Title:An Odd Pair

Disclaimer:I do not own anything you recognize…

Warnings: Nope.



"Bella, nice that we see each other again," Dean Winchester stated as he held a gun to the back of the woman's head.

He had broken into her apartment and run away from Sammy just to make good on his promise: to kill her for turning Dean and Sam's whereabouts over to Gordon. She almost got them killed.

Bella had just walked out of her master bathroom, nice comfy towel wrapped around her when Dean piped up. She hadn't even jumped.

"Dean, glad we see each other again." She turned around slowly, smiling that smile of hers.

"I told you I'd kill you."

"Such harsh words." She paused, not getting the desired effect. "I also told you we should have angry sex. Didn't work last time; think it might now?" He ignored her comment. "I'll take that as a no."

Shrugging, she walked over toward her closet. "Mind if I at least get changed?" Not waiting for an answer, she stepped inside and left the door wide open.

Dean kept his gun trained on her the whole time. She was dying today. She had to. He couldn't let her walk.

"So, where's Sam? Outside in that rusty piece of junk you call a classic," she asked as she went through her lingerie bin. Taking two pairs of skimpy undergarments out, she held them up for Dean. "Which one?"

Stuttering, he answered and gestured with the gun, "The right one."

"I never learned my left and right. Show me?"

Not thinking twice, Dean walked over, shoving his gun in the back of his pants, and took one pair out of her hand. He threw it back in the bin. "Not that one."

Bella smiled. "Thanks, Dean."

"Yeah." He leaned against the wall carefully as she picked out a bra and matching night clothes. But when she dropped the towel, well, that really sent him for a ride.

She looked up to his surprised face. "Well? What'd you expect," she asked, accent thick. "I needed to change and you don't want me giving you the slip, so…"

But she couldn't finish the sentence because Dean had her up against the wall in a swift movement. "Angry sex now. Talk later."

Yeah, he was getting his plans done.

Sorry, that was just something stupid that popped into my head. Anyway, there's a BellaDean romance up on my account now. Its title is Bela's Deal. Enjoy!