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Summary: When Luigi finds a Dragon Egg, he, Mario, Peach, and a whole team of new characters must raise the dragon Aeolian and lead him to his destiny- to free his people from a terrible conflict. The evil Dragon lord Growle of the Moonshards knows that if he can capture Aeolian and brainwash him, then the prophecies about him will be rendered obsolete, and he will gain control of the Starbringers. Can Luigi and his friends save the Dragon Kingdom by helping Aeolian, or will they fall into shadow?

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Note that I'm not going to bother doing: "Its a-me, Luigi!" but instead I will do "Its me, Luigi!" The Italian accent is implied in Luigi and Mario's dialogue. I think it would be easier to read this way and you can let your imagination put the voices in their mouths. You know what Luigi sounds like, right? If not, why are you reading this?

Note the time setting: this is important! It is set after Mario and Peach's marriage and Luigi is still single and living with Mario and Peach, because he and Mario work in the same job and share their profits. ALSO NOTE that Peach lives in Mario's house and not the castle. The castle does belong to Mario and Peach but neither of them wanted to live in the castle, but rather a humble life in a cottage.

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Luigi looked up from his book and responded with a low "hm?" His brother, Mario, was trying to get his attention. The short, fat Italian plumber stood watching his younger, yet taller and leaner brother from nearby.

"Peach and I are going to the store for a while. We'll be back in a few hours. Make sure you clean the kitchen for Peach, alright?"

"Okay." Luigi didn't mind doing housework for his brother and his wife, he liked to help around the house. He placed his favorite green bookmark inside his book which was titled "The Top Ten Ways to Sling Koopa Shells". Mario and Luigi had a healthy relationship, but this also meant that they were always getting into fights about who was stronger. Luigi had been reading many different books lately, trying to hone in on topics that he wasn't as good as Mario was. It was a fight for strength, and at the moment, Luigi was winning.

With Mario's recent marriage to Peach, his activity in Mushroom Kingdom decreased. Bowser was quieter, crime rates had dropped a bit, and Luigi was normally the one rescuing Toads or throwing Bob-Ombs. It was true that Mario was still active, but Luigi was becoming more of the hero lately. He didn't know how he felt about it. The attention was nice, but Mario seemed to be happier then he was. He felt good for Mario, but the more Luigi saw Mario and Peach together, the more lonesome he became.
He had been kicked out of the bedroom that he and Mario shared in bunk-beds ever since they moved into their house in Mushroom Kingdom. While modifications on the house were in progress, Luigi now slept on a couch in the living room, lonely and uncomfortable. Luigi knew what he was missing- a wife. But his shy nature tended to repel females of any sort, while Mario was more like a prince in shining armor, or rather, a fat plumber in worn overalls and a large red hat. Luigi himself was in great contrast to Mario, with his clumsy and timid nature.

He heard Mario and Peach shut the door, and he jumped off of the couch and left to the kitchen. Dishes were piled in the sink, most of them stained with mushroom sauce. Luigi never ceased to be amazed at how many different meals and tastes someone could make out of mushrooms, and this was why he and his brother still ate them without losing their taste for them.

As he dunked dishes into soapy water and scrubbed them down, he looked out a window which was conveiniently placed above the sink. After stacking a few clean dishes, he saw strange activity in a surrounding forest. Curious, he dropped what he was doing and peered closer to the window.
He saw something moving deep within the trees, but what? Was it a threat, or was it a lost Toad? Whatever it was, Luigi knew that Mario would understand the situation if he left cleaning to investigate. He grabbed a hammer and mushroom from a nearby shelf and dashed to the door after jumping over a few stray items. He burst out of the door and dashed into the forest without a second thought.
As soon as he entered the forest, the leaves blotting out the light, he became nervous. Wouldn't the person he saw have noticed him by now?

Birds rustled in the trees, but nothing vocal responded.

"Hello?" Luigi repeated louder. His grip tightened on his hammer. Despite the warm Summer weather, a chill was in the air.

Luigi's eyes trailed to the ground, and he spotted something lying in the foliage. He knelt to the ground to examine the strange finding. It was round and oval-shaped, with purple spots on a green background.

An... egg?

He lifted up the object and examined it- it was small, just a bit bigger then the average chicken egg. He tapped it, and felt that it was as hard as a rock. He smiled, without knowing why, then tucked it in his pocket.

"Mario has to see this..." Luigi mumbled with a grin.

He felt hot breath on his back. His grin vanished.
He had just taken someone's egg.

Slowly, he turned his head to look over his shoulder... then screamed and fell backwards.

Two creatures stood over him. They looked like gigantic Koopas with wings- like Bowser without his shell and two menacing devices of flight.

Luigi scrambled backwards, but hit his back on a tree, causing his green hat to fall into his lap. He then thrust his hands and forehead onto the ground and said, "P...please don't hurt me... please... I... I haven't done anything wrong."

There was a short silence. Luigi wondered if the strange monsters could even understand him. Then, one of them smiled.

"Ironclaw... this man's a weenie!" Its voice was deep and powerful, like a blacksmith's hammer striking iron.
"You've got that right, Malice." The smaller winged Koopa grinned, his (or was it her? Luigi couldn't tell) voice was shallower and more light. "What should we do with him? He looks a lot like that Mario we've heard so much about."

"I think this green guy is his brother."
"No, is it that Lu... something, right?"

The two Koopas paused, as if they were trying to remember his name.

"Um... Luigi..." Luigi said, shaking like never before. He had seen ghosts in his time, but this was something unheard of. He tried his hardest to stand up as he gripped the tree. "W...what do you want?"
"Well, Luio, apparently you've stolen the egg we have been searching so hard for! Now give it here and we'll let you keep your life. I know, its not much, but its the best we can offer." It spoke in an intimidating voice. Luigi then heard a clicking sound. He soon realized that it was his knees knocking together.

"!" He did not know what made him refuse to return the egg. But something told him that whatever the monsters wanted with it, it was not for the greater good. "I won't let you have it!"

The two monsters roared and shot blasts of fire into the air. "Now! You die!"

Luigi screamed, jumping on his feet and grabbing his hammer as he watched the bigger winged Koopa take a deep breath, then spit out a blast of fire towards him. Trees were lit ablaze. Luigi had seen Bowser do this, but this fire seemed to be hotter and bigger then anything he had seen Bowser do.
He dashed away from the burning trees, trying to find Mario to get help, but a wall of fire appeared on the path, trapping him. Having nowhere to go, Luigi turned to face his nightmare. He took a breath, then asked them a question.

"What are you?"
"We are Dragons! Hybrid Koopas who follow our leader in the skies! And you have stolen our clan's greatest treasure, the egg that will hatch into a beast of unspeakable power! But those who were sent out to find the egg never returned, and they had dropped it right here in this forest! That egg is going to become the strongest Dragon in the history of the universe, and whoever trains the beast within it will have no one to stand in their way of victory!"

Luigi then realized what was happening. A new breed of people wanted to establish themselves as the strongest race in the world. This meant that Mario's future with Peach and an upcoming family would be over- they could kill him. They could kill everyone. But if a baby was inside the egg, a baby that could be trained to do good, then good will come to the world.

"Nothing will stand in my way between protecting this egg!" Luigi suddenly felt power in his veins. "Nothing! Not even you!"

With a battle cry, Luigi dashed forth with his hammer in his hand. Lightning began to sizzle around his fingers. The hammer glowed, and he leapt into the air and struck the larger Dragon across the chest. It moaned, staggering backwards as lightning energy sizzled around his body, briefly showing its skeleton.

"He's strong!" Malice breathed with a wheeze.

"We better finish him once and for all!" Ironclaw raised his hand, showing gleaming, sharp claws. He then jumped and aimed for Luigi, but he rolled aside as Ironclaw hit the ground with a ground-shaking thud.

Luigi knew that he had to stop these beasts before they reached the house. Once again, he dashed at Malice, who was still injured. He hit the beast hard with his hammer once more, knocking the creature backwards.

"You fool!" Malice choked. "Ironclaw! Its time for us!"

Malice, without further warning, shot a ball of fire towards Ironclaw. Ironclaw caught the fireball with his razorlike nails. His claws began to glow a bright orange.

"This is it for you, green!"
His speed was remarkable as he flew to Luigi. Frozen in place, Luigi was unable to defend himself from this blow. The next thing he knew, he felt sizzling, burning claws against his chest. After a split second of surprise, pain took its place as he was sent spinning to the ground. He hit the earth so hard he bounced back up, then Ironclaw caught him in midair and tossed him into a tree.

Luigi moaned, sliding back to the ground.
"Time for the finishing blow, Malice!"
"It would be a pleasure."

As the creature began to walk to him, Luigi regained his footing, breathing hard. Lightning began to collect around his body, and then, he threw his hammer towards Ironclaw. A thunderclap sang through the air as the hammer smashed into the dragon with formidable strength, knocking the Dragon back. But instead of falling to the ground like any normal hammer should, it was also magnetically charged to the metal buttons on Luigi's overalls. The hammer then spun around, and like a boomerang, slammed into the back of Malice's head. Luigi caught the hammer and drained it of its charge. He dropped his weapon.

Malice was knocked cold, while Ironclaw was sent crashing into the ground. He cast Luigi a surprised and horrified glance. This man was a lot stronger then he looked.

He seemed to think that he wasn't strong enough to take on Luigi now, and with his friend unconscious, Ironclaw seemed to have no choice but to leave. He stood up and dragged Malice away. "We'll be back, do you hear us!? We'll be back!"

Ironclaw hoisted Malice onto his back then took off into the skies, flying away into the clouds.
Luigi watched them for a moment, then looked down at a horrifying gash that was left in his chest. His overalls and undershirt were shredded in three places, revealing bloody slashes. His back stung from hitting the ground, and he felt dizzy.

He reached inside his pocket for the mushroom he brought, but the world spun, and he soon lost control of his own movements. A black cloud seemed to seep into his vision, and he collapsed onto the ground.


A black abyss appeared.

Swirling, white lights gleamed in the darkness.

He heard a voice, but it was distant and unintelligible.

He moved towards the voice to hear it clearer, but did not know how he was moving. Was he walking? Was he flying? Where was he? What day was it?
"The egg in your pocket..." he heard a faint voice. "Luigi... has rescued our heir..."

He strained his ears to listen, but did he have ears? All he knew was this fact: he existed.
"There are two clans... one Dragon to bind them in peace... or one dragon to continue the era of conflict... good and evil... the fate of the Universe... in one Dragon... in the hands of you..."
Suddenly, a brilliant beam of light shot out from the sky (or was it a sky?). A being appeared.

"You, Luigi! You have rescued my son."

"Who are you?" He heard his own voice speak.
"I am communicating to you in your subconscious, through the egg. The baby inside the egg has a mind, and I can communicate through minds, as all Dragons in the West Clan are capable of. I am of the Starbringers, the clan that you would consider good. The leader of the other clan, the Moonshards, is a tyrant and is taking control of the once-good people. They are after my son. They know that I have married a dragon from the Moonshards, a thing unheard of in our culture. Our son is the one who can restore the two clans into one, and end the senseless wars. But, the Moonshards know that if they can get him before he hatches, they can control him and continue the bloodlust in our nations. Unfortunately for them and for the Mushroom Kingdom, the messenger who stole the egg from the Starbringer hatchery has dropped the egg over the Mushroom Kingdom planet. It landed in your woods, and you found it.

"There is no way for a human to enter the Dragon Kingdoms except with another dragon. But Dragons can enter your kingdom. You, Luigi, must raise my son and bring it to the Starbringers!"

"But... there's already so much happening... my brother... he's married... and... he doesn't want pets..."

"This is no pet! This is the salvation of our clans!" The Starbringer leader, Luigi knew, said with both power and a just anger. "Raising a dragon will be difficult, true. Maybe your brother would like to help you."

"But... what if I fail?"
"Then the world will fail, unless a miracle happens. And miracles are real indeed, but rare. Luigi, we're all counting on you, if not, a miracle."
The light faded, and darkness took over.