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Dean and Sammy were both equally as excited to hear they would be spending a few months with Pastor Jim and both boys could tell Caleb was excited to, even if he tried to hide it. They all liked the man very much and always thought of his farm as home. So when they pulled up to the house and saw the Pastor standing on the porch, the boys didn't hesitate in jumping out of the car and greeting their friend, Caleb followed behind them but at a much slower pace.

Jim saw the Impala and knew that his favorite boys were here. He loved the Winchester boys and young Caleb like grandsons and was always happy to see them. So when they ran toward him he grabbed the boys into a fierce hug shortly followed by Caleb. With a smile the pastor said. "Welcome home boys! Sammy, I'm so glad you're alright. Good thing Caleb talked Johnny into letting you come home for a while. Otherwise I would've had to have a few words with him myself. And you know that doesn't go well." This made all four men laugh. No one could light a fire under John like the Pastor.

When their greeting was done the Pastor ushered them all into the house where Mac was waiting for them. He warned all three that Mac insisted on checking them all to make sure they were all healing well from the hunt. Each boy groaned but knew there was no escape. They entered the house just as John and Bobby approached. If those three boys were his grandsons then the older hunters were definitely like sons. He hugged both John and Bobby despite Bobby's protest and ushered them inside as well.

John and Bobby entered the home and saw Caleb, Dean and Sam being checked out by Mac. Dean screamed a warning "Dad, we can't be saved. Make a run for it while you're still close to the door." They intended to listen to Dean's warning but Mac saw them and motioned for them to each take a seat at the table. "You two aren't getting away from me so easily. So sit and wait your turn."

John and Bobby groaned in a similar way as the boys. This caused a smile to appear on Sam's face.Dean and Caleb noticed Sam's sudden mood change. Dean was the one to ask the obvious question. "What's got you so happy Sammy?" The familiar nickname just made Sam smile more. He may hate his life at times and wish for more but right now was sitting at this table with all the people he cared for the most and to Sam nothing else mattered. He turned to Dean and replied. "Nothing, just happy to be home."

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