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"Hello class this is the student morning show!" said the person in front of the camera. Of course nobody paid much attention to him…"Today we have a new headliner!"

A familiar smiling closed eyed tensai walked on.

"Saa, good morning Seigaku, this is Fuji Syusuke. My segment today is on: Stereotypes." Everyone snapped to attention at his voice. Teachers had to turn to the school broadcast but no one watched it…until now. The power of Fuji

"Now our first stereotype- red heads. Red heads are known to play a mean doubles game and are also quite flexible. They are very adorable ukes unfortunately they have very little stamina…so sad. They are often found clinging to their dark haired semes. If you ever see one approach with caution they are known to latch on to anything cute. Their glomp are potentially lethal. Now for the pics!"

Pictures of Gakuto, Bunta, and occasionally Kamio would flash, but the majority of the pictures were of Seigaku's very own hyperactive acrobat.


"Nya! Oi-shi it's not true! You know that don't you! I…I mean…cling and…You know!" exclaimed a certain red head.

"Umm…Well…" Oishi hesitated.

"Ehhhh!! You think it's true too! So mean!" Eiji stormed out of the room.



"Okay! Now I'm sure you all enjoyed the pictures, but now on to our next stereotype: Glasses wearers! They are usually very versatile and can play doubles or singles…triples too if you catch my drift… They are also very commanding so are often 'semes,' and are said to be quite scary! But, don't worry they can be handled. In fact their greatest weakness is easy to find. A glasses wearer can never resist their ukes! I know this from personal experience…roll the film!"

Pictures of Inui and Tezuka flashed with some of Yanagi and Oshitari mixed in.


Inui's glasses glinted dangerously. Unfortunately this was Fuji and with Fuji no one ever won. Inui fumed anyway even if he could never get the revenge he craved. But, hey there was always Aozu(1), right?

Tezuka was much better off. He was already used to Fuji pulling these kinds of stunts. The only thing on Tezuka's mind was what Fuji did to whom to get on the announcements. And, who in they're right minds would let him on…then again no one stood between Fuji and something he wanted.

In a dark, damp closet in Mexico, the old headliner wept along with all of Tezuka's and Ryoma's fanboys…


"Alright! Our next stereotype- Lefties! They play singles mostly and many are hailed as 'geniuses' They are very strong too some are known as 'pillars' And, even though they'll never admit it, like red-heads they are very adorable ukes very feisty too, but unlike reds they have quite a lot of stamina…Like my Ryo-chan! Where did I put those pics…?"

A door slammed open and two figures walked in.

"Ah! Kuni-kun, Ryo-chii, What a pleasent surprise since I lost the pictures would you like to be a live example?"

Ryoma blushed to the tips of his hair while Tezuka merely pulled Fuji from the room.

The regular announcer came back on, "Well folks, Fuji is having some-"

"Syusuke how could you!!!"

"- issues. So, this has been Fuji Syuusuke on-"

"Syusuke no BAKA"


The door once again crashed open. And, the nameless announcer was pushed to the ground.

"Wait, wait, wait! This is Kikumaru Eiji and redheads soooo do no always play doubles! Look at Fudomine's Kamio-kun-" "Ibu" "-he doesn't normally play doub-" He was cut of by being pushed to the ground on top of the no longer conscious announcer.

"But more importantly, I AM NOT AN UKE! I'm very much seme!" shouted a very molested looking Ryoma.



Fuji walked up behind him, "Well last night you were-"


Tezuka sighed and pulled both of them out of the broadcasting room leaving the clean up to…well some one else…

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