Rating: M

Genre: Drama/ Angst/ Romance/ Adventure

Pairing: Slade/Robin

Summary: AU- After being betrayed by his teammates Robin loses his memory of everything that happened to him prior the attack, vowed to get revenge he gets involved in crime, he becomes know as Nightwing an unstoppable hacker, thief, and assassin. He catches the attention of the more notorious known criminals especially a man named Slade.

Warning: This will be a slash, so if you don't like you can turn away now or read until you start liking it lol, Sex later on along with beating, stalking, Blood, Gore, and whatever else I can think of.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

I always wondered what it would be like for Robin's teammates to betray him and have Robin turn to a darker path. This story has been on my mind for a little while so hope you like.

So without further ado I give you


Chapter one- The Betrayal

Heavy thunder could be heard as a small figure darted into a lush overgrown forest closely followed by three shadowed figures. Jumping agilely over fallen trunks and lose vines the teen was barely able to dodged a green ball of energy being shoot towards him. Needing to escape the lean boy speeded up grabbing a small round patch attached to his belt and through it behind him causing a large explosion to happen. Smirking upon hearing a scream of pain the boy kept running only to have a tall muscular girl with flaming red hair and jade green eyes appear in front of him. Growling in frustration he turned to the side to get a view of all three of his opposites, flashing a sadistic smile he crouched into a fighting position as his eyes narrowed.

"You can't escape Robin you should stop giving up on trying to prevent the inevitable," Cyborg said as his large body became stiff and his brown eyes narrowed in anger. Slowly he raised his mechanical arm to take aim only to have a green blur run past him and charge towards Robin. Expecting the rash impulse from his former teammate Robin leaped into the air and spun around slamming his steel toed boot into the green face of Beast Boy feeling strangely satisfied when he noticed he broke the green devil's nose. Without any time to think about this new feeling Robin rolled on his back to avoid the laser from Cyborg's cannon only to jump in the air in order to not be tackled by Starfire. As soon as his feet hit the ground Robin took off in a sprint, trying to get as far away from his former teammates as he could. As Robin jumped over more fallen foliage and evaded the attacks his ex-friends were dishing out he failed to notice the trees growing further and further apart until he was staring down a cliff and the deadly rocks below, knowing he could not ran anymore Robin slowly turned around to face his former team, Cyborg looked ready to kill with his cannon glowing a bright blue, Beast Boy was in the shape of a raptor ready to tear Robin apart piece by piece, yet Starfire looked almost guilty as she rose to the ground slowly and a dark aura surrounded her. As if the heavens above know of the treachery that was happening before them the skies openly wept soaking the group within seconds. Ignoring the rain Robin glared accusingly at his teammate knowing this would be his only chance to get an explanation about their sudden betrayal.

"Why?" Robin questioned quietly trying to keep the hurt and betrayal out of his voice unsuccessfully; Cyborg looked away as the mechanical body parts started to hum do to the wetness before staring directly into robin's masked ones.

"If only you know, everything comes at a price Robin; we all can't sacrifice everything like you do for justice." Cyborg whispered as he finally showed more emotion other than rage and hatred.

"They threaten my family Robin, what else could I do," Star yelled as tears began to form in her striking green eyes. "They would give Cyborg a normal body and tell Beast Boy where his parents are." Starfire said as Robins masked eyes went wide with realization as he noticed the guilty looks in all there eyes.

"They aren't controlling you are they, you are doing this for your own selfish wants," Robin spat as he glared at his former friends with a new found hatred, "You killed Raven didn't you, for not going along with their plans, who are they anyways." Robin snarled as Cyborg large frame stared to shake with anger.

"You're the selfish one Robin, we can be normal again, don't you understand," Cyborg growled as he stared at the man he once respected who was now the only thing in his way to being normal. "As for who can grant us freedom, they go by the name 'Borynya." Cyborg said as he stared sadly at the boy in front of him, "Besides they showed us what you would become if we don't kill you, you would destroy everything," Cyborg muttered as he nodded his head towards Starfire. With one more sad glance Starfire used her powers to shove Robin off the cliff as they watched him ascend into the black abyss.


A tall man walked confidently through the maze of steel walls; he was clad in an expensive business suit and radiated pure power. No one dared defy him, just looking at his body build was enough to scare even the bravest men, at six' six" and pure muscle he could take anyone down. He slowly stopped in front of a pure black door before looking at his older companion with his molten gold eye, nodding his head slightly towards the slightly shorter man next to him they entered the extravagant office looking at the lavish furniture and artwork to the animal's skins on the floor before focusing to menacing man in front of him. Looking up the man smirked before rising and walking over to the pair.

"Slade, It's a pleasure to finally meet you," The man said as he shook Slade's large hand in a almost crushing grip as Slade returned the favor narrowing his eyes in anger daring the man to challenge him, taking the hint, but not backing down the man looked at the gentleman next to him, "Ah, and General Wintergreen, a pleasure as well." The man said nodding his head towards the older man before walking over to the grand fireplace taking a seat on a ruby red leather chair gesturing for Slade and Wintergreen to sit as well. Stiffly walking over and taking a seat in the black leather chair across from the sickening man Slade started taking.

"Virgil Hapaeski, I see you have derived an elaborate plan to take down the Justice League and create a new society, what does this have to do with me, you know as well as any villain that I don't care about other's plans for global domination." Slade said calmly as Virgil simply smiled as he slowly leaned forward an insane gleam in his dark green eyes.

"I can make it worth your wild, Slade." Virgil commented as he rose and walked over to his desk, picking up a tan colored folder before walking back over and handed it to Slade, "Inside this envelope, I have evidence of what I have already done for you." He spoke as Slade's glowing yellow eye harden in suspicion before taking the folder and opening it. Inside Slade found a single black mask, keeping all emotion from his face Slade looked up at Virgil who had a sadistic smile upon his face. "Robin's dead, betrayed by the people he trusted the most. " He whispered happily as Wintergreen's body went rigid and he turned his pale blue eyes over to Slade who to anyone else looked as if he did not care, yet for all the years Wintergreen has know him, Slade has never seen him so furious.

"What ever gave you the impression that I wanted him dead?" Slade's deep voice asked harshly as the smile slowly fall off Virgil's face but the insane gleam still stayed in his forest green eyes.

"Everyone knows you want him dead, besides even if you didn't it still brings me closer to my goal," Virgil said as he smirked again showing off nasty brown colored teeth. Stopping himself from snarling in disgust at the man in front of him Slade continued.

"Did you even see the body," Slade questioned nonchalantly as the smirk once again fell from Virgil's face and was replaced by an angry snarl.

"What other evidence do you need, he's dead, through off a cliff and now laying at the bottom of a river." Virgil growled as a small grin crossed Slade's face and he rose up from his chair.

"A fool could have bought a mask that looks like Robin's and place it in that envelope; apparently you are not as intelligent as I thought you were. Why should I join you when you are not even sure you killed the teen?" Slade demanded as he got up from his seat causing some of his grey to fall in his face before he started walking towards the door followed closely behind by Wintergreen. "When you can show me a body, I will consider joining you, until then you are nothing more than another common villain with worthless ideas, who can't even get a simple job done." Slade said as he walked out the door with a smug smirk upon his handsome face hearing a yell of rage. It was not until they were driving back to Slade's mansion did Wintergreen speak.

"Do you really think Robin could be dead," He asked know about Slade's mixed feeling on the boy. Tensing Slade glanced at Wintergreen before looking back at the road a frown marring his strong face.

"I know it would take more than his teammates to take Robin down, but I am positive that Robin was unprepared for such a betrayal. I have no doubt in my mind that he is seriously injured, but he's not dead." Slade said seriously as he looked out the window. Nodding his head Wintergreen didn't question Slade further and left him in peace for the long the ride.


The sun shined down upon the forest as a young teenage girl with waist-length chestnut hair and elfish features could be seen slowly walking past the wet foliage, not caring that it was making her boots and cargo pant's damp. She walked up to the stream to get a drink only to stop suddenly upon seeing a small lean boy with midnight colored hair and impish features covered in blood laying on the shore of the river, quickly running over to him she could tell that at least five ribs were broken and he may have cracked his skull. The girl watched as the boy slowly opened and gasped at the stunning dark blue orbs that emerge such a color that could put even the ocean to shame. The impish boy tried to get up only to have the girl push him back down.

"I'm going to kill them," He whispered as the girl slowly smirked as her honey colored eyes lit up in amusement.

"I doubt you're going to be kill anyone anytime soon," She whispered softly as she help the boy slowly sit up, carful of the head injury, "Who are you anyway?" She questioned as he held his head groaning before looking up confused.

"I know my name is Robin, yet I don't remember anything past yesterday," Robin said in a betrayed pain laced voice as he slowly started to close his stunning blue eyes, the last thing he heard was a feminine voice whisper in his ear.

"Nice to meet you Robin, My names Samantha," As his world once again was engulfed in darkness.


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