuxedo Kamen's face. "No, I don't love you."

The smile froze on her face. "But you came to save me."

"Just because I don't love you doesn't mean that I want you to die." With that he turned to leave. He paused. "The red string of destiny between us has been cut." He left.

"No!" Sailor Moon fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face as she watched him ride off on his motorcycle. The same motorcycle he rode with his girlfriend on earlier that day. When he was out of sight her gaze fell the ground, staring at the rose that he had crumpled before he had left.

The presence was really angry now but too weak to do anything about it. How dare he play with her emotions like that! How many times could he break her before she would completely give up on him and their love? And it knew that he still loved her; it just didn't know why he was pushing her away like he was. Something had to be done and soon. It didn't know what was making Tuxedo Kamen act like this, but this couldn't be allowed to continue or the entire future could be in danger!

The next day, Usagi found out that Mamoru had just been giving Motoki's little sister a ride home so she would be on time for her date with her real boyfriend. She had no idea why he had treated Usagi so horribly and made her think that they were going out.

This really lifted Usagi's spirits. Hope and happiness filled her. Maybe, somehow, she could find a way to make Mamoru love her again.

The presence was amazed. Had she really been like this when she was younger? There was no way she would put up with this from her husband! But that may be because she was so sure of his love. They had been together for years and knew each other better than they knew themselves. And she knew that her husband would never treat her like this unless he had a good reason. Even then he wouldn't do it because he knew she wouldn't stand for it.

But wasn't that what Usagi was doing now: refusing to give up on their love? Maybe it was just Mamoru that didn't know her as well as he thought he did. He just didn't realize how much he meant to her. He was her everything. If she ever really gave up on their love, if he ever really made her believe that there was no hope for them…what would that mean for the future of the world, the universe even?!

She could feel herself getting stronger, regaining her sense of self; her anger was giving her strength. But more than that, she was scared and she used her anger to cover that up. She had to be careful not to expend any energy no matter the provocation. She had something important to say to Mamoru and she had the feeling that the occasion for it would be coming very soon.

A couple of weeks went by while the presence was gathering her strength and Usagi and her friends thought that she was getting back to normal.

"It was probably just stress." Ami said wisely.

But then something happened. One night, Usagi had a very upsetting dream. Someone was warning Mamoru to stay away from her! She got up from bed and hurriedly got dressed. Was this why Mamoru had pushed her away? Was this why he said he didn't love her anymore? She had to find out!

As Usagi burst through the front door, headed at a dead run to Mamoru's apartment, the presence was more angry than she had been in a long time. She recognized the voice in the dream and heaven help him when she saw him! And she would see him.

Usagi knocked at Mamoru's door frantically.

Mamoru opened the door tiredly. Immediately his expression became worried. "Is ChibiUsa okay? Did the Dark Moon get her?"

Usagi shook her head. "No Mamoru but-"

Mamoru got a really cold look on his face. "Usagi, I told you that I didn't want you to come here anymore. I don't lo-" he said as he started to close the door.

Usagi interrupted him and grabbed the door before it could shut all the way. "Please Mamoru, I need you to tell me…if you've had any strange dreams lately."

Mamoru was astonished. "Strange dream?!" he jerked open the door and motioned for Usagi to come in.

After Usagi related her dream to him, Mamoru rubbed his eyes. "That is the same dream that I've been having for the past few weeks."

Usagi looked at him hopefully. "Is this dream the reason you broke up with me? If it is, we can be together again. It's just a dream Mamoru!" ignoring the fact that she didn't believe for a second that it was just a dream.

Mamoru squeezed his eyes closed tightly to keep from crying. "No, Usagi, it isn't just a dream. I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you because we were together. I love you too much-"

"You think that this is any better than dieing? You really don't know how much I love you, do you? I would rather die than not be with you! I don't care what happens to me! I want to be with you!"

Tears escaped his tightly closed lids as he fought to keep from going to her. He had to be strong. For her sake. His eyes opened. He took her arm and led her to the door. "I refuse to allow anything to happen to you Usagi. But at least now you know the truth. I love you…but we have to stay away from each other." He closed the door.

Usagi fell to her knees in front of the door. She beat it with her fists, sobbing. "I don't care if I die Mamoru! I just want to be with you!" On the other side of the door Mamoru punched a whole in his wall, taking refuge in the pain shooting up his arm to try and block the pain in his heart. But it was no use. He sank to the floor with his back leaning against the door that Usagi was beating her fists against, unable to bare the sound of her sobs but unable to leave her alone.

Usagi probably would have stayed there sobbing all night if she hadn't felt ChibiUsa's energy. She stopped sobbing, worried. "Mamoru, did you feel that." She said quietly, somehow knowing that he was on the other side of the door.

He jumped up and opened the door, almost making her fall through it. "We need to transform and get to ChibiUsa. Fast!" He grabbed her hand and ran to his balcony where they quickly transformed. He took Sailor Moon in his arms and jumped, dashing frantically toward the place where he sensed the energy release.

ChibiUsa had seen Usagi leaving the house and followed her. But she was too slow to keep up and had gotten lost. She couldn't recognize anything and had felt so hopeless! She had started crying and hadn't been able to stop, resulting in the release of her energy. That was when Emerald had shown up and summoned her monster. It was so hideous that Emerald hadn't been able to stay; every time she glanced at it she felt bile rising in her throat. She couldn't stand it anymore and had told the monster to take care of 'the Moon brat.' ChibiUsa took one look at the monster, paled, and fainted in horror.

And that is what Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon saw when they reached the source of the energy emission. Emerald didn't even see them before she left.

Tuxedo Kamen didn't even glance at the monster. The only thing on his mind was getting to ChibiUsa before she got hurt. He set Sailor Moon down and ran to grab ChibiUsa to get her to safety. He turned back to Sailor Moon when he was a safe distance away to see her just staring at the monster with an utterly revolted look on her face. "Sailor Moon! Quit making eyes at the monster and get your mind on the battle. You're not going to kill the monster by staring it to death!"

Sailor Moon jerked herself out of her trance. This was the worst monster that they had ever fought. It was covered in an awful orange, slimy, stringy substance with a really long, pointy nose. The rest of it was covered in scales that were a dark green color that was almost black. But the most disturbing thing about it was its eyes. They were almost entirely white and bloodshot, no irises or pupils. The corners of the eyes were crusty and the thing had no eyelashes or even eyelids. It had long pointy teeth that were perpetually showing because the monster couldn't cover them because he/she had no lips. This thing was both scary and disgusting, a terrible combination.

Sailor Moon decided that she had to get rid of this thing as fast as possible. She didn't want this thing to have the chance to come anywhere near touching her. She was just about to try to hit it with her tiara to weaken it when it had decided that it had had enough of their staring contest. Before she could react, it had sunk its teeth into her shoulder. She let out a hoarse cry that was echoed by five other people, four of whom had just arrived on the scene.

While everyone else was distracted by the fact that Sailor Moon was hurt, the monster disappeared from in front of her and appeared behind the unconscious little girl. Everyone else was busy rushing to Sailor Moon but Sailor Moon herself was looking around for the monster. She looked over to where ChibiUsa was supposed to be out of the way of the fight and almost had a heart attack when she saw the monster crouched above her, about to attack. She immediately forgot all about the pain in her shoulder as terror filled her. "Stay away from my baby!" she yelled, having no idea what she was saying or what she was going to do.

The presence inside her came to the surface and took control of Sailor Moon's body. No one knew what happened next; one second Sailor Moon was standing in the spot where she had been attacked, the next she was standing beside Tuxedo Kamen handing the now awake ChibiUsa to him, who looked like she had seen a ghost.

You know, originally I was going to make this a one-shot. But this just seems to be the perfect cliff-hanger, even if it's obvious what's going to happen next. So, it's now a two-shot or whatever you want to call something that only has two chapters.