Chapter 1: The Start of a Mission

Harry Potter was sitting in his Lab working on what looked, to the naked eye, like and empty bottle of Firewhiskey. But it was much more- so much more. Now that Harry was officially of age and qualified, along with being rich, he began to work full time for the Order and Dumbledore's portrait (yes, funny enough).

Harry poked the bottle with his wand and it glowed blue, then blinded him with a green aura. He smiled and then broke into a fit of maniacal laughter. He had been working on this project for over two months, without any sleep at all. He laughed and went to lie down on his bed, something he hadn't done for months.

His head hit the pillow and sleep took over.

Three months ago…

Harry was inside the Headmistress' office alone. He was staring at a portrait of a man named Albus Dumbledore. Suddenly, the portrait moved and began to speak.

"Harry, are you still upset with me?" The portrait asked.

"No professor, I am upset at the fact that greed consumed you. Your death was your own fault, along with the death of Professor Snape. Because of YOU and YOUR desire to try the stone out, YOU died and left Hogwarts to Voldemort." Harry replied bitterly, "Still, I respect you to some extent, and truly look up to you as a father."

Dumbledore's eyes became somewhat misty. "Harry, you're right. I was wrong to do that, and I am honored that you respect me." He sighed. "So, have you been working with those books I gave you?" He asked. Dumbledore had lent Harry his personal journals of spells that could be used to fight the dark arts, and Harry had to memorize them. Harry had finished three out of the twelve he had and learned to use over four hundred new spells.

"Yes professor, I finished three so far."

"Good, very good. Now I want you to stop. You have learned enough, and we have more pressing matters at hand. I need you to go on a special mission of only which you and I should ever know about. Of course Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley are welcome to know." Dumbledore said as if telling a friend the weather.

Harry had been reading those journals for the past month and a half, and now Dumbledore was telling him to drop them. He was shocked. But Dumbledore had said something about a new mission, and Harry was itching for a battle and to try out some new spells. "Interesting proposition, but what does thins mission entail?"

"Well, actually I need your to be a defense teacher at Hogwarts." Dumbledore said as though it was a great honor.

Harry nearly exploded with anger. "What do you mean you want me to be a defense teacher?" he asked, anger bubbling.

"Harry, Harry, I was just having you on." He chuckled. "The real mission does involve this, but much, much more. Remember when I showed you the memories in your sixth year?" Harry nodded to Dumbledore to continue. Dumbledore's expression changed to one of graveness. "Harry, I really don't know how to tell you this, but you may have to fight Voldemort- again. I want you to recall that after stealing the cup and locket, Riddle disappeared. Now as to where he went, I have no idea. We have reason to believe that he was setting up something very dangerous, something that one of his followers knows about. As you know, the only way to find out is to track Voldemort down in the time where he was actually going about. This however will be a very dangerous mission, but with the spells you mastered, you should be able to hold your own."

Harry was speechless. If he was to accept this mission, he would have to hunt down his worst enemy once again. "I accept." The words were out of his mouth before he could understand what he was going to say. Dumbledore smiled.

"Very, very good. I was hoping this would happen Harry! And, I did forget to mention a perk of the job. Harry as I said you will be teaching defense. Do you know what time period you will be going to?" He didn't wait for a response. "You will be going to the year your parents enter their sixth year. Also, I have to say this mission is very difficult. It requires amazing use of charms, defense and transfiguration. Up to it?"

Harry was ecstatic at this point. He immediately jumped and agreed to the job. He was told to pick a piece of parchment up from the desk near Dumbledore and a quick quotes quill, (one that apparently responded to portraits.)

Dear Harry,

The mission you have accepted is extremely difficult. I need you to look in journal six (the gold one) and journal ten (the one with pictures of socks on it) and read my notes about special time travel and portkeys. From that, you will need to create a portkey that can do time travel. This should take you to the entrance of Hogwarts. Make sure you go to the date of July 27th or earlier as their will be no other way to get the post.

You will stay for two years. You will have to leave the castle from time to time, (as you deem appropriate, as you were very good during the Horcrux hunt) and try to track Riddle's movements. Be stealthy and avoid confrontation. You may keep the name Harry Potter, but drop your middle name.

You are NOT in any way to reveal that you are from the future. No one (even me) is to know that you are there. The two year stay by the way, I suppose to be for the idea of breaking Tom's spirit. You have the power to break the curse. That itself won't be a problem. Please be wary that you DO NOT kill Tom or any death eater that we have ever seen.

Good luck, and I will see to it your partner is informed. He/she will keep you company and cover your classes for you whilst you are away. Good luck and be wary.

Yours truly,

The order of the phoenix.

Harry awoke after several long hours of sleep. He was meeting his partner, Ginny Weasley, to tell her that he was done and that she should get packed. Only a handful of people knew about their mission, Dumbledore and themselves included. Everyone else thought they were merely portkeying to a destination for a spy mission for the order, and would be back in a matter of hours.

Ginny and Harry were great friends. They had not gotten together again after their breakup at Dumbledore's funeral. Both of them had been single since. They enjoyed sometimes flirting, but it usually turned to banter, which led to very hurtful comments, which usually led to a great duel. Ginny too had been training with the best Aurors, and played an active role in the order. It was just a matter of time before they left. Harry left and owled Ginny, Ron and Hermione the news. He went to pack his own wonderful trunk.

After the battle, much happened. Harry and his friends were quite bored-especially Harry. Ron and Hermione both began to pursue careers and chase their dreams. Harry however, was confused. He didn't want to play Quidditch professionally, nor did he want to become an Auror. Any other job was useless, so he spent time experimenting and being a kid (at the age of 18-19). In these days, he had followed in his father's footsteps, training to become an Animagus.

He didn't know what he wanted to be. McGonagall had told them once that many humans are born with natural Animagi in them. All on had to do was take a potion and then practice transforming into their animal. The natural Animagus state was the easiest one to achieve, yet the most powerful. They were told that some animals could never be achieved by unnatural means. Unless you were natural, you could never train to be a dragon, phoenix, sphinx, chimera, bowtruckle, flobberworm (eww), basilisk, sea serpent, giant squid, mammoth or wolf (other than werewolves).

One day, Harry had taken the animagus potion wondering what he would be. He waited in front of the mirror for at least ten minutes before a painful sensation took over. His bones were melting away. After thirty minutes of agonizing pain, he transformed into a beautiful phoenix. He was not the same as Fawkes, who was red and could burn to ashes, but an amazing blue phoenix- an Aqua Phoenix.

He was amazed and excited at the same time. It was extremely rare that anyone became a phoenix after all. The only rare forms were a sphinx, dragon or basilisk. Soon after, he had mastered the form of the phoenix and become Mssr Berylbeak.

Now, Harry was packing his bags, getting ready to meet his parents, Sirius, Remus, Snape and Pettigrew. Pettigrew was never in his good books, but he did save their lives in Malfoy manor some time back.

Harry was very proficient in his packing. He had his robes, books and necessities of course. But he also had with him some special equipment. He carried 'The life and lies of Albus Dumbledore' for special reasons, along with the marauder's map. He had a nice set of Weasley Wizard Wheezes as well. In the bag were some decoy detonators, ton-tongue toffees, skiving snackboxes, about roughly 20,000 canary creams (courtesy of several birthdays) and an invisible head hat, and some new, "good natured" pranks, for when it got extremely dull at Hogwarts. He also carried his invisibility cloak, a few of the journals he hadn't read and some other mementos. He also had around four-thousand galleons for spending money.

Ginny arrived with Ron and Hermione and they said their good-byes. Harry gave them each a mirror that was charmed to talk even through the time zones. Soon after, Harry and Ginny grabbed the old bottle and they were off. This portkey ride was crazier than any other. The bottle spun twice as fast, and rather than minutes, it took them two and a half hours to land in front of Hogwarts. Harry was covered in puke, as was Ginny. They had both hurled before their feeble landing.

"Bloody hell! That was the worst bloody ride I've ever had, counting the threstals." Ginny exclaimed. "What the hell were you drinking when you made that portkey?"

"Shut up Ginny!" He snapped. "That was a bloody difficult thing to make and I'll be damned if you can do a better job of it!" When Ginny frowned, he immediately felt sorry about his snappish behavior. "Sorry, haven't slept for a while. Let's go inside and see if we can get the job shall we? According to my watch, it's the second of August here, so we're a bit off schedule, but I reckon I could still get the job." He said with an amazingly evil grin on his face.

"After you Potter." They walked up to the gargoyle and Harry (as he had forgotten the password he was given) began spitting out names of every weird candy he could think of. Finally, the Gargoyle leapt aside and admitted them.

"Hello Mr. Potter, Ms. Weasley, I understand you are here for a job. May I ask you what qualifications you have?" Dumbledore asked them, his eye twinkling vividly.

"Just a minute professor." He said and reached into his trunk. As he did, he whispered to Ginny to leave them alone for a bit and she obliged. He pulled out their DADA NEWTS and handed them to him. The professor still looked quite grim. Harry decided to help "convince" him. He slipped Gaunt's ring onto his finger, making sure the crest was clearly showing. He waved it over what the professor had on his desk, making sure that it was seen.

Dumbledore broke out into a sweat. "Is-is that what I think it is?" He asked, the twinkle gone along with most of the color in the old man's face.

"Yes, I believe it is. I know about your past Professor, don't make me go there. We need this job for special reasons. Salary and housing is not a problem. We'll split the salary and we can both easily fit into one teacher's suite. Also, I may be slipping in and out of the castle from time to time." Harry said, using the ring's effect on the man to his lucid advantage.

'Yes of course. Consider yourself hired. You may move in today. And may I ask, how long you plan on keeping the job?" Dumbledore regained himself, the shock wearing off.

"Two years, if that is ok." Harry replied, quite pleased with the effect of the ring.

"Yes of course." Dumbledore looked pensive. He was most likely thinking about the curse the job came with.

Harry got up and left the office with instructions to his suite and a teacher's handbook (which he would gift Hermione later, as it was over 60,000 pages long).

Ginny walked alongside Harry to their room silently. He looked at her several times, and she did the same, but neither spoke. They walked into their own suite which consisted of a bedroom (which had a huge bed which was separated into two), a small common room, a bathroom (much bigger and better than the prefects'), a kitchen, and a small dining room.

The furniture for the bedroom was simple, yet elegant. There were three wardrobes, the two beds, a nice big mirror and a wireless. The carpeting was red and gold, and the walls were painted blue and the entire suite came with one house elf that was on their complete beck and call.

The elf looked like a twin Dobby on the outside, but was more of a Winky on the inside. His name was Tacky. Tacky was very pleasant, but at any act of kindness recoiled. Incidentally, Ginny and Harry just showered the elf with compliments every time they asked for something.

On August 26th, after they had finished settling in, they had their first staff meeting where they were introduced. It was quite nice.

Flitwick had treated them with great kindness and was ecstatic at their arrival, Sprout was a bit hesitant, but also was very warm to them. Slughorn was booming. He greeted them with his usual gusto and made himself seem like Merlin himself. Harry and Ginny kept themselves from cracking up. McGonagall was at first tart with them, but grew less and less hostile as the days progressed.

Finally it was the day of the student's arrival. James Potter sat in a compartment in the Hogwarts express with his two friends Sirius and Peter. Peter sat on the seat pressing his back to the window. He was admiring James and Sirius as if they were Merlins-in-training.

James and Sirius were discussing pranks to pull and how great their year was going to be. They had both passed most of their NEWT s and both planned to go to Auror Academy when they graduated. Remus had also done the same, whilst Peter was only going to take Herbology, Astronomy and Care of magical creatures.

Remus came in looking worn out a bit. James was first to respond.

"Hey Moony, why so down? The prefect meeting that bad?" James joked.

"First of all, it's almost that time. Second, I heard there are TWO new professors teaching DADA, and one of them, the head one, has the surname Potter." Remus said.

Sirius jumped. "Crikey, do you know if you've got some cousins or something prongs? I mean this guy has gotta be related to you. How many other Potter's do you know?" James smirked his trademark smirk.

"I don't know if he's related to me, but he's in for one hell of a year. Boys, I think we should divert our attention from dear old Snivellus for enough time to give our dear new teacher a nice welcoming." James was feeling on edge, and his friends could feel it. He never diverted his attention from Snape for any reason. This year was going to be a crazy one.

The train stooped and the four friends boarded the carriages. They chatted all the way to school. They talked about apparition tests, which they all were taking come February, and all the pranks. Soon they got into deep conversation about their first one, which they were planning for breakfast tomorrow. In all six years that they were at Hogwarts, they had never been suspected as the infamous Marauders. Every prank they pulled had been openly signed with the group name, as they used their code names to converse with each other.

As they neared the school, the conversation turned to Lily Evans, James' crush.

"So," Sirius began "when how do you exactly plan to get Evans to go out with you. She doesn't exactly thing of you highly, unless you count conceited, big headed and git-like highly."

James sighed, "I really don't know Padfoot, I'm frankly baffled on what to do. I really almost feel like given up, but I don't do that, I'm James Potter and I have never quit or been beaten at anything. I will somehow get Lily Evans to at least go out with me, even if I have to quit Quidditch."

Remus and Sirius looked shocked. Never had James ever cared enough about anything to give up Quidditch. It was then they realized James was in love with Lily. This was the first time James Potter admitted to being almost defeated.

The school came into view and the plan was launched into full swing.

Harry Potter meanwhile had taken his position at the head table. He watched as his father and mother walked in, each with their own friends. They took a seat and began their talks about their plans. Harry couldn't help but notice they looked a bit too elated and ecstatic about something. Ginny clearly noticed too.

"Harry, I think your father and co. are going to pull a good prank. I've seen that gleam in Gred and Forge's eyes too." Ginny stated.

"Yes, yes, I agree, but I can't help that they're thinking of pulling one on me. If they do though, they won't know what hit them." Harry smiled. He had had some very interesting ideas on how exactly to put the Marauders in their place. After all, he had not brought a nice trunk of wheezes to gather dust.

After Dumbledore's ever-enlightening speech, everyone went to bed, everyone except for the Marauders that is.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter used the Marauders map to sneak into the great hall. The only table still there, was the ever present head table. They went over to Professor Potter's seat and put a few surprises under it for him to wake up too. Remus however felt bad, and before they finished, he talked to the other three.

"Guys, it's his first day and we can't have him like that in the beginning of the day. Let's at least make it fair. How about we set the timer to go off at dinner, so everyone can have some dinner entertainment?" Remus reasoned. His two best friends were not mean, just had a somewhat vulgar sense of humor.

"Ahh hell, fine but only because a prefect told us to." Sirius and James both agreed.

Harry was upstairs in his suite drinking. He had been quite happy seeing his two parents laugh and mingle with their friends, but they had no idea of their fates yet to come. Also, it would be even harder when time came to bid them farewell. It was too much.

Ginny, sensing his distress came out into the living room to comfort him. She laid a hand on his shoulder and he turned around. She took the bottle of firewhiskey from him and pulled him into a hug.

A feeling of urgency came over Harry. He felt the need to cry and right then and there, he did. He took Ginny's shoulder and cried on it. Ginny didn't stop him. She kept trying to comfort him and stroking his back. Harry wasn't sure why, but he felt safe. He felt much better in Ginny's arms and he felt somewhat happy. He wasn't sure why. He didn't love Ginny did he? Even if he did, she would never take him back.

Ginny took a sobbing Harry to the couch and they sat there for a while, holding each other. If anyone who hadn't known them had walked in on them, they would have seen them as a couple. The truth was much farther from that.

Eventually, Ginny fell asleep and Harry finished crying, afraid that if he did, he would wake Ginny. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her on her bed. He laid a soft kiss on her forehead, hesitated and then placed a small kiss on her lips.

Harry went to his own bed, tired and distraught. He was in a tsunami of emotions, not sure what he was feeling or who he was. He closed his eyes, tried to think of only black and fell asleep.

A cold bucket of water was dumped on Harry. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WEASLEY?" He screamed at Ginny who was coolly holding her wand in her hand levitating a bucket of water over Harry's bed.

"Well, the alarm rang and you didn't wake, so I decided to wake you. You don't respond to touch or screams do you? Anyway, it's our first day, and I thought you might actually want to get up and get some breakfast."

Then Harry remembered. They were at Hogwarts. "Shit! I'm going to be late-wait." He remembered a charm from Dumbledore's journal; the speed charm. If he used it on himself, he would be able to move three times as fast as the normal human, but it would only last four minutes unless he wanted to suffer from extreme exhaustion. The charm physically took a lot from a body, forcing it to move past its limits.

He didn't think twice. The charm was cast and Ginny stared wide-eyed as he got showered got dressed and gathered his things fro class in ten minutes flat.

"Ready!" he exclaimed, clearly happy at Ginny's dumbfounded expression. Ginny shook it off and went downstairs to the great hall to eat.

At ten to nine, Ginny and Harry went into the defense classroom. They had decided to represent Harry as Professor Potter, and Ginny would be his assistant professor and healer for the class. They would address her as simply Ginny.

The first class they had was their NEWT sixth years. Harry felt slightly mischievous and smirked. Once the class was seated, James and Sirius began chatting, since they obviously did not see the professor in his disillusioned state. Harry crept right behind James, and quietly said "Mr. Potter please refrain from talking at least until ten minutes into the class."

James and Sirius jumped at the voice, and Harry realized they still could not see him. The class roared with laughter at the pair's panicked state.

Harry removed the charm from himself and barked in a good impression of Moody, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" And the class jumped. "This class will be extremely difficult. There will be little written homework, but the practical will be applied thoroughly. As you all may very well know by now, the NEWTS are extremely hard blah blah blah. This class is not for the NEWTS or for your studies only. There is as you know a powerful wizard who enjoys using the dark arts. You are learning to protect yourself. On a slightly happier note, sixth year is hell. You will be required to do spells wordlessly, for all your classes. I suggest your practice shield charms as homework today, wordlessly. Ginny, would you like a few words?"

"Yes thank you Professor. First, yes sixth year is hard, but you'll manage. Second Potter here is not at all this strict, he's only putting on a scary face for you. Third yes, Voldemort's rising but you should be able to protect yourself in a duel. That's what this class is for. Anyway enjoy your time at Hogwarts to the fullest. This is the only time you can be a kid so go for it!. Live life to the fullest, because their may never be a tomorrow for you." Ginny said powerfully.

While Ginny was blabbing, Harry took this time to survey the class. Lily was sitting with two friends, one who he identified as Alice Longbottom nee Brown. Looking at Alice nervously was an exact replica of Neville, who was assumed to be Frank Longbottom. He looked at his roster and found that he had several of his classmate's parents in his class. He looked around and found X. Lovegood, Amos Diggory, Lawrence Boot, Severus Snape, Jeffrey Corner, and a few others.

Ginny finally shut up and proposed a duel between the two professors. Harry was blatantly shocked.

"What the hell? A duel now? But…"

"Shut up Potter, we all know you'll lose, but at least don't shirk out." Ginny said taunting him.

"I'll destroy you Weasley." And so it began.

Harry started of by firing twelve stunners in perfect succession. Ginny blocked seven and dodged five. She then began to attempt to disarm Harry. This didn't go too well. Harry clearly would win if he used powerful light spells, but Ginny knew some too. On top of that, Harry knew Legilimency very well but was a complete failure at Occlumency, while Ginny knew both to a fair extent. They dueled for seven minutes and then began to fire of powerful spells.

"Protego Patronum!" Harry yelled, blocking Ginny's spell volley. The spell used a happy memory from Harry's mind to create a patronus shield. This animal was different from the stag used against dementors. This one was a bear, who took the hits for Harry. Harry had learned about twelve different patronus spells, which he was extremely proficient at using.

"Armimpellio!" Ginny shouted. This spell sent three throwing knives at Harry's bear. The bear could not block such an attack. He dodged, after dispelling the bear.

"Phlogiston Draconis" Harry yelled, giving off dragon's fire from his wand. The class watched in awe as the flames engulfed an awe struck Ginny. Harry had not cast the spell to harm, but just to encircle the target in a sphere and trap them. No spell could make it through- not even a killing curse.

Class had ended about five minutes ago, but the class didn't move. They were too busy watching Harry and Ginny duel. Now the duel was over and they left, quite stunned by Harry's skill. They had never had a teacher who could duel like that. James, Sirius and Remus left the classroom mouths agape.

James was the first to speak. "H-h-holy shit! Did you guys see what he did! This guy is crazy powerful, and he's related to me! Wow this guy rocks!"

"You got that right mate. I thought we could duel, but seeing those two, I doubt it. They were amazing. He used a bloody patronus as a bloody shield! Bloody unbelievable." Sirius said, still shaking.

Remus' face had drained in color. "Guys, what do you think he'll do to us if he finds out we're planning a prank on him?" Sirius and James thought for a second. Sirius answered.

"Nah no one here has figured it out yet- not even Dumbledore. How in Merlin's name will he find out?" James agreed and they set off to their next class.

Harry, meanwhile, planned his own prank. He snuck down into the kitchens and found a house elf. He talked and gave the elf something. He was going to have some payback today.

Going back up, he met Ginny. The classes for the day had ended, and they made their way back to their quarters. Ginny closed the door and began talking.

"How, and when exactly did you learn such powerful magic?" Ginny asked, seeing Harry in a new light.

"Well, you're not the only on looking up spells, besides I only work for the order and don't exactly get many jobs." Harry answered coolly. He was tired and it was showing.

"Harry, why don't you get some rest? We have a good hour and a half before dinner and you look as if you've been chasing Hippogriffs all day."

"Fine thanks Ginny."

"No problem Potter." He collapsed on his bed and instantly fell asleep, setting his alarm for an hour.

When Harry woke up, he was surprised to find Ginny sitting on a chair next to his bed reading. She seemed to have dosed off. Harry felt a grin erupt from the sides of his mouth and grabbed his wand, got a safe distance, and conjured up a bucket of water. He dumped the water on Ginny's head and she screamed.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT BLOODY THING YOU CALL A BRAIN POTTER?" Ginny screamed clearly angry. She brandished her wand to send a Bat-bogey hex at him, but he simply put up a shield.

"Payback's a bitch Gin, payback's a bitch." He said and went to get ready for dinner.

Meanwhile, James and Sirius were discussing what they would do. Sirius was still a bit afraid of Professor Potter.

"You know Prongs, you have it all. A cousin or uncle or whatever who can duel like a kind, the seeking skills of a pro, great grades, and the best of friends, hell if you get Lily, your life will be perfect."

"Yeah, you're right Padfoot, life is good. Besides, this year I am definitely going to get Lily. This is my time." James began to contemplate. After all, it was only the first day of school.

James and Sirius began to make their way down to dinner.

Harry finished getting ready and was now waiting for a very angry Ginny. She had taken a shower because the water had made her feel the need for one. She was still angry about what he did, but he still wasn't sure why. Hadn't she done the same thing to him this morning?

He felt a light prickling sensation in his back pocket. He grabbed the mirror and took it out to see Ron's smiling face. "Hey mate, how's Hogwarts?" Ron asked.

"Great! I saw my mum and dad, and their friends. I even saw Snape in defense. So far everything's perfect." Harry said, feeling elated at his best friend's face.

"That's great! So, when do you plan to start tailing Tom?"

"I think I'll have a go at it this weekend, after all I should be able to get through my first week here y'know?"

"Good, it's just that the codger wanted to know the progress of the mission." Ron said playfully.

They had made up codenames for certain people between the four of them. Anyone in the Weasley family (kids) were carrot top with a number (Ron is carrot to VI), Harry was Beryl , Hermione was Kneazle, Dumbledore was the codger, McGonagall was the crazy cat, Filch was the hag, and Kingsley Shacklebolt was the man. The names had been used only in the presence of the one's being talked about.

"Well Ron, I've got to head down. My dad and the rest of them have planned a prank that I'm not supposed to know about. Bye!" Harry said and shut the connection.

Harry went to the bathroom and knocked indicating Ginny come out.

"Oh, go on Harry, I'll be down in a bit. I just need to finish getting ready."

Harry snorted and wondered why on earth she was getting ready for dinner. It was a simply dinner, nothing to get ready for. Trying to ignore it, he went down and sat in his seat. The marauders wore wide grins, and Harry knew they had planned a nice welcome for him.

The food came onto the tables and everyone began to eat. Harry kept a weary eye out for anything that might come for him. He of course would make no attempt to stop it, but he just wanted to be prepared. As soon as dinner disappeared, the pudding appeared as usual. In front of Harry however, was not a pudding or tart, but a huge pie. The pie had the letters 'Welcome to Hogwarts Professor Potter!" Suddenly, the giant pie hit him in the face. When it finally fell off, the tray the pie was in rose over the head table and exploded, forming flaming letters. The letters arranged themselves to say "Welcome Professor, from the marauders!"

Harry however wasn't very happy with this one bit. It got even worse once he looked at his reflection in a spoon to find his hair was purple, and had yellow steaks. Ginny however, couldn't contain herself. She giggled like she had just seen Slughorn trying to ride a broom, while Sprout played the accordion and Luna Lovegood spoke about gnargles. Harry however got up and stormed out.

As he was leaving, Ginny got up and whispered "Payback's a bitch Potter, payback's a bitch."

And he stormed out much angrier than before, but smiled at what would happen to James and the gang tonight.

"Ha! Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, did you see his face? We got him good. He didn't know what hit him. God I love my ideas and I love our executions of them. Bloody brilliant, gave my dear cousin what he deserved for today's little class." James said laughing.

"Right-o Prongs, great touch with the letter's Moony, you gotta love that! The purple hair was hilarious!" Sirius droned.

After desert, the group walked up to the common room, where they chatted about their overzealous prank till about eleven. It was late, and they hadn't done much homework, not that they had too much.

"Well, I'm hungry, so Prongs, Wormtail, Moony wanna hit the kitchens? None of you ate and you all know I've got ten stomachs. So let's hit it?" Sirius asked.

"Sure Padfoot"

"Yes, I have to agree"

"Do…do I have to come?" Peter asked clearly afraid.

"YES!" all three said together.

The group trudged down to the kitchens, using the map to avoid anyone. When they entered, a house elf greeted them.

"What can I do for Sirs?" An elf asked bowing.

"Just get us some nice food, preferable some desert items!" Sirius said licking his lips.

The elf returned with some custard creams. They each took about ten and went back up to their dorm to eat them. When they got up, they each began talking, popping a cream in their mouths. Sirius ate all ten of his in less than a minute. Remus took a bit longer, ten minutes to be exact. James ate at a nice pace of five minutes and Wormtail ate in about twenty minutes.

When they were about to pack in and call it a night, they each got an uneasy feeling in their stomachs. Deciding they should sleep it off, they chose to ignore it. Little did they know what was about to happen.


Sirius, peter and Remus were also the same. Each of them was a small bird. They wondered what had happened, since it seemed they had clearly been pranked, and quite badly by the looks of it.

They wondered who could pull of something so amazing, yet so subtle.

Harry woke up in his bed smiling at the thought of the Marauder's fates.