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Author's Comments:

Tori: Thanks for clicking on this fan fiction! You will NOT be disappointed! D

Ooh, guess I better explain Magnar Macaraccoon and Sidos' lisp before you get started reading this.


Magnar was an invention of mine one day…he was born small and lives by eating the life candy of other piñatas (like some kind of piñata vampire). If he does not have life candy, he is weakened and can die. He belongs to Stardos, who secretly breaks open wild piñatas to feed to Magnar.

Sidos' Lisp:

Sidos was "accidentally" hit with a shovel when he was four (which explains his current fear of shovels). His front teeth were knocked out, and he developed a lisp which lasted until even after his front teeth grew back. He obviously outgrew it, though. points to game

Okay, I think that's all I have to say here. Kick back and enjoy this labor of love.

Lizzie: Yeah…what Tori said. XD

Oh, it was morning already.

Stardos sighed heavily and stood up with stiff joints. He mentally scolded himself for falling asleep in the garden again.

(Hey, watch it!) Magnar said as he fell from Stardos' lap.

"Oops, sorry Magnar." Stardos said gently and picked up the raccoon piñata who crawled up to his shoulder.

(You shouldn't fall asleep out here!) Magnar scolded as Stardos took check of the garden. (You could catch cold and then what'll happen to the garden?)

"The high and mighty Sidos will take care of it." Stardos said as he rolled his eyes.

Stardos despised his younger brother more than anyone else. Stardos had been his father's pride and joy, taking care of the garden since he was very little. Jardiniero was so proud of him, but now that the PERFECT Sidos came along he disregarded his older son and doted upon the youngest.

But currently because Jardiniero was gone, Stardos was in charge, but he felt like that was only because of his age.

Stardos did his rounds and everything seemed to be in order. Some plants needed watering, but nothing major. It's not like any piñata were sick or anything.

Morning was well under way when the rest of the family came out. Little Sidos toddled out and went straight to the Shellybeans after a greeting to Stardos, and Leafos followed, yawning and carrying the Journal.

The three siblings were silent for a long time. After Stardos finished tending to the plants, he picked up his shovel and stared at some wild piñatas outside of the garden's boundaries, silently praying that one would come in for a visit so he could whack it and use the poor thing's candy to sustain Magnar, who was lying on the ground by Stardos' feet.

Sidos was trying desperately to teach his Shellybeans a new back flipping trick, but they couldn't seem to get his instructions correctly. After countless failed attempts, Sidos sighed in exasperation, threw up his hands in defeat, and sat down in the grass, letting his Shellybeans climb on him.

Leafos was walking around the garden, sketching every little thing that she saw before her into the Journal. She began to follow a skittish Doenut around, trying to get her picture to turn out accurately.

A wild Jameleon made its way over the garden's borders. Stardos cast a glance over his shoulder to make sure his siblings weren't looking at him. Luckily for him, Sidos was caught up in talking to his Shellybeans and Leafos was yelling at a Doenut to stay still. He turned to the Jameleon and brought the shovel upon it, strewing its candy all over the ground. Smiling, Stardos tossed its life sweet to Magnar, who ate it gleefully.

"Stardos?" Leafos asked from close by, making Stardos jump.

"Huh?" He asked a little shakily. Magnar hopped up onto his shoulder and yawned loudly.

"Why are Doenuts so dang jumpy?" She demanded, now on her second lap around the garden.

Stardos sighed in relief. She hadn't seen him.

"Well that's they way they are! Don't bother it too much, we don't want it moving out on us." Stardos crossed his arms and surveyed the garden.

Author's Comments:

Tori: Okay, that was Chapter 1! big stupid grin I wrote the part from "The three siblings were silent for a long time" to "Smiling; Stardos tossed its life sweet to Magnar, who ate it gleefully." Lizzie wrote everything else. Oh, and I know you thought "How the heck can a SHELLYBEAN backflip? They have no legs!" Well…um…Sidos' can. Sidos is just that amazing.

Lizzie: ….wow, Tori explains everything, huh? Uh, yeah.

Oh, and Stardos kills one of my least favorite piñata. I have nothing against them really, but I sometimes wish they came with a mute button. D: