"Sasuke before you go away, please can we just have one special night together?"

'Too bad I didn't know that, that one night would change my future forever…' Sasuke thought as he was signing more papers that he had to approve. You would think Uchiha Sasuke CEO of Uchiha Enterprises would be happy and content with his life; Graduating top in his class at Tokyo University, becoming a CEO at the age of 20, beating all his rival companies in less than a year, and last but not least having a loving family with a wife that would jump over flaming hoops just to get to him and a five year old daughter, who could make her daddy play dress up with her and have tea and crumpets with.

"Damnit" Sasuke suddenly yelled as he once again began to think about all the regrets and mistakes he had made over the year…

Three years ago…

"Neh Sasuke-kun, do you think we'll be together forever?" asked a young pink haired girl with sparkling emerald eyes.

"Ah" said the stoic young man with raven hair who was leaning against the tree while holding his girlfriend.

"You know what Sasuke!" The pink haired girl suddenly went out of the young man's grasp and started to yell at him "For once, I wish you could say 'Yes, my unbelievably adorable girlfriend we will be together forever and nothing can change that.' "She said in a mimicking tone and motions. "Instead of being some emo kid who has a stick stuck up his ass and can only reply with one word that fully doesn't answer my damn question!" She yelled. Suddenly, the pink hair girl started to become even more aggravated as she heard her gorgeous boyfriend chuckle.

"Hn." Sasuke said as he noticed that he was laughing. "Sakura, I told you before I'm not very good with expressing my emotions."

"Oh my gosh! Good job Sasuke! You finally said a complete sentence, and expressed how you felt!" Sakura screamed out with a happy yet sarcastic tone. "Anyways Sasuke-kun since you are dating me you need to get used to expressing your emotions, remember you can always trust me."

"Okay fine… I'll be honest with you Sakura that was sort of a lame statement" Sasuke said with a serious look on his face.

"Why you!" Sakura said as she attempted to hit her boyfriend. Unfortunately for her he was able to dodge every attempt she made. He soon apologized to her and she in time forgave him as they walked off to the cute little café by the campus.

"Wow, you guys are like the cutest couple" Sakura's best friend, Ino said as she chattered away.

"Hn…" Sakura said as she was in deep thought.

"You know you're sort of acting like Sasuke-kun now!" Ino said with a sour look on her face. " You know I would have never imagined that my genius best friend would meet the oh so legendary hot rich and genius UchihaSasuke" Ino said as she emphasized hot, rich, and Uchiha Sasuke. "So tell me Sakura how did you meet Sasuke again? I just find it so hilarious how you two met." Ino said as both Sakura and Ino stopped infront of the famous Konoha café.

"Well, It's pretty embarrassing and I totally hate rethinking about the past…" Sakura said with a sad look on her face.

"Aww! Come on Sakura you shouldn't be sad or embarrassed with your own darn love story!" Ino said as she tried to persuade her best friend to tell her the story as she loved to hear it all the time, and had not heard it in a few months or so.

"Oh! Fine! Well, you remember how I left high school early right? I was sixteen and was a loser. I totally didn't know how to dress considering the fact that I devoted all my time studying. Anyways, I wore these thick round glasses, a plaid shirt, baggy pants, and my hair was cut uneven." Suddenly Sakura was cut off by her laughing blonde best friend.

"Oh gosh! I totally remember you back then. You were such a geek, yet I befriended you because you were so totally awesome yet anti social… Does that even make sense? Okay, done reminiscing get back to the story!" Ino said as she began to sip her peppermint mocha cappuccino.

Five years ago

"Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh! I'm going to be so late" A frantic pink hair young girl could be seen running around the campus of Tokyo University try to search for her anatomy class. Suddenly the girl had bumped into a hard object which she in return fell down and lost her glasses.

"This has got to be the worst first day of school ever!" screamed the girl not realizing that she had bumped into person. "First, my alarm clock doesn't wake me up, and then I lose my class schedule, afterwards I finally find it but then my stupid roommate leaves the sink and practically floods the bathroom! Now I run into some stupid ass statue, and now I can't see!"

"Hn" said the stoic "statue"

"Oh great now I think the statue just said something. Gosh I must be crazy!" the pink hair girl as she frantically tried to find her glasses.

"For one I'm not a statue and your glasses are right beside you" the stoic boy had said.

"Oh thanks! Do you think you ca-"Sakura was suddenly cut off once she realized that the boy was walking away. "The least you could do is help me and show me where my class is!" Sakura yelled out to the young man.

"It's not my problem. Hn." He said as he walked away casually. He was about to enter the cafeteria when a pink blur suddenly tackled him to the ground. "What th-"

"You're very rude mister! If you aren't going to help a young beautiful damsel in distress then the least you can do is tell her your damn name!" Sakura screamed out so loud that all the students in the cafeteria turned around and looked at the strange couple.

"First of all, you are not, and I'm repeating you are not a beautiful damsel, also back if I compared you to the ugliest girl in Kyoto you wouldn't come close to her. Secondly if I told you my name you'd probably jump around and try to rape me.

"Ew, gross who would want to rape an egotistical rude jerk like you!?" Sakura said with a disgusted look on her face.

"Fine, my name is Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke stated waiting for her to jump around and ask for an autograph.

"What do you want an award for that Mr. Egotistical jerk?" Sakura said as she looked at him strangely. It was true Sakura had no idea who Sasuke Uchiha was since she never got the chance to really watch the news, which his family was always on. Sakura was too busy to watch the news, she instead read over five hundred thousand books over her life time.

"Hn, whatever." Sasuke said as he once again started to walk away.

"Wait! Don't you want to know what my name is?" Sakura screamed out as Sasuke started to walk the opposite direction from her.


"It's Sakura Haruno! You better remember that!" Sakura said with a smile on her face. "Oh shit! My anatomy class" Sakura yelled out as she started to frantically find her class.

'Weird girl...' Sasuke thought as was walking towards his condo complex. 'I guess this part of my life won't be as boring as she and I expected it to be…' Sasuke thought.

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