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"You may now kiss the bride."

Luigi had just finished going through the I-dos, and the moment he was waiting for, yet dreading at the same time, was finally here. He had never kissed a girl before, let alone on the lips, and his heart pounded as he embraced her. Before kissing her he wondered if his mustache would get in the way, but he hoped she wouldn't mind- no way he was shaving it, especially not here. After taking a breath, he locked lips with hers, and stood there for a few seconds, in front of the crowd.

As he finally withdrew, blushing, he couldn't help but to grin, and she smiled back, and they faced the crowd.

It was a day after the official wedding date, which was crashed unexpectedly, but everyone who was invited came again to witness their second-best protector's marriage, just as they watched Mario's four years ago. Luigi was used to coming in second place, but he didn't care now. As he glanced down at his ring finger, which now had a beautiful symbol of eternal marriage, he smiled sincerely and stepped off of the center stage with his wife.

As the music began to play, the guests all stood up and began to make their way towards the reception, some tossing Luigi a few congrats, he was joined up with Mario and Peach, who were both teary-eyed.

"Oh, that was great, Luigi!" Mario threw himself into his brother's arms and said, "I'm just... so happy for you, you would not believe..."

Luigi blushed, and found himself holding Jennie's hand. She hadn't said anything, she just smiled and stared into Luigi's blue eyes with a deep, pure happiness.

He and the others went into the reception room, greeting guests until it began to become tiresome, and Mario approached his brother with a champagne and said, "So, Luigi, do you want to stick around for the reception, or do you want to check out a present I got you for your honeymoon?" He sipped his drink and continued. "Now it isn't quite finished yet but I really want you to see it."

"Do you think we should go?" Luigi asked Jennie.

"Sure." She said, "I'm excited to see what your brother has got us."

The two followed Mario and Peach out of the building after making their way through a few more visitors, They journeyed down a pleasant pathway which lead from the church to Toad Town. Once they made it to Toad Town, they took a cut through another path that led to the Mario Brother's house.

"Hey, do you see that crane...?" Luigi said, confused. There was a tall crane seen through the treetops. As he approached his house, he noticed what Mario was doing, and he broke into a laugh. He came to a clearing in the forest, a clearing that wasn't there before, and there were many workers laboring double-time to build what Luigi thought was a very nice house.

"You're building me a house? Right next to yours!?"

"Of course. I couldn't let you two have the couch for the rest of your marriage, now could I?"

Luigi grabbed his brother and hugged him like a teddy bear. "Oh Mario! This is so great!"

"Well, why don't you go in there and check it out?"

Luigi and Jennie excitedly ran to the building, looking like the perfect couple as they ran in harmony, Jennie's wedding dress flowing in the wind, Luigi looking very sophisticated in his tux. They observed the workers, watching them put up the rough skeleton of the house. What he could see, he liked- it was nice and big, yet not too big as to be a pain to clean for just one couple.

"So how many rooms will it have?" He asked Mario, who had caught up to them with his wife.

"Oh, not too many. Four bed, two bath, kitchen and living room."

"Four bedrooms?"

"Well you always seemed like a family guy to me. You're not gonna not have kids, are you?"

Luigi glanced at Jennie and they both laughed, and Jennie said, "isn't it a bit too early to be thinking about that? You've been married for four years and you still don't have kids, Mario."

"Well I plan to have at least one," Mario said, "but Peach wants two or three."

Peach giggled. "Well I've always liked kids. Mario thinks having too many is an inconvenience but I think its a joy."

"Hey, whatever you want babe, its fine with me."

Luigi laughed, then said, "so, where should we go for our honeymoon?"

"Oh I don't care. Wherever in the Mushroom Kingdom that you think is prettiest... maybe a place close to the sun and stars, a place where I can see your sky more clearly."

Mario snapped. "I know just the place- shooting star summit! If we go there tonight, its going to be awfully pretty."


Luigi and Jennie sat on the top of the summit, gazing into the stars. She was curled up in his arms, staring at all of the stars in the sky. She said, "its beautiful... but why do I see some stars falling?"

"Our stars aren't like yours." He said, "they don't have a person behind them. Sometimes they fall, and hit the ground, and they're used for power. They're called Power Stars. They give all the homes here energy. But when in the wrong hands, they can become tools of destruction. They're kind of neutral on the scale of good and evil."

"That's very interesting..." She sighed. "I can't believe I was born here, and yet, don't know anything about it... Growle kidnapped me when I was only a little girl."

Luigi frowned. "So you've been a slave all your life?"

"Yes... but not anymore... this has got to be the happiest day of my life, Luigi, and you gave that to me. I will never leave your side, no matter what happens."

He hugged her tightly and smiled.

As happiness erupted from the two travelers, they were unaware of a certain someone staring at them from the trees, quietly avoiding detection.

"This isn't over yet..." he mumbled, burning rage in his eyes. "No, this isn't over yet, Mario Brothers..."

He turned and leapt away, sticking to the shadows as he disappeared into the darkness. He would not stop until he had revenge against them- but it would take a while to carry out the plan that was in his mind. But whatever happened, he knew he would be victorious in the end.