Harry met Ginny near the entrance hall. She looked like she had just woken up by the way her hair was messed up and freely tangled around her head. "Why the hell did you choose not to warn me at least about this bloody battle?" She snapped at him, obviously cranky. He grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry Gin, but I've been kinda busy these last few days."

"With what?" Just as the words escaped her mouth, a giant wall of fire was erected around the school. Harry smiled.

"With things like that." The wall was originally made to keep the Inferi out, but Harry figured that it could hold off some death eaters as well. It was lit with cursed fire; the same cursed fire which had destroyed the Diadem during the battle. Both peers promptly went separate ways to fight off the forces. Voldemort's voice rang out through the crowd.

"I have arrived with my entire army of creatures and humans! You stand no chance of defeating me! If you agree to hand over the school and Dumbledore, I will ceasefire and retreat. If not, my army and I will attack in full force, and showing no mercy to students or teachers. It is your call." Silence. In one moment every teacher raised his/her wand in a signal that s/he would fight.

The battle broke out. As the death eaters entered from the forest, many fell into well hidden swamps, courtesy of WWW. This discouraged them quite a bit. However, just when it seemed that the school had the advantage, trolls and giants began to arrive promptly causing massive destruction on both sides. Harry began shooting off spells from a magically enhanced sniper rifle from the astronomy tower. He wanted to fight, but he had a mission- to save Dumbledore. No matter how powerful the old coot was, he could never take on Voldemort AND five death eaters.

Harry checked the map; Voldemort was approaching Dumbledore in the great Hall! Harry flashed down in an instant, appearing under the staff table.

"At last Dumbledore, you can finally be laid to rest." Voldemort taunted.

"I assure you Tom that I will reign over this school as headmaster for many more years and my death will not be at your hands." Dumbledore replied calmly.

"Old fool, always in the way of greatness." Voldemort snarled. He seemed less humane than before. 'Must have made a few more Horcruxes' Harry mused.

"Tom, I will still give you a chance for redemption. What you are doing is wrong. Come over to the right side and you can be great."

"There is no right or wrong, good or evil, there is only power and the many ways to use it. I have power, as do you; we are therefore nearly equal, although I am greater by far."

"No Tom, although we are magically equal, my strength of the heart is much more powerful than your. Love is a magic that none can explain."

"Love! Tell me Dumbledore, can love save a man from the killing curse? Can it help you attain what you desire? Can it get you an army of loyal followers who would follow without question?" Tom sneered.

"Then you leave me no choice but to finish you Tom." Dumbledore said before both wizards began firing off spells. It was then that Harry notice a few death eaters crawl out of hiding. 'He was stalling! The tosser was stalling to get his lackey's in position. No wonder he didn't flat out attack; how very Slytherin.

"Hello Harry, long time no see eh?"

"Lion!" Harry jumped. "Don't do that when I'm trying to hide. And yeah, I was doing some stuff this week."

"I see, so you foresaw this battle?"

"Something like that, what are you doing here?"

"Well I figured if you were going to fight, I might as well be here to save you from your death."

"Hey I can take care of myself thank you! And listen here you-"

"Aren't you going to help the old man?"

"Cripes, you're right, but I better wait until I can burst out of here without being noticed."

"Well, I brought your cloak if you need it. Oh and before you do something idiotic, your father and his group have headed out into the battle as well."

"HOLY SHIT, what the hell should I do?"

Under the only other invisibility cloak in the castle, James, Sirius and Remus left the common rooms to head into battle.

"Prongs, are you sure we should be out here?" Moony asked.

"Ever the prefect, eh Moony? Of course Prongs is sure, I mean we should alert the teachers that we have a traitor in our midst and that we should join the battle ourselves. We haven't had a bit of fun in ages have we?" Padfoot asked.

"Oi you two, keep it down. We may be invisible, but we're not exactly inaudible now are we?" James scolded. The three made their way down to the entrance hall stealthily. They watched as the battle brewed and death eaters shot green spells right and left and threw of the cloak.

"You know prongs, throwing the cloak off us may not have been the smartest thing to do eh?" Remus said as he dodged killing curses randomly being flung.

"Yeah prongs, not your best idea." Sirius agreed as he began firing off stunners. "Is it me or are you feeling kinda chilly?" He asked as a Dementor crept up behind him.

"Expecto Patronum!" Both his companions screamed, and the dementor behind him fled.

"Damn Padfoot, be a bit more careful eh?" James said shaking his head.

"Yeah, honestly, you two look at this like some kind of joke. This is real; if we die here there's no rising from the dead!" Remus emphasized. The two just stood there until James broke out into a smile.

"Tell that to Professor Potter, Death eater extraordinaire." James said and laughed. "Where is the tosser anyway, I haven't seen him fighting."

"Probably under a robe and mask like the other Death cronies." Sirius offered.

"Alright, enough talk; why the hell did we sneak out here anyway?" Remus asked as he dodged a bludger.

"Well Padfoot and I wanted to see how we could fare in a real duel, if we became Aurors. You just came here to see that we didn't die." James offered smugly.

"Shut up Prongs and let's get the hell out of here. You guy's will just slow the teachers down." Remus said and his companions put on faces of mock-offense. Before anyone could say a word, a killing curse flew by Remus' ear.

"Well, well, well what do we have here? Hogwarts students out of bed; don't worry though, I'll make sure they get their rest." And the battle began. Three against one and neither side was giving in. "You brats are quite good for your age, but let's see how you fare against real magic! Crucio!" He screamed and Remus collapsed screaming while the death eater laughed.

"Release him now! Stupefy! Expelliarmus! Phlogiston Draconis!" James screamed attempting the dragon's fire curse, but only getting a few embers out. The death eater laughed at the pathetic attempt.

"Maybe you would like to be next? Crucio!" He screamed and James collapsed screaming as well. He tried to resist, but he had a snowball's chance in hell. Padfoot came to his rescue.

"Stupefy Tarentangela! Rictumsempra!" He screamed. None of the curses hit, but the Death Eater was distracted enough to release a panting James from the curse. At this point both Remus and James were too weak to move and were panting uncontrollably. "YOU! The meddlesome Black sheep of the Black family; your parents will thank me for putting you in your place won't they?"

Sirius knew he was at a dead end; there was no way he could take on a death eater, no matter his skill, in a one on one fair fight. What could he do?


Harry pulled out from under the table and began shooting down death eater's mercilessly. He disarmed them and bound them before setting a ring of fire around them. He had finished off two of them by the time Voldemort and the other three noticed him.

"YOU AGAIN!" Voldemort yelled, his voice filled with trepidation that only Harry could pick up. "Why do you always show up and screw up my plans?" He asked still dueling while his companions began attacking Harry.

"What can I say, it's fun." Harry replied cheekily before incapacitating the death eaters he was fighting. "Headmaster, I've got to go; some students decided to join the fight and they are probably in danger.

"Thank you Harry, please continue. I can assure you that Tom and I will get on quite well without you." He said and gave Harry one last smile before he left the hall.

Harry raced out of the great hall, momentarily pausing to check the map. As soon as he found the three dots he needed, he rand down to where they were. The sight he saw nearly gave him a heart attack. James and Remus were on the ground, obviously having been released from the Cruciatus recently. Sirius was being held under the curse, screaming his lungs out.

"Well Black, I'm honored to be the on to end your pathetic life once in for al; Avada-" He began but was cut of by a curse from Harry that burned his hand.

"Get away from the students." Harry growled.

"Ooh a professor wants to play does he? Well, I daresay Master will be happy if I was to kill a professor." The death eater taunted.

"I'm sure your master would be pleased. You are just a simple lapdog with no mind of your own. A toy that Voldemort will throw away once he's bored of it. Pathetic." Harry spat and watched the death eater jump at his master's name. "Your master will be the fall of you."

"Crucio! Crucio! Avada Kedavra! Avada Kedavra!" The death eater spat in anger. Harry easily dodged each shot carefully.

"My turn; stupefy! Expelliarmus! Tarentangela! Stabtae!" Harry screamed and the death eater laughed.

"Aww the professor doesn't know any real curses, how sad."

"I'll finish you off with nothing more that a second year would know!" Harry growled and smirked. "Voldemort! Stupefy!" Harry said using the dark lord's name to make the man flinch and hit him with the next curse. "Told you Voldy would be your undoing" Harry said reveling in his wit, until he noticed the three teenagers still on the ground. "Come on you idiots, let's get you to the hospital wing." Harry said and levitated them over.

Harry woke up the next day on a chair in the hospital wing. He had been watching over the three teenagers and had inadvertently fallen asleep, the last week taking its final toll. He awoke to see the marauder talking amongst each other amicably. James was the first to notice Harry's awakening and smiled at him.

"Um… thanks for saving us professor." He managed to get out. He was probably not used to thanking people much.

"You're welcome James, and might I ask, what exactly lured you down into battle despite any warnings to stay in your common room?" Harry asked sternly, but warmly.

"We're sorry professor, but these two numbskulls thought they could handle a full fledge battle." Remus said pointing to the other two marauders who blushed. "I went along so that they wouldn't do anything stupid."

"As interesting as that sounds, having a big head is no excuse for rushing into battle headfirst." Harry said and Sirius and James had the decency to blush. "Also, as honorable as your actions were Remus, you still put yourself in danger." Remus blushed at this point as well, while Sirius and James sniggered. "However, you two not only pulled yourselves into a terrible position, but dragged Remus along as well. Your action endangered others as well as yourselves. I trust all three of you will be more careful in the future?" Harry asked and each marauder gave an affirmative nod. "Good, I'll just take my leave then." And he did.

"Told you he wasn't a death eater." Remus said before reclining on the bed.

Harry rushed up to his rooms to check on Ginny. There were only ten weeks left of term. "Hey Gin, what up, why the long face?" he asked seeing Ginny frowning heavily.

"Ron and 'Mione are on the mirror, they want to talk to you; it sounds pretty serious." Ginny said, shoving a hand-mirror into his hands.

"Harry, mate, you there?" Ron asked as Harry's face appeared in the mirror. "Ok, we have a huge problem. Another Dark Lord has apparently immigrated from America to here and is looking for you. He has seven people from Dumbledore's Army captive. He even took a few order members."

"Why would he want me? Please tell me there isn't another prophecy!" He asked perplexed.

"No prophecy this time, but Harry, you do have the Elder wand and on top of that, you have slayed as many Dark Lords as Dumbledore himself. The DA is in chaos right now, and the order is on the verge of it as well." Hermione added grabbing the mirror from Ron.

"Look, I can't come back now. Put McGonagall in charge of the DA and you guys go into hiding. Don't argue. Actually scratch that. Go to Hogwarts and take positions there. We have very little time left till term ends. Maybe if I can, I'll fake my death or leave Ginny here in charge of things." Harry ordered.

"Harry, Hogwarts isn't safe anymore. It was attacked and the wards are wearing thin. You and Dumbledore are the only ones who had nearly enough power to even fix one a day! The only position left there is Herbology anyway." Hermione said near tears.

"What, but I thought… oh Neville, don't tell me he's one of the prisoners!" Harry cried in realization.

"Yes, but we've been doing everything we can. If anyone finds out that you're in the past, you could have hell to pay. If the ministry finds out, not even Kingsley will be able to keep you out of Azkaban hero or not. You have little choice but to come back here and hide." Hermione persisted.

"But where would I hide? The Fidelius charm isn't an option for Grimmauld place because it would be almost impossible to remove the old one! Besides, I'm no coward; I can fight this guy off." Harry persisted.

"No you can't! His strength is beyond Voldemort's and you have no blood advantages over him! Even the Elder wand won't help you at this point because your opponent knows every single thing about it! He's like Luna's father!"

"There has to be an option other than this! If I portkey back now, how will Ginny get back? She can't make a time portkey on her own!" Harry pressed.

"Then make her a spare now! We really don't have time to argue with you!" Ron yelled from the background.

"Those things take a month to make correctly! How am I supposed to do that exactly?" He asked.

"We don't know, just figure something out! Take out like a full week 24/7 and finish it up! It's not the first time you've made one anyway." Hermione pressed.

"What about the damn objective eh? I still haven't found old Voldy's refuge yet. I have to find that first don't I?"

"It's too late Harry, the other Dark Lord found it first. He's taken out all of Voldemort's spell books and harvested his knowledge. The only upside is that there are some books written in parseltongue so he can't read half of the collection. You have to come back soon, otherwise the Order and the DA will be finished!" Hermione said quietly.

"Where was it anyway?" Harry asked out of sheer curiosity.

"Funny story about that, he decided to place it in the Bermuda triangle, dead center." Hermione told him.

"What, but I looked there, all I found was that castle!"

"You found the castle, but that was under the triangle. Did you check above it?"

"How in Merlin's name did he manage to secure an edifice in thin air?"

"He didn't."

"Then what do you mean by above it?"

"He may have been evil, but the man was a genius. He decided to put a single portal that you couldn't find unless you knew it was there to transport you to his lair. Also, the only way to enter his own hidden chambers was to offer a pint of blood to a hidden door, which only he knew the location of."

"So how did our new Dark Lord find it exactly?"

"Well we don't know now do we? We only found its location because we managed to capture a certain person who told us how to get to Voldy's personal base."

"Who's the lucky one?"

"Oh, you'll love this; you see, little Draco Malfoy decided to turn spy for us; said something about you being totally immortal and unbeatable."

"Aw, how nice; tell me you don't trust him."

"We've checked things out. He knows enough Occlumency to keep a s squirrel out, but nothing more. He really believes that you're infallible. Anyway, we've decided to keep him 'captive' until we can cover his thoughts."

"So, while we're on the topic, have either of you seen this dark lord?"

"Ron faced off against him in passing, why don't you talk to him." She said passing the mirror to Ron.

"Ron, does this guy look at all like he has made any Horcruxes?" Harry asked.

"Not yet at least, but with Voldemort's notes, he must be planning it. Besides, he looks much more human although he has creepy yellow eyes, kind of like a demon. Come to think of it, he may have demon blood in him."

"I though Demon's were immortal."

"Yeah, but once they mate with a human, the offspring becomes mortal, but has five times a normal wizard's lifespan."

"Ok, so this guy is mortal, but his natural death will be six hundred years from now?" Ron nodded and Harry groaned.

"Take all of that and add onto the fact that he may even be a shadow demon. That's the closest me and Hermione have gotten to figuring him out. It's really hard to tell if he is a demon and it's almost impossible to tell what kind of demon he is. But no matter anything, he is powerful. He nearly killed me with a flick of his wand. Luckily, rumor has it that he never uses unforgivables at all."

"I though Demons didn't need wands."

"He doesn't need one, but he is part human as well."

"So what's this guy after? Blood purity or is he just a random killer?"

"Well so far, the only murder's he has ordered are against people who have great power. I think he just wants the ministry and to take over."

"Right ray of sunshine eh? And he wants to take me down because I'm a powerful Auror level wizard or that I've slain Voldemort, and for the Elder wand? Does he know about the other two?" Harry asked doing the math in his head.

"No, but the stone will be impossible to find. After you left, there were a few heavy storms and the forest was full of mud. It must be at least ten feet under the ground by now."

Alright, that's good. At least we won't have a chance of losing all three hallows at once. Do you guys know what that would do?"

"Yeah, Hermione had the brains to research it. Turns out, that there are theories on this stuff in places like the quibbler. We asked Xeno Lovegood, and he told us that all three hallows together would have the power to make their owner Merlin's equal almost!"

"I was raised a muggle Ron; tell me what Merlin was capable of…"

"Alright; Merlin was rumored to have been the first wizard of all. He had the power of every single magical being in existence today. He was immortal because of the sheer magic he carried within himself. The thing was that when people heard about him, they either tried to kill him, or asked him to tell them their futures or help them. Merlin began to get angry and thus lost control of some of his power. In order to stop himself, he decided to release his magic, killing himself. His core split into many pieces and those pieces sought refuge in newborn children. This is of course just a legend and is probably exaggerated. But anyway, you have to come back soon."

"Fine, I'll be back in two weeks, but until then, keep the Weasley's safe and you two go into hiding under the Fidelius; make sure you make someone reliable your secret keeper; I suggest McGonagall." Harry said before hanging up, giving no more room for argument. He looked behind him to find a silently sobbing Ginny. "I'm sorry Gin, but I've got to go soon again." He said apologetically.

"I know, but why does this continue to happen? What do I know about teaching? And how are you going to explain your absence?" Ginny said putting on a brave front.

"I'll do it, and you won't be alone you'll have Lion with you if you need any help. And then you won't have to worry about Voldemort anymore because the mission is officially over. Come on, chin up; you can do this." Harry pressed and Ginny nodded to show that she would do it.

"Good luck, I hope you can stop this menace and come back soon, but I have a question."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Don't you have the stone on your finger right now? You showed it to Dumbledore in order to secure a job here." Ginny asked pointing at the ring.

"Ha! Ginny, this is a perfect fake. I transfigured it from a piece of grass!" Harry said and reversed the transfiguration. "If the new Dark lord can be persuaded that this really is the resurrection stone, then perhaps he'll believe that the legend is false." Harry said and Ginny laughed.

"But won't that make you a bigger target?"

"Since when has that stopped me?"

"So you gunna get started on that portkey and teach a bit more before you leave?"

"Not yet, I have to make a quick pit-stop tomorrow." Harry said with an evil smirk. "Lion we're going out soon, get some sleep and be up early!" Harry called to his pet snake who was about to slither to bed.

"I'm always ready early; it's always you who needs hours to wake up no matter how long you sleep! Anyway, I was already on my way to bed." He grumbled before slithering off muttering about how snakes should be in charge of training humans.

"Anyway, Harry, do me a favor, will you?" Ginny asked him.

"Sure love, what do you need? If it's a promise to come back, you know I will." Harry said.

"No, I want you to take Lion with you. You're his master and I know he will protect you till the end of his life. Besides, if you go into hiding, you might need a companion to keep yourself sane." Ginny joked, but could not ease the somber mood.

"Alright, but only because I know you just don't want to be responsible for feeding and taking care of him, being the burden that he is." Harry said a bit loud to provoke his snake. It worked; Lion flung an apple with his tail at Harry's head. "And ungrateful to top it off." Harry grumbled rubbing his head.