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Sam-15 Dean 19


Most teenagers worry about pimples, work, and who's dating whom. Sam Winchester and his older brother Dean were not like other kids their age. Instead of normal teenage worries they worried about the next hunt they would go on, what creature they're hunting this time, and what weapon to use.

Sam hated hunting. He just wanted a normal life. He wanted to go to school, hang out with his friends, and do his homework. Dean however, loved hunting. He's loved it ever since his dad first started the two brothers on this path. The brothers and their father John make a good team when it comes to hunting. Sam does the research and John and Dean hunt the creature, which was just fine with Sam because it gave him some quiet time in the car to finish his homework.

Dean was out of school and hunting full time so he had no homework to worry about, not that he would do it anyway. John always encouraged hunting more then school work. He thought hunting was more important because it can save your life.

John was an ex marine so he was not one to take crap from his sons. Sam doesn't get intimidated by his father and as a result is constantly butting heads with him. Sam wanted to go to college after high school but John wanted him to hunt full time like Dean. John was stubborn but so was Sam and it made for a very stressful life for them. Dean especially because he always had to play mediator between the two. They'll fight, John would go to clean weapons and Dean would go do damage control in the form of Sam.

After a fight, Dean was always the one to talk to Sam because he was the only one Sam would talk to. He was also the only one Sam would cry in front of. John stopped coddling Sam years ago thinking it would toughen him up but no matter how much he pretended he couldn't hear It, Dean always heard Sam crying and always went to comfort him.

Unlike John, Dean just couldn't shut down that part of him. The part that made him a great big brother. Dean believed that as the baby of the family Sammy was more sensitive then John and himself so it was ok to continue to comfort him when he needed it. Because of the fire that killed their mom the brothers were very close. Dean had always been over protective and mother hen to Sam and Sam always confided in his big brother about anything. When Sam first started liking girls Dean was the one to give him "The talk" and when Sam went on his first date Dean was the one to stay up late waiting for him to come home and ask him how it went and Sam would always tell him everything.

In most ways Dean was more of a father then John was. Dean was fine with this. He loved his family and never minded looking out for his little brother. John loved that Dean was so good at speaking to Sam because Sam was too much for him at times and he needs some back up. John hated that Dean had to take on the role he had but with the way their lives were it was difficult for John to do everything on his own. So, to say he was grateful for the way Dean turned out would be a major understatement. John couldn't ask for a better big brother for Sammy.

John was so proud of Sammy as well. Sammy was the smart one. Always reading any books he could get his hands on ever since he learned to read. So when he was 12 John decided he was old enough to research hunts and Sammy didn't disappoint. As soon as he was given that opportunity he researched every detail they could possibly need and that made John more and more proud. John had no doubt Sammy could get into any college he wanted to. He just hoped Sammy decided not to fight him and stay with the hunt. In the past John would have loved to see his sons move away and make good lives for themselves but now that he knew the dangers of the world more, he wanted nothing more than to keep them close and safe.

If John had a wish it would be that his wife Mary could be there to see how well her boys turned out and how close they were despite how they grew up. This was the Winchester men in a nutshell and with some help from Dean they all got along ok.

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