Unchangeable past: Chapter 10

"Sasuke, what is the meaning of this?" Fugaku said as he held the divorce papers.

"What does it look like?" Sasuke said as he rolled his annoyed with the fact that that was the first thing he was greeted with when he entered.

"But Sasu-chan, why?" Mikoto said with a frown on her face as she looked at her youngest son.

"Because mother I don't love her."

"Not again Sasuke, you are not going to run back to that pink haired slut!" Fugaku yelled out with anger in his eyes. Before Sasuke could retort back someone beat him to it.

"Father, she isn't a slut, your current daughter in law is." Itachi said while he was in front of Sakura. Unknown to the trio Sakura, Itachi and Daisuke walked in right in time to see the argument. Fugaku glared at Sakura not seeing Daisuke who was hidden behind her.

"You seduced Sasuke didn't you? You knew he was going to be the heir to the Uchiha fortune when you met him! You no good dirty gold digging tramp! Now you have come back to ruin my family! You already have Itachi who has already betrayed me, why do you need my son?"

"It's okay, Itachi" Sasuke said as he stared at Itachi and then Sakura with love in his eyes as he saw her flinch at Fugaku's words. He then turned around and back to his father.

"Father." Sasuke growled out. "Don't you ever speak to Sakura like that ever again!" He spat out with fury in his eyes that Sakura nor the rest have ever seen. "Why would she be after my fortune when she herself is an heiress." Sasuke said as he shocked both Fugaku and Mikoto "If you weren't so sickly I would have punched you for calling her a slut. I love her and I will be with her with or without your approval!" Sasuke glared at his father.

"Sasuke!" Mikoto said with an appalled look on her face.

"No mother! I need to stop following this stuck up prick's orders and I need to dictate my own life. I didn't want to marry Karin, but he made me, and even you persuaded me. Have you not seen me for the past couple of years? I've been miserable! You would be too if you had to live with someone you know you don't love!"

"But you always looked so happy with Mayu!" Mikoto interjected.

"Of course she's my daughter."

"Then why are you getting a divorce? What do you think will happen to Mayu? It will be too hard for her!" Mikoto asked with pleading eyes.

"I don't love Karin, I love Sakura. I always have and I always will." Sasuke said hoping Sakura heard him.

"There is no need to divorce Karin if you love Mayu. Don't you want to keep your child happy?" Fugaku said while glaring at his son

"Yes, I do want to keep my children happy, but I also want to be happy myself. This may be selfish of me to say but all I have ever done was think about Mayu and the company, I never once thought about my feelings or the feelings of the one that I truly love." Sasuke looked at Sakura as she blushed.

"Children? What are you talking about Sasuke chan?" Mikoto said as she furrowed her eye brows ignoring whatever Sasuke had said after he said "Children".

"Daisuke." Sasuke said as he turned around and walked towards Sakura. Mikoto and Fugaku were greatly confused not knowing what was going on while Itachi smirked and leaned on the wall.

"Sasu chan who is Daisuke?" She said while following her son with her eyes. Sasuke lightly kissed Sakura on the cheek making her blush and he bent down behind her and started to talk quietly trying to calm Daisuke. Mikoto was completely confused and wanted to know what was going on while Fugaku glared at Sakura.

"Mom, Dad" Sasuke said as he stared at the two. "I want you to meet my son, Daisuke." Mikoto gasped as she saw a small child peek out from behind Sakura's leg holding on to it tightly. Fugaku glared at Sasuke and Sakura and walked away.

Mikoto walked over to Sakura and Sasuke and then bent down to Daisuke's level.

"Hi there Daisuke-chan." Mikoto said with a smile. "I'm your grandmother." She said while she stared at him not believing that she actually had another grandchild.

"Hi, I'm Daisuke Haruno" he said with a smile as he quickly felt comfortable after Fugaku left. He held out his hand so he and Mikoto could shake hands noticing that was what adults do when they first meet each other. Mikoto laughed and pulled him into an embrace surprising him.

"You're just the cutest!" Mikoto said while she picked him up and spun him around. Daisuke giggled making Mikoto smile even more.

"Oh, you're so adorable! You look just like Sasu chan use to when he was little, except you have your mothers beautiful eyes."

"Thanks" he mumbled not use to getting this much attention from a stranger he had just met. Mikoto continued to hold onto him not wanting to let go of her youngest grandchild. She turned to Sakura and stared with apologetic eyes.

"I'm so sorry Sakura that you had to go through that."

"Oh no it's okay I guess I prepared myself to get yelled at and I'm use to the name calling, of course not those names but really it's okay" Sakura said as she went on in a ramble making Sasuke hold onto her tight.

"No, I mean you having to raise Daisuke on your own. I should have never agreed to force Sasuke to marry that unruly girl."

"Well then I'm sorry that I never introduced you to your grandson earlier." Sakura smiled.

"Well now that I know about him I'm going to love and treat him just like I do with Mayu."

"Mother I told you not to spoil Mayu."

"I can spoil my grandchildren if I want to!" Mikoto said as she glared at her son. "Isn't that right Daisuke-chan?"

"You don't need to spoil me Grandma." Daisuke said while he leaned his head on her shoulder. Mikoto frowned and pouted a bit.

"But Daisuke chan I want to!" Mikoto said as she patted his back.

"Then can we go to the beach as much as possible?" Daisuke said with an excited smile on his face.

"Daisuke" Sakura said with a warning tone in her voice.

"It's okay Sakura, I love the beach!" Mikoto said as she stared at her grandson's face lovingly.

"Okay, but when you two do decide to go, don't let Daisuke wear you out, he can be a handful at times." Sakura said as she motioned to take Daisuke away. "Okay Daisuke lets go back to the hou-"

"Oh no, Sakura chan can't you two stay just for a bit?"

"I don't know…" Sakura said with an unsure look on her face.

"I'd love to know more about my grandson, do you have any videos or pictures?" Mikoto asked with an excited smile wanting to keep her grandson longer.

"I do at home, and I guess we can stay for a bit. Daisuke and I can get the videos and pictures."

"Oh that won't be necessary, just take Sasuke with you while Daisuke and I spend more time together." Mikoto said while trying to persuade Sakura.

"I don't know if Daisuke will feel comfort-"

"It's okay Sakura I'll still be here with him." Itachi said while reaching over to grab Daisuke, but to no avail could not get the young child out of Mikoto's grasp.

"Okay, we'll be right back sweetie." Sakura said as she gave Daisuke a kiss on the forehead. She walked out with Sasuke following her.

"Oh Daisuke we're going to have so much fun!" Mikoto said while completely ignoring her oldest son who sighed. "Do you like toys sweetie?"

"Yes!" he said while shaking his head up and down.

"Good." Mikoto said with a smile, and started to walk towards the toy room.

"Here you go Daisuke she set him down on the comfy padded floor and gave him a tickle me elmo to play with. I'll be right back" she told him while he looked afraid to be alone in a place he's never been before. "I'll just get you some milk and cookies and I'll be here as soon as possible." She said with a smile and kissed the boy on the head.

Daisuke began to play with the different toys in the room while waiting for his grandmother who he deemed was a kind lady he could trust. As he turned on the remote controlled car he heard a loud shriek.

"What are you doing in my toy room?" Mayu screamed out startling the maids in the hall.

"Grandma put me here."

"Just because we share the same grandparents and daddy doesn't mean you can touch my stuff!" Mayu yelled out while poking Daichi in the chest.

"You're not the boss of me!" Daisuke yelled out.

"Oh I may not be but I'm still daddy and grandfather's favorite! I'm probably grandmother's favorite too!" She laughed while Daisuke looked hurt.

"Y-You don't know that!" he said as tears threaten to run down his face.

"Why do you think Daddy left you? It's because he didn't want you, or your slut of a mother!"

"Don't say that!" Daisuke hissed.

"You really are a bastard just like grandfather said!" Mayu said as she remembered the conversation she had with her grandfather. Daisuke looked shocked as he heard the word 'bastard' and was unable to move, Mayu then pushed Daisuke on the floor making him scrape his elbow on one of the toy shelves and cry.

"Mayu Uchiha" Mikoto yelled as she glared at her granddaughter.

"Grandma!" Mayu said with a shocked look on her face. "He tripped on the car and scrapped his elbow! I tried to help him up but he shoved me aside." Mayu said as fake tears began to spill.

"Young lady I heard the whole thing thanks to your loud voice, and I saw you push him! How dare you use that kind of language in this house especially towards your younger brother!"Mikoto said while picking the girl up.

"B-But I-"

"No buts missy! You are going in time out and I don't want to hear a peep from you! No desserts, and when you come back to this house you will be on time out again until I think you fulfilled your punishment." Mikoto said as she handed her to a maid and told her to make her sit in her room on a chair facing the wall. "If you do not listen to this maid young lady, I will make sure you won't enter this house for a month!" Mikoto said enraged with furry. Mikoto just hated seeing children being bullied by other children and it shocked her that her granddaughter would do that to her own half brother; she thought she was raised better than that!

Mikoto quickly went over to the crying Daisuke and picked him up. "How about we go get the cut cleaned up." Mikoto said and took out the first aid kit and sat him on the couch. After Mikoto had bandaged Daisuke's cut and kissed it, he still cried.

"Oh Daisuke chan I'm sure it doesn't hurt anymore, does it?" Mikoto asked while looking at her crying grandson. Daisuke shook his head making Mikoto frown from not knowing why Daisuke was crying. "Then what's wrong cutie pie?"

"It hurts." Daisuke said his bangs covering his eyes.

"You said your cut didn't hurt." Mikoto said with worried eyes.

"No… my heart hurts."


"Mayu and grandfather hate me."

"No they don't, they're just getting used to the id-"

"They're right aren't they." Daisuke said interrupting Mikoto.


"I am a b-b-astar-"

"Daisuke, you know what that means?" Daisuke nodded his head.

"I've read it in the dictionary after hearing one of the maids call me that. I asked uncle Gaara what it meant and he helped me read it. " Shocking Mikoto that he could read. Daisuke was three turning four in just a couple of weeks. Remember hearing Sakura talk about her going to his birthday party.

"It's true! My mommy isn't married to my daddy! Daddy didn't want me!" Mikoto felt her heart drop as she heard the little boy cry.

"Sweetie you're so young, yet you've experienced so much pain that even some adults have yet to experience." Mikoto said softly picking him up. Mikoto was going to have a word with his dear husband for it is his fault that her granddaughter was calling her grandson names and making him feel unwanted.

Fugaku's office.

(Before Mayu pushed Daisuke)

"You don't have to worry sweetheart. Nothing will change our relationship I will always love you even if you have a brother." Fugaku said while comforting Mayu as she cried about people not loving her because of the new child in the family.

"I don't want a brother!" Mayu hissed out regretting that she wished for another sibling.

"It's okay Mayu, he's just a bastard whose mother is a slut." Fugaku said still upset that Sasuke did have another child out of wedlock and that this child may ruin the Uchiha reputation, and create major scandal for the media. "Why don't you go find your grandmother and ask for ice cream?" Fugaku said pushing the little girl to the door so he could think about what he could do to hide this love child. Mayu skipped out of the room passing by Itachi which she gave a fake smile to. Itachi walked into his father's office wanting to talk to him about the conversation that happened just a few minutes ago with his "granddaughter" as well as the one with Sasuke.

"Father." Itachi said as he leaned on the side of the door.

"What do you want, Itachi." Fugaku said with a gruff sounding voice.

"Can't I just talk to my father without wanting anything?"


"I guess you know me well." Itachi said while taking a seat in front of Fugaku.

"Five minutes."

"One, I would like to remind you since you're calling your grandson a bastard, then you might as well call your granddaughter a bastard as well. She was born out of wedlock and you forced Sasuke to marry her mother. She was just a fortunate child whose parents got to marry unlike Daisuke." Fugaku growled at that comment.

"Two, Sakura is far from being a gold digger. If you add up the total assets that Sakura receives from both the Haruno fortune, and Senju fortune, she is by far richer than the Uchiha family. Unlike Karin whose family may have been a rich family friend, but became bankrupt after spending and gambling away their fortunate courtesy of both daughter, mother, and father." Itachi smirked "As for the reputation I know you care so deeply about, it is also going down the drain by your in laws."

"What are you talking about?" Fugaku asked with narrowed eyes.

"I go to the country clubs, and I see Karin's father get into a drunken stupor. He brags about how he is connected to the Uchiha family and that no one can touch him for the Uchiha family will strike back." Itachi laughed. "Many of my business associates don't want to do business with the Uchiha Company just because of the ties that the Uchiha family has with this man." Fugaku scowled at the thought of losing even more business. "As for Karin's mother, she is known to boast about the wealth which she suddenly gained. Have a few of mother's jewelry or paintings gone missing?" Itachi smirked, she tried to sell me mother's prized emerald necklace the other week. Don't worry I took it back." Itachi placed the emerald necklace down. "Last but not least your daughter in law, the young lady that looks like a high class hooker. She is known to be the whore of the business world; did you know she had been cheating on Sasuke?"

"You made your point Itachi!"

"I don't think I have." Itachi said with a grin.

"I'll let Sasuke divorce Karin."

"Oh, that point I know I have made but the other point I have yet to talk about."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't tell me you think Mayu looks like an Uchiha?"

"What are you trying to imply Itachi?" Fugaku snarled out.

"You're a smart man father." Itachi walked out of the door only to walk into his angry looking mother.

"Oh Itachi, thank god you are here." Mikoto said with a sigh of relief.

"Hold Daisuke chan" Mikoto gave Daisuke to Itachi and then went into her husband's office.

A slapping sound echoed throughout the west area of the mansion.

Fugaku held his cheek while looking down at an angry looking Mikoto.

"What the hell Miko-"

"How dare you." She bellowed out.

"What are you talking about?"

"How dare you call your grandson who you have yet to meet a bastard." She said as she glared at Fugaku.

"I was caught up in the moment!"

"I don't give a damn Fugaku! Your damn granddaughter even called Daisuke a bastard after pushing him." Fugaku looked shocked; his sweet and innocent Mayu would do that?

"Daisuke knows what a bastard is! I'm sure Mayu doesn't but Daisuke does!"

"He's only three."

"He's a freaking genius Fugaku!"

"What are you talking about?"

"He knows how to read! He remembered that word, and now he feels unwanted!" Fugaku didn't know what to say. "He just became a part of this family and now you're scaring him off. I don't know how you're going to fix this Fugaku but you better fix this whole mess soon because if you don't, you will be sleeping on the couch for a very long time!"


"Fix it!" she yelled out and walked away. She stopped just in front of the door. "I'm tired of giving you chance, but if you really don't fix this I swear to you that I will really leave you this time…" Mikoto stomped out to go find her new beloved grandson.

This really wasn't Fugaku's day.

(I was going to end it here...)

Haruno mansion

Sakura and Sasuke walked into the quiet mansion going straight upstairs to Sakura's photo room where all of her family pictures are kept. Once Sasuke walked into the room he was greeted with a big photo oh Sakura holding a new born Daisuke in the hospital. Sakura's pink hair was disheveled, but she still looked beautiful. Her emerald eyes sparkled while looking down at her their son while he looked up and gently tugged on her hair.

"Did he not cry?" Sasuke asked.

"Oh that picture makes you believe he wasn't a screamer, but once he entered this world he decided to test out his lungs. He wouldn't stop crying until I held him and sang to him." Sakura said while remembering.

"Did you record his birth?" Sasuke said with hopeful eyes.

"I believe my Aunt did, but do you really want to see it?"

"Yes" Sasuke said quickly.

"Okay, but maybe when Daisuke isn't there, he might get grossed out. He may be a little genius but I never told him where babies come from. Though I have a feeling that his uncle Kankuro and Gaara might have told him. They never can lie to him."

"So you lied when he saw a pregnant woman?"

"Basically, I don't want my baby to know everything. You see Daisuke has a photographic memory and it can be quite annoying. "

"So he really is a genius."

"Yup, but sometimes I wish his thoughts weren't as complex. I just wish he was a normal three year old."

"What does he think about?"

"Have you noticed how mature he acts?"

"Yes." He said abruptly.

"Well for some reason he thinks that if he does act like a child we'll leave him…" Sakura said not wanting to include the part where Daisuke told his mother that if he is a good child then his father would come back to them.

"It's my fault right?"

"Sasuke, it's not your fault. It's just he's a very observant child and sees the reactions between a child and a parent when they get into trouble."

"Do you think that if I come back into his life, he'll start acting like a child?"

"Maybe? I don't know Sasuke" Sakura ran her hand through her hair. "I just wish I could start over and raise him properly."

"You did, you're a great mother, and he loves you. He isn't spoiled at all and he does the right thing." Sasuke said hugging her from behind.

"I wish I could spoil him. I would do anything for him."

"Well we can both give him a decent family." Sasuke whispered in her ear and then placed a kiss on her temple.

"Is this your way of trying to seduce me?"

"Maybe?" Sasuke started to place kisses on her neck . "Is it working?" Sasuke kissed her on one of her sweet spots making her moan. Sasuke lifted her up bridal style and brought her to a random room with a bed in it.

"I couldn't do anything naughty to you while a picture of our son is hanging up behind you." Sasuke said as he gently placed Sakura on the bed and began to heatedly kiss her.

"Sasuke I never got to say this but thanks." Sakura said in between the kisses.

"For?" Sasuke gave her a questioning look.

"Sticking up for me. I expected it from Itachi but not from you."

"I'm changing for you and our son." Sasuke began to take her shirt of leaving her in a lacey maroon bra, and black skinny jeans.

"I can tell." Sakura said with a smirk, and started to unzip his pants while he kissed her. Sasuke began to fumble with the zipper of her pants and was finally unzipped it pulling her jeans off and revealing her lacey boyshorts. Sasuke stared down at her with lust in his eyes.

"I want you." Sasuke whispered hungrily in her ear. He was about to take off her bra when she suddenly pushed him away. Sasuke gave her a confused and questioning look.

"I-I want you too, Sasuke… Just not like this." Sakura said after realizing what could have happened.

"What do you mean not like this?" he growled out irritated that they stopped.

"You're still married! I don't want you to commit adultery…" She said looking down at the floor.

"Fine, but once I'm divorced I swear I'll have you." Sasuke said smirking.

"Hmm maybe." Sakura said smiling. "So uh Sasuke do you want to take a cold shower?"

Sasuke blushed and looked down. "Yeah…" Sakura laughed as she saw Sasuke's face expression.

"I'll go get it ready for you" she said as she walked up to him and lightly kissed him on the lips and gave him a smile. "You know you're cute when you blush." She turned around and walked towards her bathroom giving Sasuke a good view of her firm ass. This was not helping him calm down, Sasuke thought as he looked down once again.

Uchiha Estate

It was apparent to Mikoto that Daisuke did not feel right in her home which bothered her immensely. Daisuke sat in the corner doing math problems that Itachi had given him before Itachi left to do a quick errand. Itachi was the only adult in his life that made an effort to push education on Daisuke considering that all the other adults thought he was too young to even be bothered by it. It was Itachi idea to get Daisuke's IQ test after witnessing his interest in words and numbers.

"Daisuke chan" Mikoto said from behind poking her young grandson on his cheek. "Would you like to go outside?"

Daisuke shook his head and went back to doing another problem. This deeply frustrated Mikoto and she was about to walk back into her husband's office to release her frustration and yell at him when she bumped into him and fell down.

"Fugaku!" Mikoto glared up as he helped her up.

"Hn" he replied as Mikoto glared at him.

"This is your entire fault!" Mikoto said as she started to poke his chest hard to emphasize each word.

"What's wrong now?" he sighed.

"He won't even talk to me now! He probably thinks I think he's some kind of misfortune. Now I can't even get to know my grandbaby!" Mikoto said as tears started to stream down her face.

"I'll see if I can do anything."

"You'll probably scare him! You've already hurt him enough! First you insult his mother and then him! I have no idea how he'll get over this."

"I'll fix it!" Fugaku said gruffly

"You better!"

Fugaku and Mikoto walked back into the room to see the young boy pick up a rubik's cube on the desk and begin to solve it. Fugaku was amazed when he saw the little boy solve it in a minute.

"Daisuke" Fugaku called out making Daisuke jump a bit.

"Hi." Daisuke said meekly and went back to messing around with the rubik's cube.

Fugaku knelt down besides the boy and tapped him on his shoulder. Daisuke turned around and Fugaku was able to get a closer look at the boy.

"He looks like Sasuke when he was a child" Fugaku thought to himself.

"Do you want to go to the park with your grandma, your sister, and me?" Fugaku said as he stared a Mikoto who was behind Daisuke.

"No, I'm going to wait for my mommy and then go home." Daisuke said as he stared into Fugaku's eyes. Fugaku scratched his head and sighed.

"Your mommy called, and she said your daddy and her are going to take awhike." Mikoto said as she knelt down next the little boy.

"Oh" Daisuke said as he looked down at the ground.

"How about you and me go to the beach?" Mikoto said as she picked up Daisuke.

"What about grandpa and Mayu?" Daisuke asked staring at her onyx eyes.

"Well Mayu can't go because she's grounded, and your grandpa can go if he wants to but I don't think he likes the beach." Mikoto said while smiling at Daisuke, and in turn Daisuke hugged her.

"I'll go" a gruff voice said from behind them breaking their grandma/grandson moment.

"Really? Well that's a first." Mikoto said as she laughed. "I need to go get ready then." Mikoto said before she handed Daisuke to Fugaku. "You two should bond."

"So Daisuke-"

"You don't need to pretend anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"You hate me and my mommy"

"I never sai-"

"You don't have to go with me and grandma"

"Look Daisuke" Fugaku said as he sat down and held Daisuke in his lap. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't have said those things."

"But you did! You can't take them back now! That's how you feel about us! You wish I wasn't your grandson and that mommy never had me!"

"I wish I hadn't said those words and I am sorry…"

"Grandpa!" a little girl's voice echoed through the halls. Fugaku immediately got up and almost dropped Daisuke and ran to Mayu.

Once Fugaku reached Mayu's room he saw a distraught Mayu running towards him and crying.

"Mayu! What's wrong?"

"Grandma locked me in here and there's a spider!"

"You aren't hurt are you?"

"No" she said as Fugaku picked her up and she shook her head while wiping her tears away.

"Fugaku!" Mikoto yelled. Fugaku ran to the living room to see an upset Mikoto.

"Where is Daisuke?"

"I left him her-"

"You left him alone to get Mayu?" she said as she saw the little girl in his arms.

"She was cryi-"

"Fugaku Uchiha, you better find our grandson or I swear to you I will move out!"

"Mikoto, I'm su-"

"Mom, Dad?" Sasuke's voice echoed through the room. "We're here."

Sasuke and Sakura stepped into the room to see a frantic Mikoto.

"Daddy!" Mayu said happily.

"Where is Daisuke?" Sakura asked with a worried face appearing on her face.

"Uh we uh" Mikoto said not knowing what to say.

"You lost him?" Sasuke yelled out.

On the other side of town

A man with silver hair had just come back to Tokyo after receiving some very interesting news about his ex…

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